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Empyreal Vantage Subset

Empyreal Vantage Subset


Almost all high quality Jupiter materia shares certain features, such as drawing abundance, increasing resources, luck, wisdom, and promoting a good natured, jovial manner, in addition to elevating the mind and spirit.

That being said, there are two sub-sets for Sphere + Sundry’s first Jupiter in Pisces series: Empyreal Vantage and Cloud Kingdom, each in possess of their own additional specialties…

Both are elevating and potent, though Empyreal Vantage is the more yang, empowering, energizing, and clarifying of the two. Be as Zeus himself — liberated, potent, and fecund with all-potential.

The Sky is the limit… and it’s clear as the Eye can see!

Somewhere between the electrifying feel of Jupiter’s Lightning Rod and unbridled excitation of Jupiter in Sagittarius floats Jupiter’s Empyreal Vantage: more akin to thunder than lightning, and less inclined to speed for speed’s sake, but high on potentiality and possessed of a certain easygoing gravitas. Cool and collected, yet imbued with all-power and possibility.

This sub-set encapsulates Jupiter’s role as a vital (yet wise) Sky God — the One reigning from above, empowered to take effective (yet gracious), and decisive (well-considered) action… when needed, and as desired.

A Way-Opener as the crow flies, sometimes the most effective way to get what we want is to rise above the many obstacles which sculpt the terrestrial plane, overcoming them with easy grace and infinite largesse.

Upon application, one feels an undeniable sensation the weather is about to turn — and in our favor!

A talismanic aphrodisiac of diverse applications, stoking the Jupiterian instinct to participate in works of active and charismatic creation. Excellent for a wide range of diurnal activities, such as working, leading, planning, honing one’s vision and aspirations, and exploring new frontiers, but also compatible with activities such as hosting parties and get togethers, rising above difficult encounters in an empowered and fortified manner, way-finding (especially our way toward Jupiter things: increase, wisdom, higher mind, wealth, better fortune, &c.), and much, much more.

Energizing, but also cooling. Best applied during the day. For sleep and relaxation, Cloud Kingdom may be better suited.

Jupiterian and Piscean herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, seaweeds, and gemstones, including dandelion, blessed thistle, hops, hyssop, blue cohosh, marshmallow root, dulse, and dried plum, ritually combined at the height of Sphere + Sundry’s series election following fumigation of frankincense and saffron, prayers and offerings. Fish bone, lapis lazuli, and genuine 24k gold.

Empyreal Vantage Oil is an immersion of equal parts organic jojoba and extra virgin olive oil, and the matter for Incense and Powder was left to gestate, later ground in the day and hour of Jupiter.

Anoint oneself anytime as needed, or in the days/ nights/ and hours or Jupiter for remedial purposes.

Use this Oil to dress candles, apply to compatible magical works, or in any way magical oils can be utilized.

Smoke bathe the body entire using the Incense to clear one’s field and promote a sense of possibility, especially in times of strife, stress, and attack. Note that all items from this series work gracefully and effectively with Sphere + Sundry’s Ritual Bathing and Energy Clearing Protocol.

Use the Powder to dress candles, add to mojos, sprinkle in drawers and shoes, in any way magical powders are often applied.

Empyreal Vantage Oil arrives in your selection of a 1/2 oz glass vial with lapis and 24k gold for $72, or a 10ml citrine roller for $60.

Cloud Kingdom Incense and/ or Powder is available in a choice of standard 1/2 oz vial ($28) or 2 oz bulk pot ($84).

We are beginning to roll out soaps and bath bombs for existing series! Sign up for the Waitlist to be notified when they become available.

Soaps offered in a 3″ x 1″ disc for $48

Bath Bombs offered in a 2.5″ sphere for $33

Please note that the loaded herbal components in the spell soaps can make them slightly “scratchy” on the skin, which can serve to exfoliate, or, use your hands to work up a lather and transfer it to whatever areas you wish to wash!

[To learn more about the more yin, insulating, and stress reducing impacts of the Cloud Kingdom sub-set, click here.]





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in

No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Sunrise, May 20 2021, hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery.


Empyreal Vantage Oil – 1/2 oz standard, Empyreal Vantage – 10 ml gem roller, Empyreal Vantage Incense – 1/2 oz vial, Empyreal Vantage Incense – 2 oz bulk pot, Empyreal Vantage Powder- 1/2 oz vial, Empyreal Vantage Powder – 2 oz bulk pot, Spell Soap, Bath Bomb

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews

I put this powder in my shoes sometimes, it feels supportive, expansive, uplifting- everything you would expect from a more yang Jupiter energy. Makes me feel like I'm walking on a golden road.


I like this subset as a middle ground between more calmer Jupiter in Pisces and Jupiter in Sag. Has immediate action energy with it but in much grounded way that Sag.


I had a very heavy summer, and the Empyreal Vantage incense uplifted me on several occasions. It burns evenly and cleanly, and noticeably changes the vibe of the space. I didn’t feel like I was above it all, but I did feel capable and supported as I went through my challenges.

Tina R.
Empyreal Vantage Oil

This is the perfect materia for when life on earth is complicated and strewn with obstacles and our days are stacked and we have ten problems we’re going to have to be able to solve before we can solve one problem. When we’re like HOW, MY GOD, I DON’T SEE HOW and OFF I GO INTO THIS MONSTER DAY, this oil is a steady hand on the shoulder, a strong voice in the ear. “Don’t worry,” it says. “We’re engaging some bird’s eye GPS and you will find your way through. Solutions are going to appear and you will be in the right place to meet them.” Such an ally for wending our way through this complicated existence and keeping the faith.

Melanie Ngami
Powerful combo with Antares and Saturnian materia

I have not used Empyreal Vantage on its own. I admit I don’t have a full grasp of what is does for me. I only have this loud ADD EV!! when I use Saturn in Capricorn materia for others or when I use the Antares, Heart of the Emperor subset. It add really powerful safety rails for both of these materia. It moderates SiC for the other people I used it for, allowing the right amount of restrain and restriction to activate, but without the cold, dark, heaviness. It allows me to use HES regularly, without overheating or going off the rails. To the point that I now keep Empyreal Vantage in my Antares box, so I never forget to add it.

like a tall Escalator ride up onto a sunny mezzanine

this is the one s+s product that is like "yang" and empowering and brightening & bringing of confidence and that sort of thing that doesnt raise my heartbeat. as a perennially anxious person this means the world. I love all the solar stuff and the sag-Jupiters and this is a nice medium between that style of potion & the very Piscean cloud king & butter ocean which give a ton of comfort & relaxation but wont get a lot of doing done. this quiets my loud crowded mind a bit & helps me think clearly & with an open mind & less judgment & some grounded optimism. its one of the things ill miss most when its gone gone.

good at making challenging things seem easy

Used a pinch of the powder in my hair today (Jupiterday) during a stressful project. Made absorbing info easier. Also made the challenges at work less daunting and much more doable!

EV powder

The first time I used this powder, I sprinkled a little bit into my wallet and my pockets and an hour later got invited to an interview for a job that I really wanted. Luck and opportunities just seem to follow me around whenever I have this powder on me. A tiny tiny pinch goes a very long way, and the 2oz jar is PACKED full so I'm pretty sure I'm set for life.

Tay Nicholas
EV Oil

This whole series has been profoundly impactful for me. The EV oil has assisted numerous workings for prosperity, vitality and protection. Pisces is my 4th house and we had to deal with some scary and stressful home stuff last year (that lead to forced re-location) and the EV oil really helped to remain optimistic while opening up opportunities and bringing in the material support we needed to be re-homed safely. A wonderful aid whenever I need to ask for help.

Reviewer avatar
Kelly S.
Probably my favorite Jupiter Oil

Out of the four S+S Jupiter-centric oils I have the pleasure of owning, this one is probably my favorite. I always feel secure and grounded in potential when I wear it, and anointing objects in this oil imbues a strong energy of wealth-consciousness and abundance. I actually spilled a large portion of it on accident on an altar table awhile back, and ended up rubbing it into the wood: ever since that table has been supercharged with Jupiter mojo! Just placing objects on it makes them feel immediately empowered. Thanks, Jupiter, for the magic table that I didn't even know that I needed! ;)


  1. I have had this powder in my shoes whilst applying for several new jobs (spaced out) and gotten the job every time (mind you I’ve also added some Regulus along the way)… But the sense and feeling of ease and grace is delicious, that everything is alright. Perhaps the thing would be to be more picky which jobs to apply for.

  2. JEV delivered BIG time after using it in conjunction with sigils made on the Jupiter cazimi earlier this year and many prayers and petitions. The working was in regards to financial abundance and fulfilling employment and a in the end, all that was requested came to pass twofold. This review is for the oil ,but it can also go towards the incense, water, tincture and talisman. More than the material though, the results of working with JEV feels insulant and abundant in a unique way. It’s not that fiery excitable feeling of possibilities, but a more faith based Jupiter. It’s almost like it sort of provides a sense that all is going according to plan and all will be well. This is not easy for me. However, I have noticed during the process of working with it that I am more frequently able to come to that mindset even if I still am worried and have doubts. The reminder is still there “ it’s going to be ok, you are provided for”.

  3. Amazing! I just love this series as it encourages me to always see the bigger picture and not feel like my right now is my forever. The expansiveness of this in incredible. Let’s banish underestimating ourselves, shall we?

  4. This is my road-opening oil <3 I love how it makes things way easier and interactions way smoother. It allows you to be more positive and optimistic, see the bright side in everything.

  5. I bought and have been using the EV oil and the CK oil and salve, along with the BPAL set of 4. I have a natal Jupiter in Virgo (9H with Mars & Pluto) and so I wasn’t sure how Jupiter in Pisces would work with me, but the products have been a delight. The CK salve was my initial favorite, it allows to relax, literally melt, in a way that my earth-heavy existence rarely does. I have shared some of the CK salve and oil with friends, and so far all reported a relaxation response at both muscular and nerve levels. EV oil is harder for me to pin down, but I like pairing it with other materia for a “lift” effect. I used it on a date night with Exalted Venus and it was one of the most pleasantly sensual experiences ever. The BPAL perfumes are distinct – Multiple Storm Interactions truly gets me more offers, cooperation and aid from others. It’s probably my favorite for the effects I notice when I wear it. BPAL The Eye is almost protective. I feel calm and safe with it on. Great for travelling or on days of harsh transits. Outflow Boundary and Turbulent Flow effects haven’t been as easy for me to identify, but they all smell wonderful and are in my regular rotation as scents. This series exceeded my hopes, I truly love it and found it gives me great balance to my natal chart energies.

  6. The Empyreal Vantage series is a series that called out to me, so I knew I had to purchase a vial of its powder to get acquainted with it. I enjoy its scent too it makes me feel grounded.
    Shortly after purchasing and dusting myself with a bit of it on Jupiter’s day and hour I noticed I began to feel more cheerful and motivated, feeling like I could do anything and there were so many possibilities out there for me to explore -something I found to be very strange given my nature is more reserved. This all made total sense however when I learned that my Natal Jupiter placement is detrimental, and I was just reacting to the Empyreal Vantage energy which was serving as remediation for my Jupiter’s placement!

  7. I bought oil from both Cloud Kingdom and Empyreal Vantage. At first I kept favoring the Cloud Kingdom vibes for pleasure/relaxation/stress reduction and for remediating the Saturn+Moon conjunction I was experiencing (lol makes sense)..but as Saturn has moved on from my Moon and Jupiter has gotten all cozy in Pisces closer to Neptune – I felt the pull to work with the Empyreal Vantage more and more to help with clarity in life decision-making. Venus Retrograde got me very clear on my values and where I’ve deviated from those values, so I’ve worked with Empyreal Vantage to help me see from a birds eye view as to where all this newly embodied information may take me. The oil was perfect to use under the Jupiter-Sun cazimi and I have a feeling it will be really useful in Jupiter’s transit through Aries too.

  8. Wow, I put this on some days before I go walk my dog and I swear I flying so high it’s like people don’t really know how to respond. Like what’s up with her? But I don’t care because it seriously blasts melancholy. Was that in the description if not it should be. Unshakable positivity. Run into a friend having a bad day and I seriously could not match the vibe. I was like a positivity circus. Kinda potentially annoying positivity but also better than letting people bring me down from my cloud. I’ll camp here for a while. Really got me out of my funk.

  9. I decided to keep a list of how this oil specifically effected me, which is a bit funny seeing as my natal Jupiter is conjunct Mercury in Virgo. Within a day of using Empyreal Vantage, I received an unexpected check in the mail for $615. My very skeptical Jupiter in Virgo chalked this up to coincidence or perhaps finding meaning in nothing. But the blessings just kept coming in! During Imbolc, I asked Brigid to bless my altar’s cloth. When I awoke the next morning, some of the oil spilt on the cloth. I received a free pair of glasses frames that were priced at $240. My community began reaching out to me for tarot readings, which brought in business and friendships. I reconnected with an old mentor and found a new one. Each gift aligned almost perfectly with anointing myself or other objects with Empyreal Vantage oil on Jupiter’s Day and Jupiter’s Hour. The smell is citrusy and enlivening but also deeply nourishing and comforting. I find myself grinning whenever near the oil. There is a sense that everything is going to be okay, everything is going to work out because Daddy Jupiter (heh) is watching over and protecting me. At the rate I’m using this oil, I’ll probably have to buy another soon!

  10. This Empyreal Vantage oil enhances my Jupiter practice and lends an overall feeling of optimism and grand vision to me. Grateful for this uplifted enhancement to my moods when needed.

  11. I’ve been using the Empyreal Vantage incense as an offering to Jupiter and have been very pleased with the lift, buoyancy, and gentle increase in perspective and optimism that the materia provides.

  12. I’ve been using the Cloud Kingdom oil as part of my Yin yoga practice and meditation for the past few weeks to great benefit. It summons me within, opens my intution. I love it!!!

  13. So great for aid in divination, it really gives you a higher perspective on things, an ability to see more clearly whatever you’re wanting to know or divine on. A wise aid in tarot reading. With moon-pisces maybe you get a bit more inspired, or QT makes me more wordy, and able to verbalize more easily, but EV gives me wisdom and perspective. Lovely!

  14. Used the Empyreal Vantage Oil and Incense (layered with Exalted Mercury Cazimi oil) before a major certification exam to appeal to our dearest Cloud Daddy and oh boy! I felt that I was able to connect to Jupiter and it helped me calm down a little. It helped me focus on what topics to review, and when I was taking it, it also helped me pace myself and focus on choosing the right answers! I passed, of course!! Thank you so much Kaitlin & Co, and Hail Jove!

  15. Easygoing action. More masculine in nature than Cloud Kingdom. The inner warmth and wisdom guides one into wise action. Smooth, yet direct operator. Whereas Cloud Kingdom eases anxieties and relaxes, Empyreal Vantage brightens, energizes and enables one to take wise action.

  16. The offerings from Sphere & Sundry’s first Jupiter in Pisces series have been an antidote to the swirling uncertainty and anxiety I’ve had for most of 2021. Fears have been banished and replaced with a knowing that ‘everything will be okay’. Staying true to my ethical compass in situations where I thought my perspective may rock the boat have actually turned out favorably. I’ve made new friends, bonds with family have strengthened and the conversations have all been of a deeply meaningful nature. Everything is going swimmingly with work too.

    Field report: the second I applied the oil for the first time I noticed a leak in my ceiling which must have been there for months and escaped our attention because the drips were landing in a pot plant below. Curiously the droplet of water on the ceiling mirrored the chalcedony cabochon in the talisman! It turned out to be a water pipe in the ceiling and the plumber only charged us $100 to fix it, avoiding disaster if the pressure built up and it burst. Not the kind of rainmaking we want! This felt like classic dad energy for me as my dad always points out things around the house that need fixing, improving or could be potentially dangerous. Almost Deneb Algedi vibes with this series.. caretaker dad!

    With Jup in Pisces I feel buoyed along, nourished and secure – also there was so much rain over springtime that the plants in our garden are putting on the most beautiful display of growth and flowering since we’ve lived here! Eternally grateful for the work you do Kaitlin xxx

  17. I most frequently use this oil with Golden Gator to add a buffer of Jupiter, to layer with Quicksilver Tongue products on Thursdays, to brighten days that need brightening, and to honor Jupiter on Thursday. I would say the oil adds ease to my day, promotes a feeling of peace or unbothered confidence, and adds what I would describe as an affable enthusiasm for how I verbally deliver information at work.

    On a related note, I have had some very pleasant philosophical, deep, and/or emotionally bonding conversations while wearing this oil and the Multiple Storm Interaction TAL/BPAL. And yes, uplifting and educational conversations as well that took joy in the exchange of ideas.

    I also entered a period of palpable expansion, both financial and otherwise, soon after starting to use Jup in Pisces products with first Golden Goat and then Golden Gator. As an example, I was gifted with what seemed like an extreme increase to my income very suddenly and never expected it. I gained a job that is a far better fit for someone like myself who loves learning and supporting others as well … and the list goes on in terms of abundance or otherwise Jupiter-themed events.

    Lastly, I believe I first wore this oil on the day I met a Turkish fortune reader of some renown in East Village, New York. What he told me provided insight of a depth that I did not expect, and in turn that event was related to other, fascinating realizations I had months later. It was quite a learning experience, and perhaps a way-finding one.

    *For reference, my Jupiter is in Cancer.

  18. After the arrival of this oil there was a blissful week of rain and thunder storms in my area. The kind that seem to energetically cleanse and make way for something new.
    I love this oil and how accessible it is, and wear it throughout the week to amplify other S+S oils which often leads to unexpected insights and “gifts” (including the unexpected arrival of a new feline pal affectionately and appropriately named “Jupiter”).
    Empyreal Vantage always brightens even the darkest days, and unlike other oils (which I tend to reserve) seems to WANT to be used often and liberally.
    After ongoing use I’m feeling less anxiety overall, and even when the gloomies creep in it seems easier to ask for help, and support is often forthcoming even without a direct ask. Pleasant surprises and joy have been a fantastic and unexpected side effect. EV seems to help things just…work out okay.

  19. Gorgeous in all ways. Smells good, and effective. I feel that it’s enhanced my ability to “think big” and to be ready for new possibilities, and my general optimism is soaring. This is working fabulously for someone with a natally afflicted Jupiter & Saturn, no less. Sphere and Sundry people are magical! Big gas-giant gratitude to you.

  20. What an absolutely beautiful offering. It’s like being submerged in the still waters of divinity. It has been a great boost to my work with clients and with my patience with my life’s journey. It brings great peace and knowing — a felt knowing. My intuition has been strengthened while using this product, and I’m not sure if it’s this or the Talisman (or both 😉 ) but I have also gotten a lot of great opportunities for work as well. So grateful!

  21. I love this oil! I like to put it on in the mornings while sayimg the affirmation “Every day I expand in abundance, success, and love as I inspire others to do the same.”

    I knew I had to buy from this series as soon as I saw that it was created on our wedding anniversary. I have seen big opportunities arise for both me and my partner out of luck or direct intervention. Syncs that I can talk about without disrupting ongoing magic include a bald eagle swooping down to fly across the road just FEET from the front of the car (Hi!) and a friendly bull visiting the backyard of our Air BnB to eat apples off the tree. Highly recommend!

  22. This is a wonderful oil. Using it always seems to smooth things out– my inner state and my circumstances– such that I feel cool, collected, and serenely jovial. I’m using some in a working right now, as it happens, and cannot understate its good effects and the WALLOP of potency it added to the mix!

  23. Absolutely cannot speak more highly of the liberating curiosity and just absolute enthusiasm this oil has allowed me. I have paired it several times with various TAL’s (especially from the Luminous Crown and Empress series), and have been overwhelmed and delighted by the poetic and galvanizing tone I have had with clients!

  24. This is a review for just the oil, and I’ll my impression of the powder after I road test it a few times.

    Empyreal Vantage oil for me unfurls slowly. It’s like a seed that sprouts, and brings with it… life, and the ability to say yes. It’s expansive, without being overwhelming, it builds to its crescendo, where its asking you to look further, to stretch your wings, that yes you can do it, that yes you deserve good things, that yes you can make it happen, that yes that is life affirming, yes. Just say yes. Trust yourself and give that yes. Say yes.

    It’s that positivity for growth and stretch. It’s gentler than its Solar cousins, but no less expansive. It’s more illuminating instead of radiating intensely. Life affirming, but reminds you that you don’t have to look at a particular direction and that maybe you should be checking out all directions, just in case. And giving you the capacity to do so.

  25. The Empyrial Powder was very calming and uplifting. Since I began using it, I have noticed I can anticipate what people around me are thinking or doing.. My innate psychic abilities intensified. I found the interaction empowering.

  26. this oil came into my life at the right time. As someone who can often step into action without empowerment or with a sense of obligation, EV gives me an emotional and psychic lift. Not only is it working wonderfully with confidence work, it feels like a bridge to a more authentic version of myself. I have had so many ideas and insights into my larger purpose as well as inspiration into how to implement it since practicing with this oil. It gives me the gentle push to put these ideas into the world as a form of connection and flow rather than something to be forced
    Per Kaitlin’s recommendation, I have been using the oil every morning to a subtle, yet all-pervading affect.
    I believe most of us could use some more Jupiter in our lives, and this gentle yet effective blend is perfect for intro remediation or just vibing more deeply with Cloud Daddy <3

  27. Love this oil! I received this during Jupiter’s hour :). I wore it for the first time on my third eye, heart chakra and root chakra before I went to work and that day and every day that I wear it I have an over abundance of joyful energy to the point that my co workers keep asking me what is going on (ok, their exact words were, “did you get laid?” LOL). Things that would normally bother me, people being rude or offensive, etc doesn’t bother me at all, in fact I easily laugh it off! I am actually considering buying an addition bottle because I don’t ever wan tot run out of this.

  28. This was the first thing I’ve ordered from S+S, and it has surpassed my expectations. I ordered the oil and the incense and they arrived in beautifully wrapped tissue paper. I’ve felt quite a shift when I first tried both the oil and incense and have been using them for a particular magical working. It’s been helping me make progress on the career change I’m trying to make. I just feel like the normal worries melt away and I am more focused on the end goal and what I need to do.

  29. Been wearing this pretty much every day since it arrived, almost always layering it with other oils (mainly Deneb Algedi), and it does seem to help me stay above the petty frustrations of each day–my life is very stressful at the moment, but I am more able to let it all stay in perspective, more able to avoid getting stuck in negative emotion loops that used to drive me crazy. A noticeable improvement! Very grateful for this series.

  30. This oil was the first offering I ever interfaced with from S+S. Having taken a very “okay, show me what you can do!” outlook, I was immediately moved by the gravity I felt upon opening this oil. In the body, it was a bit like a “dropping in + down” feeling, with really apparent settling-in in the chest and shoulders. Sort of beside myself, I have continued to work with this oil when I know I need to beef up my charisma / grounding or need a bit of empowerment for social situations. The Yang energy certainly doesn’t feel too macho, and has really asked me to reconsider my narrow, mere mortal concept of masculinity. Super potent stuff, what a generous ally Jup Jup can be.

  31. Last Thursday I dressed a candle with four Jupiter oils that I’m so lucky to have: this one, Jup Bounty, Jup Sag, and Jup Lightning Rod. I kid you not as I was vibing with the candlelight I got this inexplicable feeling that I had leveled-up. That’s the best way I can describe it! You’ve all played video games, you know what I mean.

  32. Empyreal Vantage is incredibly empowering and expansive – it truly does make one feel the potency and clarity of a Sky God. It’s very very empowering for magick and ceremony, and also feels particularly Elemental in composition, in comparison to many of the other series I’ve experienced. Definitely helps cultivate Yang/Masculine potency, but without the sharp edge, or potential for anger/frustration – grants a confident calm with a gentle buffer of sincere charisma, layered in with a warm glow of atmospheric strength.

    Highly recommended!

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