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The Divine Physician’s Whipped Body Butter

The Divine Physician’s Whipped Body Butter


Sphere + Sundry’s first Body Butter featuring  100% organic extra virgin olive oil infused with a ritually consecrated + organic herbal blend of calendula, St. John’s wort, yellowdock root, comfrey root, mullein, skullcap, arnica, goldenseal, balm of gilead, and propolis during our 2023 Ras Alhague election. Whipped with shea butter, coconut oil, and frankincense.

Apply to the skin to moisturize, soothe, and facilitate healing, especially before bed or while convalescing.

Offered in a 2 oz pot for $33 or a 6 oz bulk pot for $78.

Note: If yours happens to melt in transit, it can be put in the refrigerator and then re-whipped, or used as-is. Melting changes the texture but doesn’t impact its magical efficacy or nourishing properties in any way. It can also be melted intentionally to be used as a warming, healing massage oil.These Body Butters will go out of stock and be resurrected as additional batches get (quite literally) whipped up. 





Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

6 oz, 2 oz

Creation Data

Morning of May 8th 2023. Chart in image gallery.

Planetary Body

Fixed Star


Benefic, Neutral


HIGH STAIN POTENTIAL — Always perform patch tests before application to any medium


Yes — contains NO animal ingredients

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

The Divine Physician's Whipped Body Butter

yummy and luxurious!

Wow, I was not expecting to love this so much! The texture is so rich but fluffy and is great for massage. I like to use it on acupressure points for healing. I prefer it to the anointing oil, actually. It has the *slightest* orange blossom citrus scent. It's very subtle. Honestly, if S+ made a non-magical version of this whipped butter, I'd buy it too! It's that good. I will most definitely be buying this form in other series in the future, too.

Heymish Rorke
not as intense as the salve but SO COMFYYYY

I think maybe for me, better suited to like fixing stress and inner-hurts than broken body problems but I am going to bring it to my massage therapist just to make sure. im so so happy that theres so much highly topical asclepius now, its what I wanttt!!


This Body Butter is amazing! I've found it to be so supportive when doing physical work especially. The texture is lovely, very pleasant scent as well.

Emergency sleep aid worked like a charm

Love the lightly medicinal smell! I used it while sick two weeks ago and found it really helped me fall asleep at a time when I couldn't rely on my normal sleep aid which I'm sure accelerated my healing!

Soothing beyond belief!

This is the first time I’ve bought body butter from S&S and I really bought it on a whim. It is incredible. Not only are my red and irritated hands soothed by this but I’ve been noticeably calmer in my mind.

Daily go to

I Love this. It’s my daily go to under everything else I use, or on its own with the Asclepius soap. Layering Asclepius soap and butter - the quality of sleep is deep and nourishing but I only layer on my days off so that I have time to journal and really feel the full benefits. I have some materia from a couple of the previous Asclepius series remaining but this is favourite of version of Asclepius. Only wish that it came with a steep and smoke. Please bring that back!

comfort in a jar

I have arthritis and I use this on my hands every day for joint relief from achey, stiff joints. I find that it is ideal for my hand pain to use the body butter instead of the salve just because the salve is a bit more oily. I have felt less pain in my hands from working with this body butter!


This has probably sky-rocketed to my favorite body butter. I love the texture (which is softer than the other body butters), but the effects are just like setting and clearing a table to let good things happen - in the same way that the kolonia or water can be energetically cleansing, but with longer lasting effects. It just feels supportive and restorative. Be yourself just more sparkly clean!


I already know what to expect but am still so impressed with the effects. I had another jar of this from the summer, but it went kinda weird in the heat while in shipment. I ended up using it in its oil form and it worked well (definitely works well as a massage oil). I ordered a new one because I was running low, I just got it today. My hip had been bothering me for days, instead of walking upstairs to get the already opened jar I used the new one. I already knew it would help but the relief I felt after applying was so welcome. I need to layer some salve to get some longer effects, but this was so helpful for the reprieve (anyone who has chronic pain knows what a moment without can do for your nervous system). Anytime I use any Asclepius Materia I am so thankful to have access to something so helpful.


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