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Water of Mars in Scorpio

Water of Mars in Scorpio


In the pre-dawn hour of Mars as the red planet rose in Scorpio on day 1 of 2020, iron rich well water was drawn from the depths of the earth to fill the interior still pot for this Mars in Scorpio hydrosol.

Herbs and gems of a classical Martial nature, including red ginseng, scorpion pepper, black and pink peppercorns, bloodstone, and red jasper were combined with sundry ingredients used in Hoodoo and Conjure for victory, strength, and potency, such as High John the Conqueror Root, Devil’s Shoestring, and Devil’s pod. A small piece of the cast iron grilled offering steak also thrown in.

Distillation via copper alembic was initiated at the start of the ritual operation and left to generate throughout the course of the day, each bottle being placed upon the working altar after completion, and aged for a full lunar cycle before being bottled and made available to the public.

The result is a potent and user-friendly mist that can be applied as an aura and body spray before physical activities and work sessions to amp productivity, create laser like focus, gain self-sufficiency, and promote strategic intelligence, rational thinking, and remain calm in the face of offensive and defensive maneuvering. Use to win negotiations and arguments.

A great workout and weight loss aid, helpful for those trying to hold themselves accountable on paths of yang oriented self-improvement. Increases visual interest and makes other’s pay more attention to what you say and do. Boosts your intimidate check. Stamps out lazy and whiney impulses. Increases pain tolerance.

Full disclosure: this hydrosol doesn’t smell delicious. If you want something pretty, turn elsewhere, for like dignified Mars himself, this one’s a bit musky. It’ll get the job done, but note that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll love doing the work, just that Mars is content with being joyless and suffering for the sake of achievement. Application over time will help you develop the grit, resolve, and inner steel necessary to execute any mission, or to win any war.

Side effects include a tendency toward myopia and getting sucked into the depths of a thing, increased sweating and body odor. Other series can be used in conjunction to guide and moderate the influence, including Venus for sexual purpose, and others.

Arrives in a convenient 1/2 oz travel size glass spray bottle with keepsake consecrated bloodstone for $25, or full 2 oz for $55


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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 2.00 × 2.25 × 2.85 in
Planetary Body

Chart Remediation

Mars — Good for people who are Mars deficient and need support for the natal Mars


Malefic, Neutral


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components


FIRE HAZARD — Never leave fire unattended. Clear away packing materials before burning and do not close the lid on boxes while a flame is burning

Creation Date

New Year's Day, January 1st 2020. Hour of Mars, Mars rising in Scorpio. Chart in image gallery

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  1. I agree with previous reviews that the water has a kind of pleasantly musky smell, but I definitely find that I, personally, always smell worse on days that I use this water. But I still love using it because I feel stronger on these days and am able to put my mind/body towards getting more done, and the results definitely make it worth being sweaty/funky for the day.

  2. I disagree with the description saying that this doesn’t smell delicious, because it does—in a savory, peppery, herbal way. Wonderful to use before workouts and any time you feel like you have to clench your teeth and white-knuckle your way through something.

  3. This spray has been so incredibly helpful. I often struggle with getting movement because of where I live and my chronic illness. Even though movement can help me feel better it’s hard to initiate. I have found that this spray lends a revitalizing spirit to my workouts. Also, sexy time is SCANDALOUS with this spray. I also kind of like the smell, it’s very peppery and grassy.

  4. Love this scent. It’s steely, rugged, slightly bloody. It really gets you in that martial state of mind. I really appreciate the hydrosols for the quick mood shifts they provide.

  5. My Mars in Scorpio hydrosol has sat on my Mars altar fairly untouched for over a year. I have my Mars in Aquarius in the 12th and I tend to find it hard to take action in the physical realm; but as part of 12th house transits last year, I’ve started practising martial arts (Kendo, Iaido) and I use this hydrosol before each class. It gives me the inner push to press in and focus on class and its become one of my favourite sprays! And my Kiai gets an extra ooomph from Mars. I never knew I could enjoy the right kind of ‘battle’.

  6. I also don’t find the smell of the water unpleasant – its medicinal and herbal to me. I’ve sat on my Mars materia for a while because I wasn’t sure/ready to engage with it. For me, my natal Mars in Virgo is conjunct my natal Jupiter, which mitigates some of the somewhat more Mars-effects. The water was like a low-dose of vitality. I knew today I was gonna have to get things done, and the operative word would be DO. And that is what it feels like. All S&S sprays have always been some of the gentlest entry points into any series, and I feel like the Mars water spray gives you that Martian boost (just a little bit, but that’s enough!).

  7. I’ve been using this water in a monthly ritual for some planetary charity I’ve been doing in honor of Mars. And I’m very happy with the results so far! The water smells better than I expected: herbal and maybe even a bit medicinal, but in a way that I don’t find unpleasant at all. I’ve always had a rough relationship with Mars (in my 12th house, in a day chart), so I was pretty nervous to start working with Mars materia. But I haven’t had any issues, at least not that I’ve noticed! And I do feel like it’s helping me during the remediation process, with identifying and acclimating to what a more helpful version of Mars feels like. I’m looking forward to using it for more mundane activities too, once I’ve finished my charity donations.

  8. This water makes me finish whatever I start, no matter whether I change my mind or not in the middle of the process. It feels a little bit like being sucked into a portal. A little siren-like, a little obsessive…I have a lot of Taurus placements. I like working at a comfortable pace, and not being rushed, and this pushes me out of my comfort zone, and invites me to imagine the pleasure of actually fulfilling my own desires.

  9. Every Tuesday morning I wake up and use the Water of Mars in Scorpio. It’s consistently a work horse and provides the fire under the ass to stay focused and productive even when I’d rather be sleeping in. In a weird way, it’s gotten me to love Tuesdays.

    I too was a bit apprehensive about intentionally dialing into the Mars vibe, but as it turns out malefic can be benefic under the right guidance and circumstance.

    All this is a testament to the exceptionally timed elections and precision intention behind Sphere and Sundry’s cosmic material.

  10. This is hands down my GET SHIT DONE spray! Even just having the bottle in my backpack is enough to feel the Mars push. I do have to be careful, my natal Mars is in Scorpio, too, in the first house, and I can ::want:: to push myself too hard, so I save this for those days when I need a boost.

  11. LASER FOCUS. I opened this for the first time, then furiously reorganized my room, tied up all my loose end errands, and made calls I’d been putting off due to feeling spread too thin. This stuff is for handlin’ up.

  12. I waited for a while to try this item and now the crush of final exams has provided me with an excellent opportunity. On the day of Mercury, hour of Mars I made a petition using this spray along with the Exalted Mercury Cazimi incense. The result was relentless writing, almost entirely undistracted, for hours; the ideas have been flowing and I think they’re quite good. No malefic fallout that I can discern. I like the easy application of the hydrosol (scorpion water) which smells far better than what I was expecting. Very, very happy with this purchase!

  13. I have ADHD, and my Mars is in Libra.

    I almost feel like that’s all I need to say ;).

    But I’ll say more. I need a lot of help these days starting projects, figuring out where to start them, keeping my motivation up, and feeling in any way confident after a nervous breakdown in 2018 destroyed many things in my life. This spray in conjunction with meds and therapy–which sould ALWAYS be a first and/or primary resource–has helped me “chariot” my way through many frustrating situations by enhancing my concentration, my drive, and my will to get things done.

    For example, two days ago I was vending at an online convention. I had never done this before and failed to realize just how difficult setting up my “booth” would be. I was furious at myself for “letting” my disorganization and fear around complex tasks like this get the better of me. But I managed to push that upset aside long enough to get my shop fairly well in order. I also feel like I’m finally starting to get where I’m going wrong in trying to organize things and plan. It’s still going to be hard to manage this weakness, but I now know it’s doable. I didn’t believe it was a few weeks ago.

    Thank you, Caitlin! Thank you, Mars!

    One little caveat: I sneeze a few times after spraying.. I do not know if I’m allergic to something in it, but I’ve not had any bad effects and, I will stress, that it is *my* choice, and may not be others’, to keep using it despite a little sneezing. The smell is a bit pungent, but bracing!

    I also recommend using this with a Venus product. The one time I used it without Venus materia, I felt a bit overheated emotionally. I like to use Mantle of Venus, made by the same company (TwilightAlchemy Lab) that makes a lot of oils for S&S’s releases.

  14. I avoided MiS material for quite sometime although I desperately wanted it, because, with a natal Scorp stellium that includes Mars I was a bit worried it might tip me into Mega-Mars-in-Scorpio-Meanie mode and frankly, that can get ugly. But I eventually went for it, and I am so glad I did! I use the spray during my Tuesday morning planetary prayers, and right away, I can feel what a healthy Mars in Scorpio can be. There’s a laser focus, get-shit-done quality – with a side of sexiness – after I use it. It is also given me some brief martial-esque vision-type-things on occasion, which at first freaked me out, but I now view as quite fortifying and supportive. I do have to drink some extra water and be mindful of overheating (literally and metaphorically) after I use it, but experiencing and getting to know the qualities of MiS through this product has been deeply beneficial for me.

  15. I use this in the mornings before I work out. Was inspired to get it after feeling weak and stiff from quarantine inactivity. The effects are definitely palpable:
    -Helps to keep the body poised and the posture strong
    -Enhances stamina and mind-to-muscle connection
    -Increases endurance to push ahead when the body starts to resist.

  16. I love this product. I use it before spin class and it works wonders. I am able to push myself, and go harder and I feel stronger. The hour goes by so fast. In addition, I feel concentrated and overall in tune and connected to the whole experience.

  17. I have my natal sun,moon,mars,pluto in Scorpio so I was really stoked to try this. My first experience with this product was spritzing it around my sacral chakra area, as that is where I intuitively guided to spray it. I was intending to do some basic sun salutations and do a casual yoga practice. Ended up pushing myself for WAY longer, further, and deeper into the practice. I felt SO strong and stable. Reminded me of that feeling I had when I was doing yoga so frequently and lengthily that I entered higher states of consciousness with ease through my practice. That hasn’t happened in a long while so it was nice to re-experience that sensation of control and power.

    I tried mixing this mercury cazimi water for editing some writing and though I was able to edit for a really long period of time, I felt like my thinking was more muddy than if I had just worn the mercury water alone. For me, this water feels more bodily, than mental. Maybe it’s my Scorpio stellium in the 6th house. It just wants me to work out.

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