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Rose + Pink Lotus Bath Salts

Rose + Pink Lotus Bath Salts


Dead Sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, and magnesium salt, fumigated during the operation and combined with honey, Royal Jelly, organic milk powder, and consecrated Empress herbal mix, alongside some of the Empress’ own oil and dried roses from Her working altar. White and pink lotus. Copper and rose gold.

Soak as Cleopatra herself in beautifying, skin soothing, and energy clearing ingredients, spiked with Venusian magic to promote embodiment, glamour, self-worth, self-love, and self-care. The addition of abre camino and sweeteners opens the way for money, gifts, and admirers.

Helps gain clarity on what one truly desires, and enhances their ability to secure it.

The perfect choice for an Energetic Cleansing bath for Venusian ends, before date nights, photoshoots, or livestreams. Also the creation of music, poetry, or art.

A standard jar is enough for 2-3 deep baths, or use less and supplement with other salt to make a little go a longer way. Can also be dissolved and added to cleaning sprays or floor washes.

Naturally scented with pure essential oils and absolutes from the Empress’ own dessert tray, filled with marzipan pastry, milk cocoa ganache, and white tea cake sprinkled with rose water.

Arrives in your choice of an 8 oz reusable glass bale jar for $36, or 16 oz bulk pot for $72


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Planetary Body



16 oz, 18 oz bundle (weight), 8 oz




No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Friday, March 27, 2020. Hour of Venus. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. These are my first bath salts and WOW! I normally prioritize oils, maybe a water or tincture, but these bath salts have shown me that they are very powerful and very very versatile. From using as a body scrub to feel better in my body, to diluting some in rose water and using it to embody myself better (venus rules my asc), soaking my feet in warm water with Salt to melt the stress away. Delicious, luxurious and divine! Really very very versatile. Will definitely get more. I think the luxury part of empress is best felt in this presentation. I’ve tried and LOVED of the Empress the oil, powder, water, hair oil, pillar candle and I really think this is my favorite offering, in terms of feeling the luxury. I need to try them in a manifestation ritual and feel what opportunities they bring forth in that arena. In general the whole series has been a money maker for me, which is why I’ve bought so many items!! Empress really gives back.

  2. Invite the Goddess to bathe with you Tried it the first time today and left the salts to sit in my hair post shampoo and pre conditioner. Heavenly, I felt my scalp relllaaaax and release. It’s been so tight as of late and this was the perfect antidote. As an aside, I’ve worked with Emptess materia prior and it can do its work of bringing up stuff to work on, namely self-worth issues for me. Def would have ordered the bath salts sooner for the ritual cleansing effects! I’m probably going to set out bowls of water with Empress Bath Salts for assistance in further clearing and elevating.

  3. So yesterday, after being jacked all day from Luminous Crown and embodying sovereignty, I decided to take a bath to unwind. I combo-ed the use of the bath salts with the newly arrived Triple Lotus Steep+Smoke for a bath centered on self-care. I think the TLS&S made it dreamier and definitely amped up the “wind down” aspect. It was soothing, enveloping and relaxing. Love yourself, and the world will shift.

  4. I rarely buy bath and beauty products over about $20, unless it is a product for my face. However, I knew I had to have these salts upon reading the description and am already a huge fan of this series. I’m also going through my first 8oz of this product so fast that I will buy more today.

    This is a great self-care item. For one thing, the smell is seemingly “high-end” and intensely rosy. And for another, these salts make for a more enjoyable bath or shower. My skin is left shiny in the bath and my “minor skin problem areas” seem to be smoother in the water. I’m more comfortable in my own skin in the bath and after. Last night, I was even smiling when I stepped out of the bath: I was just more relaxed and happy than I usually seem to be in recent times.

    A noticeable effect of this line is that my skin/face can flush more after a bath or shower than would be typical. That is not something I mind and I simply consider it part of the experience of using the product.

    Regardless of cost, I find myself worried about running out of these salts. I typically prioritize buying the oils, tinctures, and large waters over items I thought I would use less, such as the bath salts. Yet, I’ve had to rethink my next order and that is the best recommendation I can give: I already love this product enough to invest in more of it. The salts are worth it!!

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