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On the Relationship Between Women, the Moon, and Triplicity

On the Relationship Between Women, the Moon, and Triplicity
July 14, 2018 Kaitlin Coppock

On the Relationship Between Women, the Moon, and Triplicity

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On an under-acknowledged, organic basis for the association of woman with triplicity:

People often consider women’s relationship with the number 3 as derivative or even patriarchal — a mere function of ‘coupling’ resulting in birth (man + woman = child). The real basis is much more significant and self-realized, the former being a fractal thereof.

Women are born with every egg they ever ovulate, and then some. That means that the genesis of your being was literally formed IN the womb of your grandmother. You were carried by her, as she carried your mother.

If you are a woman who has had children, you were also forming the seeds of actual grandchildren, to potentially manifest generations later.

This mirrors the Moon’s phases, the primary luminary associated with womanhood.

  • The New Moon: Where all potential is originally born but completely un-manifest — the egg that will become you, forming in the womb of your grandmother.
  • The Waxing (Changing) Moon: Where things build until they are actualized — you being released as an egg by your mother and then fertilized, forming in vitro.
  • The Full Moon: Where things are physically manifested and made whole — you being born.
  • The Waning (Changing) Moon: The inverse of Waxing – the yin manifestation of the constant that is Change. All of the eggs that could have been, but were not. The passing from viability, the ‘generation’ of compost.

Thoughts inspired by this meme…

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