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Jupiter’s Bounty Powder

Jupiter’s Bounty Powder


Organic dried and freeze-dried fruits, mixed nuts, holy basil, red clover, dandelion root, wormwood, pie spice, other Jupitarian herbs, citrine, and amethyst, ritually combined and suffumigated after an offering feast to Jupiter on a prime astrological election.

Add as an ingredient in magical works designed for prosperity, gain, growth, wisdom, and the like, or in any fashion powders are typically employed, such as for dressing candles or making sachet pouches. Wear on your person or inside your shoe, or place in your wallet to carry Jupiter’s influence with you, promoting wise decision making, luck, gain, and protection.

Pure, uncut, and organic herbs, resins, fruits, nuts, gemstones, and dried yellow lilies from the offering table.

Available in a 1/2 oz glass vial with cork top for $28

Important allergen note: While this does not contain peanuts, it does contain other nuts (walnuts, almonds, pecans, pistachios, and cashews) that were processed in a facility that handles peanuts. Not suitable for use by those with peanut or other nut allergies. Buyer/ user agrees not to apply, gift, or make available to those with nut allergies, assumes full responsibility for any allergic interactions to self and others as a result of exposure, and releases Sphere + Sundry from any and all liability. Keep out of reach of children.

Out of stock

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Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.85 in
Planetary Body


Benefic, Neutral

Chart Remediation

Jupiter — Good for people who are Jupiter deficient and need support for the natal Jupiter


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


COMMON ALLERGEN — This formulation contains a high risk allergen, disclosed in the copy

Creation Date

26th of March, 2019. Hour of Jupiter. Chart in the image gallery

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  1. I used this powder in a money box – a box that received all paychecks in my household. Over time, this box came to hold surprise gifts, large tax payouts, one-off well paid work, and eventually a miraculous payout hat allowed us to buy a home. It’s magic. It takes its time, but works. I miss it.

    As with many Sphere and Sundry products, this item was misplaced or lost or decided to leave once a particularly great work was accomplished. Sometimes this happens by me getting an inkling to give something to someone, but in this case, after an EPIC cross country roadtrip – one month – I lost the bottle in the seats of a car. This roadtrip felt like a beautiful goodbye kiss, or an until we meet again.

    Praise Jove. I feel gratitude and a true sense of abundance of possibility right now as I write this.

  2. It took me a bit to write about Jupiter’s Bounty. Mostly because I wanted to give it a bit of time with working with it. This is what I would call “low and slow” in a REAL good way. I’ve had some slow but steady progressions in my business income and I started to see abundance in so many different areas of my life and different people appearing just when I was in need or they were in need of something I could help with. It’s such a wonderful addition to the Jupiter family!

  3. This stuff is seriously magic. When I use it regularly all sorts of synchronicities start to occur and things just seem to ‘happen’ for me. Highly recommended.

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