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Rose + Pink Lotus Water

Rose + Pink Lotus Water


Originally two hydrosols were planned for the Empress: a Rose Water in honor of our maiden Venus in Taurus series, in addition to a Pink and White Water Lily, chosen to represent the co-mingling of Venusian and Lunar influences imbued by this election in particular. Each was given its own copper alembic and distilled over the course of the afternoon, filled waters placed upon the altar of operation.

An Empress tarot card was distilled within the Rose pot, and freshly created malachite talismans, alongside sundry herbs and woods renowned in Hoodoo and Conjure for seduction, sweetening, and the promotion of desirability, the Water Lily.

Guidance was given following the Work to combine them, so only one Water results: the Rose + Pink Lotus, aquatic handmaiden of the Empress series.

The result is an Imperial floral, charming and alluring, but with backbone; fresh and notably feminine, yet stoic and self-possessed. Anxieties dispel and posture improves. A sense of competence, self-respect, and Divine Order follow.

Use as an aura and room spray to invoke a sense of calm and capability, while enhancing conscious awareness of the social landscape (as well as one’s ability to dominate it), seduction, and the diplomatic feats necessary to achieve the objects of our desire. Feminine leadership, at its finest.

Enhances desirability and the ability to take joy in harmonious sounds, striking visuals, exquisite tastes, and the most sensuous of sensations.

Spray over Venus or manifestation altars. Mist sigils and vision boards for allied causes. Apply as a linen or body spray before engaging sexual activities, whether solo or partied.

Boosts self-love, self-worth, and self-esteem. Apply before affirmations or acts toward such ends. Promotes self-care and an instinct for physical upkeep and beautification. Acts as a magnet for gifts, money, and material manifestation. Promotes glamour.

Arrives in a 1/2 oz travel or sample size glass spray bottle with malachite keepsake and hand embossed rose gold glyph for $30, or full 2 oz for $66




Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.85 in


Planetary Body



Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Friday, March 27, 2020. Hour of Venus. Chart in image gallery.

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Empress Info Sheet



  1. I absolutely love this series! This water is my favorite for when I need to be grounded in my body. It’s very effective for that, and definitely posture improving. It’s also been very helpful for when I need to present myself well in meetings, and for working with a new supervisor. My work is definitely getting more positive notice and I have more allies at work. I also feel like I have better boundaries.
    Recently I’ve also been layering this with Exalted Sol materia and it’s so good. Exalted Sol runs a little intense and impatient for me on its own, but layered with Empress it smooths out nicely and is still very effective.

  2. This spray makes me feel like a goddess, instantly! It’s a lovely boost of confidence and sensuality that has been a great kick start to my day when feeling a bit down or if I know that I have to go be around a lot of people. While I love all the S+S series, I think their Venus workings are always the yummiest, sweetest to use, quite true to Venus herself.

  3. What happens when I spray this hydrosol before streaming, a photo shoot, a party, a date? I notice my natural beauty re-emerges from myself: I recognise it in the mirror and it’s recognised by others when I meet them or they see me. S+S Venus materia, for me, reduces anxiety and increases calm: I feel relaxed. This is just the pick-me up needed to feel and look my best. It’s fast-acting and effective. Anything which allows me to recognise as well as bringing to my awareness my innate beauty, so that it’s recognised by others too, is an asset. Note: I have a combust Aries Venus. Numerologically, I have an affinity to 3 and the Empress tarot card.

  4. easily my favorite hydrosol. this smells so delicate & perfect my confidence & inner peace is boosted instantly whenever I put it on. sometimes if the day doesn’t call for all of BIG VENUS ill just spritz my face & hair, thank her for everything shes done for me, & ask that I embody the virtues & merit the blessings. its usually fairly obvious when I’ve sprayed it because I notice that I am at least slightly more well received & ready to receive my good reception in kind. i like it so much I bought another one, which is great since its well sold out now I think. what a treat

  5. This smells slightly rosy + a slight other floral to it which I’m assuming is the water lily. This hydrosol is very anxiety calming, while boosting your self confidence. If there’s a day when you’re not sure you’re up for it, this hydrosol allows you an empowerment that isn’t outwardly aggressive. There’s a mellowness to it, but that shouldn’t be confused with timidity or inability to stand up for yourself. The backbone is there, just not in your face. Definite aids in feeling competent and self-assured.

  6. It’s so heady. It puts me in tune with the imperial Venus, who will brook no bs in the quest for what I desire – including from me. Not rudely – never that. But a couple quick spritzes (usually over myself and my altar) endow me with some lofty ideals and luxurious desires, in Her vein, and the confidence and receptiveness to charm them out of life.

  7. Absolutely in love with this hydrosol! The smell is otherworldly and upon application, I really do feel like a confident, regal version of myself. I’ve applied it both to get ready for creative and social activities as well as to center myself (whether that’s first thing in the morning or before bed). I have Venus conjunct Rahu natally so I sometimes tend to overdo it with Venus materia but Empress somehow regulates herself. Need a lifetime supply of this tbh.

  8. This hydrosol is absolute magic ya’ll. I work in customer service and have been working my way toward a promotion, and on the days when I really wanna crawl into a corner and hide I spray this on my face and it’s like I’m applying a very enigmatic protective shield. The confidence boost I need in bottle form!

  9. This is an *extremely* floral scent which leaves brightness in the air. I’ve been using it as an offering to Aphrodite and the Graces, and it’s ideal for consecrating and blessing their shrine.

  10. This hydrosol is very helpful to quickly prime myself for being heard and seen in any environment I can think of. I most often use it before work to build a sense of inner and outer competence and prepare myself for how visible I can feel during some aspects of my work.

    Outside of work, I use it to feel more centered and focused at the start of the day or before engaging in other activities where I want to form a good impression.

    A must-have for reducing any kind of performance anxiety, cultivating some types of personal changes, or for getting in touch with the artistic and sensual aspects of life when one is feeling in need of them.

  11. I use this incredibly smelling water when I want to be well received, it makes everyone around me just agree with me. I perform and since using this on gig days, I’ve found different levels to my performances. It’s much more easy to “get in the performance mood”, which I rely a lot on! I can’t think of a single warning or anything negative to do with this, it’s super pure and direct magic. Also the week this arrived, my bookings went through the roof! Weirdly, the Empress has made me more cool headed when dealing with people who want to take advantage of me. Together we just say no, set our terms and the others fall in line.

  12. My introduction to the Empress was auspicious. Just about an hour after first misting myself with her beautiful Rose + Pink Lotus Water during her day and hour, I received a completely unexpected gift. An artist friend had sent me one of his artworks, which was a lovely surprise and testament to the Empress’s undeniable allure. The floral scent of this water is so bright and fresh, and has an immediately uplifting and centering effect.

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