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Immortal Heart Herbal Steep + Smoke

Immortal Heart Herbal Steep + Smoke


Organic and wildcrafted white water lily, blessed thistle, motherwort, meadowsweet, lily of the valley, skullcap, honeysuckle, valerian root, vervain, hawthorn, white willow bark, chamomile, tulsi, sweet woodruff, milky oats, butterfly pea, and rose hips, suffumigated in frankincense and benzoin on the Immortal Heart election, alongside prayers to the Divine Mother for comfort, emotional support, and Her pure, unadulterated, unconditional love.

Smoke to aid in emotional processing, soothing anxious states, and setting the stage for calm expression and authentic exploration. Pairs well with Mother Mary Jane.

Steep and add to floor washes or spiritual baths for the same. Bitter herbs benefit the heart, but lend themselves best to short immersions, especially virgin, which is best left for about one minute. The same tea can re-infused multiple times, longer with each subsequent strain. Add lemon for a magical color changing experience.


Note: While this contains nothing inedible or poisonous, it was not created in a commercial kitchen to GMP standards, so it is not suitable or intended for consumption. Keep this (and all our wares) out of reach of children. Any internal use is undertaken at the user’s sole risk and liability.

Offered in a 2 oz tin for $33, or 4 oz tin for $44


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Planetary Body


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Sunset of September 16th, 2020. Evening of the New Moon in Virgo III, Neptune rising.

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  1. I am going through a quite painful break up and my emotional body and nervous is in full on panic mode. I have had a strong case of the “can’t eat, can’t sleep”s which is, of course, making a hard situation even more difficult. I’ve been leaning heavily on Immortal Heart in many ways, but the steep and smoke especially seems to have really helped me smoke and sleep! I am so grateful for this offering and its presence in this time of need. Gratitude, Kaitlin!

  2. This is my favorite thing to reach for at the end of a long and difficult day. Whether I smoke it alone or with cannabis, it never fails to help me unwind. I feel safe within my body, which is something I’ve been struggling with as I confront my dissociative tendencies. Grateful for this blend!

  3. Genuinely thrilled with the beautiful amethyst vessel and delicate Steep+Smoke materia which I found to be gentle, grounding, and altogether special. I engaged with these at a time I needed clarity, focus and calm while exploring a creative project – I had previously hit overdrive with Jupiter’s Lightening Rod (it was dynamic yet kind of overwhelming for where I was at the time) – I appreciated the chance to soothe and soar at a different aetheric vibration and this was it. Thank you for your ever-impressive offerings!

  4. This Steep + Smoke has been such a blessing. I am autistic and have very sensitive and chaotic sensory processing, which can make feeling and being present with heavier emotions quite literally painful for my body.

    This blend has helped guide me gently into processing a lot of heavy but necessary emotions, which in turn has refined my connection with my ancestral guidance. That refinement has in turn brought a lot of clarity in connecting with my matriarchs in spirit, who have been giving me clearer direction and advice in how to exist in, accept, and appreciate the unique way my body communicates to me. It’s been a lot to unpack, but in many ways feels like I’m coming home to myself.

    This blend is so potent, too. It doesn’t take much for me to slip into its embrace and feel safe. And when I combine it with the salve from this same series, it’s like I’m floating inside of someone’s heart where petals are raining down on me.

  5. Ah, Immortal Heart! Before she was even released to us, I felt a deep need to reconnect to this feminine guardian archetype. So much trauma in my female line has been revealed to me through my work with the Ancestors materia (highly recommended), and I was eager to utilize the smoking blend since I could use it before bed or when unwinding after work (natal Chiron in Virgo ha-ha).
    It’s in dreams that information is revealed to me, most of the time. Visions are rarer. The first time I used this smoking blend was before bed, after a day I spent with my mom. I had dreams that I hadn’t had in a long time, I would reach out to my mom and she would ignore me. This has been a recurring dream of mine since childhood, and my sister has told me she has similar dreams.
    What was different is I didn’t wake up feeling tormented as I used to, I felt… “backed up” by an all-encompassing force that was warm and comforting. There was lightness instead of that awful chest-sitter heaviness that always remains after that dream. And in the last few weeks, I haven’t dreamt it again.
    Aside from this, I haven’t had anything major revealed in dreams when using this smoking blend. But it brings a wonderful, almost childlike sensibility to things– innocence, not naivety. Watching movies, playing with the cat (who is fascinated by the smoke), and so forth, are just more enjoyable.
    In short, it brings a sense of wholeness and a universal acceptance of my wholeness as a female human.
    It has a very feminine vibe, I would say motherly/grandmotherly because the feeling of acceptance has that vibe of experience to it, of years of witnesses all sorts of differences in people and recognizing their value.
    My expectations for the healing essence of this series has been exceeded, and I am so thankful that Kaitlyn created it. My wounded feminity is blossoming as a result. It is slow work, and work worth doing.

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