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The Aerial Queen Subset

The Aerial Queen Subset


Venusian herbs and sakura blossom featured in Sphere + Sundry’s maiden Venus in Libra series: damiana, fenugreek, red clover, plantain, and more, combined with Agrippan correspondences for the fixed star Spica: periwinkle, mugwort, and emerald — ritually fumigated, consecrated, and made Celestial Sacrament in the garden of our Aerial Delight election window.

The Oils were immersed in 100% organic jojoba at the time of creation, before being tucked into 5-months of quiet, restorative beauty sleep alongside Her series sistren.

Consecrated herbs were roused and powdered in the hour of Venus, given additional shimmering adornments of excess emerald and 22k rose gold.

Essential oils of whimsical galbanum, high-femme clary sage, and sundry others.

The Aerial Queen’s offerings call forth a refreshing breeze — worries dispel, instantly composting into refreshing blooms of the mind-heart.

All is well she whispers…

and we believe Her!

Induce emotional micro-vacations with but a drop from a vial, or a soft sprinkling of powder, or a waft of Her intoxicating incense.

Lighten the load…

Live and let live…

Drift upon Her perfumed breeze… away from all but simple pleasures and lovely, subtle delights.

Aerate your state. Take good care. Don’t be so hard on yourself,
and temper everything /anything life throws your way — including other series (via layering).

Take the edge off of external conditions and internal states.

Learn to let go, and to be, and how (be)autiful that **really**, truly is.

and You are.

because — if nothing else —

She tells you so.

and you believe Her.

Draw admirers — allowing yourself the flowers and candy and care they bring.

for you are Worthy.

(of this and far more)

Carry yourself with Her enchanting Grace… Her easy way… Her unburdened cadence.

Enhance your ability to create and appreciate Art, Music, Poetry, and your own Reflection.

Float gently through your own gaze, until discovering the Light of your own Eyes as a jewel more precious than any other — the Hope Diamond that never leaves you.

The Pearl that needs safekeeping from all that is undeserving about this world…

The eyelids a clamshell which hosts the Soul’s divine Flame.

Learn to hold space yourself and others… be kinder… softer… more Libran.

as the Aerial Queen Herself

This Oil arrives in your selection of a 1/2 oz glass vial with keepsake emerald, pressed cherry blossom, and 22k rose gold for $84, a 10 ml rose gold plated roller ($105), 10 ml **rose quartz** or a 10 ml “flawless glide” steel roller for ($68), or 5ml mini vial ($33).

**Note that initially, green agate rollers were available for this series. We restocked using opaline on 2/23/22, which is a better fit for the roller casing. Natural materials have some size variation. If you’re unhappy with how your roller rolls, please reach out so we can send a replacement!

Her Incense and/ or Powder is available in your choice of 2 oz bulk pot ($99) or standard 1/2 oz vial ($33).

We are beginning to roll out soaps and bath bombs for existing series! Sign up for the Waitlist to be notified when they become available.

Soaps offered in a 3″ x 1″ disc for $48

Bath Bombs offered in a 2.5″ sphere for $33

Please note that the loaded herbal components in the spell soaps can make them slightly “scratchy” on the skin, which can serve to exfoliate, or, use your hands to work up a lather and transfer it to whatever areas you wish to wash!

For offerings that provide more scaffolding and support in the midst of navigating difficult scenarios, boundary reinforcement, and active (rather than passive) self-advocacy,  please consider the Eirene subset as a better fit for your needs. 

For an idea of what the lived experience of Venus in Libra is like, peruse 39+ testimonials here





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in

No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Morning of September 9th, 2021. Hour of Venus, Rising. Chart in the image gallery


Oil – 1/2 oz standard, Oil – 10 ml rose gold roller, Oil – 10 ml flawless glide steel roller, Oil – 5 ml Mini, Incense – 1/2 oz vial, Incense – 2 oz bulk pot, Powder- 1/2 oz vial, Powder – 2 oz bulk pot, Spell Soap, Bath Bomb

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Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Emily Stutzman

The smell of this is one of my all time favorite scents. So, so beautiful. If I could lather myself in this so I just smell like this, I absolutely would. One of my favorite ways to use this is to put some of this and some of Regulus on my hands and then scrunch my hair with it before I brush out the curls. It gives me gorgeous, huge, shining hair, and I get so many compliments. That combo is my favorite one for socializing, when I want to feel good and be told I look good, and/or when I want to make a good impression and receive favor. This is a series that knows about social navigation and finds it fun. Also, it will help you flirt and be flirted with. I find that I do like to ground this with something like Regulus because it can be quite airy and will have you talking, but I do like to experience it unimpeded sometimes if for no other reason than to learn more about the nature of our Aerial Queen.

Isavella Vassilakis
One of my top 3 faves, good to the last drop.

The Aerial Queen is one of my top three S & S series. It interacts with my natal chart (Libra stellium, Virgo Venus) in a nice way — AND in a Plutonian way (the election chart Moon is right on my natal Pluto). I mention all this because it seems to intensify those aspects of my psyche in a way that allows me to embody & accept them more fully. (You try having a Libra stellium ruled by Virgo Venus lol.) It makes me more social for sure, but I’m already social enough & primarily call upon it for romantic confidence & embodiment — for when I need to sort out the overanalysis and lean into the FUN of it all. It allows me to remember what I already possess, if that makes sense!
I have a few from this series and I love them all, but this oil is my ride or die.
5 stars. One of my absolute faves.

Lizzy Berezy

Definitely adds social ease, conversations are sweeter and more intimate. Helps with social anxiety, feeling beautiful and joyful romance. 4 stars only because, interestingly unlike the salve, I do notice at times a loneliness when using this oil when alone, and at times people are almost TOO talkative - which actually speaks to the social boost of the oil, though just something to note :)


This is the ticket when I’m going to enjoy any of the Arts, theatre, dance etc. Feels beautiful and beautifying, like an inner companion. Am waiting to open once Aries season is over.


The Aerial Queen, by herself, can be a little...volatile. Not necessarily in a bad way, but I never know what I'm going to get in social interactions when wearing her. The way this materia hits my natal chart, I have found that she is best worn for work, especially when I have to be "on." I do like to pair Aerial Queen with Empress materia - Empress makes Aerial Queen a little more serious, and Aerial Queen curbs the imperiousness of Empress.

Oh my Fair Queen

I have been using my VAD oil lately to relieve the stress and pressure of work. I annoint my wrists during my Venus devotions and notice a real boost to my ability to balance priorities, to connect with others, and be a fair leader. As a 10th house Libra who works in the arts, this has been my go-to when days are tough and I need a lift.

Michel P.

Amazing company with amazing products, will stay customer for a long time!!

Move with rather than against

I hopped right on the Eirene train, and while it's wonderful, I overlooked this simple gem. I recently started fumigating my home on Friday mornings and it has gently and delightfully shifted the energies. The incense has taught me how to let my everpresent guard down and lean back, letting Her guide me well back to simpler times. Why did I wait so long?

K. N.

I have social anxiety - which used to be worse before regularly engaging with this oil. I’ll anoint both wrists before going out and feel much more free for the rest of the night - chattier, more quick to smile, more active about initiating conversation with people I don’t know well. I also started a weekly Venus devotion when I got this and it’s made Venus’ presence in my life much more palpable. I still have anxiety, but when I apply VAD and have been keeping up with the ritual, my interactions with others - most notably with strangers - become far more enjoyable.


There are so many wonderful ways this series has impacted my life since I started engaging with it that I don’t think I could touch on all of it in a single review.
First of all, it attracts resources/tips/ideas to help you become the most embodied version of your personal beauty.
It attracts pleasant social interactions and makes people seek out your company more often.
It gently brings imbalances to the surface and helps people come together to address those imbalances.
With day-to-day use, I feel more confident in how I come across in social situations and it’s my go to “going out” materia.
Makes me feel poised and elegant and pretty, with longer lasting effects when I consistently use it.


  1. So fresh. So uplifting. So soft. So soothing. An exhale of deepest release. This is my experience everytime. But I need to share how I experienced a dear friend’s experience when I applied it (she gave consent, understood it is true magic, but had limited understanding of how dialed-in these formulations are). She came over to have an evening of magical connection and conversation, she came in with energy and gas in the tank. We were 40mins in, I cleared her field with Asclepius Kolonia so that the VAD could really land…what happen upon applying the oil was a mix of trance, a tinge of psychedelic, and complete surrender to the sweetest relaxation. She was ultra receptive to this materia. She was also completely sober. She couldn’t keep her eyes open, she couldn’t resist completely letting go and nestled into the couch with an abundance of pillows, sharing that she was transported elsewhere and was in a deep reverie seeing and feeling herself in a warm, breezy, green, fragrant covered courtyard. There was a fountain ⛲️ , palms , beautiful birds , fruits . She was in her deepest delight. There was a lot of “woooww”, moans of joy and release, very sensuous. As I just sat and witnessed. She had many moments of quietude in all of this, as I observed her with a deepest thrill of seeing magic occurring outside of myself. Just before she fell asleep completely for the night (this was not the plan) she exclaimed that a horse arrived to take her for a ride. What a thing to have witnessed and a wonderful gift to have shared. This occurred in December ‘22, and she sent me pictures and videos in early March ‘23 from Egypt in a landscape that mirrored this experience. She praised and credited Venus for this manifestation. I joked in our message exchange to look out for the horse …she said that she was just about to depart to go on horse ride along the Nile. Showering Kaitlin, S+, and Venus with wildly abundant rose petals of gratitude for this phenomenal gift of a formulation.

  2. Whoa. This stuff comes on fast. The first time I tried it I was having a tough day (dealing with some unworthy professional jealousy) and I reached for AQ to lighten the load. Literally the moment I began raking the powder through my hair I felt a palpable, almost physical sense of calm descend over my shoulders. It wasn’t drowsy or stupefying; it just let me observe my feelings for what they were, and instead of getting caught up in them, I could make a conscious decision to leave those emotions where they were and move on to a better place. Later I had a really good conversation with someone I’d previously struggled to connect with.

    AQ ended up more contemplative than I expected (and more intense) but it left me feeling more sure in myself and more open to the world around me.

  3. This oil always makes me feel relaxed, at ease and social. I’ve worn it on several Fridays to school now and I always have great interactions with students and other teachers, with 0 stress. What prompted me to write the review today was when a student of mine showed up to my room with a stack of papers which turned out to be letters of appreciation that an entire class of mine wrote to me. All-connecting Venus, at it again.

    Aside from the magical side, I love how this oil smells. subtle and floral, but not in a cloying way. Definitely a great addition to my astro tool kit.

  4. This oil has brought so much ease to me. That sounds like a simple statement, but I can’t emphasize enough how much this has impacted my sense of well-being. Easing anxiety and stress, having lovely social interactions, this is just what Virgo placements needed to chill the fuck out! I think this helps me lean more into my Sagitarian placements but with tact applied. It’s hard to play Venus favorites but for my earth, water and fire dominant chart I’d have to say this is it for me.

  5. Again and again, I keep coming back to this oil. Socializing becomes a pleasurable thing to do: I almost always wear it for social ocassions, because for me, is where it has shined the most. Engaging in conversation, being outsife my head and actually paying attention to my interlocutor, the peace and tranquillity of the emotions, the embodyment of serenity. Is just such a beautiful offering!

  6. As soon as I apply this oil, I feel a warmth spreading from inwards out <3 After an incredibly heavy couple years, materia like this Venus oil (or really anything from the Aerial Venus series) is such an appreciated balm. Uplifting, heart-warming, sweetening, just as it should be 🙂

  7. Chatty indeed! This oil has lead to very active conversations, both in person and even a magically-operant zoom meeting went about 45m over normal time bc everyone was so dang talkative! Very light and easeful in wear, though also somewhat relaxing. Even with libra in my 12th this has been an excellent choice!

    I also will add there was an initial mixup with my offering and the S&S team couldn’t have been more responsive, fast, and helpful! Gratitude to everyone on the team for making such amazing products

  8. General smoother and softener of all things. Extremely versatile and pleasant.

  9. Of all the Venus series I find this the best all around for daily usage for all contexts (including work and socializing), a real enjoyable live and let live vibe that just helps facilitate ease and agreeable outcomes.

  10. Working with this series in general and specifically the oil has been an education in social graces. Libra occupies my 7th house, and my natal Venus is in Capricorn. Under the Aerial Queen’s influence, I am more able to perceive the dynamic ecology of social situations and how my choices, words, and mindset, however subtle, affect others and vice versa. I feel like I am more compassionate, confident, and gracious when I wear VAD, but most remarkably, I have more insight about why interactions did or did not go well when I evaluate them in post. Amazing! I love this series dearly and the lessons it continues to offer.

  11. This series has brought a lightness and spaciousness to my heart that I am increasingly grateful for. In the instructional info that comes with it, one of the effects listed is “…learning to just Be…” Before experiencing this, I may have looked at such a statement and thought “what the f* does that mean?” but with Venus’ Aerial Delight, not only does it make sense, I can feel it opening up new space for joy inside me… Praise Venus!

  12. I have a super strong mars in domicile in a stellium with my sect light and a combust Venus in 2h and it shows, so suffice to say, I can use all the extra Venus I can get, especially specifically the libran brand thats light, diplomatic, harmonious, etc, all the things that dont necessarily come as my first instinct. I got this and started using it a lot (along with the eirene!) when I got a customer service job and I think it really helped me work in a way that was conducive to making people feel listened to and cared for, while still holding my boundaries and the limitations of the company firm. It also helped me rebalance my sense of self and give ease and grace to myself through a rough breakup. Its grace and clarity in a little bottle, I recommend it. I would’ve gotten more of the line if not for the shimmer, lol. thanks again and again s+s & kaitlin coppock.

  13. This is the second product from S+S that has revealed a part of myself to myself in a revelatory fashion. First Jove in Sag and now VAD. I loved how giggly and chatty and flirty this oil made me feel and then when learning about my Vedic chart, I realised that I have my Sun, Venus and Mercury in Libra in the 7th house! So it feels like ‘home’ and such a lovely discovery compared to my Venus in Scorpio in the 9th of my traditional chart. The smell is divine, heaven in a bottle and the effect is immediate. So powerful, so loving and so magic!!! Hail Venus!

  14. Venus ariel delight has had a different impact than the first Venus in Libra oil I got from S&S and I have been enjoying the lift it brings. Its a true invitation to loveliness.

  15. I petitioned both Jupiter and Venus to help me find an apartment. My neighborhood has gotten noticeably less safe in the last year, and I want to enjoy some early evening walks with my kiddo before he goes to college.

    There’s no doubt that the place I scored was from the gods. After feeling relief that I’d beaten an incredibly competitive and batshit expensive rental market, it finally dawned on me that the place ticked all of my boxes. I had listed these traits during my prayers, thinking as I prayed that it was an enormous longshot to find a place I could afford, much less a place that was exactly what I wanted. Et voila, this under market-rate apartment near my kid’s school pops up with all the specifics I wanted, right down to the brand-new kitchen and bathroom renovations. People swarmed this apartment the day of the opening house, and I got there first-thing!

    Then the same day I got the good news, my neighbor pointed out that someone broke into our building and stole/damaged property, but thankfully left my son’s room (which was next to the crime scene) alone. I hear the gods loud and clear.

    Hail, Venus

  16. This oil has been a total shock to me in terms of it’s efficacy and range. Upon receiving it and reading the info sheet, I had the instinct to apply it to my hips. To my surprise chronic tension in my hip flexors and adductors immediately started to loosen. The immediate effects were so intense that I was tripping over my toes and was having trouble walking. After that first application, I learned to apply it at night, and my hips are more nimble and balanced then they have been in decades. As a result, my posture and balance has drastically improve. I also feel lighter, and simultaneously more grounded. It’s an unexpected antidote to sitting at a desk all day.
    On a totally separate note, it has also enhanced the blooming of my orchids. Not a Friday has gone by without a bloom since this series has been in my apartment. And at the time of this review, we’re going on twelve weeks.

  17. I could not be more over-the-moon about this oil. After recently moving to a new city and being thrown into many social events where I might’ve previously been scared, this oil has been my secret weapon for dimming party fear and diving head-first into my surroundings. I notice a huge differences when I’m not wearing it, and it by far has been my most used bottle of oil. It just feels such a smooth facilitator for the evening. Libra inhabits my 11th house, and I’ve found my relationship with the oil to be quite literally connected to those themes.

  18. I absolutely LOVE this powder. I put a pinch in my pocket, shoes, or purse when I know I will be going somewhere where I want to enchant. It’s hard to have a bad day when I am using this powder.

  19. I used this every day while at NORWAC; absolutely helps with social anxiety, feeling at peace without my usual routine and “being productive.” Much, much more subtle than other Venus series but I prefer that – I don’t enjoy the more hedonistic/luxurious ways the others do for me all of the time.

  20. VAD is happy medicine supreme. It makes you stay in the moment. I don’t worry about the past or the future. Never have I ever felt such wholesome, spiritually sprinkled, worry free tranquility. Material things come with it too, but you won’t really even care for them. You’ll be too busy being happy, just watching butterflies, rainbows, kittens and flowers. This is the one for the lazy days of summer. You will not get anything done, unless you add some discipline or action oriented materia with it. But then again, why would you want to get anything done? Everything is perfect as is.

  21. Do you know that person that walks into a coffee shop, any coffee shop, sometimes they’re a regular, oftentimes not, who every single time walks out with a free pastry and a more luxe version of whatever drink they paid for? Maybe you’re that person. I am not. I never have been. Enter the Aerial Queen, and now I’m that person. Since working with this series I have been given flowers from near strangers for no reason at all aside from just being there, free drinks, desserts, abundant social invites, and more. I struggle with social anxiety, much of which has only amplified through these recent years of imposed (and often enjoyed tbh) isolation. This oil has been a major ally in overcoming the worst of it as well as strengthening my relationship with Venus. It so beautifully aligns with my midheaven and has aided me in embodying that aspect of my nature and empowering my own natal Venus, which is undergoing an intense Pluto transit. I highly recommend this oil and this series in general, as everything I have tried has been truly delightful!

  22. Apart from Asclepius, I think I have worn the Aerial Queen the most frequently of all S+S wares. She has been a loving, fae companion for me in 2022…drawing forth more love and care for my Self than what I’ve experienced in many years. She’s given me the courage to be seen and to enjoy and take care of my 50 year old body again and to actually love myself. She has also been a wonderful offering to my local land spirits and if I’m wearing the oil, I feel more akin to a land spirit/fae being myself! Hail Venus! Love you Heavenly Queen.

  23. Delightful, delightful, delightful, delightful, delightful, delightful, delightful…
    This is wondrous. My joy has been magnified in all areas of life since beginning to use this. Too many examples to list in an easy to read post, but know that the impact has been magnificent.

  24. The Aerial Queen’s oil really exudes the lovely qualities of Libra. My experience of this oil has been that of balance, a sweet harmony within, light-heartedness and greater social ease. It’s my go to every Friday when I want to relax more, make art or enjoy a night out.

  25. Today was my first time working with the Aerial Queen oil, on Venus’ day. Whereas my experiences with previous Venus S+S series have ranged from grounded to effusive pleasure, this oil quickly but gently turned me toward my creative capacities. I felt inspired and excited to create—to write, to dance, to make visual offerings—with an acute sense that I have something vital to offer. There was an ease and lightness to my artmaking today. If you are seeking a companion to awaken your creativity and support you in connecting with the gifts you have been given to share with others, I recommend this oil.
    I also found that conversations with friends and loved ones were sweetened with tender affection and mutual appreciation. If you are looking for support in tapping into currents of mutual care and affection in your life, Aerial Queen lends itself to these directions as well.

  26. The Aerial Queen’s oil loves to be worn often. I don’t think I’ve gone through an oil as quickly as this one. Very enjoyable and pleasant to experience. Uplifting, but not giddy – it’s a solid and well balanced uplift. As far as cultivating beauty, the offering has helped train my eye. I’m more discerning when I engage with the oil. Lovely to wear on a day to day basis.

  27. The Aerial Queen oil smells just as fresh and luxurious as a spring breeze, full of new life and new beginnings and fresh blossoms, but without being overwhelmingly sweet. The cherry blossom and rose gold inside make it a delight to behold as well.
    And it makes wonderful medicine for my natal Venus in Scorpio; all of my cares and all of my angst simply float away as soon as I apply it, and everything seems more beautiful.

  28. this oil makes jokes funnier, sweets abundant, conversations lively and quality time rich. i forget i put it on soon after i apply it but remember hours later after a fun, rejuvenating evening or saturday.
    plus, it smells like a fresh-cut garden.
    reminds me of the geraniums my mother (a libra sun, moon, mercury and venus) would grow every spring. synchronicities abound!
    i have a renewed appreciation for venus’s transit through libra. thank you, kaitlin and everyone at sphere and sundry

  29. This oil feels/smells similar to the first Venus in Libra series to me, but with a more noticeably outgoing energy. If you still have some of the first one and are ISO novelty with your beauty, Oil of Eirene smells and feels Very Different. Very lovely and wearable, all !

  30. I bought this oil despite having Venus in Libra conjunct my Libra rising. I figured, why not? Plus, my Venus has some supporters, sure, but definitely is also hindered by some troublemakers in my chart. I was hoping this would give her more strength! Lo and behold, it’s only been about a month, but I am in love. This really helps me feel more connected to myself and more at ease. It helps me drop even further into the pleasures of daily life, and makes me look so good 😉 Wow! Thanks, Kaitlyn. I feel like I’m able to access the sweetness of life much more easily.

    I’m also fortunate that most of the chart also fits in so well with my own, so overall, I’m just so grateful for this one.

  31. The Aerial Queen’s incense is purifying and lovely. A house-spirit with whom I share my home explicitly requested this incense even before the series was released, and when it arrived, I could immediately tell why. It lifts and aerates without adding giddiness; it carries a delicate touch or sweet caress without being overly lascivious. An ethereal blend of air and earth. I’m so glad I went for the bulk pot right off the bat!

  32. Yes yes yes ⚡️ A short story.

    This morning, I slept in a bit and awoke to a distant acquaintance messaging me on a social… I go cold dipping (through the ice during MINNESOTA winters) very regularly and he asked about joining. Today? Sure. On my way out I applied VAD oil and JEV multiple storm interaction…

    Before we go to the ice for a dip he asks me to have a little breakfast and we can go on his lunch break. Great! Get there at 11 for breakfast… turns out his lunch is at 2 (!?!) and we spend hours talking about *all the things* spiritual and occult and *sexual* in a respectful and delightful way. -my friend buys our meal and drinks ( St Germain and cava, Venus making her presence known)

    Another friend messages and comes to join us… and we head to the ice. The dip goes wonderfully- and suddenly we are off to lunch the three of us- hours of conversation and another paid for meal, and we are at his apartment where he basically offers up what could be taken as an invitation to be a lover… but in the most respectful and casually suggestive way… (I am happily coupled, but it’s nice to be wanted)

    I find myself walking home with a sword (yes beloveds, a sword, as a gift! -hello mars conjunct venus)

    And check my email to discover an invitation to extend my summer’s attendance at Spirit Weavers As Seva From one session to two! (What!? Yes!) The Seva positions for Spiritweavers have been filled since 2020~ and the invitation also includes an invitation to camp on the land for free between sessions in southern oregon with a beautiful gathering of women/non-binary/trans people.

    And THEN an art gallery calls to tell me I am being featured for a piece I made in 2012 (!!) and would I be interested in making two pieces showing my current style and work!? -I have been in a creative rut for a few years and have just started making work privately for myself again.

    I dressed candles in blood and oil and sweet scents as offerings and said many thanks this evening. What a day!

    This new moon in Pisces (and jup protection year) along with these Venusian delights are certainly doing their benefic dance!

    Also: none of the many chores I had scheduled were done. Not a one.

  33. This oil smells like the first breath of spring! The cherry blossom inside the vial makes it a joy to look at, and combining this with DA makes conflict easier to deal with, if not vanish entirely.

  34. Aerial Queen oil makes everything better. Conversations become lighter, funner, easier to digest, cooking with delicious results is funner and more delicious, praying with the incense becomes lighter and a real celebration of mystical relationships. I don’t think I’ve raised my voice since She arrived. Except to sing. Playing music with AQ + QST is on another level. I couldn’t have imagined magic this beautiful and elegant. Oh, and the development of elven ways is almost automatic.

  35. The Aerial Queen oil is everything!!! Everything! It’s pure love and beauty in a bottle, delivered in a very gentle way. She’s empowering but doesn’t make grandiose. She’s uplifting and calming at the same time. Since I’ve received the oil I’ve applied it almost daily. I’ve been feeling beautiful! After I apply it I can’t help but smile at myself in the mirror, and feel love for myself. It has also been great in dealing with PMS! My PMS is much more manageable when I wear it. (Or at least this monthly cycle. Hopefully I will experience the same magical support next month.) Which is an unexpected but very very welcome magical effect! Maybe because Libra is on my 6th house..?
    Aerial Queen is soothing like the Exalted Venus materia is; but the Venus in Pisces oil makes it so easy for me to give myself away, while Aerial Queen doesn’t let me abandon myself. 🙂 (When I apply Exalted Venus when I’m not alone at least; which was a lesson I needed to learn… Exalted Venus is great for me to use privately, but not necessarily in social or dating settings, maybe because my natal Venus is in Pisces and the Exalted Venus materia dissolves the boundaries that I already don’t have enough of lol. But I do love the Exalted Venus materia because it always feels like ‘coming home’ when I apply it.) The positive effect that Aerial Queen shares with Exalted Venus is the ease of socializing. 🙂
    Anyways… Very thankful for this series! Thanks Kaitlin and co! I’m stocking up on this oil.

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