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Magnesium “Oil” Spray

Magnesium “Oil” Spray


USP grade natural liquid magnesium chloride, distilled water, colloidal gold, and frankincense essential oil, blended during the Asclepius III election upon the altar or operation.

Absorbs through the skin. Long considered a natural remedy for sore muscles, cramps in the legs, feet, or elsewhere, and various body aches, as well as systemic stress. Application before bed improves sleep as the system relaxes.

Especially good for those who are magnesium deficient (80% of Americans), contraindicated for those with kidney issues or known sensitivities to concentrated magnesium.

Spray directly on cramps, aches, or anywhere for system-wide absorption and rub gently. Leaves a dried ocean water type residue after drying, but rinses from the hands easily.

Arrives in a 1/2 oz travel size glass spray bottle for $16, or full 2 oz for $39


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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Spray Bottle Size

1/2 oz, 2 oz


Benefic, Neutral

Fixed Star

Planetary Body


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

April 12th, 2020, hour of Sol. Chart in image gallery

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  1. Just recently got the magnesium spray and have been applying it to the bottoms of my feet before going to sleep. I particularly love rubbing it in and then putting socks on, especially on cold nights. I find the nights I use the magnesium spray I sleep so soundly and gently. And as with all the Asclepius materia I am filled with a sense of well being. Looking forward to trying it out on different places on my body. Love!

  2. This spray is fantastic! I use this to ease the pain of menstrual cramps and as well as when I have aching in my lower back. I also used this on my husband and I when we had sore arms from getting vaccinated. This is great to have in your pain fighting arsenal!

  3. This product is wonderful! I have been using it on my legs and feet to relieve muscle aches brought about by a recent move from our first floor apartment to a split-level house (stairs… so many stairs…). It has helped so much to relieve discomfort and it also made me feel so relaxed, which led to a deep, refreshing sleep.

  4. This is a hidden gem. This spray is fantastic for sore muscles and aches. I spritzed this on and I swear that I felt tension draining from bunched up muscles in my neck and upper back. 10/10 would purchase again. I tend to use it after a long day.

  5. I’ve recently started a job that has me on my feet for most of the day, and this spray has helped me ease the aches and pains that have popped up in my ankles and knees. It’s wonderful stuff after a long day at work. Obviously, its not a replacement for good rest and taking care of your body (something I have to tell myself often) but its a lovely supplement to that rest and care. Highly recommend adding it to a self care regimen.

  6. I’m so happy I discovered this product! I’ve been struggling with joint pain (knees, shoulder, ankle) severe enough to interfere with my sleep this last year. I’ve done the standard physical therapy/NSAIDS thing which helped, but sometimes I still wake up with unpredictable acute pain. I haven’t had much luck with other topical preparations, but this magnesium oil spray definitely eases the immediate inflammation to help me get back to sleep and stay asleep till morning. I also love the slight residue on my hands from rubbing it into my skin—makes me feel like I’ve been at the beach as I drift back to dreamtime!

  7. This product is perfect for athletic injuries and chronic pains. I love this stuff. I have massively horrible tendonitis and a bad ACL. I put this on when I know I am going to use my body and or when I think my pain is going to keep me up at night. This has given me the ability to manage my pain outside of the medication and I am great full.

  8. Around the time of my birthday in October, I was suffering from severe neck pain, and I mean debilitating. I couldn’t function. My best friend asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I linked her to this spray, told her it was the only thing I could think of, and said “just the travel size”. She ended up getting me the full size glass of this stuff and I’m so incredibly grateful for that.

    This magnesium oil is an absolute lifesaver. It helped to soothe the hellish neck spasms I was facing and I also felt divine guidance to cut things out of my diet that were causing bodily tension (namely caffeine). In general, I have a *lot* of tension in my body. The magnesium spray relieves the spasms in my back. When I get twinge of the spasms that shoot up my neck, it helps to soothe them. When I suffer from menstrual cramps, I spray this and rub it in and once it sets in I feel relief.

    Although I know this series uses the more awakening energy of the Sun, the spray also greatly helps me in achieving a peaceful sleep. I sleep very peacefully and awaken refreshed which, if you know me, is quite the feat.

    Thank you Kaitlin for yet another wonderful, life-changing series, and praise Asclepius!

  9. As a suffer of a lifetime of leg cramps, I knew I had to have this in my cabinet of arsenals but what I didn’t expect was its use during a recent dental emergency. After developing an infection in a deep pocket, I noticed I was waking up clenching. Anyone who has had a bad tooth ache knows this level of pain. I thought to myself break out the spray – so applied on my fingers and rubbed it into my jaw line and muscle – the relief was almost instant. Everything just calmed down. I also spray on the tops of my hands when I pull a marathon day at the keyboard. Thank you for making this – I will always purchase this item as long as you carry it!

  10. So happy I ordered this: my partner suffers from terrible PMS cramps and she’s relied on magnesium sprays in the past to help get her through. They don’t always work super well but I’ve found that this spray does an especially great job! She almost always falls into a peaceful sleep after use (or, if she doesn’t fall asleep she tends to have significantly less pain than usual) which is shocking given that her cramps tend to keep her up through the night! I still have to experiment with this on other kinds of aches and pains but I feel fully confident in it (and now even reliant on it) given its success so far. 🙂

  11. Wonderful! I must be magnesium-deficient because my body loves this stuff! I spray it on my lower back and rub it in each night before bed. It really has helped me sleep. Years ago, I had a bout of restless leg syndrome, and in looking up remedies, I came across magnesium oil. I tried making my own, but I could never get the formula right–it always stung like hell! This stings a little, for a couple minutes. All Magnesium oil will, but this formula is perfect. So glad I got the big bottle! Thanks for this great addition to the series, Kaitlin!

  12. Having recently moved aboard a boat that lives at a slip a full half mile from the land side of the dock, the Aesclepius magnesium spray has been a lifesaver with all the stairs/laddering & my legs getting used to fighting the waves rockin’ and rollin’ (I’m genuinely worried about running out of it/the stock being cleaned out), but boy, it may be worth noting it itches like the dickens in the product description, just so people are forewarned.

    Seriously, though, what a boon. It helps so much. The morning after use my legs & feet feel like new, and the legs stay uncramped for a day or two after, and this is just unprecedented painfreedom for me. Gonna contort myself around to try using it on my horrible back next.

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