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Butter Ocean Anointing Oil

Butter Ocean Anointing Oil


For Jupiter told Man:

Anoint in Good, Holy, and Ease-Giving Faith, and all Shall Be as on the 6th Day of Creation — Well Again.

Offered in a 1/2 oz standard vial (with optional add-on Dropper Cap Kit) for $80, 10 ml flawless glide steel roller for $60, very few gold plated roller for $108, or sweet 5 ml Minis ($25).





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Creation Date

Sunrise of Jupiterday the 17th of June 2021, Jupiter in Pisces on the MC. Hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery.

Oil Selection

1/2 oz Standard, 10 ml gold Roll-On, 10 ml “flawless glide” steel Roll-On, 5 ml Mini

Planetary Body




No — Ghee


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Go with the flow

Beneficial, comforting, relaxing and lovely, this annointing oil is perfect for dressing candles, meditation and sleep/dreaming. It's clean and slightly woody scented, divine.
Melts away stress and dissolves silly barriers
This series has brought me a greater understanding of Jupiter as the ruler of Pisces
Butter Ocean seems very potent and has quickly become my go-to for winding down, letting go and just being

Eleni G
Deeply soothing

Wonderful effects for me via anointing oil and tincture applied on my body before bed and also a couple drops in a nebulizer/essential oil diffuser ( to which I also add a couple drops of Deneb Algedi). My sleep quality has improved significantly after a long period of sleep struggles. My sleep tracking stats show more restorative and deep sleep patterns, and I definitely feel the difference if I’ve skipped a night or two. Very potent effortlessly effective beautiful stuff.

Akashic Bliss

This is one of S&S's finest offerings. I'm a huge fan of the Empyreal Vantage series for what I'd call its mind-expanding quality. Butter Ocean seems to go an octave deeper and create a soul-expanding effect. I especially use it before readings on days where I wonder if my energy might be hazy. It seems to just take over from there. Effortlessly rousing compassion, insight, elevated mood, and a generosity of the spirit.


The oil helps deepen the impact of the other materia from this series. It really is like being a little high when I use Butter Ocean. So great when you want to just... not have thoughts, without the anxiety that Mary Jane typically induces for me. Allows you to really sink into the body and appreciate the little things. I love to use this after work to help me unwind.

Give into the vibes

I have really enjoyed all of the Butter Ocean materia (went through the steep and smoke in no time, have basically decimated my salve), and the oil is the best way to stop any Mercury/do all the things materia for me. It just stops things in its tracks. And reminds us that doing is great, but some of the best things in life aren't about doing but rather enjoying. If you're stuck in a hypermania loop, Butter Ocean just skids everything to a gentle puddle as you dissolve.

The best oil to de-stress

This is a must-have for the days that you just need an extra hug. This is like having your best friend near you, that will always be there to listen and support you. If you have any Pisces placement like me, you will love it!

Safety Blanket

Butter Ocean has become my safety blanket. I cannot go through my day without it. It feels like a calming, thick blanket. Yet it also helps lubricate my daily interactions. Can’t recommend this series enough!

Calming Serum

This oil allows me to unwind my mind so that I can calm down and sleep. It helps to relax me. It has also allowed me to expand my social circle in a non stressful way. I tend to get anxious in social situations. I can count on this oil to get me through event with large crowds. I highly recommend it!

Tina R.
The fattest, poofiest coating of goodness

I’m flying through this oil. The Butter Ocean series is such a palpable, comforting, fatty coating to insulate against the stresses and irritations of life. I mean this in the most complimentary way: it’s like mile-wide energetic blubber. You know Sweet Pea in the old Popeye cartoons, the little baby who’s always crawling out into danger after danger and somehow always coming through magically safe and unharmed? Butter Ocean gives me Sweet Pea feelings. Major solutions and saves just *arrive*.


Since starting to work with this oil (bolstered by Moon Moon salve) I have just - stopped beating myself up for things. It’s such a relief. I’m able to acknowledge mistakes and learn from them without ruminating on them or getting “stuck”. A little too chill for me to use during the workday, but it provides instant relaxation and contentment in the evening, and the build-up effects are amazing. I haven’t been working with this oil for that long, either! Don’t sleep on this one if you have anxiety.


  1. This oil is fantastic… is a long bubble bath in a bottle. You feel relaxed, calm, and refreshed.
    A small note of warning… it is also an aphrodisiac, so be warned if that is not your cup of tea.
    But I love this oil so much.

  2. I bought this lovely oil at a really stressful time in my life. The energy in this little bottle is exactly what I needed—so kind, so gentle—an enveloping warmth and the perfect hug.

    It’s been super helpful as I’ve been using it in my (very new) Jupiter remediation practice, and as my first ever materia, I couldn’t be happier! 10/10

  3. Chill in a bottle. Relaxing, de-stressing, everything we need in this chaotic messed-up time. Viiiiiiiiiiibezzzzzzzzz

  4. I have been dealing with a lot of stress and feelings of hopelessness lately, which makes it really difficult to accomplish anything. I have been using Butter Ocean to get some relief, and it’s been so effective. It lends just enough ease and comfort so that I can keep moving forward. If I lean into it too much, though, I feel like a little kid on the last day of school before winter break! The one word I associate with this is “joy.”

  5. I have a wonderful, healthy, robust relationship with Jupiter and love all Jupiter materia as a devotion to all that benefic sky dad energy. If you, however, are *not* one to connect with Jupiter, I imagine this oil could be the one to get you there. It is easy bounty, gentle support, loving care, sweet and smooth like butter. It doesn’t have the intense expansiveness that Jupiter can sometimes have, but instead a loosening of bindings that allows *you* to expand at your own pace. Lovely.

  6. This oil has been so quietly strong and supportive for me. I anoint my heart and base of neck before bed and immediately feel a sense of ease. As I’m writing this I’m wondering why I don’t just begin the day with Butter Ocean and see if it helps minimize the tension I traditionally gather all day and then try to release at the end of the day. Eureka! I have a new plan for this comforting and supportive oil.

  7. I’ve got a lovely exalted twelfth house Jupiter that was about a day away from entering my first house. I don’t feel like I can connect with him or his blessings. That changed quite a bit with this series.

    The first day I wore the oil an employee at a shop gave me an $80 discount on a product I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get. Every time I put it on, my day just flows so nicely, difficult situations are easily resolved and I feel much more relaxed than ever.

    Even a Sag Sun coworker who treated me very poorly at my new job for no apparent reason has begun to recognize my existence and say hello and things like that. The changes are subtle, but definitely there. I highly recommend it.

  8. After a full day of teaching teenagers, having just picked up my 2 year old from daycare and facing an evening of (seemingly) never-ending “potty learning”, I was so stoked to find this oil had arrived in my mailbox when I returned home. Immediately upon application I felt a subtle chill wash over me–a sort of unhurried calm like I could relax and enjoy being at home while also taking care of my mama duties and appreciating the gift of simply being in my magical little one’s company. I foresee a repeat purchase in my future (if there is any of this awesome stuff left to buy!).

  9. This oil allows me to feel comfortable and relaxed in situations I absolutely shouldn’t – there is no rushing with this oil. All things will be done in due time.

  10. This is the hopeful feeling I did not know that I needed.
    I’m a fairly Jupetarian person, but this last year has been a grind, and I’ve been a heavy user of DAII and Eirene to help me navigate some slippery situations. But now is the time to enjoy the rewards of that effort, and Butter Ocean has allowed me to finally kick back and feeelll all of this gorgeous bounty, while bringing even more. Currently I am working from home with my Winter break kids, and Butter Ocean has made it feel expansive and ok with making life easier instead of stressing out about being perfect. Tis lovely

  11. I’m obsessed with this Oil!! The smell is super sexy & familiar; I wish I could pinpoint the essential oils used, because I’ve been looking to recreate this sort of scent for SO LONG. It brings me back to the best time in my life. I wonder if it smells different to everyone based on this. I definitely think there’s labdanum in here, but there’s this underlying scent that’s otherworldly, magical & divine. Truly so incredibly uplifting.

    I don’t know what the long-term effects are, but can say for sure that it’s maximum pleasure in the moment lol

  12. I’ve been around the S+ community for a few years, and this is the strongest hit of euphoria I’ve gotten from a series straight out of the gate. Also learning how a regular Jupiter devotional practice will key me to a planetary series, making this oil even sweeter and more resonant. Butter Ocean is sensual, warm, rich. This series is perfect for the holidays.

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