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The Door-Key Subset

The Door-Key Subset


Materia Magica to Open the Way, leveraging Mercury in Gemini’s unparalleled access to anyone, anything, and anywhere it (or you!) sees fit.

Abre camino leaf, quassia chips, frankincense, myrrh, witch grass, lucky hand root, palo santo, slippery elm, eucalyptus, and tulsi. Shavings from a 100+ year old skeleton key, and three key-shaped agates. 24k gold and white gold, mixed with consecrated Mercury in Gemini powder from the original election. Opal, and variegated red leaf.

Some very fun, tremendously powerful Door-Key syncs oriented around the keys that were upon the working altar throughout the course of formulation, but we’ll share those another time. Try it for yourself and enjoy your own ; )

Use as you would any “Road Opening” or Abre Camino-based products — to anoint yourself, take a smoke bath, or use in works of magic to gain access to your desires. Potent and exceptional unlocks await.

Door-Key Anointing Oil: 1/2 oz Standard Vial for $80, 10 ml “flawless glide” Steel Roller for $63, or 5 ml Mini for $31

Door-Key Incense-Powder hybrid: 1/2 oz Vial for $30, or 2 oz bulk pot for $90

Door-Key Spell Soap: 2″ x 1″ disc for $48 (please view important tips here)






Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 3 in

1/2 oz Anointing Oil, 10 ml "Flawless Guide" Steel Roll-On, 5 ml Mini, 1/2 oz Incense Powder, 2 oz Bulk Pot, Spell Soap

Creation Date

Hour of Mercury, Mercury in Gemini on the MC. Moon DOE. June 23rd, 2022. Chart in image gallery




No – Honey


FIRE HAZARD — Never leave fire unattended. Clear away packing materials before burning and do not close the lid on boxes while a flame is burning, HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

Chart Remediation

Mercury — Good for people who are Mercury deficient and need support for the natal Mercury

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Opens practical and conceptual doors

I used this oil in conjunction with the powder to open up new potential avenues for career connections and opportunities. It works. I have been introduced to new people I never would have met who gave me some very good advice, and out of the blue got personally invited to an event by a senior person in my field. More generally, it is mind expanding and promotes openness of perspective, and has me considering new ideas and directions I never thought about before.

Angela Kirby
The Door-Key Subset

I Have a new relationship with Mercury after having an astro reading with Aidra….so much to learn. And so my perespective feels quite differnt now…..This is Dreamy, provocative, supportive and a wise comapnion, this subset I am grateful for

Melinda Lim
Your way out of waitlist purgatory!

Invest in The Door Key Subset to get you off of a waitlist!

The Door Key Oil helped me gain a spot in a program that has a waitlist of almost 100 people! On a Wednesday during Mercury’s hour I prayed that the door would open to this program, knowing that the waitlist was around 100 people and I was somewhere in the middle of the list.

Two days later through the powers of Mercury I actually met the person who runs the program and they told me a spot had just opened up that day and I would be able to start the next week! They knew I had been super enthusiastic about the program and offered me the open spot right then and there! Because spots rarely open up in the program, it could have been months (maybe even years!) before I got a chance to enroll, but the Door Key Oil blasted open that door and I’m so grateful to Mercury and the S+S team that this opportunity has fully opened up to me!

Opens doors

Wonderful, positive, lightness of being oil that makes work feel like play. Definitely "opens doors" to opportunities. There might be a feeling of minor "hangover" afterwards because of busyness - you can layer with Asclepius or DA to prevent or heal that.


This is opening in every sense - even to my mental states, so that I’m able to *see* and am mentally open to more possibilities

Ezra Solomon
Door-Key Oil Can Open Doors And Support Your Ability to Open Doors

I feel more qualified to review this oil after buying it twice and using quite a bit of it over time to support Mercurial abilities and tasks. The Door-Key oil helps this child of Mercury feel on top of his game at making social connections and figuring out how to open all kinds of doors I want opened. There is something a little powerful and yet soothing about applying it. As well, the oil smells delicious to me - like a cool mint. I love to pair the oil with Exalted Venus II oil or other products.

In general, I've been surprised by what has come to pass after some experiences I've worn this oil for. Some syncs can be uncanny. Expect the unexpected with this one!

For reference purposes, I have a Mercury + Venus ascendant conjunction in my 1st house and Gemini ruling my 10th house. My sun is in Virgo in a Western Tropical chart. Mercury in Gemini has been a great series for me; I'd almost call the products therapeutic in their effects. I don't want to be without them and plan to stock up while I can.

Alex Ess
some thoughts on the Door-Key series

I've been engaging with Door-Key fairly consistently in soap form. I thought I'd be saving this for a weekly pre-Mercury prayer wash, but I've been drawn to use it almost every time I shower.

I've used Mercury materia from S+S since the initial 2019 (2018?) series, and I've noticed this: it thoroughly protects you from any retrograde issues. Same goes for Door-Key, but once Mercury goes direct, Door-Key becomes supercharged. You will see undeniable results unfold. I've been dedicating my Door-Key use to one particular purpose, and it's already working very well. I've been using Door-Key incense to make a weekly candle for a honey jar, and the candle recently burned off about a year's worth of collected wax, which I take to be a very good sign.

The other thing that's happened is I've started having vivid dreams again. This sync started as soon as I ordered this series. It's been YEARS since my dreams have been this memorable and detailed.

I'm very impressed, and that's saying a lot for S+S, which has already changed my life in very significant ways!

Hail Mercury

Road Opener on Steroids

To qoute the old joke - when is a door not a door? When it is a jar!
No, but seriously - sometimes you're not looking at a door, but sometimes you're looking at a window, but anything that opens can be a doorway?
The times I have engaged with Door-Key have been literally times when I felt I was using Road Opener on steroids. If you wanted something to open, you may not even have to ask. This comes with risks of course, because not every doorway is meant to be crossed. Chose your adventures wisely.

Teresa Sullivan

It's great. Funny that I want to keep the review short, but maybe that's the corrective effect it has on me!

Scrub your obstacles away

I absolutely love my Door-Key soap! Not only does it have a wonderful and surprising smell, it's both opened up opportunities for fun and play as well as helping me get through problems with ease and speed. My impression of this energy is that it's playful and social and has definitely just given me the feeling that everything is just going to go well and be okay. Highly recommended all around.


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