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Regulus Bath Salts II

Regulus Bath Salts II

Pink Himalayan salt and epsom salt, ritually combined with consecrated Regulus herbal mix, dried flower petals, essential oils, and 24k gold as the Moon conjoined Regulus on the ascendant, in the hour of Jupiter.

The water becomes soft… energetically warm, as if being immersed in reassurance from a most beloved familiar. The constitution of the soul is restored.

The narrator discloses: This is my very favorite offering from all of Regulus II.

Soak to calm and center yourself in your own power. Cleanses the auric body of debilitating notions, soothes muscle tension, invites deeper breathing. Use to clear away self-doubt and anxiety, especially in regards to public appearances or putting yourself out into the world. Helps alleviate melancholy and heal the heart, restoring a sense of secure selfhood, ease, and possibility. Welcomes deep rest.

It’s almost painful to watch it go down the drain.

Highly concentrated. Available in a reusable 8 oz glass jar marked by hand drawn Regulus glyph, enough for 2-3 deep baths, or many more via the principle of contagion.

Please Note: Due to high magnesium content, do not use in cases of kidney failure, or if kidney issues present. Lift yourself out of the bathtub carefully, and drink plenty of water.



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Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 4 in

8 oz



Fixed Star


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Night of January 22nd 2019. Moon and Regulus conjoined the Ascendant, hour of Jupiter. Chart in the image gallery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
I'm Walking on Sunshine

I've had these bath salts for a minute but only used them for the first time recently for a Winter Solstice ritual to welcome back the Light. Soaked in the tub then came out feeling like I was walking on sunshine. I felt energized, but not overly so, and generally optimistic. Will be employing this for Sunday rituals moving forward.

Lion friend

I originally got this for my partner since he has no fire in his chart, but I like to use it as well :) The election for this series is so compatible with my natal chart. I feel more confident with my creative projects and more comfortable being ~*me*~ I used it the day before I had to do my yoga teacher training final flow instruction and it really helped me with stage-fright feelings I often get, yay

Lisa C
Honestly, worked a little too well

I'll be coming back for more Sphere + Sundry. :)

Regal smell, Regal vibes

This was my first bath salt purchase and considering that I've got a collection of them now, it's fair to say that they've been worthy investments. Regulus III, in particular, gives me the feeling that my body is my cathedral/temple/shrine and that it's worth pampering. I combine it with my bath salt mix (sea salt, Himalayan salt, Epsom salts and magnesium flakes) to get more bang for my buck and it does the job well. It's also helpful in a spray bottle to protect and support self-esteem and self-confidence for people with 12 house placements (and for anyone else, I imagine).


From my experience as someone with strongly controlled by Saturn Sun (in 12 house conjunct Saturn plus Pluto in Libra), this was the easiest item for me to start. I still need to agree that any Solar materia gives me a scare to use, but you cannot go wrong with the bath salt. After a few session with this bath salt in a shower I could start reaching out for other items as well.

Bought the bulk size and glad I did!

Regulus bath salt is the perfect ally for Sunday ritual baths. It is activating but I don’t find it to be overwhelming. Yes diurnal use recc is good but I didn’t experience that feeling of being wired how some materia can make me feel that has the same instructions! I go about the rest of my day feeling lighter and lifted. Regulus is a great ally and I love this particular form so much.

Bathe in sunshine

R3 bath salts are very similar to R2 bath salts, but to me gentler. There is definitely this solar/vital energy so would not recommend if you're trying to wind down. On the other hand, before going to extrovert or anything else you need to command attention for? Yes! Regulus is there to help you embody the attention you need to command, giving you that self-confidence to fake it until you make it (except Regulus isn't letting you fake it, you have it, its real).


Regulus has been an incredible friend over the years, and the bath salts from this third iteration of materia is no exception. Earlier this year I made a change to my hair, and as I've been re-setting my relationship with my mane, I've been sprinkling a tiny amount of salts into the spray bottle I use while styling. My hair is healthy, sure, but the sensation of walking around with a subtle but palpably protective, glow-ier aura is the more substantive consequence. As someone else said in these reviews, all the salts S+ makes are multiply useful, and Regulus in particular is quite good for "crown" work.

Rochelle Bottari

I don’t know what it is about Regulus, as I’m only a novice, but I get on so beautifully with this materia..especially applications to the body, like these lovely salts and the body butter. It’s so sanguine in nature, so bright and yet there is a playfulness to its regality. I find myself being the best version of me—more positive, optimistic, and comfortable. It’s perfect for socializing for me, as I’m an extreme introvert with a generally melancholic disposition (which I am forever trying to remedy) . I feel young, free, and vibrant with Regulus. It doesn’t hurt a whit that it all smells so lovely and sunny. I cannot express how grateful I am to have this materia in my life right now.

Zac Lawhon

I’ve been navigating a promotion at work, developing a conscious plan for managing depression, and learning the social nuances of having some new hires around.

The Regulus III salts make such a soothing bath for this work and leave me reassured of new tools I am developing, and of the skills I already have developed. Using them has been a nice addition to my self care routines— and only a little is needed each bath!

I credit them for giving me a sense of security in the face of the strong emotions of colleagues, and with helping me remember my worth and capabilities in helping the people around me manage conflict with care and an aim towards love. These were my first buy from S+S, and I’m excited to try other materia as they resonate with me.

I just bought a whole bunch of materia for some coven mates I’ll be departing from this year, and these salts are part of that package because they’ve just been so good to me.


  1. I purchased this for my autistic teen. He struggles with being overwhelmed in a world not always built for him and it can become a little depressing sometimes. He loves baths and finds using the Regulus bath salts a wonderful warming time for himself to pull out of the funk.
    He has also started doing talks on autism and before he presents, he finds taking a regulus bath both relaxing and also allows him to shine. His talks have become increasingly popular and he gets requests for them. Regulus has definitely been a friend to him!

  2. The after-effects of this bath were very noticeable! A sudden feeling of alignment with my higher self. A subtle calmness and confidence. “Regal” is the perfect definition. Really beautiful stuff.

  3. I really enjoyed the bath salts!
    I decided to give them a try before a potentially stressful appointment.
    They are incredibly calming. I had zero anxiety during the appointment and I noticed a tingling and warming sensation all throughout my body- like a wave of peacefullness.
    I also recieved a comment in regard to how centered I seemed.
    This stuff is Gold if you have GAD, works better than a RX in my opinion!
    Thanks you so much <3

  4. I used Regulus bath salts today, and the oil and smell was like sinking into a deep golden pool. I got the distinctive impression of the golden light going in, as opposed to having things being drawn out (which was my experience with the Asclepius bath salt). I found it very calming, and helpful in quieting anxiety. I’m eager to see if it promotes deeper sleep.

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