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Send Order as a Gift + Custom Card

Send Order as a Gift + Custom Card

For those looking to give the gift of magic this holiday season (or any other time!), Sphere + Sundry offers various options…

Adding this product to your cart marks the order as a gift and allows you to enter a custom message to be printed on heavy cardstock within the box, which can be shipped directly to the recipient (or to yourself for gifting in-person). It could even be wrapped without opening for a highly bespoke, and yet pre-fab gift.

If you want the receiver to make their own selections, a better choice may be getting a Gift Certificate. Add BOTH of these items your order if you wish to send physical gift certificate + custom card, along with some tasty treats! Otherwise, gift certificates are simply emailed free of charge.


Please note that the ribbon pictured in the photo here is not included, and the exterior of the box will have an address label on it, since it will be shipped directly to the address of choice, and cannot be fancily wrapped before sending. Many people choose to use wrapping paper over it, since so little attention is paid to the box itself when unwrapping a gift. 


Enter your message. It will be copied and pasted without alteration…


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Weight .2 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × .2 × 5.5 in

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

I would just save your money and just print and package your gift certificate yourself. The Gift package does not come in its own box so your gift box has all your shipping information all over it. The “some tasty treats!” will be one Starburst and no ribbon for the box as in the photos. So basically you are just paying for a glorified print of your certificate to be sent to you. I’m not happy with this and will have to gift-wrap it myself which by buying this I was trying to avoid.

Hello Alex - I'm sorry you were so disappointed. There is no way to gift wrap the exterior of a box that is being sent through the mail stream — most Clients just wrap the box itself once it arrives.

I apologize the ribbon was misleading in the photo. It has been clarified in the listing that the ribbon doesn't come with it, or we may just nix this option all together. Some people do find it convenient if they don't have their own printer at home, or don't want to get their own bag, box, or tissue paper.

We will review how these should be packed and presented as a Team, since the candy in these should be at least one 'upgraded' fine chocolate, normally multiple pieces. Whoever packed this did miss that. It should also have your card greeting on top as the first thing presented.

This is only a $7 service, but you have been fully refunded for that : (

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