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The Radiant Glow of Perfect Health Hair, Skin, and Beard Oil

The Radiant Glow of Perfect Health Hair, Skin, and Beard Oil


Inspired by (but not explicitly enchanted to!) the Goddess Aegle — daughter of Asclepius and Lampetia, granddaughter to Helios and Apollo, whose name means “brightness”, “dazzling light” and/ or “splendor” — as in, the beautiful glow which results from perfect health.

Sphere + Sundry’s proprietary TCM-inspired herbal mix for Beauty and Hair, with additions of organic Son of Apollo blend, propolis, white lotus, 13 essential oils, and 24k gold, infused in 100% organic golden jojoba, argan, and emu oils.

A few drops brings shine and radiance to the hair unlike any other (without giving a greasy look or weighing it down!), while application to the skin brightens, smooths, and softens. Use directly or as an addition to lotion, moisturizer, or other hair care products.

Offered in a 1 oz glass dropper bottle with 24k gold for $91

In stock




Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 0.80 × 0.80 × 2 in
Creation Data

Morning of May 8th 2023. Chart in image gallery.

Planetary Body

Fixed Star


Benefic, Neutral


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium


No – Emu Oil

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Elizabeth Gossell
Best Skin and Hair Oil!

I have been a huge fan of these TCM informed oils since the Empress series, and having tried them all I can confidently say that this one is my absolute favorite! I have extremely sensitive skin, usually opting to make my own tallow-based moisturizers due to extreme peeling from chemicals. Radiant Glow of Perfect Health Oil delivers on its promise, a warmth, reduction of inflammation and redness, and just a feeling of palpable rejuvenation. I haven’t needed to make any homemade products since picking this one up. Very different from the cooling properties of the Luna oil, and the floral glamor of the Venus oils, and absolutely wonderful. I hope this becomes a steady inventory item.


I save most of the beauty oils for special occasions but I've been using this one nightly for the past month as part of my gua sha routine. My skin loves it!

Tried many of the facial oils and I like this one

This facial oil is very different than the others I’ve tried from S+! The scent is more earthy and I like using it on days I’m not wearing makeup. Unexpected benefits include helping with hormonal acne breakouts.

Gentle but powerful

I've used all of Kait's beauty oils, but this definitely has its own distinct character. The scent is herbal and gender-neutral, shading to masculine. I wasn't sure what I felt on the first application, but within a few minutes I became aware of a previously unnoticed hygiene issue (Oh, the hormone shifts of perimenopause) and how to shift the pH of my soap to compensate. The next evening that I applied it, I felt my awareness nudged to my extremely dry eyes, and suddenly realized they're the result of a new medication. Now that I keep preservative-free eyedrops by my bed, the issue doesn't trouble me.
So, in addition to radiant skin-softening, this oil is gently burnishing me to bring out the full glow physical (and aesthetic!) health.

Another vote for glow and radiance

Honestly, I felt more at ease the first time I used the oil but what I really noticed was how many people were noticing me. This feels radiant and it is very much so, both physically and energetically. Great to use on its own or mixed into any of the lotions I use. I love all of the beauty oils, they all have a sort of softer energetic influence of each series. This oil is such a pleasure to use! I haven't used it for any ailments as of yet, but I imagine it will be a repurchase, just like the other beauty oils.

Warren Jones
Beard oil par excellence

I mix two drops of the beard oil into an organic moisturizer and rub into beard and hair (well, what's left of it, now mainly bald) before ceremonies. Such an uplifting feeling and smell: it enhances the whole ambience of each ceremony.

Stunningly Awesome

I've used a lot of this already and I love it. It's a glowing, radiant offering that adds tremendous moisture and healing. The scent is very herb-forward and I appreciate the way it makes me think about herbal infusions but for the skin rather than like a nettle infusion you would drink. It feels like my skin just drinks this up and I am here for it!

Pure radiance

I have tried another S+S beauty oil, so I knew this would be great…but this Asclepius hair + skin oil has made my skin more radiant than I thought possible! The glow it imparts is incredible, and it has made my skin feel so much softer, really supple and healthy. It works on an energetic level, too—it has a gentle yet powerful solar charge that helps me feel much more confident and buoyant. I use a few drops on my face after misting it, or add a little to my body oil, and it truly works wonders.


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