Lion-Heart Regulus Talismans

Lion-Heart Regulus Talismans


Golden clay rolled with genuine 24k gold leaf, cut into disks. Imprinted on one side with the form of a lion and a heart of garnet, and the seal of Regulus on the other. Cured in boiling water with mugwort and mastic at the height of a supremely fine Regulus election with the fixed star conjunct the moon on the MC while Jupiter, the co-ruler of Regulus, was rising.

These talismans when worn on one’s person produce a Kingly disposition, a warm, generous, and noticeable presence, and a charismatic field. They draw good luck and the attention/ favor of powerful or important individuals. Regulus talismans are good for uplifting the spirit and elevating the mind, and can provide assistance in matters of healing and achievement on all levels. They help facilitate cohesion and wholeness of being and have the pleasant side-effect of quelling anxiety.

Only three Regulus discs were crafted during this election. They are being reserved for box sets, two of which are being offered to the public.

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Fixed Star



Chart Remediation

Sun — Good for people who are Solar deficient and need support for the natal Sun

Creation Date

Night of May 21st 2018. Moon and Regulus conjoined on the MC with Jupiter rising.


  1. I love the way this little talisman feels. When I wear it on my person (generally just tucked into my bra), I experience a boost that is akin to basking in a warm glow. I wear it, or sometimes just hold it and focus on it, when I am feeling particularly terrible about the way things are going here in the USA. It makes me feel like I can keep resisting, and keep my most positive self out in the world despite everything.

    I don’t think I have a lot of solar energy in my personality, so I believe Regulus is very good for me! I am so grateful for this and the other Regulus offerings.

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