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Salve of Deneb Algedi II

Salve of Deneb Algedi II


Herbs in correspondence and right relationship to Deneb Algedi’s protective, stabilizing, and wealth drawing Power, fumigated and immersed in a blend of organic extra virgin olive oil and organic golden jojoba during the height of the election for DAII.

Marjoram, mugwort, chamomile, goat’s rue, rue, gotu kola, kava kava, calamus root, juniper berry, slippery elm bark, mullein, valerian, catnip, skullcap, solomon’s seal, and more, alongside gentle essential oils of a Jupiterian and Saturnian nature.

Apply this salve before bed or times of high threat alert to calm the nervous system and protect against psychic disturbance.

Reinforces boundaries. Excellent during tough negotiations, interrogations, or to safeguard oneself against all manner of predators.

Pain reducing, calming, and anti-inflammatory properties. May work well for joint issues.

Rub for 1-3 minutes or more for the deepest, most penetrating results — into the feet, the neck and shoulders, lower back, earlobes, and heart (depending on what area you feel needs it most, or all for the most potent results).

Offered in a 2.5 oz tin for $66, or 4 oz bulk pot for $99, crowned with 24k gold.





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Fixed Star

Planetary Body


Benefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Waxing Gibbous Moon conj. Deneb Algedi + Jupiter on the MC, September 17th, 2021. Chart in image gallery.


2.5 oz, 4 oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

I can attest to the results that all the other reviews name…the salve does what this series promises, but it comes in very swiftly. I personally don’t love the scent, it smells very strong, the herbs are almost too pungent to me, so have to use this form away from my nose, and so when i apply it to my feet, it feels like I am as grounded as mature, strong, healthy and rooted tree. I feel focused, self-assured, confident, self-trusting, and that I deserve respect. And I have only felt the effects this directly and strongly from this series with the salve.


This is such a lovely Salve. Feels very supportive, anchoring. The marjoram scent is so comforting!


I LOVE this salve. I think of all the offerings of this series, this one is the best for day to day personal application. I apply this to the back of my neck and lower back before bedtime, and it makes me feel grounded and safe.
The smell is wonderfully medicinal and herbal.

Relieves chronic pain and nightmares

This salve is my #1 Sphere + Sundry materia. I use it every night before bed in two parts of my body with chronic pain. It has slowly been helping to calm my inflammation and soothe the chronic pain. I have had arthritis since childhood. This salve delivers such incredible relief - I have replaced all of my other topical pain relief with the Deneb Algedi salve. But the other *huge*, life-changing, so-magical-i-can't-believe it benefit of this salve is that it has made my recurring nightmare (and other nightmares) disappear. I honestly can't believe how consistent that's been. This is an incredible physical and emotional balm.

Luisa P.
a genuine daily driver!

I'm frankly due for a new jar of this stuff!!! Unlike most of the other spheres, in which application is dependent partially upon relationship and the current condition of its governing body, THIS is a salve I use every day, morning, afternoon, and night, any time I feel I need the extra boundary backup or simply need a little boost in saying no to that chocolate at 10pm that will keep me awake or pushing myself to take the recycling out because it really will only take 2 minutes and I'll feel so much better once it's done. I love Deneb Algedi and delivering this energy in a potent oil-based form makes for suuuch good insulation.


This salve has felt like providing scaffolding and a container for when I feel chaotic, anxious, and way too porous. It offers safety and protection, but also gently guides you toward integrity and staying in alignment with what is right and true. Also the smell is lovely and immediately calming. Love this stuff!


The first S+S salve I ever used. I was so blown away I FRANTICALLY went and bought the Immortal Heart & Regulus III salves. This one specifically aids in maintaining a good relationship with Deneb Algedi and with the body. It helps with orienting back to the body. I deal with chronic pain and frequently use this the way someone might otherwise use icy hot or tigers balm! I don’t know which ingredients in here are so good for chronic pain, but something in here WORKS. It also smells amazing, as everything in this series does- including the sub series. I initially used this on my lower back thinking that what I was experiencing was muscle pain, and that massaging in the salve would help, but I have found much later that it was actually JOINT pain that I was mainly experiencing. My suspicion is that the Saturnian influence of DA is helpful in that regard, but I don’t actually know. I haven’t tried the new Asclepius salve and I imagine it’s good for aches and pains, but this bad boy is very special to me for showing me the raw power of magick and relationship with Deneb Algedi, and becoming part of my daily routine for a significant period of time. Definitely also aids in reinforcing boundaries and being strict about them.


I was surprised at how much this series resonated with me. This salve is grounding and helps me inhabit my body. The encouragement to have boundaries and the gentle enforcement of them maks me feel safe, which leads to a state of peace. This is fantastic morning and night!

Powerful, and unexpected consequences

This salve is lovely for sleep, and smells pungently herby in an intoxicating way. I had an interesting experience with it when visiting family. I slathered myself in it at every gathering in order to protect myself from all the low-key drama and implied criticisms I usually experience with them. Well... it worked instead to show me in stark relief just how persistent, insidious, and pervasive their gaslighting is. It showed me that I'm not crazy, and that it's not good for me to be around them for long. It was a harsh lesson, but one I'm very grateful for. Deneb Algedi is an incredible series.

Iron fist in a velvet glove

When you need something more stern and grounding than the benefics, (which are more for pure relaxation). DA is firm yet soft. I use this especially after some high steak appearances where I've had to deal with many people's energies and need some serious grounding. An amazing hack to those of us who have a difficult Saturn natal placement.


  1. This is so nourishing and protective in a way that I didn’t quite expect from DA. I’m very much getting that Sky Grandma feeling that people have mentioned in their reviews, like a pot of bone broth soup. I’ve experienced a lot of inflammation this year and some joint pain, this has strengthened and empowered my legs (most affected body part) considerably.

  2. This salve is a wonderful ally for many things. The calm, gentle strength and reinforcement that it provides creates a kind of landing pad when situations are less than ideal. There is also a subtlety to its nature and a wise sturdiness which seems to guide towards usefulness, intelligent action, and away from internal strife and over-emotionality.

  3. Bought this exclusively to help seal my energy before and during sleep, and of course it has and I feel very safe now, but also just managed to put my finances in order for the first time in years! Unexpectedly lovely side effect. With a natal Venus Jupiter square, I don’t think I could OD on this.

  4. Believe the hype – this salve is the real deal! Seconding other’s reviews about this product’s encouragement of making good choices, feeling grounded, and providing general invisibility cloak qualities. I use it daily and notice a difference on days I skip it.

  5. This year and the next I have Saturn squaring several personal planets and this series have been the lifesaver from Heaven. This salve is especially potent! The first time I used it, I went overboard I almost fell asleep right away but it worked in easing my joint pains. The scent is beautiful, just like the oil. Saturn is in my 5th house, so it helps me with what I’m doing (I work in creative industry) so it brings perseverance, patience, and a lot of grace (yes, GRACE! I know Father Saturn is all about perfunctory action but there is grace in simplicity). What a great offering, thank you S+S Team & Mage Kaitlin!

  6. This salve smells really comforting to me – botanical and grounding. A little goes a long way and I carry it with me pretty much every time I leave the house. Both series of DA have worked extremely well at protecting boundaries at every level. When I first made an altar and said the prayer and invited DA II to protect my space there was an immediate synchronicity of nearby sirens going off for the longest time – about 10 mins continuously. The synchronicity feels like energetic rooting out of potential vulnerabilities in my environment to sure things up to be more solid and safe. This stuff works, I’m incredibly grateful for it and can’t recommend it highly enough.

  7. I’ve been using this salve for a little over a week and it’s quickly replaced my other salves and body butters. The smell is heavenly and the texture is silky smooth, immediately soaking into my skin. I wear this at bedtime for bedtime and anytime I drive to the office for protection. Highly recommend this if you’re looking for a soothingly fierce protection salve.

  8. This salve works for me for so many things: physical pain & inflammation due to injuries, relief from fibromyalgia symptoms (pain, fatigue, and “brain fog”). It’s grounding when I’m anxious, but not in a heavy way.

    It also makes me feel protected.

    I love this salve!

  9. I have an injured knee and purchased this salve to see if it might help my knee heal. I’ve been doing physical therapy exercises and also using this salve and since doing so I feel like the healing has sped up!

  10. DA II salve is a way more multipurpose tool than I ever thought it would be.

    I bought it for anti-anxiety and nervous system stabilising properties. It definitely helps me feel safe and secure in my own skin, and do constructive things to look after myself responsibly.

    It also seems anti-inflammatory, on multiple levels. My interactions with people take on a calmer yet pleasant tone. I feel more resilient and my days run smoother. I’m not so reactive, and it’s easier to make good decisions. It seems to help with pain levels as well, especially joint or inflammation based pain. I’ve found it to help with clearing my head – not just making good judgements, but also brain fog.

    It’s not heavy or overly serious, I feel that Jupiterian levity which makes this salve really easy to wear. It’s very well suited to day-to-day use (and the evening too!).

    An unassuming gem for me!

  11. This was my first Sphere & Sundry salve, and I love this medium for its portability and how easy it is to apply. It’s the materia that I’ve had the quickest physiological sensation from so far – a sense of being more alert that’s instantaneous. I keep my DA in a little bag and carry it around in my backpack. I apply to the steering wheel of whichever car I’m driving, and apply around whichever desk of my 2 jobs that I’m at. I also rub it around my tricky knee before putting on my knee sleeve before exercise class, and apply behind ears, etc. whenever I feel the need. It also makes a nice lip balm! I do feel that it has a protective effect and smooths the way overall. Someone mentioned particularly smooth travels, and we had the same experience! (Especially compared to past trips.) I actually didn’t bring it with me on this most recent trip, but anointed and carried the backpack where it always stays and I think that was enough.

  12. The DA salve, in comparison to the DA body butter, has a lighter smell, more herbal and less leather. For me for potency, you have oil > salve > body butter, and DA1 is like a shield, and DA2 is like an invisibility cloak. The salve again gives protection that is powerful but nimble. There’s something very soothing about this.

  13. This absolutely has to be one of my favorite salves from S+S. I’ve used it not just on my body but on my belongings, and wow – it really helped keep my recent travels smooth and easy. Almost like I was carried through them. I recently had to journey via plane, then back via shuttle-bus-train-train-shuttle. I was at all of my stops on time (is this the Jupiter aspect?) and no one tinkered with my stuff at all. I swiped the salve across all my luggage, said a small prayer, and on my body. Worked so well.

  14. The S+S salves have quickly become some of my favorite products. And this DA salve is truly special. The first time I rubbed it onto my feet, shoulders, and neck I felt the tension I’d been holding drain away. I was so grounded, calm and relaxed, and had one of the best sleeps in recent memory.

  15. I love salves the very best for personal applications if only for mundane reasons- my nails have NEVER been so fine. DAII salve extra nice.

    Sky grampa’s gaze can be withering if you choose to engage that way but in this gentle form it’s good choices ointment, perfect before bed to integrate the day’s lessons through the night. I’ve have had some profound personal insights about what safety and responsibility mean in my life by applying to the back of my neck and clavicle to navel before sleeping.

    The sent is light but penetrating marjoram. Not cleansing but clarifying. Fresh.

  16. My new favorite life hack for a trouble free playground visit with my kids.
    Have salve!
    Take a teeny tiny bit on your finger and run the salve along contentious bits of playground.
    Sit back and observe some not perfect, but respectful to others kids having fun.

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