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Primordial Bath Mud

Primordial Bath Mud


Clay from a pristine Southern Oregon deposit and other earthen minerals, including ocean magnesium, epsom salt, Himalayan salt, humic and fulvic earth, and activated charcoal, to be added to a warm bath for grounding, detoxification, purification, and energetic protection.

Includes organically occurring live probiotics to benefit the skin’s natural defense barrier, and offers benefits similar to earthing (the practice of walking barefoot over grass and dirt to connect with Earth’s energies), in the convenience of your own bathtub.

Saturn and Capricorn each have their own distinct relationship to Earth and Sea, so it felt especially appropriate to offer some form of bathing paraphernalia alongside this series. *Too much* Saturn magic, however, directly applied to the living vessel, can drain vitality, cause tightness, and restrict energy flow, in addition to contributing to states of depression and hopelessness.

For this reason, Sphere + Sundry’s Bath Mud has not been explicitly enchanted, operating instead on the basis of the naturally occurring Saturnian virtues possessed by its formulary.

Bathing in beneficent muck. A return to the most primordial of ooze…

Come down from magical or mundane events, wipe the slate clean, and prime your body and mind for meditation, contemplation, and rest on every level. Reduces the impact of electromagnetic overexposure in the body, making this a natural (and incredibly helpful) energetic detox from these everyday modern conditions.

Exfoliate first or within the bath to get increased skin softening, clarifying, and beautifying benefits (a natural extension of Saturn’s exaltation in the sign of aesthetic and lovely Libra).

Yin restoration at its most fundamental…

Bathe during Saturn’s day, night, and hours as a form of ritual observation and remediation, or as needed.

A small amount of Ritual Salt, Powder, or Oil from any series and sub-set can be added, should additional magical oomph be desired.

Add half a cup or more and soak for 15-40 minutes. Rinse well before drying. Septic safe.

A small amount can also be added to water at the bedside or underneath a bed to quiet the mind and invite more grounded, less interrupted sleep. Can be added to mojos for the same.

Arrives in your choice of 8 oz glass jar ($36) or 16 oz bulk pot ($72); or an 18 oz bundle by weight (the same amount the bulk pot holds) for those who would rather not risk shipping glass or have more than enough jars already, for $68.


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Planetary Body


16 oz, 18 oz bundle (weight), 8 oz




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Sunday, November 22, 2020, hour of Saturn. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. This seemingly humble mud has, to my surprise, become one of my most re-ordered S+S products. It is so soothing and grounding and helps take the edge off of busy/stressful/anxious days. Don’t miss out!

  2. I don’t know why it took me so long to finally use this bath mud — it is SO grounding and clarifying! I have a Capricorn rising with Saturn in Capricorn, and find that I don’t *need* additional Saturn, but this feels nutritive and strengthening rather than heaviness-generating. Highly recommend!

  3. I have used this as both a bath (by itself and with other materia) as well as a face mask, and it’s tremendously clarifying both physically and emotionally. When I need to start over, empty myself out so I can refill with more deliberate and wanted energy, this is the first thing in my magical cabinet I reach for. This is definitely as gentle as Saturn is likely to be, but it’s still heavy enough that I personally don’t use it more than once a week as I don’t need any help feeling subdued and depressed. A wonderful slate cleaner!

  4. I was feeling a little amped up from a combo of caffeine and magics, which was okay until it went towards bristling anxiety. Put a tiny handful in the wash basin and dipped my feet in one by one and rinsing and then my hands too as the water drained down, rinsing again. Back in my body in under a minute and feeling as the writeup says, clean slate! Very helpful, thank you Saturn.

  5. If you are drawn to this item but don’t have access to a bathtub, like me, I am happy to report that this bath mud makes an excellent mud mask. Just mix maybe half a tablespoon with some water and apply a thin layer to the face during Saturn’s day and hour. I’ve used all kinds of water, from tap water to some ritually gathered from a local underground creek, to great effect. When on, it feels like sinking into cool, gentle mud. After I’ve washed it off, it feels like my entire self has gotten an energetic scrubbing.

    I do this maybe every two weeks and have very oily skin so I haven’t noticed a drying effect, but I recommend moisturizing your face afterward (the JEV body butter is a nice choice). Also if you try this for yourself, do *not* get any in your mouth while rinsing. Enjoy your sink into primordial mud!

  6. As Venus begins her descent through Capricorn, the warm depths of Saturnian mud beckons. To let go of what is held too tightly. To release, renew, and recover. It doesn’t take much. To step within is to embrace the change that time brings. Reconnecting with ancestors and their knowledge in earth and water, and remembering that we are made of the same. Meditative, purifying, and rejuvenating.

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