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Water of Deneb Algedi II

Water of Deneb Algedi II


Water freshly harvested from the headwaters of Mt. Shasta, used to distill traditional associations for Deneb Algedi in a set of copper alembics: primarily marjoram and blue chalcedony, including a handful of sundry herbs from the consecrated DA herbal mix, and a wee bit of goat hair.

Spray to reinforce boundaries, physical and metaphorical, and provide protection. Facilitates a grounded and somewhat stoic sense of uprightness and right mindedness. Helpful for thinking through tactics, logistics, and topics of import. Aids in establishing a sense of security and containment. Averts the evil eye.

Use as a linen or spacial spray to fortify against psychic attack and other disturbances.

Available in your selection of 1/2 oz travel or sample size glass spray bottle with keepsake chalcedony for $27, or a 2 oz for $63

Testimonials for Deneb Algedi I Waters can be found here





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Fixed Star

Planetary Body


Benefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Waxing Gibbous Moon conj. Deneb Algedi + Jupiter on the MC, September 17th, 2021. Chart in image gallery.


1/2 oz, 2 oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Purchased as a Suite of Denab Algedi Products

Purchased this as well as the salt, bluing, and the Twilight Alchemy lab oils to prepare for a dreaded court appearance, which did go in our favor. Will continue to protect my people and property with these items as long as I can. Beautiful work, S&S!

I Used This Water in Combination With Regulus III and Other Materia When Filing a Police Report

I recently had to file a police report in person and be interviewed by numerous police officers after my cell phone was stolen and I was injured on a subway car in Manhattan by the thief. I used this Water before every related interaction with the police. I also used my Regulus III Water, my DA II talisman, the Lord of the Sacred Eye BPAL, Door Key oil, Antares tincture, and Froggy oil from the Mercury in Gemini line for at least a few of these interactions. I felt listened to and respected while filing a police report in person by police and being interviewed by detectives of the Major Crimes unit as well. To provide some background, I am read socially as a small youthful male for a 34-year-old and can be perceived as gay. Regardless, I have an uncannily good track record of encountering favorable and understanding interactions with the police in person. The police tend to listen to me and my rational style of speech in person even if bystanders or the bad guy certainly didn't before I had no choice but to interact with the law. I also offer to accompany close friends if they ever have to report a crime to police because I am confident my presence will help the experience go more smoothly for them. In any case, I recommend having this Water on hand even if you rarely use it. DA is a useful influence and I am grateful for my DA materia in general, including my talisman.

Angela Kirby
Wouldnt be without it

I do a lot of work with clients out in the field as well as in my private practice and this is a staple I would be without….thank you


I love spraying this on luggage, or at work as needed.


Immediately relieving fears and panic attacks. great companion in breath work for stress management. Perfect to set the stage for focus time or strategic planning.

Belinda Smith
Face your fears

I have long been cautious / fearful of DAII but finally decided to go slow and **test the waters** after hearing Chani’s rave reviews on the astrology podcast. I used this first only on physical boundaries (averted a potential tenant DISASTER!) before becoming brave enough for the auric spray. After great results have stepped it up to the oil!

Reviewer avatar
Kelly S.
Reset Shower

Spritzing this water is like taking an energetic shower that helps to instantly 'reset' when I'm feeling unfairly judged or persecuted in some way. For me, that feeling can tend to grow and grow out of proportion to whatever provoked it, but not when this spray is handy! It clears the psychic 'air' around me and calms the troubled waters within, leaving me calm and collected and insulated against external harshness, whether real or imagined. Excellent for anyone who suffers from that variety of social anxiety that leads to overthinking past encounters and negative self-talk. I did notice that the blue color faded quickly with this one, and was actually barely there at all upon arrival (just something to note in case yours doesn't resemble the photo).

Kat B
Great Water, Even Better Customer Service

This spray worked really well for me, both as a boundary reinforcement/protection tool for myself, and as an atmospheric spray for my DA altar during rituals. I really love how versatile the waters are in general… They’re perfect for a quick energetic shift with minimal effort/cleanup, since they absorb so easily on most surfaces. Also, I want to take this opportunity to gush about Sphere and Sundry’s excellent customer service! My first spray bottle arrived half-empty, I believe due to a defective cap, and they immediately sent me a whole new bottle to replace it. I really appreciate their commitment to their customers, and the process of submitting a help request was very easy and friendly throughout. Thank you, S+S team, for your amazing work! It makes me feel really good to support a company that looks out for their customers like this. And of course, I would definitely recommend this water, as well as DA materia in general. It’s certainly become indispensable to me in my practice.

Fairness and Boundaries in a Bottle

This is possibly the Sphere and Sundry item I use the most. It pairs well with pretty much anything and serves as a shield to help you go about your day as well as generally making things go the way they would in a perfectly fair world. It also helps promote responsibility in yourself and others. I’m moving into a new home, and one day both my reserved parking spots were taken. I wrote a note for each car (sprayed with this water) to explain that I was moving in, asking the owners to please move their cars and to knock on my door if they did need the spaces before I fully moved in, and within 15 minutes, the situation was resolved in a friendly way that allowed me to meet a new neighbor. Fairness and boundaries in a bottle…

<3 DA Materia

I spritz myself with this whenever I have to deal with any bureaucratic process and have had 0 issues since starting to use it. Even dealt with people who were inordinately helpful, which is wonderful. This is also an anti-anxiety inducing mist that's great for using with other materia that may be more intense. Also great for bathing an item used for warding a home.


  1. This has been inordinately useful in entering workplaces where one needs to appeal to management to be on side, create energetic boundaries with colleagues, and protect one in workplace power dynamics. It allows one to be resolute, to show up, and to be able to inculcate in those who use the hydrosol an attitude to reject enmeshment and let one be. Spray this in the morning before work or – after a shower or salt bath post-work – to create a container for oneself for greater self-possession. It acts quickly, so very convenient.

  2. This review kinda got out of control lol.
    Tl;dr – I LOVE IT
    I work in Harm Reduction, for those unfamiliar with the term, essentially I help people who use drugs.
    Recovery looks different for everybody and a major principal of harm reduction is “any positive change”. Whether that’s using clean paraphernalia or checking the substance for dangerous additives. As one can imagine our mission often bumps against that of the police.
    I’ve been working with DAII since it’s initial launch and I was quite nervous inviting any kind of police energy into my sphere. But let me tell you, EVERY experience I’ve had with the police has been incredibly fair and productive. I’m a single black female driving around with naloxone, needless and fentanyl test strips and maybe sometimes a little maryj but when I’ve primed myself with DAII water or have my little jar of bluing liquid, that uncontrollable wave of fear and dread that usually accompanies the sight of police cruisers is muted. The panic and trauma of seeing people who look like me harassed and worse by police is calmed, freeing up brain space to think. And if I must interact with them, I find myself more confident and them much more receptive.
    I could go on and on, I didn’t even mention how wonderful it layers with Venus materia keeps the creeps at bay lol.
    But all this to say, if your spirit has led you to this series, try it! Layer it! And know that you are favored and protected

  3. I only got DA II about a month ago and I’m already half way through the bottle/spray. You can never go wrong with DA and it seems to compliment so many of the other materias. I do psychotherapy work and it helps me maintain energetic boundaries with clients – something a pisces moon like moi can use a lot of. Pretty sure I will be ordering refills for the rest of my life.

  4. Remember the Sta-Puff marshmallow man from the Ghostbusters movie. Deneb Algedi is your Sta-Puff marshmallow coat, warm and insulating and protective. Like a cocoon in a bottle — so much has happened this year and it feels like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop all the time. And the centipede does continue to kick off his sneakers, DA didn’t stop that, but it certainly insulates the blows. Let me explain one recent example:

    On Sunday, the first after Black Friday, with packages in my arms, I dropped my iPhone in a puddle, managed to retrieve it and get to the jeep with my packages, only to find I had lost my keys. I left my packages on the hood and retraced my steps, retrieved my keys and returned to the car where my packages were untouched.

    But the iPhone? Still on and functional with license and credit cards in its case / wallet intact. When I plugged in the charger, it disabled the charge bay and said it was wet. Several people suggested dropping it in rice, but one friend googled and found out that it was a myth and indeed, more phones are ruined by rice dust than water. So on top of the silica gel packets with a fan and two days later, it takes a charge quite happily.

    This is so typical of my experience with DA. It’s a karma monitor. It doesn’t change life on earth as we know it, but it cushions the sharp edges, and one has a distinct feeling of being blessed and cared for with DA running in the background. Not as other-worldly as Venus, or productive as Aldebaran or Mercury, but a stable foundation.

    DA I was my first S+S materia and I thought it would be a difficult act to follow. DA II, with its Jupiterian halo, is even better. Cannot recommend more highly.

  5. The waters tend to be the materia form that I use up the quickest. DA II being no exception and a piece that I think I’m absolutely going to have to replace soon. Perfect for opening workings around altar spaces or quick “pick me ups” throughout the day on person or space- especially for circumstances where you can’t have burnables and easier to apply over a larger area than an oil. DA II especially helps me feel grounded, centered, a breath of calm before whatever lies ahead, and more connected to the seafaring inclination of the election.

  6. I use the Deneb series primarily for protection of my mental peace and my apartment, for keeping away unwanted and negative energy. I use the water spray every evening when I go to sleep; one spray above my pillow. I do feel like it helps me to sleep in a more calm way. I definitely appreciate this series.

  7. My experience with the first and second series is similar to eepster’s. I’ve used both series when interacting with my Dean in relatively conflict-free but important scenarios. With the first DA series I felt I over did it, it’s nice to be confident with authority figures, but I almost missed an opportunity I was so focused on asserting my authority and rights within the power structure.

    With this second series I’ve noticed more of a calming effect, I can lead, ask for and receive the information and support I need, and so on, without having to resort to “demanding my rights”. I appreciate the mediating and benefic “good will and confidence” feeling of this series.

  8. Water of DA2, unlike the original (OG) DA, ends up being much more of a “cloaking” water. I have always enjoyed the water sprays, particularly using DA for some passive protection throughout the day. This series feels even more stealthy, as opposed to a very active protection that OG DA provided. OG DA was often like a metallic coating. Water of DA2 is much more easy to carry on you. There are many ways to “block” negativity. One way is to swat it away when it comes your way (OG DA). The other is making it so that it never makes the target (DA2).

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