Common Misconceptions — How Eclipses Work in Astrology + Magic

Common Misconceptions — How Eclipses Work in Astrology + Magic
July 12, 2018 Kaitlin Coppock

Common Misconceptions — How Eclipses Work in Astrology + Magic

This was originally posted to FacebookInstagram, and Twitter on July 12th, 2018. It has been modified below to address the upcoming eclipse on August 11th, instead of the two that has already passed.

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For as much attention as Eclipses get, they aren’t very well understood – mechanically or magically. Here are some of the most common misunderstandings or blind spots I encounter about Eclipses:

  1. Eclipses always occur on what would already be the New Moon or a Full Moon, so saying things like “The Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius” is redundant. What occured on July 27th is simply a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius.
  2. Eclipses generally occur in pairs on what would be the Full or New Moons falling within a certain degree of the Nodes. The Lunar Nodes, or Head and Tail of the Dragon, are actually points of calculation for where Eclipses will take place. This is part of why the Nodes moving from one house to another means something in your chart – it’s where the next sets of Eclipses will start hitting your life. They normally happen on a single sign axis, but in this case the first Eclipse was in Cancer and the one on July 27th was in Aquarius. This is because the nodes are in the early degrees of Leo-Aquarius and Cancer’s New Moon happened late in the sign. This is also a rare cycle where there will be 3 Eclipses in a row. The final Eclipse will be on August 10th + 11th on what would otherwise have been the New Moon in Leo.
  3. There are two weeks between when each set of Eclipses occur, the amount of time between any other New and Full Moon. Austin Coppock refers to this period as The Bardo, since effects from this time are often disruptive, excessively still, or even surreal.
  4. Eclipses are not good times to do any standard Lunar of Solar work, on a mundane or magical level. Their real-time energies are life-averse and toxic. Eclipses are the OG bad celestial omen. This is especially true when it is visible over any given geographical area. Think about the Great American eclipse from August 2017. Is America great again?

Do NOT make a Solar of Lunar talisman during an Eclipse. It won’t be good for normal Solar or Lunar things, in fact, it will destroy their desirable qualities. This much is obvious by the fact that the light they carry is blotted out, which is the defining point of the event. The Sun and Moon derive their power from the amount and quality of light they radiate or carry. Eclipses are an assault on that light, making them malefic events.

Many a magician has fallen victim to their astrological ignorance by talismanifying or working an Eclipse, because they think the drama, coolness, and potency are all the matters. Eclipses are malefic events for the Sun and Moon. The only thing you want to use Eclipses for is destroying, cursing, or banishing – but be warned, because you’ll have to channel it to direct it, and it won’t be good for you.

To remediate Eclipses, the Vedic tradition offers many mantras for Ketu and Rahu. The Eclipse in Leo on August 11th is on the latter, also called the North Node, or Head of the Dragon. We often listen to the mantras on YouTube during the live Eclipse window. Taking salt baths is also recommended. Here are rituals and remediation suggestions for South Node/ Ketu Eclipses and North Node/ Rahu Eclipses.

If you would like to upgrade your Eclipse understanding, here is a 4-series recorded class called Here There Be Dragons: Nodes and Eclipses.

Do you have an Eclipse magic or Eclipse talisman story? Or know someone else’s? Share it on social media with the hashtag #eclipsemagicstories.

Comments (2)

  1. Sophie 5 months ago

    Thank you for this article, very helpful. Is it a bad idea to do lunar mansion magick in the two weeks between the eclipses or are your cautions more for the days of the eclipses?

    • Author
      Kaitlin Coppock 5 months ago

      Thanks for commenting and happy to help! Having never experimented with that during Eclipse season, I can’t say one way or another with authority. I would recommend staying in dialogue with the work and see if you feel like the results are as good, or if there is fallout.

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