Pisces Moon-Neptune Self-Igniting Incense

Pisces Moon-Neptune Self-Igniting Incense


Blue lotus, belladonna flower, oyster mushroom, myrrh, and other sympathetic ingredients, ritually combined and suffumigated during the Moon-Neptune election. This was then powdered and paired with naturally combustible materials to create a self-igniting incense.

Burn to thin the veil between here and the Otherworlds, increase mediumistic and psychic phenomena, before séances, or other activities of that nature. Use the smoke to smudge scrying vessels and seers.

Available in a 3.7ml glass vial with cork top for $27.


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Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions .80 x .80 x 2.85 in

Benefic, Neutral

Planetary Body


Yes — contains no animal ingredients


FIRE HAZARD — Never leave fire unattended. Clear away packing materials before burning and do not close the lid on boxes while a flame is burning

Creation Date

August 26th, 2018. Chart in image gallery.


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