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Luminous Crown Oil

Luminous Crown Oil


Equal parts organic olive and jojoba oils, ritually combined with consecrated Luminous Crown herbal mixture, precious metals, and gems on a hybrid election, featuring the Sun and Moon each in their signs of exaltation, supported by Venus in her rulership of Taurus, Saturn in rulership, and Mars in his single degree of exaltation. The chart can be found in the image gallery, and more about the effects and applications for this series can be read here.

The operation’s opening address featured individual entreaties to each sphere, the ingredients chosen a compound mélange, ensuring each planet and luminary had allied materia through which to find traction and gain influence.

Eyebright, life everlasting, and electrum (an alloy of gold and silver) for the dual Luminaries. For the Sun, Mastic gum, sunflower seed, rosemary, and bay laurel. For Luna, white lotus, orris, chamomile, and saltwater pearl. Feathers of a Solary and Lunary nature.

Tahitian vanilla, apple, damiana, and diamond in honor of the Fairer Benefic. Mullein and sassafras for Saturn. Alkanet, High John, and ruby for Mars. Saffron and Frankincense beget purity and opulence. Mugwort, rue, and sweet woodruff for potency. Grains of Paradise. Cinquefoil and Solomon’s seal. Angelica root and abre camino. The list goes on.

Anoint the Crown of the head, heart, and other power points as an invocation of one’s own spirit. Brings warmth, clarity, composure, and an energized calm. Apply on days and hours associated with the luminary or planet you are most looking to emphasize. Reinforces boundaries and facilitates auric density. Encourages personal congruence, patience, and groundedness. A profound tool for self-improvement, and faithful ally in one’s pursuit of Luminous Sovereignty.

Use in spellwork or anoint objects intended for material manifestation, or in support of self-actualization and selfhood.

Arrives in your choice of standard 1/2 oz glass vial for $84 (with an optional Dropper Cap Kit), a 10ml precious metal electrum roll-on for $108, or 10 ml w/ quartz rollerball for $68



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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in
Planetary Body

, , , ,

Chart Remediation

Moon — Good for people who are Lunar deficient and need support for the natal Moon, Sun — Good for people who are Solar deficient and need support for the natal Sun


Benefic, Neutral


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Friday, March 27, 2020. Hour of Sol. Chart in image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
the crown

When I first received this oil, I sent pictures to several friends cooing about its jewel-like color. It truly looks like molten rubies. And when I apply it to myself, all things seem to fall into place - nothing can really ruffle me. I've used this oil to skate through work and to energize myself during workouts, and countless times in between. In spellwork, LC oil seems to fortify and bolster anything I'm working on, adding power and focus. It's truly the crown jewel of S+S in my opinion!

Kicked my butt and made me love it

There are a few S+ series that reshaped my insides, and this was one of them. Very insistent and persistent energy that held up mirror after to mirror to all the ways I smash my own crowns. So helpful in pointing out stuck patterns in disguise as helpers and guiding me towards true shifts.

Tina R.
Slow and inexorably steady

This is the most powerfully centering oil in my possession. All my energy goes straight to my hara upon application and my mind quiets right down. There’s a heavy quality in the transmission, a deep steering, and a simultaneous feeling of stoppage of whatever pointless, habitual impulses are active. A feeling of brakes applied to the wrong places and a concentration of power somewhere deep. It’s a complex set of sensations!

I can’t report yet on outer world results because we haven’t been working together long enough. This series demands time and consistency and is not a shortcut. No fake-it-til-you-make-it energy here. LC wants me to be the real thing and that’s a multifaceted operation. What I can say is that I have simultaneously increased senses of both patience and my own worth as I make my way. The slow personal empire-building that LC encourages, brick by solid brick, feels right in my being. (My Venus and Saturn in Taurus both like this plan.)

This is The One

I keep the last dregs of this handy for when I need to conquer. Helps to integrate my sovereign self into a life which often hesitates to honor sovereignty in certain packages and in fact seeks to strip it. Helps to fully realize and to competently seek the dreams and goals of a self that is whole in spite of wishes and efforts otherwise. Helps to prosper and thrive in the face of any obstacle.

Scaffolding for your Sovereignty

I use this oil very sparingly because it is such a powerful tool. I often appear young, naive, or inexperienced to others; coupled with working in a male-dominated field, LC gives me a boost of gravitas and a general uplift in respect when I need it. It's great when I feel like I could use a bit more respect or thought of as an authority. I also use it when dealing with issues related to long term financial goals - keeping me calm and controlled to ask important questions and get what I need done.

Smells like wood, great for starting your day

When I say "smells like wood" it smells like polished, luxurious violin wood, and call me weird, but I like that smell. Very good for standing in your power and getting things done, and giving you a spine, especially for those with debilitated Mars.


This oil is so adaptable at empowering me through different situations that require the energy of the different spheres. A masterpiece.

Kim Foster

This hair oil is absolutely gorgeous, indulgent and makes me feel like a queen. The smell is divine! It's one of the most special things I've ever used and I will cherish every drop.

Georgia Green

I love this oil. It makes my back straighten and my shoulders fall back, makes me walk taller. I found it helpful as I was learning more about the planets as so many are involved here. This is a complex materia and I think of it as a long term course. It is potent and does run hot. A little goes a long way. Make sure you eat and drink plenty of fluids.

Travis Tuck

This oil was one of my first S&S purchases a few years ago, and to this day has remained as one of my favorite scents. It erodes all anxiety from being around negative and stress-inducing people, or in similar situations and environments. I particularly love how it helps me maintain a sense of calm joy and being self-assured. A sense of inner-safety that encourages me to take up and claim space in any room, while being endlessly at ease. This peaceful sovereignty projects from the inside out and protects me (and my sanity/patience) from almost anything I encounter.


  1. This hair oil is absolutely gorgeous, indulgent and makes me feel like a queen. The smell is divine! It’s one of the most special things I’ve ever used and I will cherish every drop.

  2. I love this oil. It makes my back straighten and my shoulders fall back, makes me walk taller. I found it helpful as I was learning more about the planets as so many are involved here. This is a complex materia and I think of it as a long term course. It is potent and does run hot. A little goes a long way. Make sure you eat and drink plenty of fluids.

  3. This oil was one of my first S&S purchases a few years ago, and to this day has remained as one of my favorite scents. It erodes all anxiety from being around negative and stress-inducing people, or in similar situations and environments. I particularly love how it helps me maintain a sense of calm joy and being self-assured. A sense of inner-safety that encourages me to take up and claim space in any room, while being endlessly at ease. This peaceful sovereignty projects from the inside out and protects me (and my sanity/patience) from almost anything I encounter.

  4. My partner gave me some LC oil as a present and I have been using it in situations where insecurity and anxiety hinders enjoying my own presence. I already use and love many of the ingredients listed in the description so that using it feels like a familiar friend is helping me see how to make new situations more fun.

  5. I began utilizing LC oil about a week ago and I’d been having a difficult time stepping back into my power after a difficult pandemic experience. It has noticeably changed my sense of self and power, and has helped me step out of a sense of victimhood, into a sense of being able to accomplish. The idea that it helps you step into your soveriegnty feels like a completely apt description. Intentionally I’m using it mostly as a mars in capricorn paliative, but all the astrological notes come through, probably especially venus. The first day I put it on I had people offer to buy me breakfast and dinner, and then the next day someone offered to buy me breakfast again, a strange but interesting synchronicity.

  6. This oil and series grew on me. And I t’s now one I use almost daily. It helps me feel centered, grounded, and focused—like I can get my shit together and get things done.

  7. Luminous Crown Oil is strong, complex, dignified, fortifying, fierce and elegant. The oil smells beautiful. I feel very cared for when I use it, that it helps gather my strength and reserves for my highest and best… even that which seems beyond my reach or imagination. As mentioned in the description it is to be used over the long term which seems true~ it is big- support, vision, and pulls your shoulders back to get you there steadily. It is complex with all the planets but I have found that very helpful in getting to know those planets and their relationships. This aspect has been especially helpful for untangling my understanding of my natal chart angles. Great advice to try it on different days and planetary hours. A word of caution: a little goes a long way! I have to remember to eat before I use it or I will not be interested and will run hot until my tank is exhausted.

  8. This is a great “all purpose” series. It’s so versatile because of how many planets it incorporates. I use it for daily devotionals and for whenever I need some extra oomph or confidence.

  9. My experience with Luminous Crown has been incredibly powerful, thus far. The most profound take away for me is a very real, a very deja vu recollection of being whole and strong – aside from any outside influence or person. Sovereign is very much a key word that resonates with me as I work with LC. Secure. Strong. At Ease. These are also the waves of feelings that I’ve noticed as I’ve worked with LC. I’m blown away with the deeply healing ❤️‍ and confidence building nature of this series. I’ll continue to use it as I power through boundary issue work and a deep metamorphosis phase. So grateful for this series and its stand alone nature as well as its powerful layering potential with my Jupiter Talisman and Mercury materia. ☄️

  10. I wear luminous crown when I know I need to be operating on all cylinders. I wear it when I know I am going to be battling against strong currents and need the advantage of the wind at my back. Luminous crown provides me with the ability to keep working at tasks that are difficult, push myself further when I would normally run out of steam, and to face people with confidence that would be otherwise intimidating. Luminous Crown topped with a Jupiter oil of choice is my secret weapon. This is the oil I reached for when I interviewed for a promotion at my work that everyone wanted and included had global competition. I was drilled with some of the toughest questions I have ever been asked on an interview before, recorded on camera while one of the 3 people interviewing me was clearly assessing my body language and facial expressions (they have their degree in Psychology). Luminous Crown rendered me calm, confident and centered in my power. The fact that I was not a ball of nerves tripping over my own answers I give full credit to Luminous Crown! Yes, I got that promotion. So, do I recommend Luminous Crown? 1000000% YESSS!

  11. Luminous Crown is a pretty heavy oil for me. I find that it has placed me in situations that require me to claim my sovereignty, almost like a test but with no wrong answers. It encourages you to look at yourself with compassion and honesty. It makes you work so you don’t take the easy way out, but instead end up on the route that’s clearly best for you, even if it’s a challenging drive.
    Full disclosure: I use a ton of S+S, so anything I say here has been supplemented by various series on their respective days. But the sort of experiences that manifest have a serious, tough-love quality that feels like this election, so I’m confident that LC is the main driver.

  12. My chart has a lot of cadent placements, only one angular planet, sect light in the 8th: not exactly predisposed to sovereignty.

    This oil is incredibly effective, has supported and guided me through some of the hardest and most important changes in my life so far. Thank you !

  13. I LOVE this oil! It has just the amount of Saturn. It helps me invigorated but also grounded and productive! I highly recommend this oil.

  14. Utilize this oil primarily as a feeder for a sovereignty talisman consecrated under 2020’s Great Conjunction, and the life changes tied to it have been extraordinary. Incredibly empowering stuff.

  15. This oil takes time to work, but it does! It’s great for all things confidence building, standing your ground, and plowing through- Think of it as Venus in Libra doing the talking, and Saturn in the background providing the right level of assertiveness needed for situations where you need him most. Or Libra doing the talking, and Mercury in Aries giving you the energy and wit to fight back graciously. Conversations tend to lean in your favour. The energy of this oil can be heavy specially at night time, so wear it with care.

  16. It took me many months to discover how this oil best supports me and can be used most effectively. Over time, I came to primarily use it to give a boost to other oils and workings depending on the day of the week. And, to boost composure, boundaries, and coherency in self-expression before work situations.

    My sun is in the 12th house and I find this oil to have a brightening and composing effect in terms of how I use it to prepare myself for a variety of situations. However, I will note I usually layer the oil with 1-2 others on any given day I use it.

    This oil is handy for when I have to face situations I’m not looking forward to, as well as situations that are important to me. It has a warming nature that I find both strengthening and reassuring depending on when and why I use it. I have gone through one roller and one 1/2 oz, and will probably buy more before it runs out.

  17. So I’m a full moon baby with a night chart, a dignified sun but a -12 scored sect light and chart ruler. This oil has really enabled my sun to shine and has helped me begin the long process of healing all the issues I have around my moon – especially by helping me find my footing and sovereignty following a lifetime of narcissistic abuse from my matrilineal side. Since this series has a lot of dignities that play well with my own, it feels empowering, which I think has been the best, safest way to engage with lunar remediation without completely draining me. It plays well with other series I have on heavy rotation, especially my treasured Sun in Apollo talisman and Immortal Heart oil, which I use at night with Moon-Neptune oil before bed for dream healing. I anoint my heart chakra with LC oil in the morning to help ground and integrate that healing. And I’m still thinking of other ways to use this oil because its nature is so versatile. If you don’t already have it on hand, I’d recommend changing that before it completely runs out.

  18. My favorite oil for auric integrity after cleansing. Likely because of the all-purpose nature. Pairs super well with Ascelepius for me!

  19. The election for this is so baller that I have a second bottle on reserve and use it for manifold purposes. Succinctly, I like it for feeling “at the helm” while still maintaining style and physical grace. Good for making a formidable impression in social situations or important meetings.

  20. LC oil to me has the Mars and Moon aspect showing up for me, along with the Sol aspect. My natal chart has Mars, Moon, and Venus in Earth signs, so that throws up for me here as well, as well as the Sun being in a Fire sign. I find this deeply grounding, centering in myself and feeling very calm.

  21. This oil is truly a gem. I have moved past long-standing blocks to growth and success. I see myself differently now: as someone worthy and deserving of claiming authority over that which I have strived (relentlessly) for. I always thought success and high achievement belonged to someone else and not me. Not anymore. Realizing the heights you are capable of is powerful knowledge.

    I use it mostly on the days and hours of the Sun and Mars. Its influence is profound and unfolds quietly over time. Tectonic shifts, not fireworks.

  22. The luminous crown oil is beautiful and has been a very powerful aid in areas of boundary setting and confidence building- especially when having to put myself out there- teaching, lecturing etc. I like to pair it with other oils to give them some extra punch.

  23. This oil has invited me to step up through so many lessons, and I know there are many more. The changes and rewards it has brought has made the extra effort it requires to wield all the more worth it.

  24. This has been my “every day” oil since my birthday in August 2020; and it has literally kept my ship on an even keel during the rockiest of storms…She is like a solid rock that keeps you grounded so that you can truly shoot your shot.

    Thank you, Kaitlin!!! 🙂

  25. Working with Luminous Crown has been an ongoing practice of trusting my own sovereignty and authority, abiding in the radiance of what I know that I know, and offering what I bring to the world with clarity and confidence. As a professor, public speaker, artist and performer, I am constantly required to trust my own vision and voice. I think we all experience imposter syndrome in various ways and contexts—especially those of us who belong to marginalized communities—and Luminous Crown has been an excellent companion in relying on my own experiences and believing that I can accomplish what I am setting out to accomplish. Black lesbian feminist Audre Lorde once wrote, “I am who I am doing what I came to do,” and this is what I feel when I work with Luminous Crown. I often pair it with Exalted Mercury oil, supporting my thoughts and words in being articulate and clear, then bringing that clarity and precision to the powerful self-determination and sovereignty radiating from Luminous Crown. If you struggle with trusting in the validity of your own experiences, taking up the mantle of your callings with confidence, or residing in your own shining place in the world, this materia could be a supportive companion for you.

  26. This is my go to oil. It gives me a get up and go energy but not jittery. It’s a soft discipline that helps me take action. I saw huge results the first few times using this oil.

  27. For me it just keeps unfolding lesson upon lesson, working with this talisman has brought about immense changes in many aspect of myself, and it keeps teaching more, and more. Thank you!

  28. It took me a good amount of time to learn how to use this oil, but now, especially during late 2020 and into 2021, it has been a constant go-to! It keeps me grounded during periods of prolonged anxiety, and it keeps my emotions contained when I need to remain functional (kinda the opposite of Immortal Heart, in that way). I have found that, for me, it works well with Deneb Algedi and both Mars oils to keep me focused on the work that needs to get done. The tincture seems to work similarly well in all these ways.

  29. I have found this oil to be luminous in the sense that it shines a sunny spotlight on the area of life I direct it toward (or on me in general). However, it also has a strong, grounded and protective quality that makes the effect different from a more, say, Jupiter-blessed oil. In my experience, sleeplessness is definitely likely during use, as luminous crown has a highly energizing influence. I love the versatility of this series, which allows one to work with so many of the planets in the signs of their rulership or exaltation. If you can only get one thing from S+S, I would recommend this!

  30. I’ve used this oil to boost my manifestation power in magical workings and to boost my prestige at work. I feel above it all, calm, centered, and a high sense of self worth. I feel it also attracts success in my life. I’ve gotten clear path of how to achieve financial independence with this oil. Worth it.

  31. When I first started using LC oil I experienced strong peaks in energy – I would put in the oil, my attention would be gently drawn to address an issues that I had been tolerating for some time,I’d become intensely focused on the work, and then look up when I had finished the project feeling ready for a cat nap.

    Defending my kingdom has felt very literal as there is an invasive bug that has been aggressively spreading into my state. With the LC oil I became an efficient and committed defender of my realm, and quickly learned how to trick the bugs into jumping to their doom in a bucket of soapy water.

    With longer use I have also seen an emphasis on using my assets in their most impactful way – even more than being careful with my spending, this has included creating beautiful gifts out of things in my possession that I haven’t been making full use of, and passing them along to others in ways that build relationships and connection.

    When I originally started using the oil I made a long list of projects I might take on around my house – which is a little funny, as I live in a rental with other people – and a few months later my sights have shifted. Instead of fixing up someone else’s property I am preparing to leave the city I’ve lived in for twelve years, with an eye towards buying property and setting down permanent roots where I land. For years the thought of leaving has been unimaginable, and this summer I got the clarity that I need to be close to swimmable water, and my other baseline requirements, and that desire feels like enough to lean on and move forward with. There are other pieces of work supporting the shift as well and I know the LC oil has been an incredible help in preparing me for this change. Eep! Into the unknown.

  32. It took me a few tries to understand how this oil worked for me. At first it felt great, and then I had a major downshift in mood. After taking some time and looking at my other S+S materia, I decided to start layering it with Exalted Venus oil. WOW! Perhaps because in my natal chart, Venus rules Saturn and she has an overcoming square to my Moon-Mars in Scorpio conjunction, but she REALLY balanced the energy out for me. Now, I use them together on the daily, and honestly have noticed my relationship build with it over time. I feel more able to express myself in a clear, effective manner, and I am less likely to fall into a people-pleasing habit that was more harmful than helpful. S+S materia can take some time to understand, but it is always effective in the long run.

  33. LC oil makes me feel Queenly. Of all the S&S ware, it is the most complex, sophisticated yet very powerful. It has the just the right amount of Mars for me, who generally don’t vibe well with either excess Mars or excess solar energy. But this particular combination suits me very well. However, it is for the long haul. Things are developing and brewing. Many stubborn believes about myself or the way I see the world are being corrected. I am starting to see myself and others like a Queen would. Petty grievances are beneath me because I have a queendom to run. Also, to be seen or not be seen is not the issue – this isn’t about that kind of ego. The Queen rules, must rule and does so with absolute grace and certainty in her abilities.

  34. It is still early days for me with LC oil, as I’ve only had it for about a month. It’s been an interesting one to learn and get to know because there is so much going on there – I joked recently to my herbalist neighbour (and dear friend) about it being a spiritual adaptogen. There’s definitely been an adjustment period and an attunement to it, and that in itself has been a valuable journey. It feels like the steady unpicking of knots in my own life, internal and external. I have the strong sense that this is to open my way and push me forward onto a path where I am able to truly embody sovereignty – build a throne I am proud to take, perhaps. I’ve been noticing, even if I put in on to work or meditate, I’ll end up having significant and beneficial conversations with partners that help redraw healthy boundaries, or breakthroughs of my own that I actually feel able to follow through on. I now have a much keener sense of directions to move forward, and what feels like a more outward looking perspective. It has not been an airy, glamoured or insubstantial type of regal, but grounded with a deep sense of responsibility. I love that, because usually my leo sun is all for the former but struggles (is intimidated) to convert it and solidify it into the latter. I am excited for what more there is to unpack in this journey.

    (Also shout out to Saturn/Venus day-hour combinations for use in productivity when emotionally burnt out or reluctant. Fusing the two energies has worked surprisingly well for me when I’ve been receptive to using feminine forces to achieve something.)

  35. I’ve been using this pretty consistently since it came to me in mid-June, so obviously will still be in observation mode for longer term impacts. But! I wanted to talk about an unexpected feature of using this oil– getting me to REST. I started noticing this when I’d want to get an extra boost on doing work, and instead my urges went completely to “nope! go lie down!” So now, if I use it before I really start my day, I can feel the benefits to any productive thing I want/need to get done and then I easily transition into resting. I love it for that and am excited to keep using it!

  36. Sit up! Straighten your shoulders! Chin up!

    YOU ARE ROYALTY. This is your crown, and your duty is to serve. The sovereign has power, but has to take care of their subjects, or they are simply a tyrant.

    If you need something to help you come in to your own, grasp you and elevate you to where you need to be, this is it. People will reach for you, and seek your aid. Magical, and mundane.

    Make sure you’re ready for that responsibility. This oil is a fantastic teacher, if you listen. Along with being a fantastic tool in your magic kit!

  37. I’m just at the beginning of my journey with LC as it’s powerful and I’ve been measured in my use of it. Using this combined with the Orphic hymns is very powerful! I notice the energy of the planet/God all through the day. I’ve also noticed that it highlights boundary issues for me and I need to be patient with others and myself, as fixed boundary dynamics don’t change overnight. It makes me feel ‘solid’, as I’m super ‘watery’. It provides a feeling of ‘safety’ within myself, but also strong nudges of where I need focus my growth efforts on myself. I’m mindful that I need to be careful to not come across as too forceful in my opinions when using it…but also a shoring up of trust in my own intuition and perspectives. It’s motivated me to include Luna, Mars, Venus, Saturn and Sol in my practises/altar. For this I’m grateful. It feels like it’s building more of a cohesive spiritual framework. I’m looking forward to the rest of the journey/work!

  38. This oil is regal, serious and ancient, with a vibrant, graceful sweetness. Often when I first try an S+S offering, I get a kind of “teaching download” about what it has to “say”. With LC, I had an extended half-asleep dream of some ancient solar consciousness- stable, infinite, radiating through the corridors of time, speaking of levels of mind that seem almost out of reach for a contemporary mortal… yet here it was, touching my being for a few moments, with an invitation to learn more. I find meditating with a single oil helps me learn/integrate their gifts. I have Sun, Moon, Venus, and Saturn ALL in signs of fall or detriment, and my Mars is neutral at best. I love all Kaitlin’s work- it is true Art- and LC feels especially balanced and lifting to me.

  39. I’ve been using Luminous Crown Oil layered with Jupiter’s Bounty Oil and a spritz of Luminous Crown hydrosol. I definitely feel the immediate energy toward productivity and power, with the oils helping sustain that sense throughout the day. I can also see and feel a difference in how I’m showing up over time (especially for work, which is super high-stress these days). My team has been looking to me for more guidance and leadership as the economic downturn has required some difficult management decisions, and LC has really supported my ability to be a source of stability and inspiration toward the team’s continued achievement. It’s also helped me better manage my own stress by channeling the regal power of this election.

  40. A powerful oil, as I’ve come to expect from S+S.
    When I held the oil bottle for the first time I felt a weight settle on my head and shoulders.
    I have always been motivated and hard working (I’ve had coworkers at multiple jobs say things like, “take a break, you’re making us look bad”, etc). So following the steps to complete a long-term project has never been a problem for me, but this oil adds a little more. I’m working to attain personal sovereignty, as this series would suggest, doing the work to get myself there. I tell myself that I’ll take a break after I finish this one step, then I’ll do 2-3 more steps after that. And I swear I am getting things done faster than I expected. I honestly don’t know how it’s possible. I’m doing more and I have more time in the day??
    Also I tend to be somewhat timid with those who say things that I disagree with or who I feel are taking advantage of me. I prefer not to cause tension or to be rude to them even though they are being rude to me. Since using this oil I’ve had several interactions where I successfully stood up for myself or have gotten my point across without feeling like I’m being a jerk.
    One last point. This oil sticks around. The driving force that I feel from it stays with me for days. I would personally caution against using it every day. It is really powerful.
    This oil came at the exact right time for me. Thank you S+S <3 <3 <3

  41. If you want to feel energized, empowered and sovereign, then I suggest this blend. It is perfect for Uplifting the heart and to really help you to do the things we came here to do. It helps with courage and acceptance of oneself as one is and to shine ones light and gifts onto the world without an ounce of doubt to get in the way. I am not adept in the astrology components, but I am intentional in my magical processes. These masterfully blended oils are easy to use and I highly suggest you thoughtfully read through any of the info provided, plus do any additional research you feel necessary. I like to also read others observations/manifestations with them as well. Mostly follow your heart with a clear focus and intention. These blends offer a very real and palpable magic that should always be respected and kept sacred that are meant to be used.

  42. I absolutely love this oil! It is bright, uplifting and confidence boosting. It is also super lovely layered with Jupiter’s Bounty water! <3

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