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Guide to Picking THEE *PERFECT* GIFT Using Astrology and the Natal Chart (updated)

Guide to Picking THEE *PERFECT* GIFT Using Astrology and the Natal Chart (updated)
December 1, 2020 Kaitlin Coppock

A Guide to Giving THEE Perfect Gift Using Astrology + the Natal Chart

How life-changing would it be to know that the recipe for giving anyone **THE PERFECT GIFT** has been hiding in plain sight this whole time, right in their astrological natal chart?

I’m not talking Sun sign clickbaity boo-shite like “Get your Aquarius something high tech because Aquarius loves technology!” or “Get your Leo a hand-held mirror selfie-stick combo because they love (drumroll)… themselves!”.

I’m talking the practice of natal astrology, how a professional astrologer does.

The act of looking into the natal chart to delineate what someone will appreciate being given — to take into their life for keeps because they value and enjoy it, and reflect fondly on their connection with you forever more.

I’m talking the second house of valued possessions (and all else related!).

All you need is the desire to get someone a present, and knowing (or looking up) their natal chart.

This requires having their BIRTHDAY, EXACT TIME, and LOCATION (preferably from a birth certificate, but mom’s memory can be the next best thing!) because that let’s us know someone’s Ascendant, and professional-level astrology is based on an analysis of the full Natal chart, not just Sun signs.

We’re off to the races!

The first question is (using your preferred house system, or whole sign if you don’t already have one), what planet is in the second house from the Ascendant?

If there’s more than one, look at all of them to isolate any overlapping themes…

Not everyone has a planet in every house, but every house always has a planetary RULER, so we also want to factor that into the mix.

What is the RULER of the second house?

Quickly for those who don’t know the classical planetary rulers:
Aries + Scorpio = Mars
Taurus + Libra = Venus
Gemini + Virgo = Mercury
Cancer = Moon
Leo = Sun
Sagittarius + Pisces = Jupiter
Capricorn + Aquarius = Saturn

Now you’ve got your main planet(s). Let’s see what each one suggests…

  • Heirlooms or antiques (things that are old/ storied)
  • Well-made objects that will last a long-time, preferably by a well respected brand or masterful artisan
  • Practical gifts that can be used by the recipient in their daily life or applied to their hobbies. Alternatively, nice things intended for special occasions which may become heirlooms.
  • Things belonging to (or coming from) grandparents
  • Investment bonds that will mature over time (great alternative to cash!)
  • Gifts that aid in the disciplines they are trying to cultivate
  • DNA testing kits or ancestry information
  • Clocks, watches, fountains, or water features
  • Black, grey, or muted tones
  • Saturn astromagics (related: Saturn in Capricorn, Deneb Algedi)
  • Fine spirits or foods
  • Expensive and opulent things
  • An invitation to be taken out to a fine restaurant or novel experience (or a gift certificate for the same)
  • Classes and experiences that expand their worldview or give them a story to tell
  • Some form of consultation or reading to help facilitate growth
  • Religious or spiritual implements (if the person is so inclined)
  • Books or tools related to personal development and wisdom, philosophy, or spirituality
  • Royal blue, gold/ yellow, or purple tones
  • Jupiter astromagics (Jupiter’s Empyreal Vantage, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Jupiter’s Lightning Rod, Jupiter’s Bounty)
MARS (♂️)
  • Tools or weapons related to their interests and hobbies, for use or display
  • Knives (kitchen or otherwise); implements for cutting or sharpening
  • A reusable lighter or match set
  • Anything used with fire or heat that overlaps with their interests — barbecues, cooking or baking implements, fire pits
  • Classes or memberships at places to work out, get their heart rate pumping, or sate their competitive instincts (martial arts, gyms, sports, paint ball, laser tag, dancing, etc.)
  • Classes, consultations, or tools that will help them get better at whatever they’re trying to “win” at in life
  • Things the receiver assembles/ builds themselves, perhaps requiring a specialized skill they possess or want to cultivate
  • Books related to the above
  • Things made of iron
  • Red and fiery tones
  • Mars astromagics (Mars in Scorpio)
SUN (☉)
  • A way or immortalizing something they created
  • Displays or frames for their accomplishments (awards, diplomas, news clippings, etc)
  • Framed pictures of themselves and loved ones
  • A session with a photographer or new headshots
  • Gift certificates to do things that are fun, or that place them as the center of attention
  • Throwing parties in their honor, surprise or not
  • Things with their name or monogram on them
  • Custom objects or clothing made just for them, bespoke or tailoring services
  • Heirlooms from their paternal side or things coming from their father
  • Things made of gold
  • Gold, yellow, and bright hues
  • Solar astromagics (Exalted Sol, Golden Sol in Leo, Regulus, Luminous Crown, Asclepius III: Son of Apollo)

VENUS (♀️)

  • Objects that are beautiful, meant for display
  • Art and music they like, tickets to concerts and art events
  • Gifts that help facilitate beautification, or gift certificates to stores like Ulta, Sephora, etc.
  • Items for skin and hair care
  • A spa day or gift certificate to a spa
  • Framed photographs of loved ones or spouse
  • Jewelry, fine accessories or clothing
  • Perfume or other sensory indulgences
  • Sweets and desserts
  • Bath and body items
  • IOUs for date nights or things to do with their spouse
  • Things that are shiny, unused, and new
  • Things made of copper
  • Green, white, or copper tones
  • Venus astromagics (The Empress series, Venus in Libra, Venus in Taurus, Exalted Venus in Pisces, Luminous Crown)
  • The latest gadgets and technologies
  • Devices that facilitate communication or data/ cell phone plans
  • Things that are fun to play with (board games, video games, toys, etc.)
  • Books or classes that pertain to their interests
  • Magazine, website, app subscriptions (or your Netflix login!)
  • Passes or tickets to get into places or events
  • Their preferred candy and junk food
  • Curios or things that will mentally occupy them
  • Puzzles or problem solving games that occupy the mind and engage the hands/ fingers
  • Gag gifts
  • Bright, multi-colored hues or orange tones
  • Mercury astromagics (sub: Quicksilver Tongue)
MOON (☽)
  • Throw blankets, nice pillows, things for the home
  • Things designed to bring comfort
  • An invitation or gift certificate to their favorite restaurant
  • Framed pictures of their family, children, and loved ones (or even pets!)
  • Invitations to spend quality time together
  • IOUs for things like movie nights in, foot rubs, or offering a shoulder to cry on
  • Cooking implements and classes, cook books (if they enjoy cooking, of course!)
  • Massages, acupuncture sessions, energetic healing, or something similar for physical relaxation and self-care
  • Warm and fuzzy clothing, such as socks and scarves
  • DNA testing kits or ancestry information
  • Heirlooms, especially from the maternal side
  • Things made of silver, tea sets or cups
  • White, silvery hues
  • Lunar astromagics (Immortal Heart, the Ancestral Series)

Looking to planets associated with the second house gives us quite a bit of starter information. Now let’s look to other augmenting factors to get even more specific…

The nodes and outer planets all add their own qualities and inclinations.

If any of the following are located in the second house or are impacting the ruler, note their influence, because they will color the preferences of the planet:

  • Consumables and physical objects
  • Things to eat and drink
  • Intoxicants
  • Non-material (experiential) or minimalist gifts
  • Things for detoxification and to improve health
  • Oriented toward the spiritual or ascetic
  • Clean lines, unsaturated colors, minimalist
  • Asclepius or Deneb Algedi
  • Technologically inclined (think the Sharper Image catalogue)
  • Newness and novelty
  • Gifts that facilitate independence/ don’t require the participation of others
  • Jupiter’s Empyreal Vantage sub-set, tincture of Empyreal Vantage, Jupiter’s Lighting Rod or St. Expedite
The signs derive their significations largely from their planetary rulers, so some of the following may be repetitive, but the specific sign occupying the second house gives us even more insight into one’s preferences and orientation, giving us yet another layer of information to work with:

Exciting, fast, opportunities for competition and winning


Physical objects, luxury goods, consumables


Fast, mentally captivating, entertaining or humorous


Comfort oriented, physical, sentimental, consumable

LEO (♌)

Self-oriented, visual, exciting, appreciative of grand gestures


Minimalist, practical, understated, muted tones


Involving the participation of others, aesthetically inclined, intellectual

Emotionally significant, serious, dark, insightful


Exciting, fast, pertaining to their main interests or goals


Practical and serious or Dionysian, timeless, high quality


Mentally captivating, impersonal, unique or even strange


Casual, indulgent, sweet

And finally, we come to houses. What house does the planetary ruler of the second reside within?
(For instance, if the second house is Libra, then Venus rules it… which house is VENUS IN? It could be any of the 12…)

Things that can be worn and alter one’s appearance or presentation


Valuables, physical objects, things meant for safekeeping and display, money


Things intended for regular use in daily life, enhancing communication and getting from point A to point B


Meant to be kept in the home, comfort inducing, related to family or loved ones


Fun, enhances creativity, related to arts or children


Practical, oriented toward health, work, or pets


Involves participation of the spouse, partners, or loved ones


Shared or collective gifts and resources, investments, money


Things related to travel, philosophy, and spirituality/ religion. Books.


Things to enhance their image or support their professional endeavors


Socially inclined, membership in networks


Fantasy inducing, intoxicants, spiritually or magically inclined

EXERCISE: Think through your own chart to see if all these factors align with the type of gifts you prefer receiving, and then go through the charts of loved ones to practice combining these factors and seeing how they manifest.

Note that the planet Venus also relates to gifts, so if you’d really like to astroflex, look to her sign and house placement for even more information about someone’s personal taste and preferences.

Keep in mind that all other mundane gift-giving considerations still apply!

If you know someone likes bright colors, don’t get them something dark just because they have Saturn in the second house.

Use everything else you know about how they like to spend their time and what their interests and preferences are, and then use their astrology to zone in on something even more special.

+ the extra time and effort you put into using their own unique astrological chart to zone in on what you chose makes it even more special, and offers a great story to tell… 

This is amazing tech — not just around Christmas, but for birthdays, anniversaries, host(ess) gifts, and any other circumstance where you’d like to give someone something they’ll truly cherish.

Happiest of holidays

What if I don't have someone's natal chart or birth time?

If all you know is someone’s Sun sign, you can use Solar houses, but this technique relies heavily on the whole chart, so I wouldn’t bother with it unless you have access to their birth data.

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This was posted to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on December 15th, 2018.
It has since been updated for the 2020 + 2021 Holiday Season

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