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Triple Purification of Asclepius Ritual II

Triple Purification of Asclepius Ritual II


This is a three step ritual involving the elements of fire (incense), water (spray), and salt (ritual or both forms). The set comes with all of the required elements from the Asclepius series and a copy of the rite, with directions to perform it on yourself, others, or any given space.

Deeply purgative and energetically sanitizing, useful for super powered cleansing and purification. Appropriate during times of sickness, dramatic negativity, grief, unwanted paranormal disturbances, streaks of bad luck, or before or after significant procedures, whether medical or magical.

The small set includes one half ounce vial of ritual salt, your choice incense, and small water for $65+

The large set includes a complimentary rose of jericho, both forms of salt (one half ounce vial of ritual salt + one eight ounce jar of bath salt), your choice of Asclepius incense, and one 2 ounce spray of Asclepius water for $124+

If you would like everything in the series, the full set includes the rite for Triple Purification and complimentary rose of jericho.


Choose Incense * 

Would you like to add all natural coconut charcoal? (must light on burner)



Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 3.5 × 4.5 in

1/2 oz, 2 oz, 8 oz

Spray Bottle Size

1/2 oz, 2 oz

Set Size

Large, Small


Benefic, Neutral

Fixed Star

Planetary Body


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Morning of February 27th, 2019. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. Many decades ago I have stumbled — by what seemed at the time like a random chance — into a tremendously powerful shamanic healing experience. This happened in Central Asia and I was a young London University graduate completely uninterested in anything beyond the mundane here-and-now. The shaman was telling me I was in need of healing and I thought him a charlatan. It was my cousin who forcefully pushed me to go through the ceremony and I am to this day grateful that he did. The surge of energy I have felt afterward was incredibly profound, as well as the sense of total mental and emotional liberation. What followed was a year of fantastic experiences, incredible job luck, and connections formed to some truly inspired people. But even the most powerful cleansing doesn’t last forever, and fifteen years later I was desperately looking for someone to help me stop a run of crippling bad luck. A very businesslike Scottish woman who lived in a mansion in North London did exactly that in a very efficient and pragmatic way, by dowsing me in what I assume was some kind of holy water and saying some fierce, fervently delivered words. Things instantly got better and slightly stranger too: long-lost frienemies began ringing my number non-stop like it was apocalypse, but after a week of being ignored finally fell off my radar for good. (Those in the know will recognize the classic sign of a particular kind of connection being severed). Readers will hopefully forgive me this long prelude. All I want is to show that when it comes to metaphysical cures, I have had one or two experiences here and there. And now to the point. Sphere & Sundry Asclepius Triple Purification Ritual works like no other remedy I have tried before. It didn’t give me an uplifting rush like the shamanic ritual in Central Asia. Nor did it have an air of hard-boiled practicality to it, like with the Scottish wise lady in North London. Instead, right after the ceremony (which I followed exactly per Kaitlin’s instructions) I felt a calm sense of well-being,self-confidence, and — above all — clarity. It was as if a veil of fog had been lifted and I could see exactly where I was in life and I how I got there. The purpose of the ceremony was not to seek any particular cure, but to balance my energies, improve my metal agility, and achieve optimal weight. I was basking in the sense of quiet strength and focus, and my apartment suddenly felt so welcoming and so supportive, like a real home should feel. And I myself felt I now was in my peak form, but without jittery elation. Going to bed I was prepared for some deep and perhaps even painful revelations to surface from the unconscious, but surprisingly none of that happened. I did see a lot of vivid dreams, but none of them disturbed me. They were intense in their vividness: I saw scene after scene after scene with the key characters, people, and places in my life story, but far from disturbing me, all of them showed could handle both the successes and the disappointments they were associated with. The next morning I felt refreshed, calm, and completely cleansed. An elaborate 3-hour cleansing / scrubbing / wrapping / massaging / aromatherapy ritual at a 5-star hotel spa once left me with a similar feeling, but without the grace-filled inner glow. What can I say. I will be ordering more this week and recommending these remarkable creations to all friends and family. Thank you, Kaitlin. Thank you, Austin. And — above all — thank you, kind and powerful god Asclepius.

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