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Water of Heavenly Succor

Water of Heavenly Succor


A bountiful harvest of peaches and consecrated Jupiter’s Empyreal Vantage herbal base, 12k white gold, and lapis lazuli, with water freshly drawn from the headwaters of Mt. Shasta. Distilled via copper alembic during the election window and left to bask upon the altar throughout the day.

Spritz to uplift, liberate, promote wellbeing and a sense of all-potential. Calms, centers, and puts at ease.

Use as an aura wash or linen spray to increase wellbeing, and a chill good nature.

Arrives in your choice of a 1/2 oz travel/ sample size glass spray bottle with lapis lazuli for $28, of full 2 oz for $64.




Weight .5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Planetary Body

Spray Bottle Size

1/2 oz, 2 oz




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Sunrise, May 20 2021, hour of Jupiter. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. I love this very much. One of my favorite situations for it is work calls. Spraying some on a few minutes before a call helps me shift quickly into a benevolent, generous, peaceful energy to bring to the conversation

  2. precious precious immediate anti-freakout juice! I like to layer the salve, bb, a jupiter oil, as I call to jupiter for help with whatever and especially for help with my peace of mind & perspective, then I spritz this as a finisher and voila, it really is magic. Jupiters nature is to expand and stabilize, and I really feel that all the cloud kingdom materia are incredible for helping me pause, back up for a bigger picture, breathe, and find quiet in my mind & body. I love Jupiter so much and these things have done so much for helping me embody his virtues & inherit his blessings <3

  3. This is probably my favorite scent in existence. Nothing I know of more captures that quality of air just before a desert summer thunderstorm. Anytime I need to decompress from a stressful day at work or any other experience I want to firmly place in the past, this is my reset button.

    Sweet relief.

  4. I adore this spray! I have been making my way through my first bottle at a rate that may see this become my first double purchase. The smell is delightful, and the experience of wearing it is altogether uplifting as many have said. I feel calm, present, and centered, and almost always have little bouts of luck throughout the day, whether it’s free things or other generosities. As a natal retrograde Jupiter in Virgo, working with this water has helped alleviate a lot of my overthinking and doing, and helped me to better accept, appreciate, and receive what is.

  5. with record temps being set in my region last summer and this, this water’s my survival in a bottle (now ordering a second). it’s brought little lucks recently like refunds & freebies. (just saw a prescription drug ad for what i thought said CALMOSPHERE which is now how i’m going to believe the water wants to be known LOL)

  6. It took me a while to actually start using this materia for some reason, but then I set it by my bed and since then have been enjoying it immensely! It feels simultaneously soothing, healing, and uplifting. Definitely a subtle but very supportive offering. I also gifted a small bottle to my friend, and she sprays it around her art studio — I got rave reviews from her 🙂

  7. One of my favorite S&S offerings! I spritz it on myself before heading into my job reading Tarot at a local shop. I always feel calmer and more centered. This also works excellent when paired with Mars materia.

  8. This is a lovely spray, I find it really helpful to spray my pillow before bed. I generally have really good sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. It helps reduce some of the monkey mind to prep for good sleep or mediation

  9. Love the Jupiter waters generally, and they all have unique, nuanced effects. This one is definitely my go-to when I need a dreamy, relaxing, chilled-out atmosphere at home or even work. Blissful benevolence from above. I’ve also noticed an increased chance of precipitation in the weather when using, sometimes even full-on rain- Kind of cool! If you’re having a stressful day and need to relax, this can turn things around in an instant. Highly recommend! Praise Jove.

  10. Not that this should replace meditating, but it leaves me with the same sense as though my mind has been washed, ready for support and expansion. Calming but not sedating, yet allows room for choice should you desire to further relax.

  11. This water is fantastic for boosting my mood and confidence prior to teaching. One of my favorite offerings so far thank you!

  12. I absolutely love this wonderful water. I spritz some of it on sometimes before heading off to my job reading tarot. When paired with my Mars spray, it tends to draw clientel. 🙂 Would absolutely recommend. I also love how it smells like fresh rain.

  13. I don’t know that I’ve gone through a S+S water as quickly as this one. I’ve been using it every morning in conjunction with the tincture since I got it in early August, and it’s really assisted me in my daily life. I also notice more beautiful clouds on the days I use it than when I don’t It smells so clarifying and uplifting.

  14. Water of Heavenly Succor definitely calms, centers, and puts at ease. Very uplifting. This to me is a very versatile use spray, and reminds me almost to Florida Water but for a different purpose. If FW is about cleansing, WoHS is about calming. 10/10 would buy again.

  15. I chose this formulation based on my intuitive practice. I’ve been applying it to my energy field daily before beginning several courses of self study that I’m working on this autumn. It feels supportive and expansive and has been a wonderful companion as I continue this evolutionary process of learning and synthesizing. Absolutely conducive to building a container capable of holding an ever-growing trove of data, knowledge and wisdom.

  16. I first bought a travel size of this spray to try it out and LOVED using it. I then bought a larger size bottle and continue to use it nearly every day.

    This spray is not only clarifying but also imparts a grounding sense of balance or nourishment. The overall vibe of the spray makes it seem conducive to learning, improving one’s outlook or a sense of wellbeing, receptiveness, and adaptability (depending on one’s goals and needs).

    I just transferred to a new federal job by choice and am doing my best to adjust, learn, and provide great service. To that end, I like to spray this water before work and during work breaks, especially when I go into a 10-hour work day on too little sleep. The part in the product description where the wording refers to “a chill good nature” is also apt – this spray is certainly helpful for cultivating or maintaining a chill but positive state.

    I’ve tried products from all of the Jup series, but feel the most consistently nourished, drawn to, and supported by this Jup series and Jupiter’s Bounty. They both offer great self-care tools to have in stressful times and while building one’s career in visible ways.

  17. Divination for this series told me the spray would be a significant aid in the coming months, so I snatched it up on release day. Experience has *definitely* borne that out. I spray myself and/or my classroom before school starts pretty much every day, and despite These Unprecedented Times In Which We Live, I’ve been able to be present for my students without taking all the stresses of the day home with me. It really is like a little cloud blanket.

  18. I’d been wallowing in my apartment all day. The sheets were dirty and smelling like old skin, the room like stale air. Depressed. When Water of Heavenly Succor arrived I rallied myself to clean – and when I opened the box I was delighted to find that the tissue paper was the same color as my curtains, a brilliant, nearly neon blue. I made an altar near the window and sprayed the water on myself and in my recently decrepit room. I went along with my business, but it felt like time had slowed for a moment. I had the distinct feeling of being on a boat in the middle of an ocean, on my back drifting and watching the clouds. I watched the clouds for nearly hours, so serene and so remarkably different than how I had been previously. Thick clouds in a previously cloudless sky roiled ahead. Remarkable experience, with a slightly sexual edge.

    Taken around other people, so far, it seems to enhance whatever dynamic is already present.

  19. it’s been so easy to connect to this series, especially for me as I have a day chart and am Jupiter ruled. Love the Venus materia as well, but engaging with this series has reminded me that Jupiter really is the benefic that I’m most comfortable with. The water feels so clarifying and nourishing. I’ve taken to a daily practice of using it and I feel a wave of relief whenever I spray it. I’m really excited to keep working with it and explore other items from this series.

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