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Pisces Moon-Neptune Oil

Pisces Moon-Neptune Oil


Blue lotus, mugwort, oyster mushroom, salt water pearl, chamomile, myrrh, and silver leaf were ritually combined in liquid coconut oil with other ingredients sympathetic to the work under the auspices of the Full Pisces lunation of 2018, aspecting Jupiter and conjunct Neptune. An intact Lunesta moth was submerged in each bottle, which dissolved in the mixture to become as the patron spirit of this oil, delivering messages and assisting in etheric transport.

This oil can be used as a ritual or channeling primer, in order to enhance subtle perception, psychism, mediumship abilities, and seership. It induces an altered trance state which promotes visionary capacity and helps gain access to the other realms, which can assist with communication between the self and non-human or deceased entities. It can be used before bed to vivify dreams, enhance recall, or — intentionally guided — empower lucid dreaming.

Arrives in your choice of standard 1/2 oz glass vial for $63 (with an optional Dropper Cap Kit), or 10 ml roll-on w/ Mother of Pearl rollerball for $51


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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Planetary Body


Benefic, Neutral


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

August 26th, 2018. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. This oil is so lovely. I find the scent extremely pleasing and it’s been tremendously helpful.

  2. I was lucky enough to get a partial bottle of this and treasure every drop. First of all, the oil is beautiful and I am mesmerized just staring at it. I use a very small amount, applied to my third eye, when I want to sleep deeply and get in tune with the messages my subconscious is relaying to me. It’s amazing paired with Fomalhaut, and I’m looking forward to using it with Luna in Cancer.

  3. I use this oil nightly to enhance my dream space and the subconscious work I do while sleeping. I apply the most tiny touch to the crown of my head. I find it extremely potent- sometimes I only need to open the vial and ‘apply’ to my energy field. I am naturally pretty in-tune with my dream life having my natal Moon in the first with a sextile from Neptune, this just turns up the dial and assures a steady flow and connection to my ongoing dream work so that it can remain cohesive and steady. My only regret is not having snapped up some of the water from this series as well.

  4. During the recent Neptune Cazimi I gathered with a group of witches to enter a trance state, pray, heal, resonate and shapeshift. Through toning, song, poetry, and ecstatic dance we combined our energies within the cauldron and made manifest numerous untold realities.

    We had met for this intention twice before, but on this eve I came with Moon-Neptune oil as offering, and each one of us anointed and opened under its influence.
    Hypnotic, slightly entheogenic … barriers and boundaries dissolve allowing for easing into trance work and Hive Mind quickly and powerfully.

    An absolute gift for those looking to connect to the Great Mystery solo or in group setting.

  5. As someone new to Sphere + Sundry’s offerings, I totally recommend this oil! I sometimes put it on before sleeping for dream work. But also recommend it for general liminal work/abundance work, specifically connecting with spirits.

    I’m currently experiencing transiting Neptune in Pisces opposing my Natal Mercury and have been looking for ways to nourish this energy in helpful ways like dream work, meditation, art-making, and spirit communication.

    Mercury entered Pisces today and I had a very magical experience my local woods connecting with the local spirits after rubbing the oil on my wrists and forehead and some carvings I made that were small enough to fit in my pocket and bring with me.

    On this walk, I stumbled upon a sacred site in the woods with amazing presence and a very surreal since that I’d time traveled! Highly recommend. (This coming from a very cerebral Sun/Merc in Virgo)

  6. In true fashion to this series, I’m having a hard time describing the effect this series has had on me. Let’s start with something basic: regular application of this oil has resulted in more consistent engagement with the occult. I pray to my deities more regularly, I do daily tarot pulls where that used to never be a thing with me.

    Then, there are the dreams. I usually forget my dreams. I still forget my dreams with Moon-Neptune in Pisces if I don’t take note of them, but I remember them more easily than before. My dreams are more vivid as well.

    Finally, there’s engagement with the Astral realm. This is something I was working on prior to working with Moon-Neptune but my engagement is deeper and more vivid than before.

    If you’re looking to connect more spiritually to the world around you, I highly recommend Moon-Neptune in Pisces.

  7. I love this oil! From the moment I opened the package I just wanted hold it. For me it helps some with dream recall, but more so I have actually found it useful in doing what I would akin to shadow work. If I’ve been dealing with something I haven’t been able to vocalize and/or have ignored this oil will force it through as processioning through dreams (this only works when I consciously apply it with the intent to deal with what ever it is before I go to bed). I will have very vivid dream play out exactly what I’m feeling/not expressing. I have also found it combines interestingly with ‘Honey & Quicksilver’ from the Quicksilver Tongue series. While listening to music especially anything that I’ve associated with a particular time in my life or memory, it would take me right back to that memory or feeling and it will be crystal clear. I haven’t yet explored Moon-Neptune with meditation work yet, but I am very curious of the results!

  8. When I was young (11-12 years old) I was having consistent prophetic dreams, and they terrified me to the point of asking my Gods and guides to take them away. In the nearly 20 years since, I have rarely dreamed – and when I did, I could only recall disconnected, unclear pieces. In the past few years I have been trying to reclaim my dreamtime and Moon-Neptune has been instrumental in that work! I was stunned the first few times I used it and work up to a full night of dreams, easily recalled. It brings a comforting, cozy feeling when applied (brow, back of the neck, wrists, and soles of the feet) and lulls me into sleep. I have also used the oil, in a lesser application amount, for meditation and more esoteric studies that require a bit of creative thinking. Truly a magnificent offering.

  9. Probably my favorite S+ materia at the moment, as a first house Neptune (and Mars in Pisces) I’ve become hyper sensitive to just about everything, chemicals, smells, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, all of it, so finding products that are potent without the hangover (fatigue/tinnitus/migraine) are a Godsend. At bedtime I swipe my wrists, rub them together and take a nice deep inhale. Within minutes I’m enveloped in warmth like a fresh-out-of-the dryer blanket. Dreams are prolific and recall is clear. I’m going to take Ariel’s suggestion and try a dab when working with my clients charts!

  10. I love anointing my heart and third eye with this oil before sleep. It helps me to settle into the oceanic flow of Dreamtime. When I awaken I have better recall of my dreams and they are more vivid.

  11. This is my to go oil to apply before doing astrology readings. It helps me tap into the charts in a more intuitive way and better connect with the client. An absolute favorite!

  12. I work as an astrologer & tarot reader. Recently I have been using this oil prior to sessions and they have gone beautifully: the narratives I wove were storied, the sense of connection with the person in front of me and their guides was deep. Some of the bottle spilled on my Venus altar, so I think she sensed the strong Pisces influence & wanted in on its exalted spiritual magic! It’s my favourite from my recent purchases. After divinatory use it settles into a pleasant dreaminess, which is both anchored and playful.

  13. For a long time I have been drawn to work with Neptune I couldn’t exactly figure why until I began to delve deeper into astrology and began to learn more, and what Neptune rules over. Upon finding this oil I was instantly drawn to is as well because I knew it would aid me in my research and learning and it certainly did. Its got an ethereal type of energy that helped me meditate and get the best sleep I’ve had in a long time as well.

  14. Magical stuff. It’s like walking into the water, deeper and deeper… I like to anoint my hands and the nape of my neck before divination, and find it makes my intuitive senses much easier to access (e.g. being easier to find the card that “pulls” my hand). It smells like magic, as well, all blue and misty, making me rather sad I never had a chance at the perfume from this series 😛

  15. As a Pisces Moon native, I had to try this out. I got the oil and the water. The oil over time has a sickly sweet scent that I grow more accustomed to over time — I like it. I love how it looks in the bottle, too, with the little mushrooms and silver leaf floating around like in a dream world. I use this and the water before bed to enhance the dream state, and I do have to say I’ve noticed more dreams and I seem better able to interpret them and find new patterns or meaning in them. I apply to the base of my skull, on my third eye, and bottoms of feet and palms. I really enjoy this series so far.

  16. I applied this to the back of the skull, and to the palms and soles, before going to bed the night before receiving it. I generally have a thick liminal threshold so didn’t have high expectations, but as I lay there I was surprised by quite the dreamy haze (I’m usually alert for ages before falling asleep), and was also greeted by occult imagery I had seen earlier in the day peeling into my field of vision, as if the patron of the oil was grasping for something to prove to me it was there. I also had many dreams but no better recall than usual unfortunately.

    It was only the next day that I realised that the moon was in Pisces that night! Next time the moon is in Pisces I will use more intention and report back.

  17. I use this oil mostly before I do readings and my meditations.
    I found that I could tune in more crisply with the psychic readings.
    I also feel I can get to higher levels, so to speak, to bring in information relevant to the a given situation when asked.
    What I am also seriously grateful for is that my sleeping has improved out of sight! That is brilliant I can tell you!!!
    My meditations are also profound while utilising this oil. I love it…. (and all the others :-))

  18. I’m a recent purchaser of this oil and am still learning its personality. But immediately after placing it on me, I notice a change in consciousness. It’s subtle, but very present, and makes for a nice sleeping aid. The smell of the oil is delicate, and quite pleasant! As far as magical effects, I’m noticing that it is best for me when combined with my journeying practice. It calms the mind, and lets me sink down just a little bit deeper into the depths 😉

    Definitely would recommend!

  19. This oil was part of my first Sphere and Sundry purchase. It’s been a couple of months now and I can confidently say: Using this oil has facilitated a deep shift in my awareness of the gifts I already have & I’m seeing years of inner work and structure building begin to move into a greater alignment with each other. It’s a deeply moving and affirming experience.

    I attribute the grounded intensity with which I’m accessing, processing and integrating different energies to the influence of this oil and the other Sphere & Sundry products I brought into my life. Thank you for using your gifts to help me find mine.

  20. Just wanted to offer up a quick review of this Moon-Neptune oil… wow! Very, very special. I bought it specifically for dream work, and though I tend towards fertile and magical dreams in general, this oil is an excellent, efficacious tool. I have recently in the dream world been visited by deceased beloved relatives, received instructions on fixed star magic, and had a number of other arcane initiatory dreams, all of which have been clearly-recalled (which was an issue for me before). Giving you this review anonymously (if you decide to publish) but wanted to pass along my sincere thanks. You and Austin are the dream team.

  21. This stuff is synchomystical lubricant – I’ve used it to great effect in incubating dreams, enhancing trancework/journeying/spirit work, potentiating other altered states of consciousness, facilitating automatic writing, and opening me up to the synchronicitous unfolding of life. It has played a significant roll in this particular chapter of my magical adventure, overlapping with work with Pluto, Rat, the Ancestral dead, and Djehuti, amongst others – a surrender to the undifferentiated unconscious, submission to the milky unfolding of dreamtime. Really great stuff.

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