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The Empress’ Oil

The Empress’ Oil


Classic herbal and lapidary correspondences for Venus and Luna were combined with ingredients renowned in Hoodoo and Conjure for their ability to sweeten, seduce, and open the way, fumigated and prayed over before being immersed in a 50/50 combination of organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and jojoba for the Empress election, mere hours following Luminous Crown.

Pink and white water lily, raspberry leaf, damiana, orris root, watercress, red clover, rose hips, passionflower, pennyroyal, yarrow, vanilla bean, aloeswood, benzoin, Royal sandalwood, pink lotus stamens, eve root, deer’s tongue, jezebel root, lucky hand root, abre camino, diamond, emerald, and a touch of royal jelly — the nectar upon which the Queen bee herself feeds. Genuine 23kt red gold — an alloy of copper (Venus’ metal) and gold (the Sun’s metal) to emphasize Sol’s exaltation and rulership of the First, from the House Joy.

Left to gestate for nearly a year before being decanted into glass vials on the day of Venus and offered here to you, blessed Human Spirit, for the promotion of your own interests, especially pertaining to matters of finance, career, beauty, embodiment, self-worth, self-love, and desire.

Anoint to evoke a regal air, to improve posture, and promote a more commanding presence — capable, deserving, and worthy of the utmost respect.

Following opening and application, one is first likely to note the oil’s divine smell — as if seated near the dessert table at the Empress’ coronation, wafts of incense smoke and clean botanical waters drifting from Her lavish procession, amidst the cornucopia of rose and pink lotus bouquets upon Her distant altar.

Immediately the nerves settle, and ambient anxieties dispel. Consciousness and spirit root themselves into the vessel, and we shift to a taller, more upright position. Collected, sober, and embodied — our outlooks become clearer. We are better able to sift through our desires, selecting and actualizing those which actually matter.

From this empowered, competent state, we ask for what we want (and settle for nothing less). If the outside world will not give it, we become She who is capable of taking it.

Draws adoration, admiration, and adulation, as well as money, gifts, and the favor of those around us — the powerful most of all. Outputs a natural gravity which inclines others to please us.

Useful for those who have a tendency to martyr themselves and put others ahead of themselves and their own interests. May promote narcissism in those who are already so inclined.

Magically speaking, the Empress’ Oil can be used to charm and compel, to seduce, to cast and boost glamours, to increase income, to sweeten and empower reputations, to dominate, to manifest material resources, to draw power, and to promote sexual desire as in addition to social desirability.

Anoint oneself, one’s partner, or toys to enhance sexual experiences. Note that sub/ dom dynamics may well be emphasized.

Appropriate and well suited to wear in the workplace. This oil, unlike our other Venus series, is well suited to games of power and doesn’t resent toiling as much as most Venii, especially toward one’s own (worthy) goals. (Mars occupying its Degree of Exaltation + the House Joy certainly doesn’t hurt!)

Arrives in your choice of standard 1/2 oz glass vial for $84 (with an optional Dropper Cap Kit), a 10 ml precious metal rose gold roll-on for $108, or 10 ml w/ malachite rollerball for $68


SKU: N/A Categories: , ,


Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.85 in
Planetary Body





HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Friday, March 27, 2020. Hour of Venus. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. I find that the Empress oil is very soothing to me in a number of ways. When using it, I feel more self-possessed and empowered. It smooths my rough edges and soothes my nervous system. It helps me be more present in my body.

  2. The Empress oil & tincture were the first materia I purchased from S+. I hadn’t yet looked too hard at this beautiful website, but after a number of synchronicities and The Empress being a tarot card of personal importance, I decided to take the plunge.

    I have found The Empress to be warming and supportive of both mental and physical health. While this may be due to Her interaction with my natal chart, The Empress carried me through not one, but three health challenges. She also helped me comport myself with confident ease, allowing me to really shine in an interview for a dream job.

    Thank you to both The Empress and Kaitlin for these gorgeous, magical treats!

  3. This oil gives me immediate relaxation, calm and is an everyday part of my life. It makes me feel less anxious and able to enjoy and notice the gifts that are everywhere – especially in nature and affection from others. It has truly changed my outlook and I have an immense amount of gratitude for the beauty this series brings into the world.

  4. This is an oil I got much more out of over time than upon my first couple uses. I now consider it to have been a good investment for the unexpected upgrades I have seen in my life since this product came into it.

    I started using the Empress oil on Fridays numerous months ago to promote having positive days at work, project my best self at a stressful job, and honor Venus. It has helped me feel more “put-together” before a variety of situations many times.

    Notably, the Empress can be used to cultivate a stronger sense of self-worth, self-respect, and feeling worthy in general. These, or related effects, can aid in building confidence and seeing social or workplace-related advancement over time. Sometimes, a relatively short time such as weeks or months.

    This is also an oil for both attracting respect or interest from others and earning it. I have seen interesting and sometimes seemingly unexpected gains in this area since I began using Empress products. However, I also worked hard to be worthy of the respect I’ve gained at my job and other avenues. I’ve used other S and S for similar purposes at work as well (Golden Goat and Gator, Regulus III, Deneb Algedi).

    I will miss this one, as I’m down to dregs of the oil. The Empress has been a valuable addition to my life and continues to be one of my favorite series.

  5. The Empress’ first message came during a mundane, seemingly incongruous task. As I was washing my hands post-bathroom visit, I heard clearly: “Wash these hands with reverent care, for they are Tools of Art.” It was a profound moment of understanding the body AS temple.

    More recently, after a week of applying various Empress materia (but mostly the oil), I found myself at the mall for the first time in several years, taking a long, hard look at post-pandemic self in the 360-degree mirror. I didn’t like what I saw, but it was a matter-of-fact feeling: “stop dressing down; let’s see what we’re dealing with, upgrade our wardrobe, and go from there.” I bought several new shirts and sweaters that were *gasp* NOT ON SALE; it seemed like a reasonable investment, given that I haven’t worn anything but old leggings and $10 t-shirts for the past two WFH years. While the Empress’ spendy effect is quite real, I can’t argue with the need for at least a few good, new clothing items.

    And, finally, I’ve been going to the gym more often, even rearranging my work schedule to accommodate a lot of vigorous body-grounding activity.

  6. I resisted most all things Venus for a long time (chalk it up to a whole lotta Mars in my chart, and a Saturn-ruled natal Venus.) However, on the advice of an astrologer, and going into a year of Venus as my Timelord, I decided to lean into the Venusian. Getting my hands on the Empress Oil was part of my strategy for that, and I am so glad I did! It took a while for the scent to grow on me, but now it is hands down one of my favourites. It has been tremendously supportive when I need to tap into the Venus current in all aspects of life. It smooths my Martial edges, softens the emotional impact of my fallen moon, and imparts a quiet, queenly confidence when I wear it. It also heightens my desire for sensory pleasures and to buy beautiful things, so I do have to be a little cautious if I wear the oil out shopping or even browsing online. But…she also seems to help with bargain hunting and not settling for things that aren’t *exactly* what I want/need, so I call that a win too!

  7. Working with this oil highlights my natal relationship to Venus, which is very Saturn-influenced. I love how she makes me aware of this dynamic and softly soothes my Venus issues at the same time.

  8. I’ve found the Empress Oil to be incredibly effective and versatile to work with, whether applying it on my body for everyday interactions or use in ritual, using it for healing, or for anointing candles. It has been really transformative.

  9. This is an oil of self-respect, of setting standards and sticking to them, of receiving only the finest into the fullness of your being. The very first night I began earnestly working with this materia, a stranger approached me on the street to offer a single long-stemmed rose. That simple gesture spoke volumes to me, as if he were a courtier of the Empress herself. If you have in any way been playing small with yourself or your self-worth, this is the series for you.

  10. This is one of my favorite Venus series because you can apply it and go to work or be quite productive still in your day. It is also a fantastic support for self affirmation, self worth, claiming enjoyment and prosperity for yourself if those are things you are working on. The first time I used I wasn’t sure about the smell because it’s a real RICH sweet mapley smell, but man does it grow on you!

  11. I love the Empress oil so much! Empress helps smooth out the rough edges in life. It takes the sting out difficult situations. When I wear Empress oil I am more relaxed and at ease with the world. For me it is a stress buster and I’ve also used it to ease headaches. Empress prompts me to care more about my own internal and external beauty. It also seems to help me gain favor with others so that they take notice of me and treat me well. I do not go out as much these days but there have been a few times when I’ve gone out with this oil on and forgotten that I applied it before leaving the house (I mostly wear it for my own comfort and enjoyment). I’ve found myself wondering why in the world I’m getting waves, smiles and favors from strangers. Then I remember and have to laugh to myself at the awesome magic of the Empress.

  12. The Empress oil has been one of my favorites. I’m blown away by the subtle power of this oil. I wear it often and in working with it I’ve made huge strides in cultivating a stronger sense of self that is magnetic, sensual and feels deserving and beautiful. Empress really has that “glow up” energy!

  13. Regal, commands respect. Very different from the BPALs of this series (unsurprisingly, as they all vary themselves & have specific intentions). Nevertheless, it is interesting to me because sometimes using this oil can almost seem like I am working with a completely separate series. The BPALs, for me, are far more relaxed & undemanding. But – like most of Kaitlin’s oils – Empress is here to catalyze lasting transformation. She *will* make you do the work. The whole series is amazing for me; however, it’s important to be aware that you might not just be able to sit back and wait for everything to fall into your lap with certain aspects of it. If you want to be as eternally magnetic & alluring as the Empress herself, you will have to be willing to clear any deep-seated blockages to embodying that state. Overall, this is the sense that I get after many months of working with her.

  14. This oil traveled with me over the past few months, when I was thrown into some tumultuous and unexpected changes within the home. Wearing it was a ritual reminder to practice self-sovereignty, for which I am ever grateful. Thank you S+S 🙂 <3

  15. This has been my favorite offering from Sphere and Sundry to date. I have an 8th house Aqua Venus who is under the beams and in a dark, goth place! Empress oil has given me the permission to know that I am worthy of Venusian blessings and in turn they have shown up big time. Field effects included more romance, free cosmetics + gifts left, right and centre, evenings out, feeling more inclined to make art and being surrounded by beautiful works of art, receiving praise and being treated really well by those around me. Life just feels smoother and more enjoyable overall with the Empress. May you be blessed always Kaitlin, so grateful for this materia xxxx

  16. I’m in love with this oil! It makes me feel beautiful, strong and incredibly empowered and capable. I’m Taurus rising and this oil brings much confidence.

  17. I love this oil! I brings confidence and beauty into the areas of my chart that venus rules. Overall I have mainly seen it affect my friends/social spheres. Taurus is my 11th house

  18. I am in love with this series. It smells divine, and feels so empowering and softening at the same time. Like I can enter a state of true receptivity because it brings me to a place of such deep grounding within myself. It feels especially great to work with Venus materia that is compatible with getting things done, as opposed to the more laziness-inducing other Venus series.

  19. I love this oil! It smells decadent and it feels like a treat each time. I like that it is good for the workplace or for work related things, meaning I can wear it and not worry about laziness.

    I used it for a video shoot in my garden where I was talking about how to use herbs to make skincare products, very venus Taurus vibes plus to help with glamour and self confidence in how I appear and present myself!

  20. I snatched up a vial of this the second I could— the combination of the moon and venus right on the midheaven (and my natal one as well) was too good to pass up!
    I’ve long struggled to embody both my feminine side and my commanding side; this series is both gentle and strong and encourages both in its stewards.
    the scent is heavenly- it’s a true joy to put it on- and I find it comforting as much as empowering. When I was going through a hard time, the Venus oil was there. I use it on dates, for my Monday Venus night rituals and for dates alike; each time I feel more cemented in my worth and the abundance therein.

    This series is for anyone who doesn’t believe strength and softness are mutually exclusive <3
    thank you Kaitlin for creating this truly magical offering!

  21. I love how much this leads to opening and a secure sense of self. I definitely feel that uprightness in a good wa,y getting away from martyrdom, being able to look around and enjoy the good things in life.

    Fantastic for being you, in a glowing way.

  22. This is some deep, juicy, much-needed magic–especially for someone with a Venus in detriment. The Empress Oil is truly in sympathetic resonance with the softer benefic and it is, for me, a life-balm.

  23. I am still in my adjustment/experiment time with my Empress. I attended an important meeting where I sought the help of Empress for confidence and authority, but I didn’t expect it to be too much because I ended up being too assertive. Another time, I used it to get a discount, then ended up being charged more. I hope this is just an adjustment period and will soon enjoy the glamour it is well known for.

  24. Very useful after these difficult recent years, self care all the way! I even got a free box of chocolate cookies when I wore it out once. Helpful in the process of being unapologetically you.

  25. This oil is so beautiful and lush feeling. Not to mention its scent is lovely as well. It makes me feel confident, at ease, compassionate all the while being more determined and grounded. Truly its hard to explain just quite the different feelings and emotions it evokes when I anoint myself with it, but all of which that make me feel like like all the qualities in my mind the Empress has.
    As a Taurus Sun and Venus I knew I had to have this oil.

  26. The Empress is by far my most favorite offering of S&S and while I am a great fan of most products this is by far the most luscious and empowering. All hail the queen.

  27. The Empress to me smells like cake. Delicious vanilla cake. And it always brings with it a rush of both self-worth and self-love. It is deeply grounding, and for days when your confidence is on shaky ground, an absolute must. For me, its less “active” based than LC, and is more reflective than LC, but no less potent. The Empress for me is about acceptance of the good things, and deserving of your needs and wants.

  28. I was recommended to peep this incoming series by an astrologer because of what I talked about in my session: mainly issues of self-worth and self-esteem and I swear it was meant to be. My natal venus is in taurus, but in my 12th, and so is my aries sun, wah… The common theme as of late is “good enough.” The first night I wore the oil, I had a tough self-esteem night, and in retrospect, I swear it feels like The Empress was opening up my heart to let all the good in. I feel that this series has helped me hone into my confidence (Which was always present, just hidden) and in doing so solidified the bad-assness I forgot I had? Since using this, I find myself asking if someone or something is good enough for ME, and not the other way around. I’ve described it as strengthening the inner frame inside me, so I stand up taller and expand, not shrink. I’ve also been feeling the admiration, and also *believing* it. oh, and I got a pay raise since working with this magick, but that couuuuld be because I am a hashtag bad B 😉

  29. Thank you so much for this oil! Instantly offers a healthy feeling of entitlement to pleasure. Also holds a powerful calming, grounding effect. Smells wonderful, too.

  30. I expected this oil to have the same energy as my beloved Venus in Taurus oil, but I was amazed at how much “punch” this oil has. I have had clients tell me how fantastic our new fashion lines are, sales are up over 33%, and I have so much energy when I use this in my morning ritual before work. This has a long throw which is fine but looking forward to seeing how it help me start my own brand this Summer.

  31. I’ve really enjoyed this oil, the effects in my use have lasted for hours after application.

  32. I was hesitant to buy more Venus in Taurus materia because the last ViT oil simply made me crave margaritas and spend all of my money 🙂
    But empress oil is definitely on another level; it has made dramatic differences in my ability to enjoy sensual pleasure, develop intimacy with my partner, and when I use it as part of my makeup routine I feel much more confidant in my appearance
    It *Does still come with that usual Taurus listlessness, so I can only use it late at night

  33. I’ve been a S+S loyal customer for about 9 months at the time this series launched so I was very excited for the latest offerings. First off, the oil smells amazing, like offerings from the finest pastry shop in the world. It is buttery, rich and deliciously sumptuous. When you smell its aroma you will want cake. Trust me.

    If you only bought S+S oils for their aromatic benefits alone they would be worth the price. But as with every offering I’ve tried from S+S, the real joy is in the enchanting synchronicities that invariably have followed.

    It is true what customers have said, that these things can start to reach out to you to benefit your life even before you have them. I don’t know if it always happens for folks but it has happened multiple times for me with multiple offerings and I am not sad about it.

    In the case of my initial Empress purchase, a recruiter found me online with a job opening in hand three days before my package arrived. I hadn’t been actively looking. We scheduled an interview with her client’s hiring team the Monday after Empress arrived (Luna’s day, so far so good). This was supposed to be the first of a few rounds of interviews (assuming the first went well). On the day of the interview I donned my oil, sprayed on the hydrosol, and lit a candle that I dressed with the powder. We chatted for an hour and the team was so impressed they ended the interview by saying they would have HR put an offer together. And a generous offer it was, fit for an Empress. They offered 46% more than I was making in my current job! Economic Stimulus in a bottle indeed.

    Can I prove causal connection beyond all scientific doubt? No. Do I care? I do not. I’m going with S+S Empress FTW. If you’re on the fence about your first purchase I totally get it. I hesitated for close to two months before making my first purchase. The Universe eventually intervened and gave me signs that said I needed to do it. I have never regretted that decision. Kaitlin and Austin are lovely people. Support small business, support dedicated craftsmen, and support your own experience of a re-enchanted world. Treat. Your. Self. I’m glad I did.

  34. This oil has been life-changing (not that I was expecting anything less from S+S.) After I ordered the oil, I felt called to order a few sets of lingerie, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. Lately, I’ve thought, “Well, who for? I’m not dating anyone to appreciate it.” Then, in that moment, I realized it’s for ME. One of the Empress’s first messages…

    The first time I wore this oil to work on a Friday, I had a bit of a blow-up at my boss (respectfully 😉 ) about certain conditions and protocols that I, and all of my co-workers, wanted to change. And BAM! That day, changes were made. Empress came in to save the day!

    I’ve become more accustomed to saying what I feel and what I mean in a way that is completely empowering, though at times it may be scary as someone with a healthy dose of Libra and a Mars being consumed by the South Node. But this oil has completely transformed some patterns that were not working for me. I am in the grips of some deep healing and shifting, and no doubt this is contributing.

    And yes, of course, the oil also helps with beauty, fun, enjoyment, attention, money, etc. But the self-empowerment and self-belief has been the real gift of this oil. Thank you!

  35. The Empress has been treating me VERY well… a little *too* well, if all of my recent “impulse purchases” are any indication. She wants what she wants, and she wants quite a lot: new jewelry, to fill in longstanding gaps in my accessorization; new wall art, even that stunning but expensive piece I wasn’t actually going to buy; multiple trips to a dermatologist, to remove those little things that I’m always fretting over; a custom offering bowl ceremonially forged and designed with the energy of the Star card? Hell. Yes.
    The funny thing is that I’m a Capricorn with a deep-set frugality, so I tend to really overthink most purchases of this nature and feel guilty about it afterward… Not so under this influence. Each purchase feels like an act of love, well deserved and completely appropriate. (But my Venus is also in Capricorn, so…?)
    I also catch myself admiring my reflection in the mirror a lot more than usual. Even in my underwear, I like what I see!
    I’ve become very mindful of my living space, favoring tidiness over laziness more than usual. Sprucing things up, tending to untended places both external and internal, as self-care ramps up considerably. I’m indulging in more sumptuous foods, also spending quite a bit here, but in a mindful way. Even an $8 price tag can’t keep me away from those perfect-looking organic raspberries!
    I’m still exploring this series and watching new things unfold in my experience, but suffice it to say that it’s all very, very nice. I’d warn you about budgeting, but honestly, I have no regrets; by letting the Empress take the wheel, I’m getting quite the glow-up in return!

  36. To say I am obsessed with the smell of the Empress oil is an understatement…it feels comforting, protective and empowering all at the same time, with a great heaping dash of beauty. This oil WANTS to be used, as often as possible. It plays well with other S+S materials I am super into, such as Sol in Leo, Luminous Crown and Exalted Venus, but Empress also loves to be taken out on her own, she definitely attracts attention.

  37. I *knew* the Empress was something extraordinary when she arrived precisely during Venus’ hour on Venus’ day, far earlier than I’d hoped. Elegance, sensuality, confidence ~ all arise effortlessly when adorned with this subtle, magickal offering… The energetic is palpable, welcomed, and present. I love anointing with this oil. Precious! I’ll add that there’s been a marked uptick in beautifying my realm inside and out since the arrival of Empress materia. That, and a clarity that is unmistakeable and refreshing.

  38. The Empress has a way of making people desire me more and revealing my own desires to myself. I use the oil to meditate on what I want and need, which is a tricky subject for me, but with the Empress it seems simple! She helps me say what I need and envision what I want my life to be. Don’t be fooled by the pretty smells and treats that will follow the application of this oil, she has Wisdom to share.

  39. I’m not one for leisure for the most part, and time spent by myself is as awkward as if I’m my own estranged cousin. Empress has allowed me to suss out the comforts and joys I suppress. I calculate far less and take more of my sweet time when I anoint myself.

  40. The irony is not lost on me that the day my package of empress goodies came in the mail, it was accompanied by two totally unexpected valentines in the mailbox, one of them containing a scratcher!! No luck on the scratcher but such a cool synchronicity none the less. This series is amazing! The first time I applied the oil I ended up putting on on some makeup and did a whole new look that turned out pretty fire, I must say. My posture and general way of carrying myself definitely improves. I’m excited to use it more!

  41. The Empress Series is the real deal. Period.

    Background: I am in a Jupiter-ruled profection year, with Leo Rising. The Aquarius Stellium in February 2021 was in my 7th house.

    My romantic life was very busy, going on more dates that month than I have in years. (during a pandemic.) Then I ordered the Empress.

    In addition to anointing myself with oil, I put a little in my face oil wash. And then I ordered two of the BPAL perfumes.

    The first time I wore the perfume was on a first date — I was ready to give up I was so tired of dating. Instead, this one was eight hours long. We had a magical time. And six days later (As Jupiter is conjunct Mercury on my Descendent) he said to me: “No pressure, and no timeline. But I’m going to marry you.”

    I just looked — and yes, his Taurus moon is the exact degree of Venus. I have bewitched him! I’m not mad.

    Do not play with the Empress. She’s serious. <3

  42. Literally SHAKING at how powerful this oil is. I’ve only had one moment with it, but my Virgo Venus was NOT ready. I’ve been very cautious/avoidant with Venus in my life – have struggled with that connection – but with a simple anointing of her candle, and suddenly I was struck by p r e s e n c e.. Thank you, Kaitlin, for bringing me this moment of devotion.

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