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Water of Exalted Sol

Water of Exalted Sol


Hibiscus, garnet, and consecrated Exalted Sol herbal mix, distilled via copper alembic starting at Sunrise the day of Exalted Sol’s election. The resulting hydrosols were combined with grain alcohol and colloidal gold as each glass vessel was completed, and placed upon the working altar through the second hour of Sol, before being stored alongside the rest of the series for a full year of incubation.

Liquid Sol-fire results, which can be used to purify the auric body and spaces, to prime for activities magical and mundane.

Apply to the self as an aura spray to invigorate, energize, and work toward one’s goals. Great before exercise or a day’s work. Promotes leadership, visibility, and likely concentration.

Arrives in your selection of a glass 1/2 oz travel or sample sized spray for $30, or a full 2 oz for $66. Contains one piece of garnet keepsake.


SKU: N/A Categories: , , ,


Weight .5 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2.4 in
Planetary Body

Spray Bottle Size

1/2 oz, 2 oz


Benefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

Creation Date

Sunrise, Sunday March 29th 2020, hour of Sol. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. As an Aries Sun, this spray is wonderfully helpful in helping me feel embodied and present while divining and while regrounding into myself. It feels like a very comfortable crown when I spray it over my hair

  2. Wow, I absolutely love the water of Exalted Sol! I’m a super watery person (stellium in Cancer), so that extra solar/Martial boost is very helpful & empowering for me, and the spray makes it easy to assimilate. I find this materia very grounding and uplifting, but also super playful – it always makes me feel like I’m inhabiting big joyful Leo vibes. A keeper for sure.

  3. I have found the Exalted Sol water has lived up to it’s rep completely – I find it energising but not in a stimulant way. If anything it’s calming , centring and grounding for me. I gain clarity of purpose and am able to focus on what I want/need to achieve without being distracted by the dross. I feel confident and optimistic to boot. I have a heavy workload both through my employment and in my personal life. Using this materia has really helped me shift into positive (although I am usually a gals half full type of gal – sometime I get stuck in a downward slide) can do space. I can’t thank you (and Austin) enough Kaitlin, for creating this beautiful Water. And all of the other remarkable offerings that have been such a boon to so many. ☀️✨

  4. The Exalted Sol series is the gateway to that Martial energy that’s otherwise hard for me to access or metabolize. The first time I tried the Water, I had just come in from a fairly un-taxing day of shopping and errand-running, but I sat on the couch and found myself too exhausted to move (I couldn’t even pick up my phone to order food). I spritzed my sternum with the Water, and shortly after I could get up and DO the things that needed doing. It wasn’t energizing like a stimulant; it was more like the clock rolled back six hours and miraculously un-used the energy I’d expended during the day; an hourglass running backwards. The CRAZY thing is the reason for my huge fatigue: a couple of weeks later I was diagnosed with both anemia and a silent bladder infection. Viewed in that light, the Water’s energizing effect was pretty miraculous. In daily use it’s great for focus and a general burnished-armor-of-God surety.

  5. This has turned into one of my favorite products. I have my time lord of the year in the house that Leo rules so… I’m all about Sol energy! I highly recommend this product. It gives me just the right amount of solar boost.

  6. Exalted Sol has been a game changer for me! I was laid off after 11 years in an executive role I knew I’d outgrown, and layering Exalted Sol water and oil (often with an added layer of Empress oil) has been key to working through old trauma that made me more comfortable being invisible so I could put that nasty imposter syndrome to rest. It has also helped with *doing* the necessary creative work to get my own new business out into the world. With the support of Exalted Sol, I am finally letting myself fully shine.

  7. Highly recommend! Packs a powerful punch of can-do energy and ability to kick a$$! A test spritz in the morning allowed me to outperform at work and keep pace all day. Solar but also big Aries vibes. Maybe not for everyday use, but definitely when you need to win!

  8. I keep having to remind myself that this is Sun materia, not Mars – the amount of energy and initiative it imparts is considerable. I use it to fight off feelings of being overwhelmed, especially since it often enables me to simply … do whatever is causing the overwhelm and be done with it!

  9. Water of Exalted Sol is fantastic! I usually spray it on myself before physical exercise; it gives me energy, stamina, and inner strength every time – it’s almost like a voice in your head gently cheering: “You can do this, keep going!”.

  10. I love Water of Exalted Sol spray. I thought it would be a bit much for me a I am a Leo sun, rising, and venus, however it works wonders. Immediately after applying this spray I feel energized, invigorated, and rejuvinated. I would recommend this spray for when you need to get things done, but you just dont have the energy to get upo and go.

  11. I impulsively sprayed myself with Water of Exalted Sol before a 2+ hour meeting with my supervisor, and this gave me some stamina. We were mapping out the work that needed to happen before the end of the month, and enabled me to tap into structure and work with concentration, which can be challenging when you’re doing a 2+ virtual meeting.

    This was like dousing myself in some sunshine. The day started off kinda cloudy and rainy, and instead of being drawn down because of that, I was able to keep being productive. I would recommend this whenever you know you have a work day. Maybe not quite as hyper-focused and kick-ass as Aldebaran, but ES water is more like a good shot of espresso. For me Aldebaran was very no-nonsense and very internal, whereas ES allowed me to be able to engage with another person and still get work done.

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