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Salve of Deneb Algedi II

Salve of Deneb Algedi II


Herbs in correspondence and right relationship to Deneb Algedi’s protective, stabilizing, and wealth drawing Power, fumigated and immersed in a blend of organic extra virgin olive oil and organic golden jojoba during the height of the election for DAII.

Marjoram, mugwort, chamomile, goat’s rue, rue, gotu kola, kava kava, calamus root, juniper berry, slippery elm bark, mullein, valerian, catnip, skullcap, solomon’s seal, and more, alongside gentle essential oils of a Jupiterian and Saturnian nature.

Apply this salve before bed or times of high threat alert to calm the nervous system and protect against psychic disturbance.

Reinforces boundaries. Excellent during tough negotiations, interrogations, or to safeguard oneself against all manner of predators.

Pain reducing, calming, and anti-inflammatory properties. May work well for joint issues.

Rub for 1-3 minutes or more for the deepest, most penetrating results — into the feet, the neck and shoulders, lower back, earlobes, and heart (depending on what area you feel needs it most, or all for the most potent results).

Offered in a 2.5 oz tin for $66, or 4 oz bulk pot for $99, crowned with 24k gold.



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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Fixed Star

Planetary Body


Benefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Waxing Gibbous Moon conj. Deneb Algedi + Jupiter on the MC, September 17th, 2021. Chart in image gallery.


2.5 oz, 4 oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

This salve is true favourite of mine. Prefer to use it at night before sleep or meditation section. The smell is so clean and relaxing. Works well during the day for panic or emotional overload management.

Ezra Solomon
Helps You Feel Protected and More Safe Under Stress; Also An Effective Sleep Aid

I haven't used this salve in a while, but went through a container of it quickly when I did during a time of great stress last year. I would recommend trying it if you're facing an unusually stressful period or need assistance when dealing with authority figures somehow. I've also used this salve before sleep and find it to be an effective and comforting sleep aid. The scent may take some getting used to.

Reviewer avatar
Kelly S.
Very potent stuff!

I really didn't expect to enjoy this salve as much as I do, but since D.A. II in general was such a fantastic series for me to work with, I felt I ought to have some of this, as well. I'm so glad I did! I've used it to promote better sleep to great effect, and when I've woken from nightmares, applying the salve in the middle of the night is an excellent way to calm down and usher in a sounder sleep. There have been nights where I've applied this salve before bed just for the serene indulgence of it and did have what might qualify as 'nightmares,' but strangely these were the kinds of nightmares where I emerge triumphant, even if it means going through a lot of frightful hurdles along the way. I also like to use it after long soaks in the tub or even after hot showers, to feel grounded and embody a sense of cleanliness that extends throughout the auric body. In this way, it offers a kind of full-circle of fastidiousness, or a 'completeness' to a physical cleanse. Absolutely refreshing and clarifying!

Romana Clifton
No more bad dreams

This salve has been superb at warding off some intrusive negative dreams that I'd been struggling with... so much so that I almost worry about what will happen when I run out. I find myself wanting to reach for this at bed time pretty much every night. I know there are other ways to work with DA, and plenty of other warding and dreamwork techniques, so it really shouldn't be a thing to worry about. But this is just so convenient and pleasant and welcoming, and I am so grateful to have access to it.


This salve helps me feel softly grounded into my power. It was the first salve I'd purchased from a series and has become one of my favourite mediums. I like to rub it over my solar plexus, the centre of my chest, and the back base of my neck, connecting to my shoulders/upper back. It helps me feel confident and protected. My chart ruler Venus is conjunct DA natally, and engaging with this series has felt like a sigh of relief. When I wear this salve out of the house I've noticed that I receive less stressful & unwanted attention, which has felt like a blessing.

Calming and protective

This salve has proven to be indispensable for me at night. I rub it into the soles of my feet to bring on deep, calming sleep so I feel enrobed in protection. Have also used it when trying to sort out fraud issues and things were resolved ultra fast!

Nightmares be gone.

This salve is amazing if you have nightmares or insomnia from anxiety. It has an insulating quality that really helps—especially if you’ve been in a loop of nightmares or sleep paralysis. Love it. I’ll definitely repurchase when I run out.


I love the DAII salve. It helps me to feel protected and "off the radar." I made the mistake of taking a more-is-more approach when I first got it and quickly started to notice how curmudgeonly I'd get after slathering myself in it. Now, it's a faithful part of my regular routine, but with only a tiny swipe and always layered with either Jupiter in Sag or Pisces. This jar of salve is going to last me a looooong time.


This is so nourishing and protective in a way that I didn't quite expect from DA. I'm very much getting that Sky Grandma feeling that people have mentioned in their reviews, like a pot of bone broth soup. I've experienced a lot of inflammation this year and some joint pain, this has strengthened and empowered my legs (most affected body part) considerably.

Meredith McNown

This salve is a wonderful ally for many things. The calm, gentle strength and reinforcement that it provides creates a kind of landing pad when situations are less than ideal. There is also a subtlety to its nature and a wise sturdiness which seems to guide towards usefulness, intelligent action, and away from internal strife and over-emotionality.


  1. This is so nourishing and protective in a way that I didn’t quite expect from DA. I’m very much getting that Sky Grandma feeling that people have mentioned in their reviews, like a pot of bone broth soup. I’ve experienced a lot of inflammation this year and some joint pain, this has strengthened and empowered my legs (most affected body part) considerably.

  2. This salve is a wonderful ally for many things. The calm, gentle strength and reinforcement that it provides creates a kind of landing pad when situations are less than ideal. There is also a subtlety to its nature and a wise sturdiness which seems to guide towards usefulness, intelligent action, and away from internal strife and over-emotionality.

  3. Bought this exclusively to help seal my energy before and during sleep, and of course it has and I feel very safe now, but also just managed to put my finances in order for the first time in years! Unexpectedly lovely side effect. With a natal Venus Jupiter square, I don’t think I could OD on this.

  4. Believe the hype – this salve is the real deal! Seconding other’s reviews about this product’s encouragement of making good choices, feeling grounded, and providing general invisibility cloak qualities. I use it daily and notice a difference on days I skip it.

  5. This year and the next I have Saturn squaring several personal planets and this series have been the lifesaver from Heaven. This salve is especially potent! The first time I used it, I went overboard I almost fell asleep right away but it worked in easing my joint pains. The scent is beautiful, just like the oil. Saturn is in my 5th house, so it helps me with what I’m doing (I work in creative industry) so it brings perseverance, patience, and a lot of grace (yes, GRACE! I know Father Saturn is all about perfunctory action but there is grace in simplicity). What a great offering, thank you S+S Team & Mage Kaitlin!

  6. This salve smells really comforting to me – botanical and grounding. A little goes a long way and I carry it with me pretty much every time I leave the house. Both series of DA have worked extremely well at protecting boundaries at every level. When I first made an altar and said the prayer and invited DA II to protect my space there was an immediate synchronicity of nearby sirens going off for the longest time – about 10 mins continuously. The synchronicity feels like energetic rooting out of potential vulnerabilities in my environment to sure things up to be more solid and safe. This stuff works, I’m incredibly grateful for it and can’t recommend it highly enough.

  7. I’ve been using this salve for a little over a week and it’s quickly replaced my other salves and body butters. The smell is heavenly and the texture is silky smooth, immediately soaking into my skin. I wear this at bedtime for bedtime and anytime I drive to the office for protection. Highly recommend this if you’re looking for a soothingly fierce protection salve.

  8. This salve works for me for so many things: physical pain & inflammation due to injuries, relief from fibromyalgia symptoms (pain, fatigue, and “brain fog”). It’s grounding when I’m anxious, but not in a heavy way.

    It also makes me feel protected.

    I love this salve!

  9. I have an injured knee and purchased this salve to see if it might help my knee heal. I’ve been doing physical therapy exercises and also using this salve and since doing so I feel like the healing has sped up!

  10. DA II salve is a way more multipurpose tool than I ever thought it would be.

    I bought it for anti-anxiety and nervous system stabilising properties. It definitely helps me feel safe and secure in my own skin, and do constructive things to look after myself responsibly.

    It also seems anti-inflammatory, on multiple levels. My interactions with people take on a calmer yet pleasant tone. I feel more resilient and my days run smoother. I’m not so reactive, and it’s easier to make good decisions. It seems to help with pain levels as well, especially joint or inflammation based pain. I’ve found it to help with clearing my head – not just making good judgements, but also brain fog.

    It’s not heavy or overly serious, I feel that Jupiterian levity which makes this salve really easy to wear. It’s very well suited to day-to-day use (and the evening too!).

    An unassuming gem for me!

  11. This was my first Sphere & Sundry salve, and I love this medium for its portability and how easy it is to apply. It’s the materia that I’ve had the quickest physiological sensation from so far – a sense of being more alert that’s instantaneous. I keep my DA in a little bag and carry it around in my backpack. I apply to the steering wheel of whichever car I’m driving, and apply around whichever desk of my 2 jobs that I’m at. I also rub it around my tricky knee before putting on my knee sleeve before exercise class, and apply behind ears, etc. whenever I feel the need. It also makes a nice lip balm! I do feel that it has a protective effect and smooths the way overall. Someone mentioned particularly smooth travels, and we had the same experience! (Especially compared to past trips.) I actually didn’t bring it with me on this most recent trip, but anointed and carried the backpack where it always stays and I think that was enough.

  12. The DA salve, in comparison to the DA body butter, has a lighter smell, more herbal and less leather. For me for potency, you have oil > salve > body butter, and DA1 is like a shield, and DA2 is like an invisibility cloak. The salve again gives protection that is powerful but nimble. There’s something very soothing about this.

  13. This absolutely has to be one of my favorite salves from S+S. I’ve used it not just on my body but on my belongings, and wow – it really helped keep my recent travels smooth and easy. Almost like I was carried through them. I recently had to journey via plane, then back via shuttle-bus-train-train-shuttle. I was at all of my stops on time (is this the Jupiter aspect?) and no one tinkered with my stuff at all. I swiped the salve across all my luggage, said a small prayer, and on my body. Worked so well.

  14. The S+S salves have quickly become some of my favorite products. And this DA salve is truly special. The first time I rubbed it onto my feet, shoulders, and neck I felt the tension I’d been holding drain away. I was so grounded, calm and relaxed, and had one of the best sleeps in recent memory.

  15. I love salves the very best for personal applications if only for mundane reasons- my nails have NEVER been so fine. DAII salve extra nice.

    Sky grampa’s gaze can be withering if you choose to engage that way but in this gentle form it’s good choices ointment, perfect before bed to integrate the day’s lessons through the night. I’ve have had some profound personal insights about what safety and responsibility mean in my life by applying to the back of my neck and clavicle to navel before sleeping.

    The sent is light but penetrating marjoram. Not cleansing but clarifying. Fresh.

  16. My new favorite life hack for a trouble free playground visit with my kids.
    Have salve!
    Take a teeny tiny bit on your finger and run the salve along contentious bits of playground.
    Sit back and observe some not perfect, but respectful to others kids having fun.

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