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Diadem of Myriad Rays

Diadem of Myriad Rays


In memory of the much beloved Heart of the Lion + The Golden Sovereign, sister-witch Elizabeth Barrial of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Twilight Alchemy Lab ritually crafted this fine offering during the 2021 Exalted Sol election window, per her location. Of it, she shares —

Helios puts on his diadem of myriad rays and the corselet woven of twelve stars and bound by the belt which athwart the rain-clouds shows for men its many hued bow.
– Valerius Flaccus

This is an oil of triumph, renewal, and victory. It is a scent radiating with power and life-affirming heat, and its function is to grant success, bestow glory, and lend protection from all that creeps in the shadows.

It is an oil that rejoices in the vibrant power of the sun and the joy and pleasure of life itself.

This oil can be used in rites to honor Helios and Phoibos Apollon, in Solar rites, or as a perfumed oil to invoke the qualities of this oil in your body, mind, and spirit.

Organic blood orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis), bourbon geranium essential oil (Pelargonium x graveolens), organic Italian bergamot essential oil (Citrus aurantium subsp. Bergamia), wild bergamot petals from the TAL garden (Monarda fistulosa), King mandarin essential oil (Citrus reticulata), mimosa olessence (Acacia decurrens), frankincense essential oil and tears (Boswellia carteri and Boswellia sacra), dragon’s blood resin (Daemonorops draco), cinnamon essential oil and bark (Cinnamomum verum), ginger essential oil and root (Zingiber officinale), bay laurel essential oil and bay leaves from the TAL garden (Laurus nobilis), calendula flowers from the TAL garden (Calendula officinalis), cistus essential oil (Cistus ladaniferus), and cassia (Cinnamomum burmanni).

PLEASE NOTE: This oil is vegan. Use caution when using this oil, as it contains cinnamon and cassia.

Available for $45

Out of stock

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions .80 × .80 × 2 in
Planetary Body


Benefic, Neutral


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium

Creation Date

Sunrise, Sunday March 29th 2020, hour of Sol. Chart in image gallery.

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  1. Exulted Sol is fantastic for getting me fired up and going. Heaps more focus and can I do it? Yes I can! Moon in Aries and Mercury, Mars and Pluto all in Leo in the first makes this series my soul food. Wearing this BPAL is like donning a cloak of confidence. I feel fabulous. Thanks so much Kaitlin and Elizabeth ♥️

  2. Exulted Sol is fantastic for getting me fired up and going. Heaps more focus and can I do it? Yes I can! Moon in Aries and Mercury, Mars and Pluto all in Leo in the first makes this series my soul food. Thanks so much Kaitlin ♥️

  3. This was so good and so SOLAR for me! I felt really a lot of warmth and necessary glow during times where I was getting pretty down. I ended up splitting the bottle with my friend who was struggling with depression and needed some warmth in the winter and I’m glad I did 🙂 She and I have ended up working together on a project that is bringing so much joy into our lives. And it’s technically “work” but doesn’t FEEL like work. And I think this oil just really lent to that “work doesn’t have to feel like WORRRRK…success can come with joy!” feeling

  4. I’ve been using this oil regularly while living up in the Arctic to help deal with the polar night, and every time I apply it the scent is like a ray of sunlight shining on me. It’s fresh and light and powerful, and I adore it!

  5. This beautiful zingy oil smells like citrus bubblegum. I definitely feel a boost in energy, mood, and warmth when I use it. Can-do attitude in a bottle for when you need a little help getting through the day.

  6. I don’t often use this richly scented oil because I don’t often want to deal with the attention it draws, you know? But the times I’ve used it for public events where I want to feel like I am SUCCESS INCARNATE, I always not only feel ultra confident about things, but I also have multiple people (usually strangers) come up to me because they feel compelled to tell me I excelled at what I did in some way. This is the nature at being good at public speaking and performing sure, but the number of compliments I receive and the specificity with which they are given leads me to believe that the exalted sun is what brings that extra brightness and shine. Highly recommend, especially if you enjoy a more masculine scent.

  7. This one is front and center for pulling me out of a bad mood. It’s a little sweet, but not too sweet; it’s a little spicy, but not too spicy- it’s so hard to describe the scent because it has such a strong effect on my dark mood that all I can think of to describe it is that it smells like LIGHT!

  8. This smells divine and has been such a balm for my 12th house Sun! Brings a real blast of confidence, radiance, and has helped me to become more conscious of the energy I’m bringing to situations (something that often feels evasive for me). Overall I adore this series, it’s really assisted me with putting myself out there and coming out of my shell.

  9. The light (and heat!) from this oil is so immediate and unmissable. I anoint my heart with it and *bang*: the light flips on and there’s a glowing campfire in my chest.

    The scent is spicy and bright and it vibes like my happy, rich uncle has come to take me for a sunny drive by the coast in his new sports car.

    Big YES energy— confident, carefree, super upbeat.

    And as someone who lives in Seattle where the sky goes charcoal gray some months a year, I bet this is going to be amazing when winter gets oppressive.

  10. This oil reminds me of bubblegum, both in scent and in spirit. It bestows such an innocent joy upon me! Even when I “felt” the package arriving, I felt uplifted in an uncomplicated way. Things felt more celebratory in even the most ordinary of situations. And generally, that’s how I would describe this lovely oil. I almost want to liken it to Felix Felicis (“liquid luck”) in Harry Potter, or rather when Ron thinks he had some, but it was all about his attitude. This gives me the can-do/go-getter attitude that I admire in Aries types (I’m a Libra rising, what can I say 😉 ) and literally smells like bubblegum. It’s fun! So grateful to add it to my collection, and to have another experience of Sol that gives my 12th house Sun a boost, and my Capricorn moon a chance to get out of consistent low-grade depression.

  11. My experience with Diadem of Myriad Rays is very akin to TAL Sunlight. Definitely solar, and like liquid sunshine. It’s rejoicing in life. I applied this before going out to dinner (post-COVID times) at a food hall. And while several stalls were shut down, and eating space was outside, it was still a joy to be there and cause for celebration. If you wanted to thank the Sun for all of its magnificent light, this would do the trick.

  12. I still need to experiment more with this one, but it seems like pure sunlight in a bottle – warmth, energy, and joy after a very long winter.

  13. This oil is like a spiced morning shot of espresso, energy-wise. When I’ve had to skip caffeine entirely, a few dabs of this suffices to wake me up and kick me on target. The smell is warm and spicy, energetic, and focusing. My cheeks flush a little every time I put it on. The patrilineal healing of this series is no joke either. Since ordering it I’ve met grandparents on my dad’s side who died before I was born, in dreams, so it has opened me up to ancestral work that once felt out of reach. More generically it is intensely focusing and motivating, and as an ADHD brain, when applied intentionally, this oil can really help a lot. I only wish I’d also gotten the talisman to go with it, or even an entire altar box.

  14. I’m not sure yet how effective this oil has been for me, because it’s been a very transitional time in several aspects of my life. So it’s just hard to assess what’s the oil vs. other factors.

    That said, it smells really beautiful – electric, vivacious, and bubbly. In the lightweight aromatherapy sense, it definitely gives me a boost.

    And I HAVE had a lot of energized and positive days while using it; I just feel it would be a little disingenuous to say that on its own when I got it and started using it shortly after several external positive changes happened.

  15. I will be ordering more of this! This oil makes me feel so positive and optimistic. It just has a wonderful positive quality that uplifts the mind-body and spirit. This makes me feel confident in my abilities to do the task at hand. Thank you for this offering..like I said I will definitely be purchasing more.

  16. Similar to Golden Sovereign but completely different. Radiating constantly but like a warming crackling fire on a cool Fall day. Ditto on the feeling of capital F Focus. It sort of makes me stand at attention whereas Golden Sovereign makes me feel like it’s an endless Summer day. Really superb!

  17. WOW, what a vibe!! This incredible oil makes you feel like you’re on top of the world – not just aiding in confidence and poise, but also adding an air of joy and bubbly feelings. I combined this with The Empress Rose & Lotus water to slay my Master’s defense, and I passed!!! I was very nervous until I applied this bad boy, and then immediately felt composed and confident, and was able to FOCUS and answer all the questions. I am beyond grateful that these offerings exist! Get yo’self some of this right now!!

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