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The Aerial Queen’s Beautifying Skin, Hair, and Beard Oil

The Aerial Queen’s Beautifying Skin, Hair, and Beard Oil


Over 30+ Venusian herbs, flowers, and roots, from Eastern and Western traditions, ritually fumigated and immersed in 100% pure, organic argan oil during our Aerial Delight election.

An oil for beautifying the skin (primarily one’s visage, or the full body when mixed with lotion), and also promoting healthy, lustrous hair and beard — including growth *if desired*.

This recipe is based off of the Hair, Skin, and Beard Oil from the Empress series, but has been expanded, improved, and brought into alignment with our Aerial Arcana.

A point echoed throughout the otherwise phenomenal testimonials for the original goes something along the lines of:

I don’t apply this to my skin because I don’t want hair to grow on my face” — which makes a lot of sense!

Allow me to clarify…

This Oil is *literally* magic.

Its magic is to promote physical *beauty*.

The energies will stimulate hair growth where you want it, or stimulate other things (collagen production, for instance) where you want other results.

Upon application, you *feel* the energetic infusion that leads to the beautifying result.

These energies are guided by the Intelligence of Venus, and when applied (especially with intent, prayer, and supplemental magics: sigil shoals, petition papers for anti-aging, clarity, hair growth, &c.), incredible results in the realm of physical beauty can bloom — of and before you. Within as without.

Offered in a 1 oz glass serum dropper jar with 22k rose gold and keepsake emerald for $98.

Selfie in the image gallery following application of Rose Gold Honey Mask + this Beauty Oil to skin and hair (alongside makeup, obvs!)…

In stock




Weight 6.5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

1 oz


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Morning of September 9th, 2021. Hour of Venus, Rising. Chart in the image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
I'm Feeling Myself!

I went through a phase where I was being entirely too critical of my physical appearance and this oil helped heal that. I worked specifically with this oil every day for an entire month (1-2 drops after cleansing and toning my face), and months later I can still feel the effects. I look at myself in the mirror and know that I am beautiful--even on rough days when I haven't gotten much sleep or haven't felt like styling my hair. I no longer obsess over the little things. I'm able to see and appreciate my beauty as a whole from the inside out. I mostly use it on Fridays now for Venus rituals, and it is the most treasured item on my counter.

Bouncy and beautiful hair

The wind and the wiggles tickle my hair’s fancy as we move through the world. It’s absolutely yummy. ✨


I went through many bottles of this oil by now - works amazingly well and as described. I hope it lasts forever but I always have FOMO about this product and need to stock up, haha.

Impressive results with a sublime scent

This VAD beauty oil smells absolutely sublime--something in it smells toasty and green--intoxicating and impossibly lush. I mainly use this as a face oil, especially as skin prep under makeup when I want to look my most gorgeous. I have fairly sensitive skin and haven't had any issues with reactivity.

Nicole R.
Amazing even for those with fine hair!

I am blessed with having incredible fine, thin hair (and not a lot of it), which means that parts of my head can look like I have no hair. I can't put products in my hair as well for this reason, but started recently applying this oil to areas where the hair is wispier/finer. I went in for a haircut recently and my usual hairdresser (unprompted) pointed out how I was developing new hair growth - in the same areas I was applying the oil!

So yes, this really is a miracle oil.

Holy grail magnet

I don't usually ever finish the last drop in an S+ vial of talismanic goodness because I preserve them in a rather compulsive fashion, but this was the exception to that rule. Truly luxurious as a face oil, you'll awake with glowing skin, grow fonder of that reflection in the mirror and as I write this oh Lord I need another bottle! Plus a rather curious side effect - whilst using it has drawn in to my orbit the most exceptional 'holy grail' products that have helped my skin enormously and will probably be lifelong staples. Venus, I adore thee!


It makes me feel glamorous when i use this, however it does irritate my skin a little.

Virgo Sun Virgo Mars Virgo MC
Hair feels luxurious and long

I have used this oil for at least a month and it was definitely a splurge. But one or two drops are enough to infuse my hair with this floral sweet smelling and oil and it falls on my back better and gives my face a glow - framing it perfectly [sparkle heart emojis]


This oil makes me feel so beautiful and comfortable in my own skin. I love the energy I feel when I’m wearing this, it’s even unlike the anointing oil.


This smells amazing and is one of my favorite oils. I am sensitive to oil on my face, so I use just one drop mixed in to my face products. I rub 6 drops into wet hair ends and that often brings comments about my hair. People just notice.


  1. First, I want to say that this has lasted and lasted. I had been cautious of the price but I’ve had it for 9 months now and have not been shy about using it. I’ve applied it at least once a week, and I’ve got nearly half the bottle remaining.

    This has been excellent for my skin, although I haven’t noticed a lot of hair growth when applied to my hair. It does cause my hair to be smooth and shiny with a gentle curl, which is a great improvement.

    The most striking effect has been in helping me, an extremely introverted person, cope with the energetic demands of large groups. I used it to run a weekly homeschooling D&D game with a large and noisy pack of 8-10 year olds and it was like a whole additional supply of coping, just an extra well to draw from.

  2. Okay, I said that the body butter from this series would be my “desert island” choice, but… I think it’s actually this lol. To the gifts of Aphrodite, eternal beauty & youth <3 She delivers the heart's desires!

  3. This oil is literal magic. It instantly transforms my skin and makes me feel pretty—no easy feat. I will be so sad when this runs out.

  4. This oil is so lovely. I add a little to my moisturizer and it makes my skin glow. It goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy feeling.

  5. I’ve been adding one to three drops of this oil to my morning & night skincare routine for the past month or so, and while it’s true that I generally have good skin, the RADIANCE that has been coming through since I started using this oil is OFF THE CHARTS. I always state my 7-part intention out loud when I use it, and I attribute the use + prayers to discovering some additional skincare items that have helped even my skin tone & texture even further. And! I’m pretty sure my eyelashes are getting longer + thicker, too? Truly magical stuff.

  6. My appearance has always been a sore spot for me, and I bought this oil with the intention of making the most of what I have, and accepting the rest. I wore it to the barber and got the best haircut of my life (and cuddles from the owner’s very friendly dog! I’m never getting my hair cut anywhere else again). I wore it again to go clothes shopping and found an outfit that I actually love! Fresh off that confidence boost, I started to incorporate it into my skincare routine as a special treat on Fridays and Monday nights (trying to ration it – top-shelf astrological magic doesn’t grow on trees, you know!) I thought I was simply learning to accept the face I have (which I definitely am), but after comparing with old photos, I swear my face is getting more symmetrical!

  7. I just purchased my second bottle & would buy it all if I could.

    I use this oil in a variety of ways in my regular Venus practice. I keep it on my altar, adjacent to a few other beauty tools. And I have to say, having worked with many Sphere + Sundry offerings & finding them ALL powerful in their own way, *this* oil is unique in that its effects are actually VISIBLE. There are obviously still internal effects, but *seeing* its efficacy is truly special.

    Ok, so I don’t love my legs. (Sag rising: thick thighs save lives.) I decide to use this by mixing a few drops into a dollop of the Jasmine & Vanilla Bean Whipped Body Butter (also d i v i n e) & massaging the mixture onto my legs every Friday — really allowing myself to send that part of my body love & attention. I also started using a dry brush I consecrated with the oil (one of those altar-specific beauty tools, along with a fancy hair brush) around the same time.

    So like…it took time and regular use, but I’m out here wearing the bootiest of booty shorts now. Every day. You cannot make me wear pants lol. Either my cellulite has smoothed out or I just don’t see it anymore because I poured such potent love on my thighs. Either way, it’s wildly effective Venus magic. I swear my breasts are fuller and even my dermatologist told me my skin looks amazing & asked “What have you been doing?!” And I’m like…ummm Venus? (Full disclosure, this oil doesn’t really vibe with my sensitive facial skin.)

    I’m not saying this is a miracle oil. More like a powerful ally in fostering love & unity on anything you allow it access to. I have one of those tragic yet powerful Queen-of-the-Kingdom-but-Not-of-Her-Own-Free-Will Venus placements, and there is very real value in this oil for me, externally and internally.

    (If you’re curious cuz I always am: 10th house Virgo Venus in a day chart with Jupiter [my chart ruler], Saturn, Pluto, AND the Midheaven in Libra — with a cazimi 9th house Leo Mercury that is an absolute SLAVE to my Sun [and to a lesser extent, the N Node] as her ruler. Venus is also exactly square my 1st house Sag Moon/Neptune. I also have an 8th house Cancer Mars with the ruler in the 1st. All I can say is, they knew what they were doing when they made me a Sag rising.)

    Anyway, I do have one more thing to say about this oil: you can really feel the love its creator infused it with. This is a hallmark of all S+S materia imo, but you can really FEEL it in this oil. Thank you Kaitlyn for the integrity and trust you offer. I’m not trying to use a Venus oil made by just ANYONE, you know? Lots of love & gratitude to you <3

  8. This IS magic! This is one of my most treasured beauty products (and there are so many…). I almost always get compliments after using this oil and it makes me feel so beautiful! I always enjoy myself if I go out after putting it on my face and neck and hands. It smells incredible and a little bit goes a long way (this bottle will last you). I feel “lit from within” radiant beauty after wearing this. I usually apply it all over my face before going out, or as part of a morning/night skincare routine. It’s great for gua sha too!

  9. Truly makes every day a good hair day and makes me feel like Goddess Lakshmi.

  10. I adore all of the Venus’ Aerial Delight materia that I’ve tried, but this beautifying oil has a particularly strong effect on me. The complex floral and herbal scent is so lovely and the richness of the oil blend is incredibly nourishing. It has such a transformative effect when it sinks into my skin, just radiating a sense of lightness and pleasure.

  11. Not only is the smell of this oil absolutely divine, but it made such a difference my hairdresser asked me what new product I’m using on my hair, because it is so thick and lush. Yep, pure magic!

  12. I look in the mirror after a month of wearing this on my 54 year old face, and I smile.

  13. This oil feels so good, I love wearing it for feeling uplifted, beautiful, comforted, jubilant. I’ve bought 2 already and honestly want to stock this for the rest of my life.

  14. I have now gone through nearly 2 bottles of this since the series launch–this beautifying oil has become a daily staple and it is more precious to me than almost anything else in my personal hygiene and beauty regimen. The practical magic of this oil is so evident that my literal dermatologist commented on the results of it, and purchased a bottle for herself. *My Dermatologist, y’all*. The scent is intoxicating, and the oil itself is delicate, without any stickiness or residue. I have recommended it to nearly everyone I know.

  15. I’ve always had a weird second part in my hair. It doesn’t always show but had lately been getting wider (due to thinning hair? age?) I started deep conditioning my hair with droppers full of this oil before every shampoo, taking care to rub it into the problem area. Before the bottle was gone, the extra part has gone back into hiding and my hair falls smoothly. This oil is so luxuriously rich and smells amazing. I also apply it to my face and lips at night before bed.

  16. I have been using this oil for over a month as part of my weekly Venusian rituals, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

    When applied to the face, I instantly notice deep hydration and an overall brightening effect. When applied to my full body, I feel a gentle tingly lightness that allows me to relax more fully and feel more confident in my body. I get more frequent compliments on days of application.

  17. This beard oil is simply amazing. I feel like my whole face is glistening whenever I put it on. I had a red patch on my face and a few applications cleared it up fairly quickly. It’s Venus in a bottle, what more can I say?

  18. I was hemming and hawing on buying this beauty but read initial reviews in the community forum that got me on board. THIS oil became a necessity in the week or so received, around the time of the month long Mars vs Venus transit, I broke out from one patch of eczema to having an all body flare, which has been frankly one of the scarier health crises to date as it has never happened before and required a lot of lifestyle adjustment and treatment. The c a l m and the knowing of this oil letting me know things were actually being put right in my body and sphere helped so much. I mostly avoided using it on the flare directly at first, just warming in my palms and massaging into hair and cuticles but have gradually been able to put a few drops into melted coconut oil all over my body, with the intention of healing all things Venus.

  19. I’ve been using this oil on my thinning eyebrows to promote growth, and the results have been astonishing; not only are my eyebrows looking great, but application has this neat effect on my vision, too, making me see beauty all around me (whether in my own reflection, or just gazing out my window or admiring the decor of my home, etc). Application is always a very loving, potent ritual, and the aroma is *sooooo nice*.
    I also enjoy swiping some on my lips and rubbing a few drops onto my breasts after showering, for a very sweet self-love ritual with the added boon of beautification!
    I will say that I’ve attempted using it on my entire face a few times with mixed results (my skin is extremely reactive/breakout prone). Though the initial effect is lovely, I fear that over time, the formula causes tiny pore clogging effects, perhaps due to the organic matter present in the oil (it can be a bit grainy in texture). I’m still experimenting though, and hope that a very small drop mixed with my normal facial oil will be acceptable to my picky skin!

  20. This oil works miracles! I’m now in my thirties and I’ve been suffering from acne since I was a teenager. In the past twenty years I’ve tried all types of medical and cosmetic treatments. I’ve been using this oil for a few weeks now and my skin looks amazing! Almost zero outbreaks! I’m amazed. And I’m EXTREMELY GRATEFUL!!! I hope this oil will also help with healing the scars that I got from the acne. But the results so far are already a miracle to me. I hoped that previous Venus material would bring this result (Exalted Venus and the Empress series) but they did not (even though I love them very much for other effects). Maybe because it’s because Libra is on my 6th house of health. I’m Taurus rising. Venus rules over my 1st house of body and 6th house of health. My natal Venus applies tightly to a square with Mars in my day chart. The Mars is very apparent; my skin is prone to acne and rashes, I’m allergic to the Sun… This oil really works wonders on my skin. When I apply it I just feel the amazing energy. I’m so happy and so grateful. It seems like this oil is calming the Mars-Venus health stuff in my chart a bit, or at least when it comes to my face. 🙂

  21. As delicious a scent as the Empress oil, but with just a hint more spice … of life. It definitely brings out a more social vibe, in the same way that it generates surreptitious glances from strangers. The scent is remarked upon bu others, and lingers, creating occasional wonderful moments of scented delight.

  22. This oil is amazing, it leaves my face tangibly better looking, softer, more radiant, more youthful looking. I also feel happier and more content with my appearance when I wear it, which is perhaps the most lovely aspect for me (as someone who can be hard on myself…). It promotes outward AND inward beauty. <3

  23. The Aerial Queen Beauty Oil adds volume and smooths the frizz away from my hair.

    I also use it with a roller on my face to help tighten sagging skin and lines. I am more than satisfied with the results… I highly recommend the product.

  24. I actually also own the other skin/beard/hair oil from the Empress series. If the Empress gives me the best hair days of my life, this skin/beard/hair oil is like I doused myself in flowers. The effect is much more “airy”, and I find that its about attunement, as opposed to embodying something. Does it make you feel beautiful? Absolutely. Does it make your skin glow? Yes. Does it smell great? You betcha. Does it hit hard like the Empress oil? Not at all!

  25. In a word: lovely. In multiple words: Somehow pillow+petal soft while being comfortingly nourishing at the same time. When I wear this on my face to bed, I do a double take in the mirror at my face first thing in the morning—glowy, plump and smooooooth. (A single drop is enough for my combination/oily skin as a final step in my skincare routine at night, and works great under my daytime sunscreen.) I get the same rainforest green+deep floral fragrance in this that I detect in the VAD body butter. A little goes such a long way, very worth the relatively high price tag. What I can’t quite quantify, however, is just how heart-achingly GOOD this makes me feel—like I could just melt like a cotton candy cloud.

  26. This stuff is incredible. I was expecting results over time, but on first application, my stubborn eyelid dermatitis that’s been plaguing me for months vanished. I was stunned. Daily application has catalyzed a subtle shift: my skin glows, my makeup lays better, the features of my face seem just a tad more symmetrical, more pleasing to the eye. I *feel* more beautiful: more confident, more comfortable in my skin. To be fair, these inner aspects are things I’ve been working on building for some time, but this oil makes it seem ever so much more natural and effortless, even when I’m having a bad day. The boost this oil provides nourishes my soul and clears the doubts I tend to harbor about presenting myself to the world and my place in it – it’s lovely, through and through.

  27. This oil is so sensual and rich, its really indescribable..but I will try….. A bottle of rich, sweet, beauty and decadence. From the instant it touches my skin I feel more beautiful, sexual and complete in myself. It uplifts and brings a smile of pleasure to my lips.

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