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Venus in Taurus Rose Water

Venus in Taurus Rose Water


A hydrosol of 2 dozen fresh and fragrant roses, rosehips, marshmallow root, raspberry leaf, and other herbs sacred to Venus, rose quartz and emerald, distilled during one of the best elections the Fairer Benefic’s time in Taurus 2019 had to offer.

As detailed in the description, the Venus in Taurus series was the first Sphere + Sundry created while traveling, which necessitated the use of a very small still. For this reason, the Rose Water of Venus in Taurus is the most limited run of waters available.

Use as a body and aura spray to promote self-love and self-assuredness. Promotes desirability, groundedness, and reduces feelings of neurosis and judgment. Chill AF, indulgent, and lush.

Can be used weekly as a form of Venus remediation. Apply before dates or social events where you desire to be seen at your most glamorous, turning your inner Queen out into the world. Draws admirers, gifts, free upgrades, food, libation, enjoyment, compliments, and money into your sphere.

While absolutely not a requirement to utilize, the entire Venus in Taurus series is especially productive for those whose income is derived from their attractiveness, glamour, and Venusian social station, such as tipped workers, dancers, hostesses, sex workers, those looking to “marry up”, and the like. Apply before going to work.

Available in a 1/2 oz glass spray bottle with rose quartz for $28 or a 2 oz for $63.




Weight .5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Planetary Body

Spray Bottle Size

1/2 oz, 2 oz




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Morning of May 27th, 2019, hour of Venus. Chart in the image gallery.

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  1. This hydrosol is so lovely. I feel grounded, less “in my head” and more able to enjoy simple pleasures after using it. I prefer this Venus series over the Venus in Libra series (and find that interesting as my ascendant and moon are in Libra). It feels extra-special in some way.

  2. This hydrosol is the like rose water on steroids. To me, its absolutely chill and grounding. My natal Venus is in Capricorn in a difficult house, and can get very lost if I’m not paying attention. This helps quell some of the inner judgement, and be more open to receiving and indulging in pleasure. This definitely facilitates acceptance.

  3. I love this hydrosol! I wore it layered with Golden Sovereign for an art gala event. (Getting a free ticket for the event was lovely in itself). Definitely enjoyed the food, drink, and different art experiences on offer.

    I’ve also noticed since working with it that I’ve been able to be more patient and receive pleasure, which had been a challenge in the past. Also I think I can accept compliments more easily.

    Also, it smells amazing! I like to use it when it’s self care time.

  4. I think I only recognized in hindsight how profound this stuff has been for my standards and self-esteem. Since I started dating again this year (and best believe, I’ve been applying this before dates), I’ve:

    – Felt comfortable enough to get up and leave in the middle of a date after dude said something bigoted and gross. My Libra Rising tendency is usually to wait for a more “polite” exit opportunity, but I was able to confidently (and still, somehow, not rudely) tell him that what he said was a dealbreaker for me and leave, because…I realized…I valued my time and comfort more than his feelings. LMAO

    – Decided it was worth it to invest in laser hair removal, which kinda feels like a trivial expenditure to my usual sensibilities, but it’s been a very nice treat to give myself

    – Actually started to feel comfortable with the idea that these men were blessed to be in my company, and noticed them treating me accordingly. I’ve honestly always been a little more “Mars” than “Venus” in my approach to dating, especially with people I’m really attracted to. But I’m taking notes from Venus in Taurus, and she’s helping me sit back and receive, which often means receiving a little more effort on the part of my suitors and being less willing to accept behavior that doesn’t meet my standards. I mean this mostly in an immaterial way, but one guy actually suggested getting a room at a nice hotel in Manhattan just for kicks. The best way I can explain it is that I’m learning what it means to feel “expensive,” and not necessarily in a shallow, capitalistic way. It kind of reminds me of how the word for “love” in Tagalog also means “expensive.”

  5. This was such a gorgeous hydrosol, even on a mundane level. It had a much fresher, brighter quality in scent than I usually experience with rosewater. In terms of effect, the time over which I used this is a window I’d say I was probably the best-looking I’ve been since college. Objectively (for lack of a better word for something like looks), was that the case, given I didn’t change anything about my routine? Who knows. But that tendency to take a critical eye to your reflection in the mirror was gone, which only helped compound self-confidence.

    Maybe related, maybe not, but while I had this, my Libra and Taurus sun friends all got way more chatty with me too, haha.

    I’m bummed I wasn’t as sparing with this as I should have been, given the limited run. Hoping it’ll be back at some point!

  6. The Venus in Taurus Rose was was by far my favorite offering yet! Not even kidding- 20 mins after I sprayed it on my skin, I wanted to eat chocolate cake and lounge on the couch. Within minutes I received an invitation for an all expense paid vacation to the Beach <3

  7. This is probably my favorite S+S hydrosol. The smell is absolutely gorgeous, there’s no way I can spray it just once when applying it. When spritzed on the face and neck, it’s both refreshing and indulgent at the same time. My favorite use is for Venus day’s when I feel the need to relax and pamper myself. It’s a very “treat yoself” vibe.

  8. This is the fastest I’ve used up an S+S product by far. I’m sitting on my hands trying to resist ordering more yet, since I think there will be other collections coming out soon.

    For starters, this product didn’t make me indulge in food. As a Taurus with lots of Venus aspects, I’m already prone to overindulgence in all things, so I was a little worried. Instead I actually had LESS appetite, as though the product itself satiated me.

    The sexual effect of this product is also gorgeous. Each time I used this led to slow, luxuriant, deeply sensual lovemaking.

    It also just smells beautiful and is lovely on the skin. One of my favorite S+S items for sure.

  9. This is gorgeous and I hope I can order more before it runs out. I am a huge fan of roses (a madwoman for roses, in fact) and this oil brought me into my hips and femininity. My best friend and I drained the bottle together and she cooked and did fresh juice with tons of different kinds of fruits. It’s amazing, I feel like this has facilitated a depth and exchange of resources in that friendship. Something started to flow. We were also both deeply cleaning our houses and found things for one another that were perfect. There was just so much physical exchange during our use of this. Gorgeously crafted….

  10. This is definitely one of my favorite products yet! The water has a very nice long lasting scent. It’s a lot of rose but, it’s heavenly. I wore this for my recent birthday and boy did I attract some lavish gifts! I am still playing with it but, I was blown away by the potency of this water! Highly recommend!

  11. This water is AMAZING.

    First, do you want amazing coitus? Get yourself some Venus in Taurus!
    Would you like romantic bliss? Try Venus in Taurus!

    The day I ordered it, i had a doctors appointment. I felt a strong urge to dress up in purples and pinks, with a bit of steampunk flair. My fiance always wears steampunk clothes, but I don’t. We had people asking to take our pictures left and right. It was pretty fabulous.

    The water has a lovely green scent with a hint of rose. And the results in the bedroom were uh… explosive and well received. I hate that this is a limited run!

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