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The Aerial Queen’s Oil, Powder, and Incense

The Aerial Queen’s Oil, Powder, and Incense


Venusian herbs and sakura blossom featured in Sphere + Sundry’s maiden Venus in Libra series: damiana, fenugreek, red clover, plantain, and more, combined with Agrippan correspondences for the fixed star Spica: periwinkle, mugwort, and emerald — ritually fumigated, consecrated, and made Celestial Sacrament in the garden of our Aerial Delight election window.

The Oils were immersed in 100% organic jojoba at the time of creation, before being tucked into 5-months of quiet, restorative beauty sleep alongside Her series sistren.

Consecrated herbs were roused and powdered in the hour of Venus, given additional shimmering adornments of excess emerald and 22k rose gold.

Essential oils of whimsical galbanum, high-femme clary sage, and sundry others.

The Aerial Queen’s offerings call forth a refreshing breeze — worries dispel, instantly composting into refreshing blooms of the mind-heart.

All is well she whispers…

and we believe Her!

Induce emotional micro-vacations with but a drop from a vial, or a soft sprinkling of powder, or a waft of Her intoxicating incense.

Lighten the load…

Live and let live…

Drift upon Her perfumed breeze… away from all but simple pleasures and lovely, subtle delights.

Aerate your state. Take good care. Don’t be so hard on yourself,
and temper everything /anything life throws your way — including other series (via layering).

Take the edge off of external conditions and internal states.

Learn to let go, and to be, and how (be)autiful that **really**, truly is.

and You are.

because — if nothing else —

She tells you so.

and you believe Her.

Draw admirers — allowing yourself the flowers and candy and care they bring.

for you are Worthy.

(of this and far more)

Carry yourself with Her enchanting Grace… Her easy way… Her unburdened cadence.

Enhance your ability to create and appreciate Art, Music, Poetry, and your own Reflection.

Float gently through your own gaze, until discovering the Light of your own Eyes as a jewel more precious than any other — the Hope Diamond that never leaves you.

The Pearl that needs safekeeping from all that is undeserving about this world…

The eyelids a clamshell which hosts the Soul’s divine Flame.

Learn to hold space yourself and others… be kinder… softer… more Libran.

as the Aerial Queen Herself 🌸

This Oil arrives in your selection of a 1/2 oz glass vial with keepsake emerald, pressed cherry blossom, and 22k rose gold for $84, a 10 ml rose gold plated roller ($105), or 10 ml **opaline** roller ($68).

**Note that initially, green agate rollers were available for this series. We restocked using opaline on 2/23/22, which is a better fit for the roller casing. Natural materials have some size variation. If you’re unhappy with how your roller rolls, please reach out so we can send a replacement!

Her Incense and/ or Powder is available in your choice of 2 oz bulk pot ($90) or standard 1/2 oz vial ($30).

For offerings that provide more scaffolding and support in the midst of navigating difficult scenarios, boundary reinforcement, and active (rather than passive) self-advocacy,  please consider the Eirene subset as a better fit for your needs. 

For an idea of what the lived experience of Venus in Libra is like, peruse 39+ testimonials here




Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in

No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Morning of September 9th, 2021. Hour of Venus, Rising. Chart in the image gallery


The Aerial Queen's Oil – 1/2 oz standard, The Aerial Queen's Oil – 10 ml rose gold roller, The Aerial Queen's Oil – 10 ml gem roller, The Aerial Queen's Incense – 1/2 oz vial, The Aerial Queen's Incense – 2 oz bulk pot, The Aerial Queen's Powder- 1/2 oz vial, The Aerial Queen's Powder – 2 oz bulk pot

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Asclepius I.I Info Sheet


Venus' Aerial Delight Info Sheet



  1. The Aerial Queen’s oil really exudes the lovely qualities of Libra. My experience of this oil has been that of balance, a sweet harmony within, light-heartedness and greater social ease. It’s my go to every Friday when I want to relax more, make art or enjoy a night out.

  2. Today was my first time working with the Aerial Queen oil, on Venus’ day. Whereas my experiences with previous Venus S+S series have ranged from grounded to effusive pleasure, this oil quickly but gently turned me toward my creative capacities. I felt inspired and excited to create—to write, to dance, to make visual offerings—with an acute sense that I have something vital to offer. There was an ease and lightness to my artmaking today. If you are seeking a companion to awaken your creativity and support you in connecting with the gifts you have been given to share with others, I recommend this oil.
    I also found that conversations with friends and loved ones were sweetened with tender affection and mutual appreciation. If you are looking for support in tapping into currents of mutual care and affection in your life, Aerial Queen lends itself to these directions as well.

  3. The Aerial Queen’s oil loves to be worn often. I don’t think I’ve gone through an oil as quickly as this one. Very enjoyable and pleasant to experience. Uplifting, but not giddy – it’s a solid and well balanced uplift. As far as cultivating beauty, the offering has helped train my eye. I’m more discerning when I engage with the oil. Lovely to wear on a day to day basis.

  4. The Aerial Queen oil smells just as fresh and luxurious as a spring breeze, full of new life and new beginnings and fresh blossoms, but without being overwhelmingly sweet. The cherry blossom and rose gold inside make it a delight to behold as well.
    And it makes wonderful medicine for my natal Venus in Scorpio; all of my cares and all of my angst simply float away as soon as I apply it, and everything seems more beautiful.

  5. this oil makes jokes funnier, sweets abundant, conversations lively and quality time rich. i forget i put it on soon after i apply it but remember hours later after a fun, rejuvenating evening or saturday.
    plus, it smells like a fresh-cut garden.
    reminds me of the geraniums my mother (a libra sun, moon, mercury and venus) would grow every spring. synchronicities abound!
    i have a renewed appreciation for venus’s transit through libra. thank you, kaitlin and everyone at sphere and sundry

  6. This oil feels/smells similar to the first Venus in Libra series to me, but with a more noticeably outgoing energy. If you still have some of the first one and are ISO novelty with your beauty, Oil of Eirene smells and feels Very Different. Very lovely and wearable, all !

  7. I bought this oil despite having Venus in Libra conjunct my Libra rising. I figured, why not? Plus, my Venus has some supporters, sure, but definitely is also hindered by some troublemakers in my chart. I was hoping this would give her more strength! Lo and behold, it’s only been about a month, but I am in love. This really helps me feel more connected to myself and more at ease. It helps me drop even further into the pleasures of daily life, and makes me look so good 😉 Wow! Thanks, Kaitlyn. I feel like I’m able to access the sweetness of life much more easily.

    I’m also fortunate that most of the chart also fits in so well with my own, so overall, I’m just so grateful for this one.

  8. The Aerial Queen’s incense is purifying and lovely. A house-spirit with whom I share my home explicitly requested this incense even before the series was released, and when it arrived, I could immediately tell why. It lifts and aerates without adding giddiness; it carries a delicate touch or sweet caress without being overly lascivious. An ethereal blend of air and earth. I’m so glad I went for the bulk pot right off the bat!

  9. Yes yes yes ⚡️ A short story.

    This morning, I slept in a bit and awoke to a distant acquaintance messaging me on a social… I go cold dipping (through the ice during MINNESOTA winters) very regularly and he asked about joining. Today? Sure. On my way out I applied VAD oil and JEV multiple storm interaction…

    Before we go to the ice for a dip he asks me to have a little breakfast and we can go on his lunch break. Great! Get there at 11 for breakfast… turns out his lunch is at 2 (!?!) and we spend hours talking about *all the things* spiritual and occult and *sexual* in a respectful and delightful way. -my friend buys our meal and drinks ( St Germain and cava, Venus making her presence known)

    Another friend messages and comes to join us… and we head to the ice. The dip goes wonderfully- and suddenly we are off to lunch the three of us- hours of conversation and another paid for meal, and we are at his apartment where he basically offers up what could be taken as an invitation to be a lover… but in the most respectful and casually suggestive way… (I am happily coupled, but it’s nice to be wanted)

    I find myself walking home with a sword (yes beloveds, a sword, as a gift! -hello mars conjunct venus)

    And check my email to discover an invitation to extend my summer’s attendance at Spirit Weavers As Seva From one session to two! (What!? Yes!) The Seva positions for Spiritweavers have been filled since 2020~ and the invitation also includes an invitation to camp on the land for free between sessions in southern oregon with a beautiful gathering of women/non-binary/trans people.

    And THEN an art gallery calls to tell me I am being featured for a piece I made in 2012 (!!) and would I be interested in making two pieces showing my current style and work!? -I have been in a creative rut for a few years and have just started making work privately for myself again.

    I dressed candles in blood and oil and sweet scents as offerings and said many thanks this evening. What a day!

    This new moon in Pisces (and jup protection year) along with these Venusian delights are certainly doing their benefic dance!

    Also: none of the many chores I had scheduled were done. Not a one.

  10. This oil smells like the first breath of spring! The cherry blossom inside the vial makes it a joy to look at, and combining this with DA makes conflict easier to deal with, if not vanish entirely.

  11. Aerial Queen oil makes everything better. Conversations become lighter, funner, easier to digest, cooking with delicious results is funner and more delicious, praying with the incense becomes lighter and a real celebration of mystical relationships. I don’t think I’ve raised my voice since She arrived. Except to sing. Playing music with AQ + QST is on another level. I couldn’t have imagined magic this beautiful and elegant. Oh, and the development of elven ways is almost automatic.

  12. The Aerial Queen oil is everything!!! Everything! It’s pure love and beauty in a bottle, delivered in a very gentle way. She’s empowering but doesn’t make grandiose. She’s uplifting and calming at the same time. Since I’ve received the oil I’ve applied it almost daily. I’ve been feeling beautiful! After I apply it I can’t help but smile at myself in the mirror, and feel love for myself. It has also been great in dealing with PMS! My PMS is much more manageable when I wear it. (Or at least this monthly cycle. Hopefully I will experience the same magical support next month.) Which is an unexpected but very very welcome magical effect! Maybe because Libra is on my 6th house..?
    Aerial Queen is soothing like the Exalted Venus materia is; but the Venus in Pisces oil makes it so easy for me to give myself away, while Aerial Queen doesn’t let me abandon myself. 🙂 (When I apply Exalted Venus when I’m not alone at least; which was a lesson I needed to learn… Exalted Venus is great for me to use privately, but not necessarily in social or dating settings, maybe because my natal Venus is in Pisces and the Exalted Venus materia dissolves the boundaries that I already don’t have enough of lol. But I do love the Exalted Venus materia because it always feels like ‘coming home’ when I apply it.) The positive effect that Aerial Queen shares with Exalted Venus is the ease of socializing. 🙂
    Anyways… Very thankful for this series! Thanks Kaitlin and co! I’m stocking up on this oil.

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