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Oil of Hermanubis II

Oil of Hermanubis II


In the pre-dawn hour of Mercury during Mercury’s Eclipse of Sol on 11:11:2019, 100% extra virgin olive oil was poured over ritually harvested cemetery ivy, fallen autumn leaves, poppy, hops, barley, and sundry herbs of a Mercurial and Necromantic nature. Activated charcoal, dried mushrooms, and 24k gold.

Apply to the self to make communion with the Dead easier, before channeling, séances, and Ancestral work. Apply to the heart and third eye as a meditative aid to excavate death gnosis from your immortal soul, beyond the confines of singular incarnate experience, and generate comfort with one’s own mortality.

Anoint Ancestral altars, glassware, or vessels used to make offerings to the Dead, to draw their attention and stoke their appetites. Use to dress candles for Necromantic operations or apply to other icons employed as intermediaries between yourself and the deceased, including photos, urns, and other memorabilia. Request Hermanubis support such individuals in navigating their landscape and experience, and help guide them where would be most productive, in addition to delivering messages to and from.

Available in your selection of the standard 1/2 oz glass vial (w/ optional Dropper Cap Kit) for $66, a roller with snowflake obsidian rollerball for $53, or very few 24k gold plated rollers for (brace yourself) $103.


SKU: N/A Categories: , ,


Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.85 in
Planetary Body


Black, Gold




HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

11-11-2019, hour of Mercury. Mercury Cazimi, Eclipsing Sol. Exalted Full Moon. Chart in image gallery

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Hermanubis II



  1. I continue to get immediate ancestor contact, if sometimes in surprising forms, from this oil, along with deep sleep. Recent examples are some books from a beloved mentor, offered to me–the morning after oil application–by his widow. And after another application, a former student who lost her mother last year contacted me to talk about the loss of my mother. So interesting how the dead manage to talk to us through others, with the help of Hermanubis, of course!

  2. I am embarking on a 60-day ancestral working, and Hermanubis and this oil will be part of it. A shaman who is working on lifting family curse for me has charged me with some deep listening and devotional work with my mother’s lines. I typically apply this oil to my temples and the base of my skull in the evening. The first night, I dreamt of visiting the graves of my ancestors. I look forward to the insights this oil will help me gain! (I also slept very deeply, for the first time in many months.)

  3. I have only used this oil a handful of times to work with my North Node, doing soul excavation, and once to communicate with the elementals.
    It’s not easy work, but it is necessary work, which is why I take breaks between using this oil. Long ones, weeks or months in between. That’s how potent this oil is in bringing forth the shadow to assimilate with my conscious self.
    The one time I have used this to connect to the spirits of the land directly, I immediately entered “a light trance state” and the lines of communication between myself and the trees, animals, every living thing in the woods behind my house, were open.
    I was warded with an obsidian talisman as a precaution, for anyone who is considering doing similar work.
    The most fantastic side effect of using this oil to do shadow work has been my ability to embrace some of the uglier aspects of other people’s behavior as their shadows. I would ghost people who seemed problematic in the past, but now I find myself able to love them as humans who are imperfect.
    It doesn’t mean I don’t point out their problematic behavior to them, but I don’t run away from them anymore. No one is perfect, especially not me, and using this oil to confront that has made me a more whole person and enabled me to be a better friend and lover and sister.

  4. I do weekly devotions to Hermanubis as a magical guide, and this oil is an incredible part of that: I anoint Their statue (They’re appearing as the Queen of Wands to me when I divine at the moment, I’m rolling with it) ritualistically from foot to crown as I call Them into the space, and the presence and power of this is absolutely incomparable. Amazing. I’m going to need to restock soon.

  5. Hermanubis has been an incredible guide for my ancestor work. Love this oil

  6. Love love love this oil. Fantastic for Mercury Rx work, shadow work (!!!) and passing messages.

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