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Salve of Fomalhaut

Salve of Fomalhaut


Seaweed, blue lotus, blue cohosh root, calamus root, vervain, ashwaganda, lemon balm, tulsi, arnica, blessed thistle, hops, and more, ritually infused in organic jojoba and MCT oil during Sphere + Sundry’s Fomalhaut-Jupiter operation, before incubating in darkness and silence for nearly a year. White gold, aquamarine, essential oils, absolutes, and organic beeswax.

Helps the soul feel more at home within the confines Human Vessel…

A spiritual adaptogen that soothes Body, Mind, and Spirit, opening the way for relaxation, meditation, and daydreaming.

Rub into the feet, the low back, neck, and wrists, or anywhere tension need be released.

Promotes a sense of wellbeing that may even register as floating in calm waters, but psychically tethered to something for safety and assurance.

Offers a quiet confidence and increased ability to make + maintain eye contact, facilitating deeper connection with whatsoever (or whomever) you choose to engage.

Apply before attempts to lucid dream, act as medium, or perform divination. Increases psychic sensitivity and internal homeostasis.

Offered in a 2.5 oz tin for $72, or 4 oz bulk pot for $106


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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 0.80 × 0.80 × 2 in
Creation Date

Night of Monday, June 28th 2021. Hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery.


2.5 oz, 4 oz

Planetary Body

Fixed Star


Benefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

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  1. This is a wonderful dreamy salve, but unlike the more…ahem…narcotic sensations I felt with Moon/Neptune spray this is dreamy in an almost productive way.
    It’s scent is calming and cleansing; it makes me feel the same way I do when I have the luxury of camping out on a quiet beach. There is deep healing here, but with a depth that means business. It’s not for simply “feeling good”. I felt called to contemplate after application, and my dreams were the kind that made me think instead of taking me on a pleasant journey.
    In some cases, application simply led to the deepest, most dreamless sleep and upon awakening in these cases I felt driven to engage in the kind of self care that goes beyond bubble baths and yoga classes. This salve encourages me to connect with spirit guides and allies and seems to help bridge the gap when I’m too distracted to make the connection myself…which is where the drive for meaningful self care seems to fit in.
    After purchasing this and the accompanying BPAL I got real inspired to begin learning the language of my dreams, not to “interpret” but to try and become better able to communicate with a universal intelligence (that leviathan I am always attempting to get closer to somehow) through them. Let me be clear, while this is deep energy it is not scary or overwhelming. It’s just…big! But also feels friendly and eager to facilitate navigation in those liminal spaces for those brave enough to jump in.
    I also saw whales and sea images EVERYWHERE after purchase!

  2. My initial hope was that this salve would help intensify mystical dream experiences, and although that has not been the case thus far, I can’t complain about the actual experience of it: a feeling of being gently, weightlessly, warmly held, that induces a pre-sleep relaxation, which then pulls me into a very deep sleep.
    The salve has a subtle warming sensation, and smells lovely as well. It has become my go-to at bedtime, on nights when I need a more profound unwinding and bone-deep rest.

  3. Soon after acquiring this salve and the steep-and-smoke, I had an insistent, matter-of-fact inner message: you are going to find something that was lost. And within a few days, I found my beloved, costly, flattering, and “out of print” clear-peach EYEglasses I had given up on months ago. It had been a whole thing, trying in vain to locate or replace them, or at least find a pair as remotely awesome as these glasses. I was truly overjoyed. Just a funny and wonderful sync with what was written about this materia. That inner message really connected it to Fomalhaut for me, a way of saying “hello”. Looking forward to getting to know this star, and opening up my vision in many ways.

  4. My experience with the Fomalhaut series (salve + powder) hasn’t led to any heightened sense of insight, mysticism, psychic experiences, etc. But then what we want is not always what we need.

    At the moment, Fomalhaut works exclusively as a magical adaptogen for me. I recently began to understand that the limitations on my psychic/spiritual/magical experiences is due to magical burnout. I often get headaches and other pains and discomforts when using materia and other energetically charged items. My system is often overwhelmed after setting a strong intention.

    Using the Fomalhaut salve every day (sometimes twice or more a day) has reduced most of these issues. I use it mostly over my heart and belly (core muscles = stability), to rebuild my foundation. Since I’ve started using the salve, I’ve been able to use greater doses of other S+S tinctures and regularly too. I can now incorporate other series that were difficult to use because I felt “depleted”, like I didn’t have enough in the tank to support the energies from the materia.

    I use the Fomalhaut salve with the Cloud Kingdom salve as well. It seems to strengthen Cloud Kingdom’s ability to release deep tension and the effects of anxiety/trauma in my body.

  5. This feels like basking in the first primordial goop before the world imagined what it would become. It’s timeless and ephemeral, but it grounds you into your body and your vessel through this lifetime, makes it feel comfortable and cozy. I find I breath much deeper, unclench my jaws and loosen my shoulders. Before sleep it works really well as a witch flight salve but with an integrative edge, which invites the messages of dreams to stay with you on waking.

    Definitely works on more than just the physical body. This is an attunement. I got the large jar and I’m already half way through, will definitely restock on this one.

  6. The salve is deeply soothing in the same way that floating in the ocean is – a sense of being cradled, weightless, in the abyss. Moreso than other series, I’ve found the salve a great aid to meditation; I think embodying the influence of this star grounds it a bit, vs the water which can be ‘floatier’ or more psychic/mind oriented.

  7. what a delightful decadence. the scent is heavenly (I get…labdanum?? but lately the scent has me feeling transported into the deep woods under starlight. no this does not make sense given the ingredients and the astrological energetics). it absorbs quickly and is relaxing but also restorative. Fomalhaut feels unexpectedly protective. I can open up to the new, the unknown, curiosity rekindled.

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