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Jupiter in Sagittarius II Talismans

Jupiter in Sagittarius II Talismans


Jupiter in Sagittarius Coin by Tony Mack

Modeled in hard carver’s wax, and Cast in 90/10 electrum [silver and gold] with a small amount of tin. Casting was accompanied by suffumigation of frankincense, camphor, and saffron.

An composite image taking elements of the ‘Images of Jupiter’ from book 2 chapter 9 of the latin Picatrix. “The image of Jupiter, according to the opinion of Apollonius, is the shape of a man sitting on an eagle, wrapped in a cloth, with his feet on the eagles back..” Motifs were also used via the image of Jupiter “according to Mercurius”; the shape of a man covered in a single linen cloth, as well as his holding a “lance, or dart”. The back of the pendant is engraved with the character of Jupiter as written in Arabic manuscripts of the Ghayat Al-Hakim [aka Picatrix in latin translations].

Each talisman arrives in a keepsake jewelry box bearing a wax seal of the glyph of Jupiter, and a Ritual Salt from its same mini-series for $888.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 2.00 × 2.25 × 2.85 in
Planetary Body




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

Chart Remediation

Jupiter — Good for people who are Jupiter deficient and need support for the natal Jupiter

Creation Date

Jupiter ascending on October 18th, 2019, hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
checking back in the following sag season to say

I wear this every day & it has strengthened the relationship. it gives me a great sense of wellbeing, like Everything Will Be Alright. So Grateful I have it, also sorry that I now know the power of what these talismans can be like since im not yet wealthy like that lol. hail jove <3

A Guardian, Champion, and Friend

I'm not sure that I can write a review that can do this talisman justice. Just before the surprise release of this little series I had begun to formally incorporate Jupiter devotional work into my spiritual and astrological practice. Previously I had dabbled in JEV materia while Jupiter was still in Pisces, but only the most ephemeral forms.
I am not exaggerating when I say that this talisman seemingly chose me. Its interaction with my natal chart is extremely benefic. It juices up a place that is incredibly abundant, but that I have often neglected or misunderstood. Just looking at the election for this piece plugged me into the Jupiter channel and made me realize that receiving this incredible object was somewhat beyond my control. I had to ask Jupiter to fund this purchase and like so many of these stories go, I had a sudden and very unexpected windfall from a forgotten source that covered almost the exact price.
The actual experience of receiving and working with this talisman is definitely beyond words. It's both incredibly empowering and deeply humbling. It is an IV drip of pure Jupiter on an energetic level. The impact that has had on my material reality has been uncanny. This is such an active and generous Jupiter that I am constantly reminded to be very mindful of what I ask for. And its protective quality often feels like having my very own wizard standing always by my side.
And of course it almost goes without saying that aside from this talisman's astonishing magical qualities, it is also beautiful and of impeccable quality. A delight and an honor to have acquired.

BIG magic

everything about this piece, when it was made, when it came out, the way I came to obtain it -- all syncs on syncs on syncs . I love it when the magic is loud like that, because you see these talismans and read the descriptions and like, who wouldn't want what that says? I never thought about one seriously before because it wasnt in my budget (still isn't really lol) but Im a sag rising & I was at the end of a particularly hard jupiter year and had just gotten a job that was a significant upgrade (likely in no small part due to my diligent jupiter practice) and also had like, maybe a week prior been able to sign up for a slot in a big deal astrology class Id been wanting to do for literally years (also you know who), and like were all thinking were done getting new jup stuff until sometime after cancer right and lo and behold, the sag 3 series and it has these talismans with an election thats so wildly keyed to my chart and was made at such an absurdly powerful time for my life. I was able to get the lottery and I said okay jupiter, its up to you- if I can book enough readings to pay for this within 30 days I can have it, and I started booking and lo and behold, I made it. I lost it a few times so I got a removable coin-bezel and hung it on a chain and Im basically never without it. it along with my studies which im sure it has helped, has deepened the felt part of my jupiter practice significantly. when its right its right.


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