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Golden Goat Subset

Golden Goat Subset


Goat hoof — shaved from the clompers of happy and thriving goaties on the Sun’s day in the hour of Saturn, for the ability to scale any terrain, steadfast and true.

Jaw bone and teeth — to chew through all variety of metaphorical blackberry bushes, or whatever bullshit life decides to throw our way.

Goat horn — for self-defense and offense; to communicate majesty, self-sufficiency, and virility.

Combined with master root, consecrated herbal blend, frankincense, 24k gold, and organic 100% jojoba oil born of Saturn in Capricorn’s working — a choice Saturn election featuring the support of the Greater Benefic.

Oil of the Golden Goat is almost shockingly vigorous, spirited, and uplifting. Anoint oneself to embody the goat’s many virtues, in pursuit of being the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). An Oil for developing mastery over one’s self and one’s sphere.

Achievement fuel like none other

Golden Goat Incense is perfect for smoke bathing the body, and activating sigils for success and the achievement of goals and higher stations.

Golden Goat Powder is ideal for dressing candles, adding to mojos, dusting shoes, and the like.

Note that the Golden varieties of Saturn in Capricorn are smaller runs than the base series (and include a number of more expensive and exotic ingredients) — hence their higher price point.

Golden Goat Oil is available in your choice of standard 1/2 oz vial ($87) or onyx gem roller ($66).

Powders and Incense are offered in 1/2 oz cork top glass vials ($33) or very few 2 oz bulk pots ($99), all with hand stamped iconography.

We are beginning to roll out soaps and bath bombs for existing series! Sign up for the Waitlist to be notified when they become available.

Soaps: 3″ x 1″ disc for $48 (please view important tips here)

Please note that the loaded herbal components in the spell soaps can make them slightly “scratchy” on the skin, which can serve to exfoliate, or, use your hands to work up a lather and transfer it to whatever areas you wish to wash!





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in

1/2 oz


No — Contains ethically, legally harvested animal components

Creation Date

Sunday, November 22, 2020, hour of Saturn. Chart in image gallery.


Golden Goat Oil – 1/2 oz standard, Golden Goat Oil – 10 ml onyx roller, Golden Goat Incense – 1/2 oz vial, Golden Goat Incense – 2 oz bulk pot, Golden Goat Powder- 1/2 oz vial, Golden Goat Powder – 2 oz bulk pot, Spell Soap, Bath Bomb

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

The GG soap is my first time using this form and has quickly become one of my favorite ways to engage with materia. The scent reminds me of old leather and pipe tobacco. The lather is rich and luxurious. I feel calm, steady and grounded after bathing but not to the point of being immovable. In fact, I feel like I can jump at a moments notice when the opportunity arises with the gravitas this materia bestows. Golden GOAT indeed!

Interesting introspection

Being a Cancer, and having Saturn in Capricorn in my 7th house. I decided to see what Saturn had to say about love and relationships. Its been a rather enjoyable process looking at all the ways I can and need to change in this part of my life, and also feeling a sense of excitement rather then dread in this aspect of my life as well. I think the Golden Goat lightens the overwhelming dread that the main series brings.

Luisa P.

I grew up on a goat farm and this is so true to form. Golden Goat, indeed. The drive to thrive, the hardheadedness to relentlessly bonk everything that might be in your way, the muscle to climb what seems to others to be a sheer rock face, the tenacity to keep licking an electric fence that you know is going to keep shocking you if you lick it and continuing to do so because...well, who knows why, but you're not hurting anyone and you're enjoying it, so why Not? Because nothing can be achieved without the space and the will to Fuck Around And Find Out -- something I have historically been pretty bad at. With natal Saturn, my chart-ruler, in detriment, I assumed this would be all hard lessons and doom and gloom, heavy like Saturn stuff is "supposed" to be. I have found it quite the opposite. Golden Goat actually asks me to turn away from the distorted version of Saturnian values which I have internalized, stemming from a toxic Protestant work ethic, and to see hard work and discipline as something that can be deeply enjoyable.

The powder is amazing

I have the oil and powder from this series - oil I use sparingly, but the powder has become a regular way to engage with the strength and fortitude Saturn brings up, without plunging myself into the depths of change. Basically; the oil I’ll use on Saturn’s day primarily, but the powder I use to layer with materia from other series, to great effect.

Shifts and boundaries

I credit the work this oil inspired with helping me find inner reserves of strength and bravery that eventually led to large shifts in my life, including my partner and I buying a house. A bit of a taskmaster vibe, but in a way where I usually felt quite good and able to manage.


I have the powder and while I'm currently not called to use it regularly, the times I've used it have been when I needed to give an unheated, "No thanks!" to lifes pendejadas. It really works as a boundary builder to prevent wasting time. It's a very sobering energy without being somber. Just a whole lotta, "my pockets are bereft of effs to give. Move along now." I really need to experiement with using this and Quicksilver Tongue to see how they interact. Should be interesting.

Bring your intentions to the table

Given the popularity of this subset of the Saturn in Capricorn series, I am treating the Golden Goat incense (the only item I was able to snag) like very precious cargo. I found that unlike more general-based materia incense, the subset really responds well to having a specific intention/focus that you want to work on or plan to show up for with your time and honest work. I don't get any harsh vibes from using this materia, but Saturn's gonna Saturn and still wants direction and discipline even in this most gentle, good version of its energy. I would also say that using Golden Goat hasn't resulted in my being showered with all the things BUT has enabled me to better identify what are the *actual* goals where I want to succeed, especially from those goals that maybe social or familial spaces insist are *the* goals -- an important distinction that Saturn can clarify.

I've also found it to be a helpful boost for smoking not only the body but also objects that can support modes of success (aka the tools of your trade). Time the usage to Saturn's day/hours and during Capricorn profection years to help extend the boost. Put the incense to work, and it will work on you and your spheres.


A little bit goes a long way and I like leaning into this when it feels like my Saturn-ness is bound up and blocked. It feels like it frees up the energy and makes way for Saturnian movement.


This oil has become one of my favorites. It’s Saturn without the excessive weight and depression. It’s an incredible aid for knocking out tedious tasks without feeling overwhelmed and burdened. I feel so well resourced and supported when I work with this oil. I frequently pair it with JEV materia or Venus in Libra to add a bit more play or inspiration with some rails. It’s amazing for boundary setting, dealing with responsibilities and creating organizational structures without the dread and frustration. It helps you do the thing without resistance and resentment. This is one I work with semi-frequently and am deeply grateful for.

Fuel for bulldozer

Has energising and giving confidence effect and I actively use it on my body. I love to combine this oil with Goat's Scapula BPAL to be done with even the most boring tasks in the world - and be confident that they all will succumb under these powers. Ultimate bulldozer solution when you need methodically push ahead.


  1. Of all the Saturn in Cap materia, this is the one I knew I needed to have, and now I understand why! Using it is totally a “getting out of my own way” magic elixir. I use it when things need to get done and the procrastination/perfection voice in my head needs to be quieted. Super useful.

  2. First of all it smells *divine*. This is my favorite materia for working with Saturn, because it presents an energetic relationship with that sphere which focuses almost exclusively on his *good* qualities, that which feed and encourage and empower us. If you have a rough relationship with Them, this seems like the perfect materia for building a better one.

  3. I use Golden Goat almost exclusively as a devotional offering (only rarely wearing it, I still have to work out just the right combo), but I do find it potent and gladdening. When engaged in long Saturn/Saturnian meditation or ritual, I feel pleasantly unburdened instead of drained. Like I am an emptied vessel that has been allowed to let go.

  4. As someone who generally avoids Saturn or works to mitigate its effects on my life I was startled at how approachable and indeed pleasant and invigorating the Golden Goat oil is. Applied before a busy shift at the bar along with some Sol and Venus materia I had seemingly boundless energy as people flocked to the bar from open to close. It was an amazing shift and we broke the previous sales record. I felt energized and unstoppable for 12 hours and people responded positively to my energy. The only thing I texted to my wife all night was, “GOLDEN GOAT!!!!!!!!”. Highly recommended

  5. As someone with prominent Saturn placements, I usually tend to gravitate to the offerings more lacking in my chart (particularly heavenly Venus), but when this series dropped I knew I would need it eventually. I bought the Golden Goat powder not knowing exactly when the need would arise or what it would look like, and for a little bit, it sat on the treasure box. But the need came, and Golden Goat delivered. Spicing it up with Jupiter or Aldebaran depending on the occasion, or on its own for venerations, this powder has been one of the best serving so far. I can’t use it as freely as other products, but when there is a target in sight, and road ahead, Golden Goat helps power through with focus and discipline.

  6. This oil has helped me ground and stay committed to the nitty gritty structure building stuff that I normally avoid. I use it regularly to help get shit done. It’s wonderful!

  7. Golden Goat has become a favorite S and S oil for putting my best foot forward in situations where I need a task achieved asap or conveying mastery and competence is critical. This oil aids in getting stuff done and, just as importantly, cultivating what needed to climb the proverbial mountains in front of us.

    In recent months, I used this oil in conjunction with a few other oils such as Jupiter’s Lightning Rod to obtain a new job fast. I was getting no bites on the job hunt for a few months and then got a call and immediate verbal offer very soon after I began using this oil in the early summer. I then continued to use the oil to assist me in transitioning to the new job and working on another long-term goal.

  8. Generally I find the oils to be a lot subtler than the hydrosols, but this one is an exception. It feels like a cooling, grounding veil settles over me when I put it on. It also gives me the kind of low-key oomph that feels like a very wise grandmother manipulating you into doing chores by making them sound fun – you’re hours into a bunch of stuff you would normally dread when you realize how right and natural it felt to do them this time.

  9. The Golden Goat oil is perhaps the item I use the most frequently in my box set. It’s good at getting shit done, plain and simple. I put it on, make a to do list and work until it’s done. I have to be mindful to stop for lunch breaks, and set boundaries with my hours because this oil will have me working until the wee hours of the morning if I don’t. I lack the self discipline to keep a regular schedule, so it’s been a great tool to have in my arsenal.

  10. I really liked how this oil has worked in my life, it helps me to set limits with people who I was vulnerable to before, he is a master at entering and reminding me of everything I have stored in me, in the most hidden corners, making me aware of wounds from the past and leading me to notice what happens when you do not respect your own person, he is subtle but effective sometimes, a little harsh but, in the end it helps me to discover my balance in my life… In the beginning I found him too harsh for me (the first day I wore it, I fell down and bruised myself and realized that I was rushing because I was trying to help other people, but not taking care of myself), but then he came to me in my dreams because he didnt like where he was stored, so I moved him and he started to be nicer to me. excellent thank you

  11. I was very curious how this series would manifest for me. I’ve got a Leo Saturn in my 12th, and the way that’s played out for me is I’ve always been happy and content with my own company and I don’t mind situations that require endurance. However, I’ve always had huuuuuuuge issues with setting proper boundaries (Mom had narcissistic fleas). I’ve been working on this for years.
    Man, this series worked quickly. There were a couple of tense situations in my friendships that I tolerated because I feared what upsetting the status quo would entail. I found myself suddenly unable to control telling my friends that I’d had it and told them what I needed from each of them and I honestly did not give af if I blew it all up.
    To my amazement, my friends and I have reached new levels of respect and understanding. Dare I say my friendships have evolved for the better?? It’s true.

  12. I’ve only worn this oil twice, and always combined with other more benefic oils, but so far the effect is quite obvious and quite beautiful!

    I’ve worn this on cooler, rainy days which seemed to set the appropriate tone. What surprised me right off the bat is how emotionally deep this oil is for me. It did help me focus on some writing but what stood out the most was the sense of gravity, rootedness with the earth, and finding beauty in the darkness and richness of life. The first night I applied the oil, I felt called to go out onto the balcony and look at the stars, and felt a sense of dignity, wonder, and awe about life itself. It’s hard to fully explain but I teared up at the sheer beauty of life and death.

    So overall, DEPTH, MEANING, and RICHNESS seem to be the keywords coming to mind with this oil. As someone with Saturn in Aqua smack-dab on the midheaven, this was a really wonderful way to integrate that energy. Keep in mind that in the chart for this election, Saturn is exactly trine my natal venus in Virgo. I think this definitely helped make this a more lush experience than it might otherwise.

    I will try this oil alone tomorrow and see if that shifts anything.

  13. In the week after ordering but before receiving Golden Goat oil and powder, I kept finding books about ritual cremation and funerary practices. I found myself and my partner in deep conversation about compost and biochar. When the packaged finally arrived, we found ourselves with a sudden flea infestation. I laughed so hard – dealing with fleas requires so much boundary work, and patience, and here was Saturn in Capricorn telling me exactly what I needed to work on. Dealing with the fleas has been gruesome, but also it has shown me that there are no shortcuts to thoroughness. Still showing me actually.

    Using the oil helps me to focus on routine tasks, and stay focused on single steps in a long goal-oriented process. It DOES make me feel extremely tired when I am done, which has delivered some particularly fun nights of total abandon. Saturn is a very work hard play hard kind of friend.

  14. I was nervous about inviting more Saturn into my life, but felt compelled to use this a chance to work WITH this energy. I used it on Saturn’s day while preparing to tackle some ongoing projects I had been putting off…Golden Goat DELIVERED! I found help and resources that I had been overlooking, and while the energy isn’t as glittery or glamorous as many of the other S+S materia it is grounded, potent, and undeniable. In true Saturn form this oil showed me what I needed to see without pretense, and I felt motivated because of the insight delivered.
    Also, my goat interactions have increased exponentially since obtaining this oil, even when I’m not using it…so that alone makes it well worth the purchase.

  15. I decided to anoint this oil on a day that I literally had zero energy and could not even get off the couch, yet I had a lot of things that needed to get done. This oil had me off the couch in no time, and I proceeded from task to task, with vigor, but did not feel rushed or wired.

  16. Golden Goat is AMAZING! One of my most favorite oils to date! I roll some on the base of my spine, and my heart, and I’m good to GO! Really helps support the body and spirits in a fun and vital way, can help with work and fun even, really helps break through the grind and help one face the day and ready to scale life itself! Highly recommended for those with motivation/focus issues, or who are just struggling with low-energy while trying to achieve and accomplish

  17. True to description, helpful in working through daunting tasks and finding fortitude to sit through boring/unpleasant elements of life. I found the effects to be transferable between projects – after my workday I’ve been able to make significant moves forward on several languishing personal projects.

  18. My natal chart ruler, Saturn, is square Jupiter and opposite the Moon (in a night chart, no less), so I decided it was Time to see about getting them all to play nicer. Combining cautious use of this oil with Immortal Heart, and also with Jupiter’s Bounty has given me deeper appreciation of all three viewpoints.

  19. I find the Golden Goat Oil has a very stoic feel. I agree that it is good for productivity and generally getting things done and making things happen, but I find that it is also good for acceptance. Perhaps it is a bit like the serenity prayer: good for changing the things you can, but also for accepting the things you can’t. I am definitely pleased to have it in my tool kit.

  20. *Achievement fuel like no other*. Layered with Aldebaran for one of the most productive days of my life. Nine hours of climb and I didn’t blink or distract or obsess on tiny imperfect— and with such a feeling of contented satisfaction at the end. Venus herself could not have enjoyed it more.

  21. I may add to my testimonial for this oil later. However, Golden Goat sounded perfect for me before I invested in it and aids productivity and work ethic for me thus far.

    I have both the oil and the powder and expect to buy a third oil before stock runs out because this oil offers many of the things I need right now. I have mainly used the powder for candle dressing so far or putting some in my hair and have had more chance to use the oil.

    I get very focused on working toward my current goals and impatient to get to, or resume, applying for a new job when I use the oil for that purpose. I have also used the Golden Goat to become productive and active to a satisfying degree on other tasks after a long period of rest or inactivity.

    I would 10/10 recommend investing in some of the oil if the product description is appealing to the reader’s needs. This oil has helped me renew my motivation, apply myself more productively, and reduce procrastination at a time when I was previously feeling disheartened and as if the odds were stacked against me.

  22. Golden Goat oil had me getting stuff done like nobody’s business–put some on the morning of a busy day during a soul-crushingly exhausting week, and I was giddily hopping from one one daunting task to the next. My tasks were all related to caring for and arranging the affairs of my very elderly parents, so the work was Saturnine to begin with. I have more of this work ahead of me, so I think the Golden Goat will be my companion. I can see why one wouldn’t want to apply this every day, though, as I was very tired the next day.

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