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Butter Ocean Candles

Butter Ocean Candles


Palm wax candles poured over consecrated, powdered Butter Ocean herbal matter within the consecration window, in a royal, amethystine tone.

Burn during weekly ritual observations to Jupiter, or employ in candle magic aligned with the series and planetary arcana: enrichment, gain, nourishment, wisdom, and the like.

Offered as the classic slim vigil ($168) crowned with lemon gold and yellow jade, or as etchable, dressable pillars in your choice of magnum ($244), tall ($168), or cute lil’ shortie ($108).


SKU: N/A Categories: , ,


Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 2.00 × 2.25 × 9 in
Creation Date

Sunrise of Jupiterday the 17th of June 2021, Jupiter in Pisces on the MC. Hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery.

Wax Type

Palm Wax

Candle Size

3" Short Pillar, 6" Tall Pillar, 7.5" Magnum Pillar, 8 oz Slim Vigil Jar — Approximately 40 hours of burn time

Planetary Body




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


FIRE HAZARD — Never leave fire unattended. Clear away packing materials before burning and do not close the lid on boxes while a flame is burning

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  1. I believe strongly that aside from talismans, candles are the most potent materia. I light this candle for devotion but more often when I feel like I’m getting to wrapped up in the chatter in my head and need to calm down and be in the moment. Great for meditation and mindfulness practices! Life seems to always be telling us to do more, faster. Butter Ocean, especially in the form of these candles, creates a safe container with the message: do less, go slower. It’s a bit like the tortoise and the hare. Sometimes you’ve done all you can, and you need to just f****** relax.

  2. At this point, S+ candles are legendary. If you have the means, splurge on one at least once. I use mine very sparingly and with intention. If you use them this way, you can get a lot of bang out of your buck.
    This particular candle arrived today and just holding it brings a smile to my face. Within an hour of receiving it, it had croissant crumbs stuck to it (croissants have been a hilariously delicious theme among my experience with this series).
    The pattern of the wax mold on my particular candle looks like the rocky pacific cliffs in Big Sur. It’s literally my “safe space” I go to when therapy gets super intense.

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