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Jupiter’s Bounty Talismans

Jupiter’s Bounty Talismans


Talismanic goldsmith and AstroMage par excellence Tony Mack returns, this time with Jupiter talismans —

Modeled in carver’s wax and lost-wax cast in fine .99 silver on the corresponding election.

Each coin was cast with an image of Jupiter from Picatrix book II chapter X; “Under the influence of Jupiter make the image of a crowned man sitting on a throne carried by four winged men”. A spear was added to the right hand (borrowed from an alternative Jupiter image from picatrix bk II) to signify the protection and upholding of the fruits of his bounty. The reverse side bears an image of grape vines growing around the planetary sigil of Jupiter from the Arabic Ghayat Al Hakim.

The Jupiter’s Bounty coin talisman arrives in a black leatherette box.

Available for $468, and includes a vial of Jupiter’s Bounty self-igniting incense for charging the talisman. Four talismans are being offered standalone, and four are being reserved for treasure sets.

Out of stock

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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Planetary Body

Chart Remediation

Jupiter — Good for people who are Jupiter deficient and need support for the natal Jupiter




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

26th of March, 2019. Hour of Jupiter. Chart in the image gallery


Merlad Coin, Merlad Necklace, Merlady Coin, Merlady Necklace

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  1. This beautiful talisman was a physical representation of Jupiter transiting my 10th house. Within weeks of receiving it sudden and very unexpected, once-in-a-lifetime promotion opportunities opened up for me at work. He was so powerfully effective that I ended up not even having to interview for the promotion – it was given to me purely based on my experience and written application. Seriously amazing. He doesn’t work super fast, but the benefits are big and long lasting. Thank you Kaitlin and Tony!

  2. This Jupiter Talisman has been something I have been wanting for a few years now and Sphere + Sundry featuring Tony Mack does not disappoint. I was tracking it as it was coming via USPS and the day it was due to arrive, thunderstorms were forecasted in the LA area where none had been forecasted before. As with most S+S talismans and talismanic materia, the subtle energies usually come through upon purchase, this one was no exception as it coincided with a shift in my semester’s experiences with student teaching. I was initially assigned a school site to student-teach at that was not very supportive in my goals to become a teacher, but with this talisman, it coincided with the much needed support that I wanted to bring into my sphere. Upon first touching the talisman, I felt the energy radiating towards my solar plexus, heart, and then radiating outward in a way that provided a shield… a protective reflective shield to keep negativity at bay. I immediately initiated my connection with it with the Orphic Hymn to Jupiter provided by the Jupiter article on the S+S site. With the recitation, the energy amplified even more enveloping my whole body. I found that it curbed my anxiety so I can more easily breathe. Over the following days, various opportunities for connection and advancement occurred. I was recognized by an administrator, who has only communicated with me via email correspondences, when I was a ceremony to celebrate the completion of my credential. I have also wondered if there was a way to get initiated into something like being a priest or a mage to Jupiter, as I have been dedicating mantras to Jupiter for a little over a decade now, and that was answered when I listened to the interview of the proprietress of S+S who said that purchasing a talisman is a form of initiation. That made a lot of sense considering how I purchased this wonderful piece. I am in love with it. Thank you, Kaitlin, again for facilitating all of this! <3

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