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Eirene Subset

Eirene Subset

Beautiful, young Eirene is the Greek Goddess of Peace, Wealth and Plenty — a member of the second triad of the Horae, oft’ depicted carrying a cornucopia, scepter, torch, and rhyton in works of classical art.

In a world torn apart by ideological extremism (and isolation, e.g disconnection for how words and actions impact others), this subset is for the Restoration of Faith — in Ourselves, and in Humanity.

A magical invitation to return to orderly, pro-social sense and right-relationship.

It provides a perfectly calibrated psychic Scale upon which to weigh our own needs and beliefs against those of the world around us, holding two spaces — equal and objective — and seeing clearly the result.

How the scales rise and fall (when the bullshit has been taken off them) begs the question —

What is inequitable here?

What is disturbing balance?

Interfering with the stable possibility of true Peace?

The Eirene subset provides diplomatic gravitas and mental scaffolding to correct such dynamics, all the while issuing a cardinal edict to take action.

“Harmony” is all too often established by someone selling themselves short — by sacrificing themselves at the altar of “not disturbing the peace” in response to others not carrying their own weight.

“That is not sustainable”, the Scales say.

It is the stoking of bitterness, simultaneously crippling opportunities for growth on both sides.

Thus, Eirene is for those who need to learn to stand up for themselves, and/ or to sit tf down — have fun discovering where and which!

Because: not everyone else is wrong. We are not always right. We *all* have our parts and needs in relational dynamics + human beings must learn to speak *with* one another again.

Be willing to correct anything that gets in the way of the most precious resource the modern world has hunted to the very edge of extinction —

a sense of Peace.

of Equity.

of Right Accord.

And therefore, Plenty.

Apply to establish inner and exterior balance. To become more Gracious and Judicial in word, thought, and deed.

Before yoga, meditative contemplation, or other activities that emphasize balance.

Or difficult conversations, boundary setting moments, and times where honesty tempered by good faith make all the difference.

Anoint the temples, back of the neck, the wrists, lower back, heart, and hips.

Created during the Venus’ Aerial Delight election window, with additions of dove feather, wheat stalk, freshwater pearl, ashwaganda, vanilla bean, olive leaf, and jasmine. Master root, deer’s tongue, white lotus, slippery elm, corn flower, devil’s shoestring, rosemary, and royal jelly powder (the nectar upon which the Queen Bee feeds). Ritually harvested peace lily, emerald, freshwater pearl, and 22k rose gold.

The Oil is a combination of organic olive and jojoba.

Lavender soothes agitation, hyssop makes way for redemption, and manuka offers grounded, Saturnian stability.

Eirene says: “In order to have peace, we must pave Roads to Redemption.”

Roads which begin with honest, good faith conversations, wherein Hard boundaries and Soft boundaries can be established.

The space in the middle, a battleground (or is it a garden?) wherein to establish our diplomatic aims.

Advocate for yourself and others. Intervene where there is inequity.

and do so from a place of Libran balance — well considered, thoughtful, and moderated, fortified with Saturnian scaffolding.

Akin to Venus in Libra/ core Aerial Delight x Immortal Heart x Deneb Algedi, but a beautiful thing all Her own.

Probably the most useful, life-changing offering I’ve ever made — at least for this people-pleasing, boundary-challenged, self-sacrificing yet Mars-y Libra…

Learn Scale Gnosis, and practice the fine art of Diplomancy.

Oil of Eirene arrives in your selection of a 1/2 oz glass vial with freshwater pearl, emerald, and 22k rose gold for $84, a 10 ml rose gold plated roller ($105), 10 ml rose quartz roller ($68), 10 ml “flawless glide” steel roller ($68), or 5ml mini vial ($33).

Eirene’s Incense and/ or Powder is available in your choice of 2 oz bulk pot ($99) or standard 1/2 oz vial ($33).

We are beginning to roll out soaps and bath bombs for existing series! Sign up for the Waitlist to be notified when they become available.

Soaps offered in a 3″ x 1″ disc for $48

Bath Bombs offered in a 2.5″ sphere for $33

Please note that the loaded herbal components in the spell soaps can make them slightly “scratchy” on the skin, which can serve to exfoliate, or, use your hands to work up a lather and transfer it to whatever areas you wish to wash!

Note that the Aerial Queen’s subset is for more generalized Venus in Libra things — more appropriate for relaxation, enjoyment, and the like…

Note that Sphere + Sundry’s Incense Powders are designed to be burned *without* charcoal, on beds of premium ash in a firesafe dish or plate. Pour ash, then pat or use a tool to create a relatively smooth surface. Pour the desired amount of Incense Powder into the palm of your non-dominant hand, and use the other to assemble a thin peaked mound, line, or sigil, pinch by pinch. These can be quite thin if desired. The neater and more ridged your shape is, the better it will burn! Light the top of the ridge to ignite.

Taking time to prepare Incense in this way can be a meditative and centering experience, and allows the practitioner to create custom burn times with zero waste. If your line ends up too long, simply use a knife to ‘cut’ the fresh powder away from the ignited portion to use later. 




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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Planetary Body

Fixed Star


Oil – 1/2 oz standard, Oil – 10 ml rose gold roller, Oil – 10 ml rose quartz roller, Oil – 10 ml "flawless glide" steel roller, Incense – 1/2 oz vial, Incense – 2 oz bulk pot, Powder – 1/2 oz vial, Powder – 2 oz bulk pot, Oil – 5 ml Mini Vial, Spell Soap, Bath Bomb


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Morning of September 9th, 2021. Hour of Venus, Rising. Chart in the image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Peace in a Bottle

Eirene was one of my first S+ oils, and it's now my first large oil re-order. I just love this series so much - it's everything Katilin describes in the write-up. for me, it provides such a deep and pleasant feeling of connection to self + the World. I have a fiery chart with a "debilitated" Venus conjunct Uranus, and Eirene is the sweet calming dove song that lifts my heart when I'm feeling off or need some balance.

Ani Mir
Be received without dampening a difficult message.

Eirene oil is a good combo with DA II and Froggy powder as incense…creates a sense of ease, saying what’s right even though it’s not popular, and hopeful harsh truths are received well.

The scent has a dampness to it which is heavy, even though it’s not strong…so pairing with a BPAL brightens the musk.

Lisa K
Love love love

I don't even know what to say about this series, it's just pure goodness. It's fabulously centering in a way that offsets Libran be-everything-to-everyone impulses. I find it especially helpful for work, where we're trapped in a mire of contradicting expectations and complicated power dynamics and you sort of can't be present in the "right" way no matter what you do (or don't do). Eirene is the perfect distillation of what it means for Saturn to exalt in Libra - charismatic, charming fairness that keeps its boundaries, but in a warm and pleasing way.


Reiterating how energetically fortifying the oil is for me. I've only finished a few of my rollers over the years, I need to repurchase a larger bottle as I do turn to this subset quite often. Easy to use, eye opening and helps me feel more solid.

A sense of Peace

I love Eirene Subset incense for bringing a sense of Peace to my home. If I am mulling over anger or ill feelings towards someone, burning Eirene Incense helps to find the balanced middle ground we all need to find when we encouter difficulties and struggles.

It's Up To You

“Have fun discovering where and which” is key here. Yes, I’ve used this subset to make difficult conversations easier, or to help establish peaceful relationships with others – in general, and specific - and it works! But you also need to learn when to not have anyone walk over you. There’s a difference between patience and being a door mat, and I have not learned such a lesson yet. Yes, there is “scaffolding” as Kaitlin eloquently describes, but scaffolding does not a building make! It’s up to you to build. Other reviewers noted grounding, compassion, and this being different from other S+S offerings – I concur.

Surprisingly effective

So, my spouse is a professor and is constantly complaining about the politics at school. His colleagues and the administration are a never-ending source of stress. He's teaching remotely right now, and one of the things he loves about that is not having to make chit-chat with these people.
So recently he had to go into school and was going to see a bunch of them. He was not looking forward to it. I sprinkled some Eirene powder in his shoes, with his permission of course.
I had to laugh when he came home smiling... saying things like, "You know, my colleagues aren't all that bad... I had a great conversation with so-and-so... time actually flew by!" I knew that Eirene had accomplished the seemingly impossible... my husband enjoyed his trip to school!

Sweetly centering

I find this subset offers a very different kind of experience from other Sphere + Sundry Venus offerings. It is less indulgent and more immediately balancing. I have mixed reactions to the main VAD line, but Eirene always brings peace and support. I often use it for comfort, healing, and when I need to find a healthier frame of mind.

Gentle emotional guardrails

I've used this both to protect myself and loved ones from harsh interactions with friends and family, as well as to help me act and speak more compassionately. It's been brilliant with both. It's actually helped me discover other relationships where it can aid - sort of illuminating my blind spots, for which I am grateful.


The biggest thing I've noticed is an energy of friendship and peacefulness that this can bring. It's quite subtle for me but I feel really grateful to have on hand


  1. one of the most beautiful and surprising results from the Eirene subset incense was an ability to turn the powers of deep empathy and graciousness for others’ messiness or emotional volatility, that instinct I have to understand the folks are always doing their best and give grace, onto MYSELF. something with which I have always had difficulty. the ability to clearly see that I deserve just as much softness as others, that like everyone else I AM ALSO divine and perfect in all of my wreckage and on my darkest days, was such an eye opener and blessing. this subset is truly gorgeous. ♥️

  2. This oil was simply beautiful to wear, I would place the dopper kit bottle on my wrist and turn it upside down before dabbing it on my other wrist and neck. I haven’t always been applying it based on the planetary time each time, but every time brings a sense of social ease and more grace within my relationships. Also the scent disappears after some time since I don’t often reapply, but it’s quickly disappearing from how often this one calls me!

  3. This series has been a blessing for me in getting to know Venus. I have Venus in Scorpio and it has been the most challenging sphere for me to be in relationship. This oil is calming. There is a steadiness to it. It is lovely, in smell and feel, but not extravagant, which is how I think the Exalted Venus series might feel to me. I am so grateful for this series.

  4. I have a theurgic relationship with Spica – I find this oil to be so similar to her spirit. It is subtle, unnoticeable – but it does promote a gentle peace, and an inclination to be peaceful. I’m a very high-strung and reactive person when left to my instinctive tendencies, I use this when I’m with other people and don’t necessarily need a strong Venusian experience, but more of a “this is alright” centeredness.

  5. Eirene and Recovery from Addiction;
    Within days of applying oil of Eirene daily I realized my relapsed physical dependence on alcohol was diminishing, that I didn’t have to make that embarrassing run to the convenience store with shaking hands barely able to get out of the parking lot without slugging down a cold hard IPA.
    Yes I realized I had the opportunity to end this daily struggle but I chose not too at that time.
    It felt very much like Chantix, which when taken by a smoker, works by blocking nicotine’s effects in the brain that make you want to smoke. I also ignored that opportunity to quit smoking years prior yet continued off and on with prescribed Chantix.

    Unlike Chantix, who when I returned to it for help reared its monstrous side effects rendering me suicidal and hopeless, Eirene welcomed me lovingly and gently without judgement.

    What would have been 10 years of sobriety on June 9, 2022 was 7 days. I was humbled and grateful. I leaned on Eirene daily. Some days it was all I could do and that was ok.

    By June 28th I was in contract to buy a house out of state. August 4th, I closed on that house. I am now in the process of making this house my home.
    Impossibilities with a 6pk+/day 13% IPA habit. Hell, I couldn’t even drive, now I’m driving 300 miles every weekend.

    My rollerball bottle of Eirene oil is always by my side, in my handbag wherever I go.
    Rollerballs are great that way. The bottles are sturdy and can handle being slewn around in my bag.

    Eirene has been invaluable to me in addition to my addiction,
    I’m a much gentler, hopefully better person looking at the world with love.

  6. Whipping through my bottles of Eirene – its a go-to whenever I’m feeling like I need a boost of serenity. I often use it in conjunction with DA II. Eirene’s right relationship with DA II’s right action is simply unbeatable. Peace in a bottle.

  7. Oil of Eirene has been essential during challenging family gatherings, granting me the ability to remain rooted and grounded in myself without sliding towards severity or rigidity. Instead, I have been able to navigate through tensions with grace, and float above the fray enough to find enjoyment in situations that used to bring me a lot of anxiety.

  8. For all the times I’ve gone out wearing the Oil of Eirene, I had nothing to complain about, it’s incredible how where I used to ridicule or criticize what I’m seeing while I drive, my inner dialogue just doesn’t try and suddenly I’m taken to a more neutral mind and feeling space. The next thing I know I’m seeing things in a better light, and have a good, gentle laugh; an appreciative and kind word towards anyone I’m with. I haven’t finished my vial but I’m already considering getting another one before it’s gone!

  9. Oil of Eirene is the most grounding and supportive S+S Venus oil yet, in my experience (with natal Venus in Aries, Moon in Gemini, Scorpio rising). It smells amazing, helps me move through social situations with more ease/less anxiety, while still staying firmly tethered to mundane reality.

  10. With Venus as my Time Lord this year, and Spica as my heliacal rising star, I was looking forward to the release of VAD. After much deliberation over what to choose, I settled on the Eirene oil. I’m so glad I did. The scent is fresh and uplifting – awakening, even – and it has proved marvelously supportive in both the practice of Tonglen meditation and in engaging with Saturn materia, which I’ve long been hesitant to do. Eirene feels calmly stabilizing, dignified, and like having my heart wide-open while my head stays firmly on my shoulders. A genuine and inspired sense of give-and-take.

  11. The oil of Eirene has such a soft and gentle smell. It also looks pretty with the little flowers and pearl within. But don’t be fooled by its appearance. Eirene can be fierce when the occasion calls for it! I’ve had this bad habit of brushing my anger aside and letting it fester within me. When I applied Eirene to help me manage a tricky situation, I was surprised to feel the anger build up palpably within me. But the moment, I acknowledged to myself that it’s only reasonable for me to feel the rage, the anger just dissipated like a a puff of smoke. I managed to be firmer and yet cooler at the same time. Praise to Eirene!

  12. The Eirene oil was my first-ever purchase from S+S and I’ve been wearing it every day since I got it. Many days I’ve felt drawn back to her to reapply later in the day. There’s something so soft and soothing about the feeling of applying it inside my wrists and rubbing them together. Since I started working with Eirene I’ve noticed a general softening in one of my closest relationships. I’m also trusting myself more in terms of: where are my boundaries? Just a gentle fortification. I may buy a backup of this one. It’s lovely.

  13. The entire VAD series has inspired me to take my Venus work to the next level, but Eirene has truly been a revelation. Every time I apply this oil, I feel as though I am putting on Her mantle, wearing my own queenship with pride and without apology. I have been able to reaffirm boundaries and even set new ones while taking greater care and joy in my most important relationships. Eirene has also inspired me to reinvest in the care and upkeep of my home. The grief and loss of the past few years, combined with my own increasing chronic health issues, have made me a poor housekeeper, but She has inspired me to work bit by bit to make my surroundings my castle again.

  14. Applying this oil is like experiencing the opposite of the sunken place. Felt all the of the psychic stress of the last few years evaporate and be replaced by a gentle unfolding awareness of Venusian embodiment. Genuinely miraculous materia. All hail Eirene.

  15. I love Venus Aerial series in general, but Eirene has proved to be a much needed support this past month.

    My grandmother fell ill in the hospital, and saddly, could fight back a stroke she had. While not intended for the process of grieving, Eirene has beer with me the whole time to be there for my parents. Ive been able to hold space for the pain, but also to be of service to the pain of others.

    My grandmother was one of the great treasure of my life; I feel Goddess Eirene has help me to understand that respecting the cycle of Life is also important, and to not be angry nor in despair.

    Thank you, Kait, for this channel to truthful Pax.

  16. This was the perfect gift to myself as I started a Libra 5th house profection year. It smells divine and it’s been so helpful for me in building a relationship with Venus. I tend to focus on Jupiter, but tuning into the beauty and ease of Venus has been eye opening. I’ve reconnected with friends, had wonderfully constructive conversations with my boyfriend, and even shifted how I talk to myself. I love layering it with other materia, especially Quicksilver Tounge and Exalted Sol. I look forward to how my relationship with Venus will continue to grow.

  17. I have used and loved many S+ offerings… THIS is the one that made me say, “Oh holy crap, Magic is REAL.” It is life changing. It brings balance, sets loving boundaries, moves the world around one into right relationship… seemingly without intentional effort or thought.

    I have been in therapy for 5+ years trying to figure out how to work on my relationship with my father. Eirene came into my life and it was like a switch flipped – for the first time in my entire life I felt supported to speak my truth. My S/O suddenly started participating more fully in keeping up our home without being asked (and brought home flowers a few days after Eirene landed to boot!). And most recently, we agreed to BOTH change our last names when we marry in the near future. Eirene has organized the world around me int o more balanced and right relationship while also helping me learn to gently and kindly stand up for myself, make requests, and set boundaries.

    Truly, Venusian magic in a bottle. <3 Deeply grateful…

  18. Starting in 2020, I began a regular practice with Spica and created two series of materia; the correspondances between Libra, Virgo, Saturn, Themis, Eirine, Astraea, and many others her spirit reaches and embodies are prominent in the intimacy I’ve come to share and understand through this work. Eirine is subtle, smilar to the experience I’ve had with Spica. With some one who has very extreme experiences (good or bad) working with Venus materia, this is quite pleasant, socialable, and each time I’ve worn it, I’ve received opportunities to gain more social networks and generally be received as generous and less shy and “stern” than I typically am.

  19. I wanted to post my gratitude and appreciation for the beautiful materia of VAD to honor Venus and its final arrival in Pisces today! ♀︎♓️
    The offerings from VAD are the first that I am trying from S+S. It helps me to deal with tremendous stress and worries about my family and friends in Ukraine and the heartbreak that I feel seeing the palaces I used to walk in destroyed. 
    I have a powerful Venus in Libra natally, ruling a lofty stellium there, with Moon applying to Venus as well. The only problem with it, is that Libra is a 12 whole sign house for me… So I was very careful applying the oil, worrying about feeling even more vulnerable than I have been already. I am glad to report that it did not aggravate my 12 house and actually gave me the relaxation that I craved and more trust in the process that everything has a reason and it will be ok in the end.
    I tried both VAE oil and Eirene oil and the difference in the effect was quite noticeable to me. With VAD oil, I got more of a “lazy”attitude, I could not finish work that I planned but rather wanted to chill and chat with my husband (and he was up to it as well ignoring his videogames  yay!). Moving forward I am planning to use VAD oil after work hours or during the weekends. With Eirene, the feel is more “structured” – I can do the work and strive for excellence. I love it. It has an energy that wants to give to others, to make the world a better place. To lead by example. The Spica energy shows beautifully and I have much appreciation for it (my natal Saturn conjuncts neighboring Arcturus at 24 degree).
    I also applied VAD oil on my bird’s feet and beak to chill her Venus in Virgo down (she has a Virgo stellium and is overdoing her feathers).
    Very pleased with magical items at S+S – what a privilege to have a chance to experience these and be able to use them as needed. So thankful!

  20. Rarely, if ever, do I restock so early but this is so gentle and just, so incrementally life changing, that less than a month after the original release, I’ve reordered.

    It is a treasure, the changing of the world from the inside out, the way we all knew it must. Other materia is occasional; this is daily.

    And the cats adore the green tissue paper.

  21. Day of first use: received a free lunch and gift (a beauty/cosmetic gift at that) from a client, a large cash tip, and copious compliments through the day. As well as a nice surprise when I got home. 😉 11/10 recommend.

  22. This series has improved a major pain point in my life. Mornings with my kids has historically been the worst part of my day, with kids and I having unaddressed unmet needs. Since introducing Eirene to our morning routine (oil applied to me, powder deployed strategically) our morning discussions are more thoughtful and humane. We all feel like our needs have been validated even if we don’t get everything.
    It’s not a super venusian experience, but it creates structures that allow us to enjoy being together.

  23. This subset was really what grabbed my attention for this release. I’m a natal Venus in Libra, configured in a grand trine with my moon in Aquarius (chart ruler) and my Chiron/Lilith – Saturn touches both Luna and Venus by way of septile and quintile…And my 7th house is Capricorn. So when I read the description for the sub series I felt in my bones that this would be my medicine.

    I know we Spheries all love and adore our materia. But Eirene is treasured to me. I feel like it fortifies my heart and my spine while all the same clearing my mind of clouds. This will definitely be only the 2nd oil I’ll be getting a backup of – 1st being Luminoud Crown (which I incidentally love pairing it with).

    Since I’ve started applying it I’ve had some of the most important revelations in years. And I don’t mean like epiphanies that come and fade like vivid dreams, but revelations that have led to authentic conscious change. It’s helping me see and love who I am and what I bring into the world, down to the most subtle influence. It’s also strengthening all manner of friendships and relationships, and I’ve since come into a groove with my new job after being unemployed for some time between moves. I’m excited to see how my relationship with this subseries evolves, and how it continues to transform me into a truer form of myself, always becoming but ever comfortable in my own skin. Best oil I’ve ever used – excellently layered with LC and QT.

  24. VAD Eirene subset is something I didn’t know to even ask for…the charge is still very new and unfamiliar to me, but something tells me She is helping me develop new neural pathways for navigating conflict with nuance and a stance for true peace rather than unnecessary implosion/destruction after doormatting. I think She is asking me to integrate all I have learned thus far along the way, so that new possibilities can start emerging on the family peace front. Lots of gratitude for Her Presence.

  25. It is my privilege and challenge to tend a debilitated, Mars-ruled Venus. I’ve recently started investing much more time and energy tending Her as she expresses Herself through my body–particularly when it comes to boundaries and balance. Eirene’s gracious, easeful energy settles around you, tempering ~whatever~ comes your way and whatever you send out, as well. Somehow, S+S keeps wowing me with their well-crafted, totally plugged-in offerings. It is really astounding (and don’t get me started on the Aerial Queen Kolonía–my gods!!).

  26. Eirene oil has been a godsend and the literal breath of fresh spring air on my relationships that I didn’t even know I needed. I wasn’t planning on purchasing anything from the new Venus in Libra series, but a very favorable tarot pull had me deciding to try out a vial of Eirene. I’m so glad I did- even before the oil arrived, synchronicities and miracles began showing up. My romantic relationship with my partner has evolved- my natal Mercury in Sagittarius can make me quite tyrannical at times, and Eirene has been a very patient guide in learning to value other perspectives without sacrificing my own. My social interactions with others have gotten so much sweeter, and I just find myself blooming in a new and beautiful way. I cannot sing her praises enough (I have found myself connecting with my words via journaling for the first time in YEARS) and I am eternally grateful for the continued magic Sphere and Sundry has brought into my life <3

  27. My experience is with the Eirene powder has been the biggest surprise of this whole series so far for me. A couple of days ago I sprinkled a touch in my bra to bring its effect into my heart region, sitting at my altar for a bit of contemplation, and was escorted immediately into a warm and profound state of quiet meditation. So restorative, and fascinating, too. I’m a sporadic meditator at best so this was a case where the materia brought me to a state I don’t achieve regularly on my own. Being granted such easy access to silence and peace in the world as it is, that’s a blessing that needs no explanation. I look forward to learning more from this materia and being refined by it. I think Eirene has the potential to be a majorly special force in my life. Grateful doesn’t quite say it.

  28. Being an adventurous spirit, I simply adore finding something I wasn’t looking for. A treasure I regard highly; more so than that of what I knew/thought I needed.

    Eirene has brought such peace and perspective to this often tortured mind of mine. A mind often stuck in the past, with dreams I dreamed of then… offering new perspectives I have longed for but were somehow out of reach.

    I welcome this continued growth with an open heart and humble gratitude.

  29. Though I have not used the Oil of Eirene in serious negotiations yet, it does have a strong balancing influence. I immediately feel lighter and cleaner on wearing it. Did I mention it smells wonderful? It’s just beautiful in every way.

  30. Oil of Eirene was an impulse buy after loading my cart with VAD material but as soon as I unwrapped it I felt like THIS was the materia that I truly needed. When I unwrapped it from the M&M green colored tissue paper (love!!) I noticed it subtlety, no glitter, no sticker, just product. I was hit with the notion that this wasn’t made for a quick fix, this was the long haul support you need to endure. This oil came at a perfect time when I was ready to have the ‘come to Jesus’ talks with brutal honestly but required assistance in remaining in balance with my emotions (I have Mars in the 5th conj Chiron in late degree Pisces, you could best describe my anger like a match … I flare up FAST, but extinguish quickly. Applying the oil before the hard conversations has seemed to yield something very different when we reach an impasse, we hug and agree to talk more at a later time rather than the standard retreat into separate corners and lick our wounds. I appreciate the effort and care that went into this series and EVEN MORE grateful for a subset that supports our endeavors to heal our partnerships with other. Full disclosure, the election chart is really a BIG part of the efficacy for us with Jupiter 24° Aqua on my natal Sun opp my Moon, Mars on his Jupiter and Venus on husbands 28° Libra ASC.

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