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Luminous Crown Oil

Luminous Crown Oil


Equal parts organic olive and jojoba oils, ritually combined with consecrated Luminous Crown herbal mixture, precious metals, and gems on a hybrid election, featuring the Sun and Moon each in their signs of exaltation, supported by Venus in her rulership of Taurus, Saturn in rulership, and Mars in his single degree of exaltation. The chart can be found in the image gallery, and more about the effects and applications for this series can be read here.

The operation’s opening address featured individual entreaties to each sphere, the ingredients chosen a compound mélange, ensuring each planet and luminary had allied materia through which to find traction and gain influence.

Eyebright, life everlasting, and electrum (an alloy of gold and silver) for the dual Luminaries. For the Sun, Mastic gum, sunflower seed, rosemary, and bay laurel. For Luna, white lotus, orris, chamomile, and saltwater pearl. Feathers of a Solary and Lunary nature.

Tahitian vanilla, apple, damiana, and diamond in honor of the Fairer Benefic. Mullein and sassafras for Saturn. Alkanet, High John, and ruby for Mars. Saffron and Frankincense beget purity and opulence. Mugwort, rue, and sweet woodruff for potency. Grains of Paradise. Cinquefoil and Solomon’s seal. Angelica root and abre camino. The list goes on.

Anoint the Crown of the head, heart, and other power points as an invocation of one’s own spirit. Brings warmth, clarity, composure, and an energized calm. Apply on days and hours associated with the luminary or planet you are most looking to emphasize. Reinforces boundaries and facilitates auric density. Encourages personal congruence, patience, and groundedness. A profound tool for self-improvement, and faithful ally in one’s pursuit of Luminous Sovereignty.

Use in spellwork or anoint objects intended for material manifestation, or in support of self-actualization and selfhood.

Arrives in a 1/2 oz vial for $84

Optional for those who prefer to apply their oils with a dropper or roller…



Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Jar or Vial Size

1/2 oz

Planetary Body

, , , ,

Chart Remediation

Moon — Good for people who are Lunar deficient and need support for the natal Moon, Sun — Good for people who are Solar deficient and need support for the natal Sun


Benefic, Neutral


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Friday, March 27, 2020. Hour of Sol. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. Avatar

    It is still early days for me with LC oil, as I’ve only had it for about a month. It’s been an interesting one to learn and get to know because there is so much going on there – I joked recently to my herbalist neighbour (and dear friend) about it being a spiritual adaptogen. There’s definitely been an adjustment period and an attunement to it, and that in itself has been a valuable journey. It feels like the steady unpicking of knots in my own life, internal and external. I have the strong sense that this is to open my way and push me forward onto a path where I am able to truly embody sovereignty – build a throne I am proud to take, perhaps. I’ve been noticing, even if I put in on to work or meditate, I’ll end up having significant and beneficial conversations with partners that help redraw healthy boundaries, or breakthroughs of my own that I actually feel able to follow through on. I now have a much keener sense of directions to move forward, and what feels like a more outward looking perspective. It has not been an airy, glamoured or insubstantial type of regal, but grounded with a deep sense of responsibility. I love that, because usually my leo sun is all for the former but struggles (is intimidated) to convert it and solidify it into the latter. I am excited for what more there is to unpack in this journey.

    (Also shout out to Saturn/Venus day-hour combinations for use in productivity when emotionally burnt out or reluctant. Fusing the two energies has worked surprisingly well for me when I’ve been receptive to using feminine forces to achieve something.)

  2. Avatar

    I’ve been using this pretty consistently since it came to me in mid-June, so obviously will still be in observation mode for longer term impacts. But! I wanted to talk about an unexpected feature of using this oil– getting me to REST. I started noticing this when I’d want to get an extra boost on doing work, and instead my urges went completely to “nope! go lie down!” So now, if I use it before I really start my day, I can feel the benefits to any productive thing I want/need to get done and then I easily transition into resting. I love it for that and am excited to keep using it!

  3. Avatar

    Sit up! Straighten your shoulders! Chin up!

    YOU ARE ROYALTY. This is your crown, and your duty is to serve. The sovereign has power, but has to take care of their subjects, or they are simply a tyrant.

    If you need something to help you come in to your own, grasp you and elevate you to where you need to be, this is it. People will reach for you, and seek your aid. Magical, and mundane.

    Make sure you’re ready for that responsibility. This oil is a fantastic teacher, if you listen. Along with being a fantastic tool in your magic kit!

  4. Avatar

    I’m just at the beginning of my journey with LC as it’s powerful and I’ve been measured in my use of it. Using this combined with the Orphic hymns is very powerful! I notice the energy of the planet/God all through the day. I’ve also noticed that it highlights boundary issues for me and I need to be patient with others and myself, as fixed boundary dynamics don’t change overnight. It makes me feel ‘solid’, as I’m super ‘watery’. It provides a feeling of ‘safety’ within myself, but also strong nudges of where I need focus my growth efforts on myself. I’m mindful that I need to be careful to not come across as too forceful in my opinions when using it…but also a shoring up of trust in my own intuition and perspectives. It’s motivated me to include Luna, Mars, Venus, Saturn and Sol in my practises/altar. For this I’m grateful. It feels like it’s building more of a cohesive spiritual framework. I’m looking forward to the rest of the journey/work!

  5. Avatar

    This oil is regal, serious and ancient, with a vibrant, graceful sweetness. Often when I first try an S+S offering, I get a kind of “teaching download” about what it has to “say”. With LC, I had an extended half-asleep dream of some ancient solar consciousness- stable, infinite, radiating through the corridors of time, speaking of levels of mind that seem almost out of reach for a contemporary mortal… yet here it was, touching my being for a few moments, with an invitation to learn more. I find meditating with a single oil helps me learn/integrate their gifts. I have Sun, Moon, Venus, and Saturn ALL in signs of fall or detriment, and my Mars is neutral at best. I love all Kaitlin’s work- it is true Art- and LC feels especially balanced and lifting to me.

  6. Avatar

    I’ve been using Luminous Crown Oil layered with Jupiter’s Bounty Oil and a spritz of Luminous Crown hydrosol. I definitely feel the immediate energy toward productivity and power, with the oils helping sustain that sense throughout the day. I can also see and feel a difference in how I’m showing up over time (especially for work, which is super high-stress these days). My team has been looking to me for more guidance and leadership as the economic downturn has required some difficult management decisions, and LC has really supported my ability to be a source of stability and inspiration toward the team’s continued achievement. It’s also helped me better manage my own stress by channeling the regal power of this election.

  7. Avatar

    A powerful oil, as I’ve come to expect from S+S.
    When I held the oil bottle for the first time I felt a weight settle on my head and shoulders.
    I have always been motivated and hard working (I’ve had coworkers at multiple jobs say things like, “take a break, you’re making us look bad”, etc). So following the steps to complete a long-term project has never been a problem for me, but this oil adds a little more. I’m working to attain personal sovereignty, as this series would suggest, doing the work to get myself there. I tell myself that I’ll take a break after I finish this one step, then I’ll do 2-3 more steps after that. And I swear I am getting things done faster than I expected. I honestly don’t know how it’s possible. I’m doing more and I have more time in the day??
    Also I tend to be somewhat timid with those who say things that I disagree with or who I feel are taking advantage of me. I prefer not to cause tension or to be rude to them even though they are being rude to me. Since using this oil I’ve had several interactions where I successfully stood up for myself or have gotten my point across without feeling like I’m being a jerk.
    One last point. This oil sticks around. The driving force that I feel from it stays with me for days. I would personally caution against using it every day. It is really powerful.
    This oil came at the exact right time for me. Thank you S+S <3 <3 <3

  8. Avatar

    If you want to feel energized, empowered and sovereign, then I suggest this blend. It is perfect for Uplifting the heart and to really help you to do the things we came here to do. It helps with courage and acceptance of oneself as one is and to shine ones light and gifts onto the world without an ounce of doubt to get in the way. I am not adept in the astrology components, but I am intentional in my magical processes. These masterfully blended oils are easy to use and I highly suggest you thoughtfully read through any of the info provided, plus do any additional research you feel necessary. I like to also read others observations/manifestations with them as well. Mostly follow your heart with a clear focus and intention. These blends offer a very real and palpable magic that should always be respected and kept sacred that are meant to be used.

  9. Avatar

    I absolutely love this oil! It is bright, uplifting and confidence boosting. It is also super lovely layered with Jupiter’s Bounty water! <3

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