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The Cloud King’s Salve

The Cloud King’s Salve


Full ingredients list, almost fully organic: jojoba oil, olive oil, MCT oil (coconut derived), burdock root, catnip leaf, chamomile flower, comfrey leaf, comfrey root, echinacea, goldenseal leaf, goldenseal root, hyssop, linden flower, linden leaf, plantain leaf, slippery elm bark, white willow bark, yarrow flower, blue lotus, beeswax, propolis, frankincense, labdanum, lapis lazuli, freshwater pearl, 12k white gold.

Herbs and gems of Jupiterian and Piscean nature, fumigated in frankincense and saffron during the Empyreal Vantage election window, immersed in equal parts jojoba and olive oils with a touch of coconut derived MCT. Shaken during Jupiter’s days and hour, strained, gently melted with beeswax, and poured into tins, topped with white gold.

Apply to the feet, low back, shoulders, neck, heart center, or wherever muscle tension and pain reside. Rub in for 30 seconds to 2+ minutes for the most deeply felt results.

(Can also be applied to the thighs, buttocks, and hips, meridians and acupuncture/ pressure points related to the liver, gallbladder, blood, adrenals, and other Jupiter related parts/ systems, especially in the days/ nights/ hours of Jupiter.)

Personal testimonial time: I had THEE BEST massage **of my life** using The Cloud King’s Salve during beta testing.

No exaggeration, just pure, unmitigated ☁️ bliss ☁️

Let your worries go, and rise above whatever mundanity and bullshit may be going on.

Great before sleep, or anytime you wish to unwind, relax, and drift among the clouds. Pairs *chef’s kiss* with Mother Mary Jane.

Arrives in your choice of 2 oz tin for $64, or a handful of 4 oz bulk pots for $96.

Summer Heat Advisory: These will sweat and melt if left in temperatures hotter than 80+ degrees for any meaningful length of time. Please collect your package as quickly as possible to protect it from excess temperatures (or ship somewhere it will be stored inside), and keep in the refrigerator if necessary. Melting and sweating does not impact the physical or magical efficacy of this salve, though it may be messy! We cannot issue refunds for melted salves due to summer heat, but would be happy to place yours on hold until cooler weather if you so desire. Please just add a note at checkout…





Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Planetary Body




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Sunrise, May 20 2021, hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Asleep on the Clouds of the Gods

As a raging insomniac, this salve is the blissful peace of the heavens you need. I've tried a number of SS products looking for the best sleep aid on the site, and this wins hands down. Useable any night you need it... quiets the mind and brings the blessings of Zeus to your pillow. I'm in love!

Soft and supportive

This salve is lovely. While it’s an obvious choice for winding down in the evening, I also turn to it during the day. It offers a buffer for stressful daily encounters, soothes my nervous system, and gently uplifts. I enjoy the oil form as well, but the salve is extra insulating and nourishing--like a big hug from Jupiter.

so soothing

I loooove the scent profile for this series, and this Salve is amazing in that regard. I love putting it on before bed after a tiring day, it feels very restorative.

Luisa P.

4 stars only because it was rancid upon arrival (heartbreaking!) and I was so looking forward to using it on my body but the smell was such a strong deterrent. Ultimately, a few weeks ago I smeared it on the back and front fence of my home in the shape of Jupiter's glyph on a Saturday in Jupiter's hour, as a makeshift ritual to retain and promote the permeation of Piscean-Jupiterian values within the boundaries of the property. I daresay it's working, since the roommate woes I had been experiencing for the past 2 years have begun to dissipate. Hail, ease-making Cloud King!

Lovely, calming and uplifting all at once

This is such a soothing, calming Salve. I love the scent profile, and it works so well in layering with Saturn in Capricorn for me. Exactly what I expected from having worked with other forms in this series, love it.

The Ultimate Soothing Salve

Salves are my favorite form of materia and out of the many that I have, this salve is tied with Exalted Venus II for my second favorite. Regulus III salve is my favorite for reasons I explain in that review... but for THIS salve, it is the ultimate relaxant. It eases muscle pain and tension. It eases me into blissful sleep. It calms my anxiety. If I have a headache and rub it on my temples, then the headache subsides. It's nourishing. It's calming. It smells equally sweet and herbal. Simply put: I love it.

Favorite Salve

This salve is really one of a kind and I'm incredibly grateful to have it in my rotation! I notice major pain relief and sleep benefits, which could not be more perfect from a timing perspective because I'm currently struggling with some foot pain and trouble sleeping--but not when I use this salve!! The scent is really very lovely and as usual with S+ a little goes a long way. Highly recommend!


This is in my top 3 favorite S+S offerings. It smells incredible. It feels incredible. Do yourself a favor and get a massage with it, or treat an unsuspecting lucky person to a foot massage, etc. Relaxing x1000. Cares are carried away on a cloud.


I started bring this to my massage sessions and felt the shift in body work right away. Opens the door to the next level for any healing / bodywork therapy.

Relaxation and Relief

This is by far one of my favourite S+S purchases. The salve melts so nicely and spreads easily over the skin. The relaxation is immediate and long-lasting. It works well for both daytime and nighttime use and the smell is gender neutral. Anxiety is calmed by a buffer of gentle but strong protection. I highly recommend!


  1. A very chill offering. Expansive and ethereal. Grants perspective, an embodied sense of spaciousness and options. Instills a sense of beneficence even in less than ideal circumstances. Great for unwinding, floating, attuning, releasing. Highly recommend!

  2. I can’t believe I forgot to review this. I was using this JEV salve pretty exclusively until I got my Butter Ocean salve – the end result is very similar in that you end up in a relaxed state, but how you get there is very different. JEV takes you up, and BO dissolves stress. Which one is better? I can’t pick – I stopped using this salve only because I do have more BO salve than JEV salve but will be sad when BOTH are gone.

  3. This is one of my very favorites. I like to use it for occasional massages- it is absolutely blissful and helps me let go and be present. I feel like it’s somehow beneficial to the masseuse as well- a sense of expansive generosity pervades the proceedings.

  4. The Cloud Kingdom subset has been getting. me. through. Q3 of 2022. Ultimate survival gear for rough transits and being in this world. The salve is a serious anti-inflammatory, cool drink of water balm to nervous system meltdown. Salves normally take me a long time to go through but I blazed through the small size. I really hope more is released b/c it’s been so amazing and helpful. This series ties right up there with Asclepius for me but in a much more insulating and gentle way.

  5. I’m pretty new to talismanic materials- and the Cloud King’s Salve was one of the first things I was drawn to. First of all, the package was so lovely and the caramel treat was a sweet surprise <3 unboxing was a ritual. this was the first that I opened and it smelled earthy, herbally, masculine. I read the papers and despite the cautions and other reviews, I went in and tried the salve by rubbing it on both my heels and immediately felt more relaxed but also more distracted. I also felt like throwing up but that’s my own fault for diving in haha. I first tried the VAD body butter and layered the salve on , so maybe sky grandpa was telling me off and go to sleep. I brushed my teeth and dry heaved a little and when I got in bed, I saw Luna outside my window. it was a moon in pisces so it felt very magical still

  6. Wonderful for deepening into states of flow and release, while also helping strengthen good cheer and mirth. Delightful!

  7. I have been using S+S materia for different purposes for some time now, and would attest to their potency. However, one night, after I applied the Cloud King’s Salve to my husband and put it back in my basket, a strange light of different colors suddenly emerged from where I put the Salve. It was brief, but real, and up to now I haven’t found an explanation yet on what and how it happened aside from a manifestation of a divine power residing in the materia.

  8. Tension melts away under this salve, emotional as well as physical. A powerful combination, addressing the psychological sources of muscle tension to help ease the physical. Gave to a friend to massage me, said their hands have never felt smoother afterwards.

  9. Why I kept this on the shelf as long as I did I don’t know why. Probably to savor or hope just its presence in my bathroom would help cocoon this space with a presence of calm and peace. It’s now become a ritual to rub a small dollop into my dry gardener’s hands complete with shredded cuticles. If my partner is having a bout of insomnia I will apply it on his hands, working it into his sore thumbs (occupationally related.) With the current collective upheaval going on in the world, I apply this on behalf of all who need some deep peace and respite.

  10. This salve is pure relief in a tin, helpful for ushering in both psychological and physical relaxation. I really do feel like I’m floating on a cloud post-application, all worries and pain dissipating and replaced by a sense of profound calm. The texture is divine too: beautifully smooth, melts easily into the skin upon massage, and absorbs quickly. One of my favorites, for sure.

  11. Love the ethereal lift that ensues when using the Cloud King’s salve. It’s like sort of melting without loss of form, if that makes sense. Then clouds seem to waft in, attach to that melted weight, and carry it away like a crane.
    It has been really helpful for my shoulders and neck which get bunched up so easily.

  12. All-time favourite s+s item, it’s a perfect massage salve for unwinding after a long day and clearing up melancholy. Cloud 9 in a tin, essentially.

  13. The first time I tried this I anointed myself as suggested after a long and stressful day where it felt like my efforts were for naught. My mind (which is hard to shut off at the best of times!) was spinning and I felt low.

    Soon after I felt *light* and trouble-free. Like being in an airy hug, above it all. Along with relaxation I felt like in the big picture, where it really matters, everything is going to be okay. And I’m okay.

    This is chilled-out relaxation without sedation. It’s a bounty of blissful vibes handed out by the Cloud King himself.

  14. This salve is pure bliss, every time i apply it, it centres me and gives me strength through softness. It makes me feel secure like i have got this while relaxing me and taking away any tensions. Im a bit Wowed by it to be honest. Highly recommend

  15. I think the salve would be wonderful to get again because i use it a lot and it gives me a lot of peace and i feel that any stress that I have before going to sleep disappears, it helps me have a deep rest. Any tension is completely gone 5 minutes after I massage the salve. I completely recommend for before bed.

  16. I love sphere and sundry salves!!

    This one is smooth and buttery, with a velvety labdanum scent. I anointed my feet and legs and shoulders after a loooonnnggg day during a challenging week and besides smelling heavenly, I was rewarded with feelings of relaxation, reassurance as well as a rekindling of needed sense of humor and perspective.

  17. Incredibly, magically soothing. Just used it again before writing this. I’m under a extreme amount of stress – and have been trying to wind down and get sleepy because I’m exhausted but agitated. I just massage some of this on my temples and it worked almost immediately. My shoulders hav dropped and my jaw has unclenched. I’m headed to bed momentarily.

  18. I am really enjoying this salve. I use it when I find my mind gets a little bit too much for me. My anxiety manifests in very physical ways…when I wear this I put it on my traps and neck, and sometimes my heart and ask Jupiter to grace me with wisdom and an open mind, so that the mental anxiety can mellow and chill out, and the physical anxiety follow and thus be reduced. I def feel like I “chill out” and do imagine myself on a cloud…misty and relaxed 🙂

  19. This is the first salve I have tried, and I’m in love! The scent is amazing. In a pinch, I’ve used what’s already on my hands of a very tiny dab to tame my hair. It’s really helped improve my sleep and helped me discover that my dog isn’t “neurotic,’ he’s an HSD (Highly Sensitive Dog.) Bonus points for figuring that out, as out of all the EV material, it was the salve that saved the day!

  20. I adore this offering. Practically, the salve is very non-greasy, absorbs quickly, and smells amazing (like honey). I’m a potter and my arms and hands are always in terrible shape and this salve brought noticeable relief to muscle tension and dry skin. Esoterically, applying the EV materia in this form feels more slow and intimate and I immediately notice a divine “chill” and a feeling of a kind of blessed lightening of burdens. I love this series and I expect my container of salve will be used quickly.

  21. Wow, this stuff is amazing. I’ve been applying it after a shower or bath, rubbing it into sore muscles before bed. It leaves me feeling incredibly relaxed, almost weightless. I carry stress in my neck, shoulders, and lower back. This salve has really helped with stress management. I would recommend it to anyone.

  22. Kaitlin makes amazing salves. I love them and I’m pretty particular about most things. I’ve only had two so far but I use them all the time and they WORK. As per the suggestion in the above description I apply this salve to a few liver points, massage in well. It helps calm and reduce tension (both energetic and physical). Lofty and light results, which is incredibly soothing when nothing else really works for me. Thank you so much for your offerings, Kaitlin!

  23. I’m obsessed with this salve. The texture and smell are amazing and it imparts a pretty profound luscious and soothing quality that somehow makes everything feel easeful when I have it on.

  24. This always, ALWAYS puts me in the most mellow, ready-to-play mood. Not drowsy, not hazy. Just a steady, thrumming, stable awareness and this emotional stamina in the background. Basically, chill, but not sedated. For me, this is much more potent and medicinal/comforting than the body butter (which comes across as a lighter influence)—something like an eau de parfum vs eau de toilette. User experience-wise, smells mildy herbal. Feels oilier and more slippy upon application than the body butter which has more drag, but this salve also seems to melt into the skin faster and keep it supple without feeling greasy. I looooooove. <3

  25. An incredibly busy season at work (restaurant) has resulted in me neglecting to stretch at the end of each shift, so my legs have been cramping up in the middle of the night. Very painful. A couple days of massaging my calves with this salve has been a godsend, for both easing the discomfort and for getting back to sleep. Stock up while it’s still available!

  26. Still experimenting with this balm but after a few applications before bed, I’ve found this to be a pretty good way to help wind me down and relax. Fun tidbit: after the first application, the song “Flying” by The Beatles got stuck in my head out of nowhere lol. How perfect is that?

    2021 has been an aggressively difficult year for my mental health due to the Pandemic gong-show and increasingly dystopian news, so I think this salve is perfect to counterbalance the fears and anxieties and overall unpleasant energies I’ve been processing. Saturn is set to square my scorpio stellium for awhile so I actually ordered the large size of this salve because I honestly think I’m going to need as much chill as I can get! (also ordered Golden Goat to help work with those Saturnian energies)

    As said in the write-up for this salve, it does combine extremely well with Mary-Jane. Also combines well with Venus in Taurus oil. Had a lovely gentle yoga and meditation session with that combo.

    Lastly, I think this salve is responsible for helping me stay away from news and websites that exacerbate my anxiety. It truly is important to protect your mind in these times. Thanks, S+S for creating this wonderful escape in turbulent times.

  27. This is truly a balm from the heavens, soothing body, mind and spirit with a warming updraft of gracious benevolence. The salve smells amazing and feels even more amazing. I find that there is a soaring quality to the kind of relaxation it brings, getting one “above it all” with a calm, peacefully detached momentum. It does help me relax, but I’ve also been using it on the back of my neck while I am working and it is a fabulous adaptogen and tension/strain reducer. Per the item description, I have found rubbing it in for a while really potentiates the effects. S+S has a special genius for these magical personal care products and this one is my new favorite. Great as lip balm, too!

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