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Luna in Cancer Altar Box Sets

Luna in Cancer Altar Box Sets


PLEASE NOTE: The Plus Member program allows lottery winners to reserve Talismans + Altar Box Sets for a 30-day grace period. If funds are not sent in that time, rare items are restocked to the website and released to the public. If you would like to be notified if/ when any become available, please join the Waitlist for your preferred selection!

One of *each and every item* in the Luna in Cancer series, in small, large, or standard form, including:

All 4 BPALs + Talisman (Ornate or Standard) depending on selection.

Note that Sphere + Sundry’s Anointing Oils are added individually, so Clients can choose their preference of roller or standard vial.

Sometimes there is confusion about this, so to be completely clear, they have not already been included in the base price 😊




Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 0.80 × 0.80 × 2.4 in

Small Altar Box Set w/ STANDARD Talisman, Large Altar Box Set w/ ORNATE Talisman, Large Altar Box Set w/ STANDARD Talisman

Creation Date

Night of April 7th, 2022. Hour and Night of the Moon. Chart in image gallery.

Planetary Body




Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

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  1. I didn’t get an altar box set, but I have practically everything from this series. To say that it’s been profoundly healing is an understatement. I’ve discussed this quite a bit in the Client Forum, but for those who are new to S+S and/ or those who are more likely to peruse the testimonials here, I’ll give a little overview of my experience:

    She makes me feel in touch with my deepest truth, my real Self. So energizing & empowering, feels so good. This is what it’s like to be fully a l i v e

    The election was not a Full Moon, but it almost feels like it. Yet this is not “crazy” or chaotic terrain; instead, it feels like I am being put back together after having been torn apart. It’s stunning beyond words

    This is super beautiful, nourishing, rejuvenating, restorative, replenishing LOVE

    Fulfillment, completeness, satisfaction, gratification, pleasure, pulsating with life. UGH this is so unbelievably divine I can’t even!

    The only problem is my tendency to “wait for the other shoe to drop” lmao. I don’t think that’s going to happen though. This is too deeply transformative on a cellular level for me to go back to the old ways. Meaning, as I drink in & assimilate this moonmoon energy to the depths of my being, it is fundamentally changing me – to the point where every trace of emptiness, dryness, lack, weakness, neediness, non-fulfillment, dearth of nourishment & support… will be replaced by endless Lunar blessings

    PRAISE Selene-Luna, the Divine Feminine, the Queen of Seasons: Supreme Nourisher, Wish-Fulfiller & Granter of All Desires! Goddess, I adore You!

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Add a testimonial

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