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Bath Salts of Jupiter’s Grace

Bath Salts of Jupiter’s Grace



Dead Sea salt, fumigated with frankincense and saffron during the Empyreal Vantage election window, consecrated Jupiter in Pisces herbal base, seaweed, and a sprinkling of The Cloud King’s Salve (pre-beeswax) for increased muscle relaxation. White gold, three kinds of frankincense, labdanum, and copaiba.

Soak to release stress, way-open as the crow flies, and promote a profound sense of wellbeing.

Drink deeply of Jupiter’s wisdom, power, and liberation. Restore, release, and rise above.

Bathe during Jupiter’s days/ nights/ hours for remedial purposes, or as life demands — before or following events of import. Promotes luck, helps insulate against maleficia, and draws opportunity.

Clears the mind, enhancing wisdom and perspective.

Works wonders with the Ritual Bathing + Energetic Clearing Protocol.

Arrives in your choice of 8 oz glass bale jar for $36, 16 oz glass jar for $72, or 18 oz non-breakable (or refill) bundle for $64.




Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Planetary Body


16 oz, 18 oz bundle (weight), 8 oz




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Sunrise, May 20 2021, hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. These are absolutely lovely and are a fast track towards letting gooooooooo. There is something about the combination of elements that I find intensely grounding *and* uplifting, and I find that with these I just hang out in the water for a longgggg time. I will also say that a little goes a long way. Actually, to be completely honest, I find that S+S creations are like incredibly magical in their allotments. I frequently find that I feel like I use XXX amount and yet the bottle/jar still looks super full. It’s honestly weird but also incredibly freaking awesome.

  2. I used these yesterday in a salt scrub + shampoo, and salt scrub + shower gel, and distinctly got the odor of peaches (esp. with the shampoo, which a charcoal shampoo, so it typically does not smell fruity). Even without a bath, the entire experience was about lushness. Think about the juiciness and sensuality of eating a ripe peach on a summer’s day. That’s what these bath salts bring to you. There is bounty and goodness, and JiP enables you to tap into that. Perfect on those days when you need to love life again.

  3. The last few months likely would have unfolded much differently without this bath salt. Noticeably soothing, even with a small amount combined with sea salt. I love using a pinch of this with Asclepius III or Deneb Algedi bath salts in my bedside ward as well. This series seems to work well with nearly every possible application I have tried. Thank you, Kaitlin and Team!

  4. I’ve been using these bath salts for over a month now, and I’m very pleased with the results! The first time I used them, I added them to a foot soak, and I was surprised at how well they worked in helping to ease a minor pain issue I had. In fact, “ease” feels like a good way to describe the effects of these salts in general… More recently, I’ve been adding them to a shower rinse as part of a cleansing ritual, and the process consistently leaves me with a lighter, joyful feeling—to the point that I’ve found myself openly laughing afterward. (Much to my own surprise, haha!) I try to use them in Jupiter’s day and hour whenever possible, which does seem to give them an extra boost. Overall, I’m very happy I purchased these, and found them more than worth the price. (In fact, I already purchased salts from another series to try, and I’m definitely considering repurchasing these as well!) I’d gladly recommend these to anyone looking to add a light, soothing effect to their baths and cleansing rituals.

  5. I am loving these salts in addition to several other items from this series! I have used the salts in ritual bathing and the result was both clarifying and insulating. Jupiter is my timelord this year and using this materia regularly has brought in consistent right-at-the-moment-they’re-needed gifts and blessings since it’s release. Big fan to say the least!!

  6. Really loving these salts. I dilute them with sea salt and pour about a cup of salt-water over me in the shower almost every morning. When I use this salt, I ask Jupiter to rain his grace upon my family and my bioregion. I am pretty sure that every day I have used this, we have had some rain. We are slowly coming out of a drought. I hope this trend continues…such an amazing gift. The clouds are gathering and the sky is darkening as I write this!

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