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Oil of Luna in Cancer

Oil of Luna in Cancer


100% organic, rancidity-resistant jojoba and fractionated coconut oils, poured over watercress, chamomile, milky oat, orris root, ashwagandha, poppy seed, heal all, calamus, mugwort, angelica, and sundry herbs of Lunar provenance following fumigation at the height of the election window. Silver leaf, white gold, pearl powder, white lotus, and dried moonflower.

Likely thee *single most powerful offering* from Luna in Cancer’s entire series, for its profound ability to alter state, promote receptivity, sensitivity, and key to the Moon’s vast gnosis, deepest mysteries, and changeable arcana.

It also increases the energetic gravitational pull of yourself and whatever you anoint it with.

As the write-up states over and over again, it is highly recommended to pair this with other materia + talismans to help direct its influence, especially when worn upon on the body.

[if you are a good candidate, primarily meaning not prone to psychotic breaks or episodes; breaks in consensus reality; &c.]

Sphere + Sundry’s Oils can be used to anoint any appropriate place upon the vessel per your intent, or those befitting the Power’s associations: energy centers, meridians, or organs (in this case the stomach and breasts/ chest); or — for more intense altered states, “starfish” style: the 3rd eye/ crown of the head, both wrists/ palms, and the bottoms of both feet. Additional places include the heart center, lower back, and/ or base of the skull.

Works as an excellent primer for Salves and Body Butters from other series, to promote their bodily influence and calming capacity (personal favorites being The Cloud King’s and Fomalhaut — or Deneb Algedi for maximum warding against undesirable Lunar manifestations; for boundaries and to provide protection).

Before ritual work — to better commune with spirits, boost extrasensory perception and psychic sensitivity, seership, aid scrying, divining, channeling, and mediumship — and before sleeping or journeying to invite adventures upon the dreamscape and astral, apply Luna in Cancer by itself or combined with something along the lines of Fomalhaut, Moon-Neptune, Hermanubis, or The Ancestral Series.

[Be sure to practice good preparation and aftercare following such activities: cleansing, warding, grounding, and re-conditioning the self + space with homeostasis promoting, potentially banishing energies, especially of a Solar or Regulean nature]

This will shock you, but wearing Luna’s Oil *will* boost sensitivity to Lunar transits — globally and to the nativity — as well as whatever other materia and magical implements you handpick. It serves as an epic potentiator, helping the body, mind, and spirit to metabolize combined influences, aiding in their penetration and manifestation.

The Oil and other offerings from this series can be applied before donning talismans and amulets, to empower the physical and auric bodies to carry their light/ influence.

Over time, the Moon can heal foundational issues, rectifying attachment disorders and giving insight into abandonment issues, making us more “emotionally available” and in tune with our deepest, most basic animal needs: nourishment, sleep, security, safety; connection to those we love, to ourselves, and to the world around us — the spirit world included.

It also attunes us to the needs of those around us — to those in our care, and can promote “hermit-ing” and comfort seeking, stoking carnal and emotional hungers. It is also very likely to improve memory.

This Oil can be used magically rather than personally, to prepare candles before dressing them with powders that best fit your intended aims, to increase potency and expedite spell manifestation. Anoint petition papers, and use in any way magical oils possibly can be.

Start slow…

Offered in a 1/2 oz glass vial for $66 or 10 ml “flawless glide” steel roller for $57, each with a keepsake pearl


SKU: N/A Categories: , ,


Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 0.80 × 0.80 × 2 in
Creation Date

Night of April 7th, 2022. Hour and Night of the Moon. Chart in image gallery.

Planetary Body




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

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  1. I love this oil so much. I pair it with Cloud king oil when I am doing lunar ritual work. I have only had fantastic results using it.

  2. Amazing. By far the most dramatic, first impression of an oil I have ever tried. But so strong. She feels like I’m wearing the High pPriestess card around my neck. Dark and unseeable roads suddenly become lit and clear. Problems suddenly have solutions. Blocks appear ready to build and scaffold a new life or road to take. She is divine and finds best guidance for bringing dreams to reality. Highly recommend her being paired with DA.

  3. I love this oil, as others have stated before it is very potent. I use it along with other oils to help further empower them specifically my Neptune- Pisces oil and Fomalhaut oils and have had nothing but great results.
    I plan to experiment with other oils and take notes in how it empowers them too such as my EV II.

  4. Potent is right. The only two times I’ve used it so far it’s amplified my senses. I left the house after applying it to myself and the normal sounds in my neighbourhood somehow seemed way louder and I felt like I could hear so much more. Looking forward to pairing this with other materia with more intention and reporting back.

  5. Seconding what others have said: this oil is POTENT. Listen to Kaitlin when she says not to use it on your body unless it’s used with something else with intention (aka Jupiter’s Bounty or DA). I’ve only used the tiniest dab for ritual with other materia, didn’t wash my hands afterward, and there were definitely Emotional Effects. But when used with intention in ritual (and washing your hands!) the results can be very good!

  6. This offering is incredibly powerful. When I received the oil of Luna in Cancer, I first left the bottle on my altar for about two weeks. I felt her power through the unopened bottle and felt like her and I needed to adjust to each other (mostly me to her). And then during a Full Moon night I woke up in the middle of the night with a sudden calling / idea / desire (can’t find the right word, and these aren’t right (English is not my first language)), to open the bottle. With no specific intend. I guess it was me meeting with her, what was the intend. I can’t describe what happened. Because I can’t find the words. But also because the experience was so sacred and personal, that I think it shouldn’t be shared. Since then I’ve applied the oil to offerings and myself on a few occasions. It’s pure magic. It’s strange and weird. It’s powerful. It’s potent. I feel extremely humble when I work with Luna in Cancer. This maybe is the most useless review… But, I have to say that I’m so thankful for this offering. It use pure magic. Magical. And I think that the description Kaitlin has written for Luna in Cancer says it all. I definitely feel that she can drive you lunatic. Which I why I work with the oil sparsely, with clear purpose (except for that first time), and when I’m feeling emotionally stable. I have no negative experiences with Luna in Cancer, only positive ones. And my experiences were very different and very personal each time (hence this useless review that hopefully will be useful to someone anyways). Again, I refer to Kaitlin’s writings, because they express what I can’t.

  7. Initially I felt like I was about to start ‘journeying’ and wondered more about what I was feeling. I sat with this as it seemed to touch on areas that asked to be lifted and let go of.
    I found it a dreamy and able to dive deeper into the realms of clairvoyant enquirey.
    This series I had no intention of getting into but the off switch turned on and I love that I have this series as the healing along side of eerie are profound….

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