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Venus in Taurus Oil

Venus in Taurus Oil


An oil ritually imbued to talismanic standard during one of Venus’ finest Taurus elections 2019.

Equal parts organic apricot kernel and almond oils, combined with organic rosehips, rose buds, marshmallow root, red clover blossom, rose quartz, emerald, copper, and additional herbs sacred to the Fairer Benefic. The scent is a naturally derived rich floral, containing essential oil of Belgium butter and rose absolute of French origin.

Apply to the heart center and perfume points to embody the rightful Queen you are, be seen at the height of your glamour and attractiveness, draw admirers, feel at home in your body and environment, and establish a commanding Venusian aura. Or in popular parlance, #bethatbitch

Of the three Venus series we offer, as the earth of Venus, Taurus is the most manifest and self-serving. It’s particularly good for promoting the embodiment of Venusian qualities, drawing gifts, upgrades, money, free drinks and food, luxurious experiences, and the company of the affluent. Enhances self-worth and self-acceptance, connects you to your honest desires, and releases feelings of shame and judgment.

Use in magical works devoted to strengthening and reinforcing relationships, promoting commitment, beauty, glamour, self-love and self-empowerment, or other things related to the Venusian and Taurean sphere. Apply before intimate encounters (in non-delicate areas) to enhance the experience.

Check the testimonials from the Libra and Pisces sister oils to get a sense for the potency and results one can expect from Sphere + Sundry’s Venus offerings — they’re our most popular for a reason 😉

Available in in 1/2 oz vials for $68



Weight2 oz
Dimensions.80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Jar or Vial Size

1/2 oz

Planetary Body




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Morning of May 27th, 2019, hour of Venus. Chart in the image gallery.


  1. Avatar

    Update from my first Testimonial, about learning to be more dom-y with this oil: I’m finding that as much as this side of Venus wants me drenched in beauty, and wants me to have everything that pleases me – it’s not in as much of a performative way, as I imagine Venus in Libra may be. I feel this is more of a force of intimacy than performativity.

    I went to a kink party with my partner this weekend, anointing both of us, and we had such an intense experience together that we didn’t socialize and integrate into the bigger party very much! And this is pretty consistent with the other experiences I’ve had so far. Looking forward to using it more for expanding the deep inner well of beauty 😉

  2. Avatar

    Every time I apply the oil I have an immediate sense of self affection and a knowingness of what I need to do for self care. However, I have used it at work and found that that self care couldn’t be acted upon while I was there so now I tend to be more aware that my circumstances will allow for self indulgence. I love the little synchronicities that happen when I’m using it too. One such was a Friday after I applied during Venus hour and then went straight out driving. The car in front of me must have been parked under a tree that dropped flowers onto its bonnet/roof. As they drove petals were lifting off their car and and scattering before me!

  3. Avatar

    An early purchase for me from S&S, applied during dates. Wonderful energy permeated those encounters, it seems to bring us the most delicious food and quiet lounge-around-in-a-robe experiences. Delightful.

  4. Avatar

    I purchased this back in July, and wanted to really immerse myself with this product before giving a Testimonial.
    In my own planetary chart Venus rules my 6th and 11th house. Without bogging this down with too much detail about my chart, I have a weak Venus (3rd house Aquarius), T-squared by both Pluto (12th Scorp) and Mars (6th Tau) and so I thought this would be a good purchase to remediate that.Over the course of using this product I have noticed in increase in the following:
    I have never grown my hair out as I have always been self-conscious about it (but actively working on). More people, especially strangers have gone out of their way to compliment my hair or telling me that I look great, even when I feel like i might look a little busted.
    My coworkers have been much more amicable and willing to help me with projects or to just flat out do them on my behalf so as ‘not to trouble me’
    There has been an uptick of free gifts and sweets from my friends and coworkers ‘just because’.
    On the other end, it’s encouraged me to share or surprise people more with gifts and sweets of my own. I’d often think of being generous but never actually follow through, but this has helped to do just that.
    Upon further reflection I’ve realized that its increased opportunities to share/receive pleasurable material things or experiences with other people. It’s kept some of my own selfish tendencies in check and made me really reflect and appreciate the people in my life.
    More Rose products have been coming to me like drinks, lotions, hair product, I remember thinking this was absurd, but I love it!
    OH and the craziest bit, to me anyway, is that I teach a kickboxing class at night as my other job. After receiving this product, the following Friday I had a new student join the class who looked like a blonde goddess. She introduced herself as Freyja, and I could not stop smiling about the synchronicities of all this coming together.
    I could go on but I’ll finish with this. This product is absurdly wonderful, Kaitlin, thank you providing and sharing all that you do!!!

  5. Avatar

    This Venus in Taurus oil is the real deal. Within days of applying the oil daily I received an unexpected $300 from a family member to spend on my upcoming vacation that I had been worried about having enough spending money for. A month later I was gifted a car – yes, a car, and not a run-down one, a newer model which was a blessing because my old car had been falling a part and I had no idea how I was going to pay for all of the repairs. Since using this oil almost daily I have noticed that I feel more at peace and more generous myself. People are more pleasant to and I am not sure if that is because I feel like I am nicer/gentler with people due to the oil and in turn people return the vibe. Whatever it is, the bottom line is that the oil makes me feel like a living goddess and at the minimum it serves as a mood booster!

  6. Avatar

    I love this Venus in Taurus oil. When I wear this oil, I notice that people are nicer to me, and they go out of their way for me. I am used to going 100 miles an hour, always have a lot to do, and I am always in a hurry, but when I wear this oil, I notice that I am a bit more calm, and take a moment to pause and enjoy life a bit more, instead of always thinking of what’s next on my to do list. In addition, I feel more confident and beautiful, not in an arrogant way, I just stand a bit taller and smile more, and make more eye contact with people.

  7. Avatar

    All of the Venus in Taurus products are so lovely! There is definitely a contrast for me when wearing the Venus in Taurus vs. Venus in Pisces products. I personally don’t get as much outward adoring attention with this one, but I get more of an internal and sexy confidence and an assured feeling of “getting what I want” . I also notice that I remember to eat regularly with Venus in Taurus whereas normally I’ll go too long between eating meals, so that is a great feeling for someone who flits around all day forgetting to eat!.

  8. Avatar

    I have one word for this oil, and that word would be ‘irresistible’. I possess both the Venus in Libra oil which I adore, and the Exalted Venus oil whose power evokes my awe, but the ViT oil is a different beast altogether in terms of exuding sheer, raw sex appeal and an innate, sensual confidence that just shines through.

    I don’t have a super strong Venus placement, plus I have zero planets in Taurus, so I had no idea what to expect with this, and I’ve been gobsmacked with the results in the best possible way. Here are a few different things that happened to me since I regularly started using this oil.

    – Being frequently called beautiful or even sexy (!), while simply being out and about at a coffee shop, or a grocery store, or even while randomly running errands.

    – Droves of people asking me out at work parties and other social events. During one party, which was decidedly a work shindig, I walked away with almost six phone numbers from people who just couldn’t get enough of me, and were very vocal in saying so. One person literally said “for you, I will do anything, anything at all”, and meant every word. I remember sitting there in incredulity at all the attention, highly amused. Which in hindsight, is as Venusian as it gets, ha!

    – Being invited to more parties and social gatherings than I knew what to do with.

    – Being on the receiving end of people going out of their way to help me. While visiting a museum earlier this summer, the entry fees for my friends and I were 100% waived by the museum employee at the ticket counter because he simply took a liking to us. I just can’t make this up.

    – Another fun detail that I’m noticing in hindsight: 100% of the people I seem to attract with this oil are folks with earth sun signs, or with several planets in earth signs!

    All in all, Kaitlin never fails to surprise me in the best possible way with the sheer potency of her offerings, and the Venus in Taurus oil is probably going up there as one of my absolute favorite wares from her.

  9. Avatar

    Using the Venus in Taurus oil has allowed me to step into a more sensual and sexual version of myself. My personal craft has become much more full-bodied as a result, and I have gradually become less afraid of being seen as a sexual being.
    Sometimes I apply it before work if I am feeling self-conscious and need to promote some self-confidence and general feelings of sexiness. I also like to use it before meditating as it helps me feel more grounded and present in my body. I can’t recommend it enough.

  10. Avatar

    So far, the main thing this oil seems to be helping me with is clearing out my virgo, scorpio & saturn issues that block me from embodying the “Barbarella” that lives inside me, that my partner has always seen and wants to encourage. Beyond freedom of desire and sensuality though, it is helping me see my fears around being a truly salacious SEXUAL DOM sometimes! Not just doing it to please my partner, but to please myself! I have major blockages just thinking up what I want and taking it. Venus has helped me realize I will need to enlist Mars at some point to work this out. But it’s something I and my partner both want.

    I purchased this oil with the intention of attracting money and artistic opportunities. But I guess Venus is showing me what I need first and foremost! (I have Venus in Scorpio, so maybe this is why the oil is starting by helping me unblock deeper psychological issues)

  11. Avatar

    As with everything in the Venus in Taurus series, this oil provides a MAJOR boost to self-love & self-esteem! I feel so good about myself when I anoint my body with it. To me, it’s actually a more ‘delicate,’ less loud vibration than either of the other oils (Venus in Libra and Exalted Venus). In other words, it’s a much subtler energy in my opinion — which is kind of odd, considering Venus in Taurus is the most grounded & manifest — but that is actually what makes it so powerful. The ability to transform, the ability to thrust its way into all of the empty spaces within you energetically, can only occur on the most unseen/’unmanifest’ levels. This really drives home the truth of Scorpio having a presence within Taurus and vice versa. There is a saying that Samhain contains a bit of Beltane within in, and Beltane contains a bit of Samhain; death within life, life within death. That is really something I experience with this Venus in Taurus series! It feels like a very potent pathway connecting the energies of Taurus and Scorpio, and it teaches you how to utilize and work with some of these rather difficult energies. This is not just some toy that spurs superficial, fleeting changes such as receiving a few extra bucks one time; it’s really about learning how to harness and master the unimaginable power of life energy (which is truly our only real resource) in order to create desired, lasting transformations.

    Do you HAVE to be receptive to these sorts of teachings and transformations when you utilize Kaitlin’s creations? I’m not sure. I think one could probably use them sparingly for some very basic, short-term changes. But I certainly want my magical items to contain within them the ability to ‘initiate’ me into some sort of greater cosmic power. Therein lies the reason why Sphere + Sundry’s creations are found to be incomparable and priceless.

  12. Avatar

    The first night I wore the Venus in Taurus oil, I was given a free “birthday” shot of excellent tequila by the restaurant manager (it wasn’t my birthday). Later that night, I was the center of attention at a show, which as a large woman is definitely *not* the norm.

    I’ve been wearing the hydrosol and oil for client sessions, and it’s much easier not only for me to be in the present moment, but to bring clients with me…and they’re noticing the difference! They’ve been booking sessions more regularly, and even with the current astrological “meat grinder” I’ve had no cancellations!

    Ave, Venus!

  13. Avatar

    I have used this oil numerous times this week since I have gotten it. As a Virgo with no Taurus in my chart, a Virgo Sun, and with my Mercury AND Venus in Libra, I generally do not come across as a “Dom-y” individual. I am more like the slight, elfish guy who can grease the wheel socially with my sharp eye for detail, humor, strong communicative abilities, and pleasant demeanor. For the sake of accuracy and clearer understanding for the dear reader, I will also note I am not a “cis male.” I was born female and transitioned as a transgender person many years ago. In general, I have come to accept I can embody masculine and feminine aspects in different times and in different areas of life (i.e., sex, relationships, manner of dress, etc) with confidence, and am comfortable with the feminine aspects or power of the oil. I was drawn to buying it immediately when I saw it was not only a Venus oil in nature but the “earthiest” of those available on this website.

    Anyway, since using this oil I have found a few surprising things have already happened in the areas of social situations and what was brought out in me, including unexpected assertiveness and “self-assuredness,” in particular situations.

    First, on most days I used this oil I did have a tendency to become prone to languidness and enjoying extra rest or other Venus-ish activities. This led to some needed self care in the form of food and rest-related indulgence, and thus was not necessarily a bad thing. I also noticed I very much looked forward to beauty rituals in general this week when I used this “V in T” oil and the “Bright Goddess of the Skies” oil (I usually use them together) and was sometimes almost excited to do beauty ritual stuff more than usual.

    Secondly, I had the tendency to get into random very pleasant social interactions I didn’t expect this week. I sometimes do this anyway since my Mercury is in Libra and I am strongish on the Merc in my birth chart. But this went beyond that and there was an air about these “extra conversations” that involved the sense of either, “well, that went well and I felt self-assured,” or “this is so fun and interesting I will keep spending time talking for fun.” For example, after I finished at work Tuesday, I began talking to a lawyer and his client in the waiting room. We ended up talking for over an hour. It was very random and enjoyable, and I didn’t even care that I was at work an extra hour at the time. I just liked the pure goodness of the talk.

    Thirdly, I had a very unexpected, STRONG shot of courage and self-assurance that caused me to bring up key personal needs to my romantic partner. It was a forceful feeling, like, “he needs to know this NOW and my needs are worth it.” This happened on a couple days this week and I was surprised at myself because what I told him on these occasions came about as a result of “a deep sense of emotional revelation on my needs in a romantic relationship and a need to assert myself and worth to him.” I found this very interesting and powerful, albeit a little unnerving because of the strength of so much revelation and reflective thought happening in under a week.

    I was concerned about my partner’s reactions because all of that was happening over maybe 3-4 days, but he has thus far reacted with grace and even gave me apologies where it counted. I will tentatively say his initial reaction to me sharing my needs on multiple occasions this week has appeared to be one of acceptance and “he knows who his queen is.” Yet, I would characterize him as much more dominant than I in his usual presentation at the same time.

    Lastly, I’ve got to mention mirrors and body acceptance. I have noticed I’ve had a tendency to accidentally fall into staring at myself in the mirror more after and before beauty rituals (like facial scrubs, showers, and the like) while using this oil. As someone who once hated what I looked like as a teen, I have come a long way toward self acceptance and even peace and healthy care for my body. I have felt a pretty regular sense of “I look good, I am not self-conscious about what I look like, and am happy with my presentation” this week, and used the oil on all days I felt like that. I will have to use it more to be sure of consistent results, but the above is very cool in my book just the same.

    Overall, I am still in my beginning uses of this oil, but am glad I bought it. I will certainly buy other products from this company and am positively impressed with this oil.

  14. Avatar

    This oil sent a tingle across my entire body the moment it touched my skin. And I know this isn’t a placebo effect, as I have been buying metaphysical oils from dozens of vendors across the world over the past five years. It gave my whole being a wonderful glow and helped me relax without losing focus. I know Austin helps Kaitlin with her work by doing his sophisticated astrological calculations, but I believe there is another aspect of Kaitlin’s creations that makes them stand out. When doing what she does, you have to be able to raise energy and channel it into your creation in a way that stays true to the energy’s origin, which is an ability that is either innate or takes decades of very rigid lifestyle to learn. Moreover, no matter how talented you are, the energy that you raise and put into your creations will always bear a stamp of your own being. And this is — in my belief — the downfall of the majority of practitioners who make and sell metaphysical oils, salts, and incense. Kaitlin, on the other hand, synergizes perfectly the celestial and elemental energies she is raising with her own essence. The result are beautiful creations full of positive vibrations that do exactly what they were originally conceived to do. To give you an example of an opposite experience, I once wore “protection” oil I purchased from a well-known, well-established NYC practitioner and got attacked four times at random on a Manhattan street that day — something that never happened to me either before or after, in any area of any city in the world. I then visited the shop where these wares are made and immediately wanted to get out of there — the vibe was thick with an overhang of decades of rituals that I could tell did not have anything positive at the heart of their intent, to put it mildly. To sum up, I feel lucky and very grateful to be able to buy from Kaitlin. I wish her and Austin continued success in their work, in their learning, and their life in a new home. Their art is making a big, positive difference to my life.

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