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Exalted Venus Self-Igniting Incense

Exalted Venus Self-Igniting Incense


Organic herbs and stones sacred to Venus and related to Pisces, including lavender, blue lotus, yarrow, damiana, passion flower, diamond, emerald, and amethyst, were ritually suffumigated and consecrated by Venus during one of her most talisman-worthy 2019 exaltation elections. These were powdered during Venus’ day and hour and made into a self-igniting incense base.

Form a small mound or sigil on a fire proof surface and light during Venus observations, or compatible workings for love, beauty, sex, and the like. Pass talismans and objects through the smoke, or run it along the body in preparation for appropriate rites.

Available in a 1/2 oz glass vial with cork top for $28

Out of stock

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Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.85 in
Planetary Body



Chart Remediation

Venus — Good for people who are Venus deficient and need support for the natal Venus


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


FIRE HAZARD — Never leave fire unattended. Clear away packing materials before burning and do not close the lid on boxes while a flame is burning

Creation Date

Morning of April 7th, 2019, hour of Venus. Chart in the image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

I got a small sample of this in a trade and I am about to buy the full size. This series is just Chef's Kiss already but the smoke is especially gorgeous and uplifting! If you got venus problems--this is just the thing for it


When I ran out of this incense, it was like missing an old friend. What more need I say?

Really powerful incense

I have a history of difficult trauma that makes physical intimacy a tricky situation for me. I bought this incense specifically to help me feel safe and positive in these situations, and it has *really* worked for me. The energy of this incense is so gentle, yet powerful and affirming. It helps me feel present and it helps me feel *good* - not stuck in the painful past. It makes me happy just thinking about the smell of this incense! I'd whole-heartedly recommend this incense for anyone who might have a similar situation.


This is a beautiful incense, it has the best scent of all the ones I own. It clears the ritual space for devotion and is so relaxing. I find it's best using it in the evening. I use this a lot more than I thought I would - it pairs well with Asclepius, Fomalhaut and all Jupiter materia - so if you like this sort of incense I'd recommend getting the bigger pot.

Tay Nicholas

I love this incense for the cozy, loving and pleasurable mood that it sets. It eases tension and offers the opportunity to relax into enjoyment, to receive. Its juicy and divine and intimate and serene. Pairs beautifully with Butter Ocean and Luna in Cancer.


One of the best smelling incenses I have tried from S+S. The energy that comes with it is calm an serene. I love to use it for the days when I need to let go and not be clingy to the outcome I have imagined. Usually and relaxation sets in with it comes the desirable result.

Bonnie Pullen
Harmony booster

I both gave this as a gift to a friend moving into a shared creative work space and gifted it to myself also for use at work. Definitely promotes harmony, getting along with both close buddies and those with whom I have a little conflict. In general makes creative, home and work relationships a bit softer, smoother and optimistic.

So luscious

I make some botanical medicines-- generally salves, tinctures, teas, body oils, etc. I haven't ever tried to make an incense. This smells so inviting and luscious, the little lines of smoke curl and wave and billow in a mesmerizing way. I love the ritual of it at night, just for a minute's pause and appreciation.


I use during Venusian devotions and love the smell

Reviewer avatar

Definitely one of my favorite incenses to use! Not just from S+S, but in general. It's an herby-lavender scent, and it smells good, but what I really appreciate most is the energy. I feel instantly calmer, happier, more able to embody my feminine self & beauty... I could go on. Indispensable materia for me!


  1. I still have some materials from this series. As I’ve used them at specific and careful times, I’m starting to notice that the effects they have cannot be coincidence. They’ve been my entry into a real interest in magic. It’s empowering and delightful. Thank you, S+S <3

  2. This incense smells nothing short of heavenly. As someone who is a rather high strung, earthy and airy person, with Venus as my benefict of sect at home in Libra, this is perfect for me. I use this every week for my altar work with Venus as well as anytime I need to chill out and remember how, as cheesy as it sounds, beautiful it is to be alive and in relation to everything.

  3. I burn incense incessantly and am very particular about the quality. These incense have no fillers or synthetic fragrance which is not an easy find. Additionally, I burned this when someone I have a lot of arguments and tension with was coming to my house. We’ve had super chill and easy going experiences since then, even in some trying situations. I’m so grateful to have found the s+s community and products.

  4. So beautiful and magical. It’s my first S&S product and it has exceeded my expectations in every sense. It has the unique quality of returning me to my body. When I feel like I’m too in my head, I put some on and I feel better almost immediately. Sometimes when I’m driving and stressed I catch a whiff of it, even though I don’t keep it in my car! I keep her by my bed and she’s a lovely companion.

  5. I was gifted this wonderful incense by a dear friend who knows how much I have enjoyed the Exalted Venus oil, and wow! it honestly felt like a love bomb just went off inside my bedroom. This is my first experience with S&S incenses and it won’t be my last one! This one felt very calm, loving and it smells so good!

  6. I haven’t yet received everything that I ordered from the Venus in Taurus series, but in the meantime, I just have to praise the Exalted Venus series again. So far, it is my favorite, and I literally can’t get enough of the energy from its offerings! They are just stunning & phenomenal. I love surrounding myself with their powerful magic at every opportunity. Perhaps for some people, such liberal usage would be detrimental, but I believe it meshes with my own energy/chart extremely well; toning down or helping me fix some of the more major flaws and problems that I’ve faced for a long time.

    Regarding this incense specifically, the scent is wonderful and it makes the energy of my environment very pleasant. As with the rest of the series, there is a dreamy quality to it. These offerings are truly the embodiment of mystical beauty. The energetic charge they carry is by far one of the strongest I’ve ever experienced, too.

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