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Water of Asclepius III

Water of Asclepius III


A Sphere + Sundry’s beloved Water of Asclepius, featuring homegrown sage native to Southern Oregon, cypress, and incense cedar, all ritually harvested following the Prayer of Thessalos in the day and hour of Sol as it transited its sign of Exaltation.

These, along with Rose of Jericho and a carnelian cabochon etched at the beginning of the same election by Austin Coppock, were combined in a copper still and immersed in water freshly collected from the headwaters of the Sacramento River in Mt. Shasta. A hydrosol was produced throughout the night, which was later combined with essential oils of frankincense and rosemary, colloidal gold, and grain alcohol during Asclepius III’s Sol-Luna-Ras Alhague election, where the water was dedicated to Asclepius, receiving his blessing.

Although the ingredients are the same and proportions similar to previous iterations, this water took on a more grounded and less cooling quality than others, reflecting the Sun’s presence at the IC of the chart.

For a thorough application, shake well and use as a body and aura spray, making sure to focus around the head, neck, chest, and spine.

Invokes instant clarity and refreshment, and aids in helping clear your field, heart, and mind over the next many hours. Apply after difficult interactions or during times of stress and negativity (so, 2020), and before bed to invite healing sleep and potential dream visitations from Gods and Spirits. Spray in spaces in need of healing, purification, and renewal, especially that carry a negative charge or presence you wish to dispel. Produces emotional, mental, and physical clarity that deepens with continued use.

Includes a piece of carnelian in each glass bottle, a stone used in talismanic rings of Asclepius for thousands of years.

Arrives in your selection of a half ounce travel sized spray for $26, or full two ounce spray for $52

See the many testimonials regarding Asclepius II and Asclepius I Water for a sense of their applications and efficacy. To choose which edition is best for you, please refer to the third edition’s writeup.


SKU: N/A Categories: , ,


Weight .5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Spray Bottle Size

1/2 oz, 2 oz


Benefic, Neutral

Fixed Star

Planetary Body


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

April 12th, 2020, hour of Sol. Chart in image gallery

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Asclepius III: Son of Apollo Info Sheet


Rose of Jericho Info Sheet



  1. I’ve just bought my third bottle of the Aclepius III water, and let me tell you: this stuff is a bottle of clarifying, rejuvenating goodness. It brings the healing effects of the other Asclepius items in a fast-acting form (and I have had it very quickly alleviate, for example, cold symptoms), but it also cuts through energetic funk and miasma like nobody’s business. Amazing as a spray on yourself, in a room or on your sheets (especially when physically or mentally under the weather), and I’ve also had good experiences using it to clear out lingering energies in a space pre- or post-ritual. It seems to be pretty good at banishing minor cthonic entities and helping grumpy ancestors be on their way? (That healthy sun energy )

    I add a couple of sprays to my homemade space clearing mix (just simple boiled water, consecrated salt and some flower essences), and it works really well. Great way to stretch it.

    It also smells fantastic. Green, light and slightly camphorous (in a lovely way). The smell doesn’t linger very strongly.

    It’s a really different but complimentary experience to the oils. I would highly recommend.

  2. This Asclepius series has helped me with a problem that I haven’t really been able to describe. I’ve been on my own struggling to try to find reprieve from it, but this water helps immensely and I now know more about the nature of the issue as well. It’s been enough of a problem that it seriously disturbed my sleep (beyond simple interruption) and left me in unshakeable heaviness/despair too often. Asclepius and Son of Apollo Materia have allowed me to rest/recover again and now I know the work I have to do to further solidify resolution. I don’t know how else I would have coped without the assistance, I was not doing well. I am eternally grateful for these offerings.

  3. Asclepius III has been the first S&S offering that I have worked with. I’ve been using the oil was well as the water. I initially sought it out to assist me in accessing and integrating during intuitive and energy healing work. I use the water during my daily intuitive practice. Its clearing and solar in a refreshing sense, like sunlight through trees in spring. The water seems not to be quite as warming as the oil which I use in other ways. Using this to open my daily ritual has further assisted me in working with Neptune and its potential gifts in a intentional way. I really feel the impact of this formulation’s light-integrating capabilities, as they are POTENT. An invaluable companion in my practice and studies pertaining to health & healing.

  4. This was my first experience using an Asclepius water to clear a space (I typically spray the space and myself, but this time it was just myself). The smell was intensely sage-y, but then the atmosphere felt sparkly clean (which is great since it is the space I also work in). I used this yesterday, Wednesday, before lighting a candle to thank Asclepius. Would 100% use this to clean any space that you need and get it ready for use again (or ritual if you need).

  5. I bought this series as a preventative, like a spiritual first aid, never expecting to use it. Then I hurt my back and have used the water for a week now. My recovery is easily twice as fast as the last time this happened. I sleep so soundly and wake refreshed.

  6. This spray provides an instant uplift and jolt of clarity. It’s like bottled sunshine, or dew gathered from daffodils. (Speaking metaphorically….though I think there’s actually rosemary in here, which has an astringent quality). I use it before meditation, or just to clear the staticky vibes of a room. I have a few other items from this series (as a day-chart Leo, I vibe with it all) and think of it as an arsenal against the blues.

  7. I got this a few months ago and aura cleansing support for myself to use between readings and healings and have found it to have been really helpful and healing for a whole host of other health issues I’d been having (including a smoking habit I was having trouble of shaking!) I will definitely buy more once the store is open again!

  8. would not be making it through my shifts without this as aura, underarm and mask refresher. too my partner’s thigh was punctured by something unknown on a tuesday night that was spreading an infection by morning. dutifully took him to urgent care and the round of antibiotics received stopped the spread, but only when i (duh) realized i could spray him (chest, not the wound) did the mark start fading.

  9. I love Sphere and Sundry, and while I have my favorites, I have never been disappointed or dissatisfied with any of the products that I have purchased. The magic is felt immediately upon opening the package. This spray is one of my favorites, I immediately ordered a second one after a few times of using the first one I purchased. Upon spraying this, I feel mental clarity immediately, it contains carnelian which helps me with mental clarity and concentration. I also feel lighter, refreshed, and renewed.

  10. I love this spray! It is so soothing and its effects are felt immediately. I’ve used it at times when I feel overwhelmed, whether by illness or just stress and it brings this quiet, peaceful clarity and relief. A staple!

  11. This item has been a must-have since I first purchased it. I use this water to collect myself and promote clarity of thought prior to work and during particularly heavy, stressful times.

    As well, I’m diabetic and will spray it on my head and neck region when not feeling my best (for whatever reason, not just reasons related to my diabetes). The Water has a clarifying effect as advertised and has helped me feel temporarily refreshed during some tough times recently.

    The spray is cooling and has a nice scent as well.

    I’m happy this product exists and recommend it.

  12. This was my first purchase of any Asclepius series. I didn’t know where to start since I was cautious of what could come up for healing since I already have an autoimmune disorder but I figured a water would be safer or milder to start with. I’ve used it a handful of times after cleansing baths or after ancestral venerations but the real power of this water happened for my partner. He inadvertently drank an alcoholic drink at a dinner party that was spiked with potent THC. It was hitting him hard and he wasn’t enjoying it or the attention he was getting. I had the water on me and sprayed him twice with it and sat him down. Well, it worked! The water brought his high down to such manageable levels that it didn’t seem he’d taken anything, much to everyone’s surprise.

  13. Water of Asclepius III… a potent and medicinal companion for this moment – clearing, grounding, protective. As I have slowly resumed my work as a massage therapist, post-lockdown, I am coming into close contact (quite literally touching) the physical manifestations of the stress created by fear, panic, and isolation. Needless to say, the energetic and spiritual hygiene protocols have needed to level-up, so to speak. Water of Asclepius III excels at this application. I spray it on the inside of the mask that I have to wear while working, in the treatment room, and on myself when needed. Application to my body causes my head to float upward, elongating my spine – all while creating a sense of grounding and calm. It has also been useful during evening meditations, applied to the forehead and crown – especially if I have previously fallen down any of the disturbing rabbit holes that are so available in These Times. It really brings about a coherence that is so vitally necessary, now more than ever. So, praise be to the Divine Physician Asclepius and gratitude to Kaitlin & Co!

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