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Portable Altar Cases

Portable Altar Cases


Long have I searched for a thing as perfect as this!

After *years* of auditioning various cases — not finding anything high-quality enough to offer our Clients, a member of our *very own team* (the amazing Reyna!) took it upon herself to (meticulously!) design the PERFECT traveling Altar Case.

Features include:

— Two distinct zippered compartments
—— One removable 5-item divider, perfectly tailored to all our 1/2 oz offerings
—— One unimpeded, for larger or differently shaped items such as 2.5 oz Salves, Steep + Smokes, Talisman pouches, tarot cards, oracle decks, lighters, tealights, and other ritual items
— Soft and padded to protect delicate contents
— Lined with champagne-toned, copper-infused Faraday fabric, to safe-keep talismanic influences

The exteriors are composed of lightweight cotton and cotton/linen blends, save for the “Nocturne”, which is a combination of cotton/linen and dupioni silk.

Extra dividers are available standalone, to expand each case’s carrying capacity to 10 individually protected items. Washable by hand, if need be!

Sewn (with *so much* TLC!) by Reyna for $80, who adds:

Engineering of this design is derived from a pattern by the inimitable Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness!



SKU: N/A Categories: , ,


Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2.5 × 4.5 in

Black "Nocturne", White + Red "Signature", Khaki + Marbled "Pantheon", Additional Hand-Sewn Divider (Standalone)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Beautiful Design, Extremely Practical

I had considered getting the case in black, but the snake design really stood out, and since one of the uses for Asclepius materia is to cleanse/keep a clean slate, it seemed thematically appropriate to get an Asclepius case for any materia I needed to travel with. I just brought it on a beach vacation, and it was perfect: I took four travel-sized waters plus a BPAL perfume in one compartment (the perfume bottle fits as snugly as the 1/2-oz water bottles do), and my 2-oz Exalted Venus II water in the other compartment (it fit diagonally). Definitely a travel game-changer!

Beautiful - Amazing Quality

I absolutely love this custom pouch. It holds my bottles in place perfectly and there is room plus a whole other pocket for larger items. The quality is amazing. I definitely will be purchasing more of these if they are available.

A Special Case for Special Work

I have left a review on the basic forms in regards to function (10/10) but wanted to express my joy at having a tailored bag specifically for Asclepius as it's the materia I'm most interested in traveling with. The bag is breathtaking and energetically potent even before I put anything into it. I am even going to be able to dedicate one side of it to a travel altar, something I've wanted to do but never pulled the trigger on. Clearly I was supposed to wait for this blessed carrier.


I love this portable altar case so, so much. It's so well designed. I have had spills traveling in the past, but not anymore. And of course, I love the snake.


I took a bunch of materia on a cross-country road trip recently, and this travel case was *so* helpful for keeping everything safe and easily accessible. Not only that, but I noticed a couple of times that when it was in the passenger's seat for easy access on the road, and some food or drink had accidentally spilled or burst, the case of materia was the *only* thing that didn't get hit by the wayward noms. Which I thought was pretty, well, neat!

I bought a second one in black to keep all the Hermanubis and Ancestors materia in my "beloved dead" toolbox together, and I love how much easier to organize it makes the whole thing.

Beyond how much space, time, and irritation these cases save me -- and I say this as someone who also knows her way around a sewing needle -- I'm just so impressed by how well-constructed they are. Reyna's stitching is flawless. I could have assumed it was all done by machine if the product description on this page didn't say otherwise. Her craftsmanship alone makes these cases absolutely worth every penny of the cost.

Jules B
Love it

I love the "portable altar". it fits my tarot deck in its own separate compartment and there is also a second compartment where at least 5 S&S bottles can. fit upright. I wanted the cream color but only the black was available at the time, this should be restocked imho. Love. 10/10

Stunning and compact

I have the standard black travel alter case so I had an idea about this product but its SO beautiful IRL. Pictures simply don't do it justice! perfect for safely storing the small versions of oils and waters and a talisman in its box.

Excellent storage solution

This bag with the dividers is an excellent solution for storage and travel. The 1/2 oz powders, oils, tinctures, sprays, BPALs all fit perfectly. Beautifully and thoughtfully constructed.

Liz G.
Great Quality

I was looking for a nice travel altar case, and this is absolutely perfect! With a weighted bottom, it keeps materia safe and upright, while being sturdy enough to carry in a backpack. Love it!

A Carrier Worthy of S+ Materia

I have wanted to put together a travel altar kit for a long time, but was always stymied in my efforts to find the right case. Of course the S+ crew comes along with the perfect solution! I am stunned by the craftsmanship and care that went into this pouch, which is as beautiful as it is functional. Now I'm dreaming about all the goodies I want to shove in there!


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