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Froggy Subset

Froggy Subset


“Froggy” was supposed to be a working title, but a more highfalutin one hasn’t presented itself yet! We reserve the right to change its name at a later date ; )

“From the works of Mercury, inscribe the figure of a frog on an emerald… Whoever carries this stone will be offended by none; nay, people will speak well of them, and they will say good things about all their works.”Picatrix, Pingree edition

“A frog engraved on a beryl, will have the power to reconcile enemies and produce friendship where there was discord.”Book of Wings, Rabbi Ragiel

Consecrated herbal blend and Anointing Oil from our Mercury in Gemini election, with the addition of witch grass, myrrh, hydrangea root, motherwort, anamu, devil’s shoestring, rattlesnake root, deer’s tongue, witch hazel, honey powder, slippery elm, and blessed thistle. Moss agate, tree agate, labradorite, and emerald. Violet leaf, pink lotus, and angelica root. Variegated green leaf. Two mummified frogs and two frog skeletons (ethically obtained, natural causes).

A subset for the wise selection of word and deed, for reputation management, reconciliation, and greasing the wheels of difficult conversations/ dynamics. The Eirene of the Mercury in Gemini series, except for slyer, and more cunning. For the casting of Mercurial glamours… the “witchiest” of its Mercurial ilk.

Wear or take a smoke bath before social occasions, important discussions, or simply going about your daily business. Good for adding safety rails to the act of socializing, and for solitary endeavors involving writing, contemplation, meditation, or ritual.

Use as an offering, dressing, or fumigant in works of magic toward compatible ends.

Froggy Anointing Oil: 1/2 oz Standard Vial for $80, 10 ml “flawless glide” Steel Roller for $63, or 5 ml Mini for $31

Froggy Incense-Powder hybrid: 1/2 oz Vial for $30, or 2 oz bulk pot for $90

Froggy Spell Soap: 2″ x 1″ disc for $48 (please view important tips here)





Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in

1/2 oz Anointing Oil, 10 ml "Flawless Glide" Steel Roll-on, 5 ml Mini, 1/2 oz Incense Powder, 2 oz Bulk Pot, Spell Soap

Creation Date

Hour of Mercury, Mercury in Gemini on the MC. Moon DOE. June 23rd, 2022. Chart in image gallery




No – Honey, No – Egg Shell, No – Mummified Frog (ethically, legally obtained)


FIRE HAZARD — Never leave fire unattended. Clear away packing materials before burning and do not close the lid on boxes while a flame is burning, HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

Chart Remediation

Mercury — Good for people who are Mercury deficient and need support for the natal Mercury

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Grace Penn
The big leap

So I really didn't know how to work in this materia as I have a healthy mercury placement in my chart but I find it really helps me at work and with staying verbally agile. I find I can maintain focus with ease and charm. I love it I use it a drop at a time.

Ezra Solomon
A Review for the Froggy Oil

I have already bought the oil and soap twice because I use both so often. The oil is great for going into situations that might involve conversations we need to have and want to be at our most eloquent for. It is like the oil supports my social image as well (through communication and connecting with others). Overall, this oil is a must-have for any "child of Mercury" or anyone who values being on top of their communication game! I get a noticeable impact from the oil in terms of supporting my clarity of thought, feeling more playful, coming up with some interesting ideas out of nowhere, and improving confidence in how and when I share my words.

For reference purposes, I have a Mercury + Venus ascendant conjunction in my 1st house and Gemini ruling my 10th house. My sun is in Virgo in a Western Tropical chart. This series is probably one of the series I use the most in recent times.


Ironically, i’m having a hard time putting into words what this one does for me.
I have throat chakra type issues from a lifetime of holding my tongue, of freeze response, and this is REALLY helping with that.
It’s kindly and practically effective.

Amazing support for tough conversations

This oil has been a huge help and support during challenging conversations on more than one occasion. When wearing it, I have had the ability to express myself in delicate but powerful ways—to be persuasive while still holding space for others and their opinions and needs. It really does feel like an interesting bookend, or perhaps the mirror side of Eirene. This subset has quickly become one of my favorites.

Froggy Subset Oil

I anointed with the Froggy Oil prior to an appointment with a specialist, I am still processing how helpful the doctor was in the small amount of time I have spent with her. I wasn't feeling very articulate that day, and felt so tired from advocating for myself in my interactions with medical professionals. I connected with a doctor who heard everything I *couldn't* say anymore and really did see me for what I was experiencing. She not helped me with what I went in to see her for, but also suggested something else that is huge for other chronic health issues. I left feeling like I didn't have to overly explain everything. That's what I find the Froggy subset helps me with. This isn't so much about me communicating, this seems to help my communication be received.

A way opener, indeed

This wears very fun, and I used it one Wednesday because Wednesday and I had an unrelated appointment with a physician and in the Conversation it resulted that he needed a service I happen to provide (it’s a new thing for me) and it became a business opportunity for me! So doors I didn’t know where there… opened!

maybe my favorite thing from mercury gemini series

its just weird bc ive never been charming before. I do client services for a non-profit for a living so its both a ton of consistently keeping track of like 30 clients at a time as far as where they are within our services and all the data entry & keeping it all up to date, but its also explaining that to my bosses & team, and also having many many followup conversations with the clients themselves who are often Elder Seniors who are highly skeptical, hard of hearing, and dont have a ton of umm ... well you can get hung up on pretty easily. this helps me have fun with my friends and be social when I want to but it also helps me effectively communicate when conditions are less than ideal f0r effective detailed communications. it helps me stay on everyones good side. invaluable.

Mary Hasty
Lightens this Earthy Mercury's language.

I have to say, when I saw part of the write up that said the Froggy Subset is a bit like Eiriene from Venus Arial Delight, I SAT UP STRAIGTH and added it to my cart!
I tend to run heavy and slow in my language, and the lightening up this has brought to my communication with my kids is so fun and playful. I'm doing more mom jokes and using playful teasing instead of another boring explanation of why I need something done.

So helpful for conflict resolution

I didn't know what to expect with Froggy but decided to try the powder out after reading the description. I'm so glad that I did! I've had a long-standing conflict that I've been trying to work through for months. I tend to be too nice so I've been trying to stick up for myself more and doing so quite awkwardly, I might add. Froggy has been invaluable for cleaning up the socially awkward mess while allowing me to speak my truth more assertively and be heard without going overboard. It has made it possible to make peace and have the conflict resolved. It helps me to say/write the right thing in the right way and at the right time so that communication is smooth and clear. It also helps me to be a better listener and pairs well with Eirene. Definitely helpful for reconciliation and reputation management, for sure. Froggy rules!


I wore this oil to a queer event for the purpose of making new friends along with Regulus III. Before I arrived at the event, I co-wrote a piece with my partner and submitted it within 2.5 hours as the deadline was 5 pm. We barely made it under the wire and were filled with excitement and adrenaline which I hoped would carry me through the event. I typically experience social anxiety in new settings and upon arriving I feel uncomfortable and out of place. A person showed up and made convo but I wasn't really connecting with them and was starting to wonder if it might be best to leave. But then I heard that we were going to play trivia and I fucking LOVE trivia so I decided to stay and give it a shot. As we were forming teams, the person I didn't really vibe with ended up leaving and a group of people came in. I was seated at the bar and noticed this woman to the side and out of nowhere felt compelled to strike up a convo with her. I ended up really clicking with her. We were asked to form teams and it ended up being a group of 6 people. Long story short, our team won first place and we met some really lovely people. The entire night was exciting, playful and the conversation flowed seamlessly. I LOVE this series. It is a GODSEND!


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