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The Cloud King’s Honey

The Cloud King’s Honey



Consecrated Jupiter in Pisces herbal base, lapis lazuli, 24k gold, and 12k white gold, folded into a base of raw and organic honey during the Empyreal Vantage election window, fumigated with frankincense and saffron.

Create a honey pot or add as an ingredient in other spellwork related to Jupiterian ends: drawing opportunities, wealth, clients, sweetening existing offers or positions, improving disposition and reputation, liberation, and rising above whatever may be holding you down or back.

In addition, honey pot oneself (or others) as insulation against works of maleficia, and the ill-will of those less evolved. Preferably following some form of energetic cleansing.

Arrives in a 2 oz glass bulk pot with keepsake lapis lazuli for $36

In stock



Weight 6.5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

2 oz


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Sunrise, May 20 2021, hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. This honey renders sweet the process of visioning towards what’s possible, a magical carb-load booster alongside truly imaginative planning.

  2. I use this along with Deneb Algedi bluing for protection and a sort of invisibility cloak. It’s also great in honey jars and even though it’s probably not officially recommended, a tiny bit in my tea.

  3. I straight up used this for honeypotting every Thursday for a long time…and…WOW. Just such an amazing addition to my Jupiter practices. I feel insanely grateful for the reputation-improving opportunities that have come toward me with this in my corner

  4. A good gift for land spirits of a Jupiterian nature. Sacred reciprocity for those who watch over us and provide ease, joy, boons and blessings. Highly, highly recommend!

  5. It is like a wishing well. It opens paths, and sweetens relationships.

  6. Sky daddy stickiness. Placed beneath the altar associated with him and his horny son, in the area of the house given to love and relationships. It feels magnetic, as it draws possibilities to its sphere. The troubled waters of relationships have calmed and the course laid skirts the torrents, turbulence, and terrors that brought some of those interactions to impasse. The heavens themselves open like a storm with new opportunities as if answering long held and unspoken desires. It feels as if mountains can be moved revealing gardens of earthly delight only seen in dreamscapes. The sweetest of honey like the nine of cups.

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