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Incense of Exalted Sol

Incense of Exalted Sol


Herbs of a Solar and empowering nature were fumigated and combined following prayers and offerings during Sol’s day as it rose in its hour. This on a supreme Sun in Aries election, constellated around the creation of cousin series Luminous Crown and the Empress. Mars (the Sun’s ruler at the time) was fresh off its own degree of exaltation, as the Moon waxed conjunct the fixed star Aldebaran.

Ground to a fine powder with copious amounts of Hojari frankincense, a touch of dragon’s blood, saffron, garnet, red coral, and genuine 24k gold. Form a small peaked mound or trace a sigil on a bed of ash or fireproof surface before igniting.

Burn as an offering to Sol on the Sun’s days and hours for remediation, and in weekly attunements to earn the sphere’s favor.

Take a full body smoke bath to purify the heart, mind, and spirit, cleansing the field of that which hinders. Fumigate spaces to banish lower grade energies, entities, and the Dead, or before ritual work of a Solar and empowering nature.

Arrives in your selection of glass 1/2 oz cork top vial for $30, or 2 oz bulk pot for $90.



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Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.85 in

1/2 oz, 2 oz



Planetary Body


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Sunrise, Sunday March 29th 2020, hour of Sol. Chart in image gallery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Instantly uplifting incense

I actually had to work my way up to using this incense regularly. It was almost *too much sunshine* the first time I used it! I also made the mistake of working with it in my dark bedroom--this is really more of a kitchen or dining room vibe. Or anywhere the sunlight can get in naturally.

Throw Open The Windows of Your Soul to the Sun

This was the first product I ever purchased from S+S, if I recall - and I've repurchased numerous times. This incense shines in my daily practice and, at this point, the smell is reminiscent of an old friend.

The primary note is ginger - with a citrusy melange in the background, I assume can be attributed to the frankincense and orange peel. Very solar indeed. I have trouble thinking of exact heart and top notes from memory, but an herbal blend for the heart and citrus for the top notes sounds roughly right, but doesn't truly convey the depth and complexity of the scent.

The feeling of inviting God's gentle presence into your home... What could be more magical?

Andreea Rogozan
Uplifting and bright

I'm about to finish a vial of the Exalted Sol incense and I must say: this is one of THE most uplifting Sphere + Sundry offerings I have tried. Burned on Sunday mornings in Sol's hour, during a Sun-ruled profection year and with a natal 12 h Sun, this has been incredibly brightening and supporting. It is powerful enough to clear space and aura, but also gentle enough not to "burn". To me, its zingy aroma draws out the Sun's gentle rays (and, on more than one occasion, burning the incense "coincided" with having my room flooded with light from the sunrise).

Heat and Strength

This incense brings the heat and solar power. The scent is a rich mulled winter wine, it warms the bones and banishes darkness. It's like brining solar power to a dark winter day and it's spicy like an Aries or like Mars might make someone. Spicy in the best way.


Much more invigorating than sol in leo- makes me feel very hot, but I love using for solar devotions.

Reviewer avatar
Kelly S.

I don't use this incense particularly frequently, but whenever I do, the effect is so much *brighter* than what I'm accustomed to when burning ritual incense. It's as if you've just fully opened the drapes on a window that the full sun is shining outside of, cleansing and clarifying everything its life-giving rays touch. Warming, yes, but in a pleasant way (spoken as someone who is quite sensitive to heat) -- this never feels too 'hot' to me, but I do use it sparingly. Wonderful when needing to breathe new life/energy into a space that feels in any way heavy, stagnant or dismal. Spicy, uplifting scent that wakes up the spirit. Fantastic.

Bring on the heat

This series is very powerful, if you ever want to bring forth a hot sunny day, use this incense. It brings heat, it brings fire, power, and everything in full force. I wore it on a hike and I was sweating so much after lol Enjoy it while it lasts!


The incense smells and feels spicy - excellent in banishing doubts and depressive thoughts.

Fast-burning and illuminating

Of all the incenses I own, the Exalted Sol lights fastest and burns quickest, which of course it is! I began integrating this incense into my Sunday devotionals and initially thought something was off when it didn't immediately put a pep in my step. I would actually get quite sleepy and end up napping when I meant to get a lot of cleaning done. For me, Exalted Sol so closely illuminated the activity and the planets in Aries, which called me to rest! If you are thinking about using Exalted Sol, you might also check out where Aries falls in your chart and any planets that might be called at the same time.


I’m currently living in a space that doesn’t get a ton of light and while I turn as many lights as I can on regularly, I feel like unwanted energies cling on from time to time. Enter *ES Incense*. I work with this at least once a week, sometimes 2-3x and it makes an enormous difference. It helps move stagnant energies, deliver a punch of upliftment and confidence and cleanse the darkness in spaces. This is powerful magical medicine!


  1. I’m a lover of S+ incenses but I get particularly excited when they’re connected to fire signs!
    Though I am hesitant to use Mars related materia (that’s a whole other thing personally), something felt different with this one. It wasn’t so aggressive. This one brought an excitement to whatever I was using it for. Whenever I’m about to start something new that might otherwise make me nervous, I use this incense to bring about a happy excitement! I grab this whenever I need a pick-me-up!

  2. While I have several items from this powerful series, and I adore each form of Exalted Sol, this incense really came to my rescue this week. I was caught in a circle of monkey mind, negativity, resentment, self-pity, and relentless self-loathing. Argh! With nearly no time at hand to break out of it (the energetic clearing bath seemed too much effort) I remembered the incense — I smoke bathed every inch of me 3 days in a row and felt anew. Resurrected, even. Best was it wasn’t simply a clean sweep of the junk, but it allowed me agency as well: any time my mind wanted to wander down among the minotaurs in the labyrinth, I had to choose light instead. Several days on, I’m on a trajectory of flight, feeling more and more purified of that which held me in its grimy hands. My gratitude is immense for this return to radiance!

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