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Using Everyday Habits, Venus, and the Moon to Cool Mars + Excess Yang

Using Everyday Habits, Venus, and the Moon to Cool Mars + Excess Yang
July 3, 2018 Kaitlin Coppock

Using Everyday Habits, Venus, and the Moon to Cool Mars + Excess Yang

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Remediation takes many forms, as presented in this longer article detailing some magical methods for remediating Mars.

Mars issues result in running hot physically, emotionally, and psychologically. One way of balancing these symptoms is to introduce gently cooling elements to the system. Such measures are well and routinely applied in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

That is especially true today, where we can go the way of Mars RX Tuesday OR lean into the grand water trine and Moon-Neptune conjunction.

Here I have a bowl of yogurt sweetened with sugar and vanilla bean extract, and cool water from a copper drinking vessel – these are all aligned with Venus and the Moon, who are both cooling and moderating influences.

Today is a good opportunity for rewarding self-care. You also couldn’t go wrong by smoking some weed and taking a bath, if that’s your kind of thing, or spending time by natural sources of water, such as running streams or the ocean. As far as intake goes, try to eat fresh fruits and salads, things that are white and cool – like yogurt and cheese, and/ or indulgent and sugary.

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